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Reviewed: 07/27/12 | Updated: 08/03/12

Everything That the First MK Wasn't

It’s a shame that Mortal Kombat had a rough time in the handheld aspect compare to how successful the series was on consoles and arcade. Mortal Kombat II for the Game Boy was basically a waterdown port of the arcade game that similar to the first game, allows portable handheld players a chance to take the kombat with them on the road. So does Mortal Kombat II deliver what the first one lack?


Like the first MK Game Boy game, graphics are entirely fluid, sprites are slightly detailed and recognizable though smaller than the ones from the first game even the palette swap fighters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kitana and Mileena are all easily recognized due to their unique fighting stance. Like the first game, there are no blood so if you want those you're better off getting the Game Gear port or the console games, though without blood doesn’t mean no violence as fatalities featured here are decent finishers despite slightly altered due to limitation. There are only three arenas here with one being a hidden arena for the secret characters, all are nicely design so to give the game a familiar atmosphere like the arcade game. Also the game intro and endings were all presented nicely trying to give us that portable arcade feeling.


Yeap it’s on the Game Boy means the best audio and music you get here are midi tunes and regular pounce and kick sound. There are no voice work of any kind, every shout of Toasty and Kahn’s encouragements were all dropped to save space for the more flavorable gameplay.


Now this is where the game varied from the first one, the speed of this game is neutral at best and because of that the control works just as they were in the arcade and console games. You could now perform character’s special moves just like how they were originally input for example Sub-Zero now does his ice freeze by doing a motion from ducking to forward with a punch to initiate the special attack. Fatality inputs were altered a bit but are still easy to initiate and the A.I. are average at best. Compare to the arcade game, they don’t read your inputs as much and won’t counter your every attack but will still try to keep you from dominating. My only minor complaint about this port was that it’s a bit too easy considering Kintaro was not in this version of the game and with only nine opponents to fight, the game ends way too soon especially given how easily the final boss could be defeated in this game.


Like the first game, you could still link play with another player though both may need the same copy of the game to versus fight. Also two of the three secret characters from the arcade game also made it here if player wants to gear up for a more worthy challenge. Other than those this game is a step up from the first port. Also aside from fatalities, there is also a Pit Fatality and Babality in the game too so players could have fun mastering those as well.

Is it Worth a Buy?

At the time, yes, for now, maybe but only if you’re a die hard Mortal Kombat player otherwise you are better off playing several of the better MK games elsewhere. Though this game is still lacking in several aspect, it’s definitely a good improvement from the first game and was everything that one wasn’t. The original inputs are restored, the speed are faster, the moves could be perform more accurately, and the gameplay flows through without any drawback. If you just want to relive a retro classic fighter of this legendary franchise then this is that game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mortal Kombat II (US, 09/30/94)

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