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Reviewed: 12/27/01 | Updated: 12/27/01

I've seen worse....seen better too.

Mortal Kombat is a timeless series that just about everyone has an opinion on. I'd say the majority of those opinions are good. I personally love the first two SNES games. So I figured that the MK2 on Gameboy would be great. I was a little disappointed. The graphics were bland and a lot of the fighters were missing. One of my favorites, Baraka was sadly not included. Then again it was kind of fun as an eight year old being able to turn into a dragon and fry your enemy. Still after all these years I'd just rather just review it then have to play it again.

Gameplay 6/10: It's kind of fun. It's kind of boring. It's kind of easy. It's kind of...well easy. Running around and beating the crap out of opponents is fun. But how long does that fun last? After you've beaten the game it doesn't last much longer. You can choose from 8 different fighters that compete in the tournament just like in most other fighting game. Beat all the character's and the final boss, Shoa Kahn and you've won. Oh joy. Each of the character's has the same ending. Basically it's the same with no matter which character you win on. There are also two secret character's to fight. Jade and Smoke are their names and well their just to throw another challenge your way. That isn't even really a challenge though. The game is just plain easy. Even on the hard difficulty setting the game is a breeze. You can beat it in a good 20 minutes on any character. That includes fighting the two secret character's. This game is only mildly fun and incredibly easy.

Control 5/10: Pretty stiff. The character's move pretty slow and look bad when they do it. The most annoying move to try and pull off with these controls is the uppercut. Normally easy in MK games the uppercut is a real pain. Uppercuts are to slow and take to long. Round kicks are the same way. The stiff controls make them to hard to pull off. Most of the time you're able to hit the moves but a lot of the time the controls are to slow and not responsive enough.

Sound 4/10: The sound is just really bad. Whenever you hit an enemy the sound is exaggerated. I will say that this is true in most MK games. But I would say it is far worse in this game in my opinion. The are two basic musics. On for each stage. You get tired of them fast! Too fast.

Graphics 5/10: Well it is Gameboy right? These are about average for Gameboy graphics. You can tell the character's apart thankfully. The backround are kind of dull though. There are only three different stages that you'll soon grow sick of. Most of the time though you're only in one of the two normal stages, the other is for facing secret character's and that's just a brick wall. Fatalities look cool sometimes but most don't look that great. Overall they're just basic Gameboy graphics.

Replayability 6.5/10: Well I would say it depends on if you're a big fighting game fan. For the casual fighting game fan you might just want to win the game once then put it away. For good fans of fighting games you'll probably want to beat it with every character. For hardcore MK fans you'll want to beat it with every character, not loose a single match and beat both hidden character's. Personally I fall into the middle category. It all depends on how much you like fighting games.

Buy or Rent: I would tell you to rent it if that was still possible. Odds are you can't buy it or rent it now so I would just say to not even bother going crazy to get a copy unless you're a hardcore MK fan.

In conclusion Mortal Kombat II for Gameboy is a decent fighting game but doesn't quite stack up against the other MK games.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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