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Your dignity won't be all you'll lose if you're beaten by the King.

As chief of the Interplanetary Police, you thought you put evil King Nemesis behind bars for good. But, fresh out of the Solar Slammer on a technicality hes just put a billion dollar bounty on your head. And now his heinous horde of henchmen are looking to make some quick cash.
But youve got more than a six-zapper up your sleeve. Youve got the Proteus 911, the most technologically sophisticated flying machine of death ever invented.
So strap yourself into this unmarked, pressure-cooking starfighter. Power-up your arsenal with land-blasting lasers, mauling missiles and duel devices of destruction. Then blast the Kings five brain-draining levels, including the Sacrificial Sarcophagus of Saturn.
And keep wailing away until the King and his fools learn that crime doesnt pay.

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