Review by Jobu Dudley

Reviewed: 01/31/03 | Updated: 01/31/03

Mortal Kombat II Reigns Supreme

Soundtrack-This is a GameBoy game along with the fact it's a Mortal Kombat game, and it's an older game. It shouldn't have a soundtrack. You wouldn't be able to see Dan Forden scream ''Toasty!'' if it wasn't for the slow beat of music.

Sound-Scorpion says ''Get over here!'' That's all that matters. Just kidding. The game has exceptionally good sound for the GameBoy game. I can't say much more, really. Sorry.

Gameplay-You'll find yourself playing and playing and playing. It's the funnest MK game on GameBoy. As you win you ascend a giant tower of opponents. If you choose Scorpion, and your facing Scorpion, no worries. The game will just make the A.I. opponent a darker color. Each character has a different stance also...That's awesome. As you ascend up the tower, the gameplay gets harder, and harder, and harder. Be sure to try to win in consecutive order. It's alot more relaxing, then losing once.

Graphics-This is a GameBoy game, graphics don't matter... Well, any ways, for a GameBoy game, this game has exceptionally good graphics. Scorpion looks muscular, etc.

Multiplayer-Very fun 2-Player mode. You'll play each other for hours. If your playing someone really good, you'll get better. Just relax, and have fun. The cool thing is you can play these anywhere. School, the bus, etc. It's awesome!

Realism-The realism is great for this game. Some guy can take a mask off, become a flaming skull, and toast you to a crisp. Video games are GAMES... But the styles are somewhat close to other Martial Arts styles. At least there's blood gushing out when you stick someone with a spear on a lasso...

OVERALL the greatest fighting game on a Portable console. Great 2-PLayer Action. Imagine your little, at a stupid dinner with a cousin, and you guys bust out the Cable Link under the table. You guys will have fun for the rest of the dinner. This is an excellent game. Some critics say this game promotes violence. They promote violence to. People will get more angry over someone *****ing about their game then losing to Shao Kahn. I've been a Mortal Kombat fan for years, and sure I've been angry at the game, even to a point to where I'm in a bad mood, but this game never had any thing that made me even think of harming anything in anyway.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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