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MONSTER MAX mixes exciting action with brain twisting problems in one of the most impressive adventure games created for the Game Boy.
MAX wants to become an interplanetary Rock Star. Unfortunately KROND the tyrant has taken power and has banished all Rock'n'Roll music forever. Furious, MAX decides to destroy this evil monster. Before confronting his enemy MAX has to enroll in the Mega-Heroes Academy and complete the merciless training course that will turn him into the most awesome power in the kingdom.
The academy is a three-dimensional labyrinth full of gigantic traps, mad robots, mutants aliens and infernal machines on nine huge levels, from which very achieve Mega Hero status.
To get to the end of his quest, MAX will not only need the sharpest reflexes but he will have to prove both his intelligence and logic.

MONSTER MAX puts confirmed players to test and trains more junior players to become Mega Heroes in almost 300 hours of intense action.

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#6 highest rated GB action adventure game (#351 on GB, #33338 overall)


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