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Reviewed: 04/11/00 | Updated: 04/11/00

This is just the QB Challenge Contest, no football game is available to play.

The game: Be one of 13 NFL QB's as you guide them through 4 different events of competition.

Graphics: 7: The graphics are suprisingly good for Game Boy. Each QB has there own portrait in the game. And the announcer looks great too. All the targets in the accuracy contests are easy to read and tell apart, and the field is not cluttered with useless yard signs so you don't get mixed up during game play.

Sound: 6: You got a decent background music for the game that fits any football game right, and pretty good victory music as well, but after a while the music does get annoying after a while. The sound effects are pretty good for the game, even though there aren't that many, the few they have in the game fit the game fine, like the sound of the ball hitting the target and such.

Gameplay: 5: In this game you choose one of 13 QB's, most are now retired, but some of these greats are Steve Young, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Boomer Esiason, ad John Elway. Any ways you guid your QB through 4 different skill contests, the first one is an accuracy contest where you gotta hit moving bull's-eyes, each progressing target is farther down the field. The next even is the obstacle course where you duck poles, jump a fence, dodge cardboard cut-outs and end it by throwing a ball at a bull's-eye. The 3rd event is the distant challenge where you tap A and B alternately as fast you can to see how far you can throw the ball down field. And the last event is Reading & Accuracy event where you have 4 moving bull's-eyes, and you gotta hit one of the two blinking one's, but if you hit the non blinking targets you lose points. Most the controls are easy for all the events, but you might get thumb blisters during the distance event, and in the accuracy events you use an easy to learn throw meter. Why the score is so low for game play is because the Geneseis & Super Nintendo versions of the original NFL Quarterback Club, there was an actual football game you can play, but Acclaim/LJN decided to leave the Game Boy gamers emptyhanded and only give us the QB challenge event. Next years version of the game, NFL Quarterback Club 2, and the following year's NFL Quarterback Club ‘96, featured a football game you can play, but no Quarterback challenge you can play in, kinda odd.

Replay Value: 4: Well 2 players can play the game alternatively, and each player can control anywhere from 1 to 6 Quarterbacks. But like I said there is no football game to play from, and that lowered the replay value a lot, making this just seem like a Mario Party mini game.

Overall: 5: Well, the Quarterback Challenge is great, but a Football game you can play would've perfected the game, but none of the QB Challenge sequels on Game Boy featured the QB Challenge contests, so if you're interested in trying it out, and are willing to shell out at least $5, then you might wanna give this game a try.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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