Review by Richard Walker

Reviewed: 11/16/03

It's up there with the best!

I am a Mortal Kombat fan, a great one. I can truly say, Mortal Kombat II is the best orginal Game Boy fighter ever. It's black and white, but is better than Street Fighter. I remember purchasing this game in 2002 and playing it for about 7 hours with the GBA SP on the charger. Read my review!

I don't give many games a 10 for Graphics, but since this is Game Boy, and it is impressive, it is worthy. The characters are recognisable, without a doubt. So are the backgrounds, except for Goro's Lair, which is just a brick wall with skulls on it. The movements of the kombantants is amazingly smooth. Watching fatatlities... are pleasurable! Liu Kang's fatality is totally amazing, so is Reptile's and Scorpion's finishers. The stage fatalities are also quite good and impressive. Playing on a GBA SP or Super Game Boy(A SNES cart that will allow you to play Game Boy games on the TV- it's great!), and it will astound you.

Mortal Kombat II sounds almost exactly like the arcade version! The beats are in the right place, it's simply amazing. Indescrable. The fatality music is very very good- I once recorded it, then played it over and over! I little sadistic, but it's the truth. The SFX is very very very good- obviously you can't hear the malicious grunts and groans like in the arcade version. But you can hear the thumps quite clearly, and they actually sound realistic! Kinda...

Apart from your average 2 player mode, Mortal Kombat II has only one mode, namely the traditional Mortal Kombat tournament mode. You work your way up the tower, until you get to the fearsome Shao Kahn! A big letdown, is the fact that there is no Kintaro, the terrifying new sub boss for Mortal Kombat II(You'll know who I'm talking about if you've played a console or arcade version of this game). And that is pretty pissary. But, the game still has a decent character roster, featuring all the ninjas, new female ninjas, some new lame faces, and Shang Tsung who has dropped from the top in the orignal Mortal Kombat.

Also, there are two new secret characters(There are actually three, but Noob Saibot isn't in this version), namely Jade and Smoke. You can only fight them, check out a FAQ for the exact codes(It's not because I don't know, but this is a review...).

Control is very very good. It's much better than most GameBoy games in that time! Moves respond very quickly, not perfect 100% every time, but it's GameBoy, what the hell do you expect?

OVERALL- 10/10
Mortal Kombat II is argubly the best fighting game for GameBoy. And I agree! What more could you want in a GameBoy game? Good, challenging fighting, with sweet codes, and decent link up battle mode. Play it on a GBA SP or Super GameBoy and you'll be stunned.

Buy, hell yeah! I know you were going to buy a pepperoni pizza with that 7 dollars in your pocket... why not buy Mortal Kombat II for GameBoy? You might even have change left over, so everybody wins!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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