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Reviewed: 04/23/03 | Updated: 04/23/03

Perhaps the shortest game ever, would have made a better sidegame.

I got this game not long after getting my Gameboy because I figured it would be fun. I was then and still am a 49er fan, thus I figured this game would rock since Steve Young was one of the featured QBs. Well, I was wrong in that aspect. While the game does feature over a dozen QBs, there are no noticeable differences between any of them. Every QB is 100% dependant on how well the player plays.

This game is for one or two players and each player can have six QBs, for a total of twelve, but it gets annoying passing the Gameboy around. I would suggest just using one QB to go through the game. There are four events; accuracy challenge, speed and mobility (mostly mobility as all the QBs have the same base speed), distance challenge (how fast you can hit the a and b buttons for about five seconds) and the read and recognition. After each contest a QB will be given points. The QB with the most points after the entire challenge wins; in addition he gets some money.

Graphics: 7/10, The QB facial profiles are quite well done. The field isn't too bad either. My only graphical criticism is the tiny length of the power/accuracy bar, considering how much of the screen is never used; placement could have been a lot better. Besides, with such a small amount of data on this cartridge it seems they could have added a few more eye grabbers in the background.

Sound: 8/10, the music is very good for a Gameboy game. Granted there are only a few tunes, but the game is also only about ten minutes long so you won't get sick of them. Some of the footballs hitting targets sound effects are a bit corny, but certainly not annoying.

Controls: 9/10, really can't complain here. The throw button throws and the duck/jump button does its job.

Replayability: 0/10, the game is altogether too short. In addition, other than these four events, there is nothing else in the game to do. After you've beaten it there's really no challenge in doing it again, no difference in using another character.

I obviously wouldn’t recommend buying this game, just do to the lack of versatility. Several sequels were released to this game over the next few years which have more options of things to do. If you want to see what a classic mid 90’s Gameboy game looked like, sure, pick this up for a dollar or two, it is fun the first time.

Overall: 5/10, this score is weighted heavily on the lack of options this game has. If this QB challenge were a side game for a larger game, the score would be an 8/10. It’s not really that bad, just too short.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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