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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 11/29/04

Mole Mania FAQ(GameBoy)
version 1.1.0
copyright 2004 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. However, 
if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, 
then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad 
about answering e-mail. Sorry.

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My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 










    3-3. WEEVILS









    1-1. THE GAME

  Eee! Eee! Shigeru Miyamoto! Yes, the brains behind Super Mario Bros is also 
involved in this neat little puzzler. The whole bit about looking through 
pipes and wandering around in his boyhood home, that any self-respecting 
biographer put in when describing him(and I know, I've read several books on 
things NES) comes through better here than in SMB, I think. Why? Because in 
SMB, the underground tunneling and pipes let you skip certain areas. Here, 
you have to check out the underground bits to go find new exciting places. 
Intrigued yet?

  You should be. Mole Mania is a neat little puzzle game for the GBC that 
seems to take its bosses from Kickle Cubicle but other than that possesses 
signs of wonderful originality in the puzzles. You're a mole and you work 
your way through seven progressively larger mazes of 10x10 grids. Complete 
each one and you rescue one of your kids. Then there's a big string of boss 
fights similar to the end of each level before your mole rescues his wife and 
everyone lives happily ever after. There are bonus areas and cabbages to pick 
up as well.

  The object is to smash a door down with a cannonball you must push through 
a maze. You can dig holes to go underground, pull or push a ball, and 
navigate odd blocks like an elbow pipe, a blocker, a barrel that fills holes, 
and even spikes you can't walk on. What makes Mole Mania fly is the use of 
the underground and how, when you're blocked, you can dig a hole and 
resurface somewhere else--but that makes it harder to fling cannonballs. 
There are also secret tunnels you need to look out for via mapping, and there 
are special items(map, locator for special areas, get-past-this-leveler, and 
healing potions) that add to your total score.

  I find I overlook the cabbages you can dunk in the holes(one of the most 
fun moves is to flip a ball over your head) but the game explores the maze 
option very well, and many of the puzzles are thought provoking even if you 
just follow instructions to solve them. I recommend trying, but I know there 
are some puzzle games I didn't have the time to work through and maybe Mole 
Mania is such a game for you. If you do overlook cabbages, just before the 
boss fight, you can run back through. I have a handy cabbage guide to help 
you just in case. You can even return to a solved level, or cut a level off 
in the middle.

  I am not interested in completely minimizing time spent. I think I've done 
a pretty good job, and eventually there's a game time in save states vs. 
overall time tradeoff. That's best left to fresh minds...uhh, I got tired 
even of replaying this fun game over and over in too much detail. But if 
there are some obvious ways to make the walkthrough less awkward, let me know.


U-up, D=down, L=left, R=right
UL, UR, DL, DR are diagonal abbreviations and sometimes when I say "move 2R 
2D" that means move 2 right, 2 down. Sometimes I'll say up instead of 
resurface or down instead of burrow.
U-R, U-L, D-L or D-R: terminology for pipes. This is the way an elbow pipe 

  At the start I'll explain exact moves but later on as you get better(and I 
got a bit tired of typing the same things over and over) I'll just say, push 
the ball left and up, when you have to burrow and resurface a few times.

Pull= grab the ball with the B button and move away from it
Push= run into a ball
Throw, fling, Kick= run into a ball, push B, and fling it in one direction
Flip= grab the ball with the B button, wait til you're energized, and push in 
the opposite direction of the ball

Burrow, tunnel=go down a hole

Also in general, don't create a new hole unless told to.


  You can search for the number [level]-[room #] where the rooms are arranged 
in the order you visit them. The map is shown in section 5-[level].



The arrows move, if you are not blocked
The A button digs a hole, if the ground is diggable, or surfaces, if there's 
nothing above you
The B button lets you peek up without risk of damage above if you're 
underground. Weevils can still get you though.
Above ground, the B button grabs what's in front of you and allows you to 
pull, push, throw or fling. You can't pull anything into a hole, and you 
can't push anything into an elbow pipe. You can however push something onto a 
square you can't walk on. You can't push it off, though.
The start button brings you to a screen that shows(if you have them) the map, 
locator, healing potion and cheater. Push A on any one to use it--the map 
shows you where you're at, the potion heals you, and the cheater skips a 
level--but you can't get a perfect score unless you replay.

If an enemy touches you while you're walking between squares, you go back to 
the square you came from and release hold of anything you have. If you had a 
ball, it slides back as well, but it won't be thrown. However, you are also 
invincible for a bit so you might as well go where you wanted to. One thing 
to watch, though--an enemy touching you may change its pattern(Sammy 

The key thing to remember about overall controls is, if you get stuck and 
can't get through a level, exit the way you came and return. Everything will 
be reset as it was, except for cabbages you dumped. This may make monsters 
appear again, but you can't have everything. If you solve the level, all 
monsters disappear.

The key thing to remember about controls that might slip is that, if you are 
running over a hole, you have to release B and hold it down to flip something. 
Also you can power up when you don't want if, say, you are pulling a barrel 
and there is a monster in the way behind you temporarily. Release B a bit 
beforehand if you see this.

If you don't use save states, remember you can backtrack to a heart room to 
recharge and take another crack at a room that's killing you.


  First, if an enemy touches something you're moving, you will bounce back. 
Second, pipes and blockers can't be pulled and can't be pushed over a hole. 
So if they're along the edge or in a corner, that's that. But you can always 
push them over a Barreled hole.

  One way tiles that send a piece in a certain direction are worth 
considering. First, don't push a piece onto a tile if it's going to push back 
at you. Second, you can block the piece's path beforehand. Let's say you have 
a down arrow. Put a barrel 1D of that. Then put a ball on the arrow square. 
There'll be a thud and you'll need to push B again, but the arrow doesn't 
affect the ball. In fact if you move the barrel away it still doesn't matter-
-unless you pick up the ball and drop it.

  Remember you can move a piece onto spikes although you will have to pull or 
kick it back out.


  BALLS called cannon or bowling balls in this guide can be pushed or pulled. 
You can flip them over a hole, but if they find a hole, they go in and 
reappear at their original starting point. Balls can crush enemies.
  BARRELS can be pushed and pulled. They'll drop if placed in a hole and you 
can pull pieces over them. You can't pull them in a hole. They can crush 
enemies too.
  BLOCKERS are shaped like Air Hockey "goalies." You can only push them 
around. Objects stop when they hit them.
  ELBOW PIPES redirect a ball that hits them on the two sides the pipe 
extends to. They stop everything else. These and blockers cannot kill enemies. 
They can only trap them.
  SPIKES don't stop everything else, but they prevent you from walking. 
Monsters still walk over them though.
  STARTING SQUARES render you invincible. You can't step on them.
  CABBAGES can be chucked in a hole. They don't reappear but you can blast 
enemies with them just as you can with balls. Dropping 5 in the hole is the 
same as a heart item.
  HEART ITEMS restore 1/4 of your life.
  HEARTS by the old man restore all of your health. You can backtrack to get 
  MAPS show the places you've visited and broken down all the doors to.
  LOCATORS, when you have a map, show where heart rooms, the bonus room, and 
the boss are.
  LEVEL SKIPPERS will get you past one door in a room where you can't solve 
the puzzle. But you won't get maximum points.
  HEALING POTIONS restore health the same way but are really useless except 
for timing purposes, because you can retreat for hearts just the same.

    2-4. ODD BUGS

  If you pick up a ball and turn white while standing over a hole, and a 
weevil pops out, it will bounce into that ball and take up the same space. 
Flip the ball away and the monster will be un-stunned.



  These are the simplest ones but they can be nasty. They can walk over holes 
but not through obstacles. One thing to note--often you'll have to push one 
into a corner where it can't move. Just push a blocker or whatever up against 
them, and you may bounce back a couple of times, but eventually you'll be 
able to push something in there. These enemies are also half as fast as you 
or any ball you throw so if you trail them, do a stutter step. Since they are 
predictable you can kill them pretty easily, but if you're trying to nail one 
with a perpendicular throw, why not move the ball in as close as possible and 

  If you're touched by one of these they often freeze a bit the next time 
they hit a wall.


  These guys tend to try to carry along on the side. They're generally 
unpredictable and though they have a set pattern at first, if you run into 
one, it will veer off on a different path. If a Sammy is coming at you and 
there is a fork there's a good chance he'll veer off. Often you just have to 
wait for one to cycle and then kill it. This wait saves speculation later on.

  The best way to avoid an approaching Sammy is to stand 1-diagonally from it 
and go the opposite way it does. Sammy brothers can also walk through spikes, 
so beware.

    3-3. WEEVILS

  Weevils are the nastiest non-bosses. They only go back and forth but when 
they see a hole, they take it. Above ground, they bounce back at an obstacle-
-not including spikes. And they may pop out of a hole and go straight back 
down and continue on without changing direction.

  The big thing to remember about weevils is that, if you're below ground, 
they can pop down at you without notice. If you're above ground, they can pop 
up at you without notice but can't damage you. Often you'll have to tally 
where they are below ground before you can dig a hole in their path. For 
instance, if a weevil just pops up on the other end of a long horizontal run 
you are safe to dig. You can see when weevils come down, sort of, by holding 
down B underground.

  Another subtlety about weevils' paths--you can extend the underground ones. 
If a weevil is running up/down you can go to the top of his path and move up 
to extend things. Or you can move in from above. You can also create a bunker 
of sorts by not yet doing so.



  If you hide at A here you can go down when the weevil reaches B--at some 
parts of the game you'll have two paths that end in adjacent squares but 
aren't linked and the weevils can't "see" beyond that.

  The best strategy to get around a weevil is to make sure it has a 4-wide 
area it patrols. Then say it's U-D. When it heads down you can enter the 2nd-
U from there and cross safely. You could even pop up and watch the weevil 
follow you up with no consequence. You can also sneak under a weevil if it 
goes up a hole.

    3-4. JINBE

  Jinbe is really a nasty enemy in the bonus rounds and it's a good thing 
there's only one of him. If he sees you near he will hammer you, and often he 
can push your cabbage back just by running into where it will go--no matter 
who pushes first or from what direction! You can stun Jinbe but sometimes 
this is awkward since cabbages can't roll over him into a hole.

  Whenever Jinbe hammers a square it toggles whether there's a hole there. So 
you want to try to get him to dig holes. Don't stand over an open hole. Also 
if Jinbe hammers you and you're on the move you're bounced back to your old 
square. You lose 5 seconds in any event, but being invincible can help you 
run away.

  If Jinbe finds a foot icon above ground, he goes a lot faster. Usually he's 
too busy chasing you but if you walk near one of these it means big trouble. 
He also seems to know where you are underground. He's as fast as you, but you 
can fake him out by letting him get close, moving away, and using the newly 
created hole to your advantage.



  Each of the 7 levels piles up percentage points based on how much you've 

Room points = 20 + rooms solved - total rooms, maximum=20
Cabbages = 2 * # kicked in, maximum=40.
Map points = 10. Did you get the map?
Item points = 10 for locator, potion and level skipper
Bonus room points = 20
Total = 100


  While technically this is not necessary because the walkthroughs are pretty 
atomized, there are still things where you say, I'm tripped up and I can't 
move 3R U!

  If you want to solve a level on your own, try to do retrograde analysis i.e. 
I'd need to get the ball to point A, or a barrel at B, and then I could...it 
worked well for me on the tougher levels.

  HOLES: I've mentioned before, don't dig holes unless you have to. Reuse old 
ones. Also, don't surface to create a new one without pushing B first. And 
remember to stand on one to flip something over it. And remember, if there 
are two holes in a row, you may only need to plug one to move something 
across it. And you can walk across a hole to pull an item or even get behind 
an item to push. Beware though that holes can slow you down a bit and even 
get in your way when you flip over them.

  BLOCKERS: if you push them in a corner, they can't be moved again. So use 
them carefully.

  PIPES: same deal, but note they can be used as blockers sometimes or to 
redirect something over a patch you could not have touched anyway.

  SPIKES: remember you can often push a ball onto them and then flip it the 
same direction.

  BARRELS: these can be useful blockers. Beware dropping them down a chute as, 
though they facilitate pushing stuff above ground, they may block you from 
moving between two holes via the underground.


  The rules are simple: you can go down and up as long as there's nothing 
blocking. Jinbe pounds a hole if he thinks you are close, and if he runs 
across a hole he pounds it closed. If he hits you it takes 5 seconds off your 
clock and pulls you back to the square you were on--if you are more than 
halfway to the next one, tough. And if you were digging, the square appears 
inviolate again. However, you are invincible for a little while, and you can 
use that. Jinbe also can push your block from the side--and it goes back to 
where it was, and the end result is that the time is wasted. He seems to know 
this and often can block you from a hole and the worst part is, he can march 
back and forth, one to the side, to make sure you can't toss a cabbage in a 
hole you need to. Jinbe also just guesses where you're at if you're 
underground, and that is a handy way to make a break.

  On the later levels there are shoes Jinbe can walk across to increase his 
speed. You should avoid going to that area, as he generally tries to chase 
you, although his movement is pretty random in your direction. Your shoes are 

  Control can be a problem at first and you will find yourself slipping a bit, 
going too far or not far enough. It may take some time to establish precision 
and a bad step can cause a fatal loss of time.

  Laundry list:
--Digging is a very, very bad idea unless Jinbe is far away and you know 
there's a shoe near underneath. Because Jinbe will dig over you and cover the 
hole. So let Jinbe make holes.
--Either party digging on a speed-up destroys it.
--to get Jinbe to swing at you, move out of the way a bit early. He also 
seems to be more accurate if you are staying put. If you can run across him 
somehow things are a lot easier.
--Jinbe can get in the way in the bonus scene, even if you stun him. If there 
are a few seconds left and one cabbage, stunning Jinbe may take more 
time(along with pulling the cabbage by) than moving up and out of the way and 
letting him try to track you.
--Jinbe's most effective defensive move is to run into the cabbage you're 
pushing from any side. This results in a stalemate where you are just wasting 
time--dodge to one side and hope he does too
--If Jinbe is on the other side of a cabbage and you push it forward, he may 
actually be able to damage you. You want to feint to one side and whichever 
way he goes, you'll be able to go the other--or even push the final cabbage 
--If you have 9 seconds per cabbage left, you can probably afford to take a 
hit to dump one cabbage in.
--If you must line up Jinbe, do it away from a hole so you can just turn the 
cabbage to the side and tip it in.



  As you'd expect level 1 provides some basic instructional levels and 
nothing too taxing, but it has a few things that may trip you up. They are 
made for overlooking the first time, and you don't really have hints on what 
to do 'til level 2. You'll learn the basicof pushing, pulling, throwing and 
fliping items here, and there's a boss that's suspiciously reminiscent of 
Kickle Cubicle.

  The map is below:

04-05 14 16
 |  |  |  |
03 06 13-15
 |  |  |
02 07 12-11
 |  |     |
01 08-09-10

  The bonus is in 14, the map is in 09, the locator is in 10, the hand is in 
13, and the recovery potion is in 12. You don't really need a map for this 
since it's so linear, but it's still fun to get one and see the details.

  Cabbages are allocated as follows:

09: 5
10: 3
11: 2
12: 4
13: 1
14: 3
15: 2

  I've gotten 14:27 through this but you can probably do much better with 
practice. I think I left a save state running.


  There are a couple of signs here but no way to lose, really.




  Again, no enemies, but watch for going up and down to move between 
compartments. 2 leads to the right hand side of the screen. After getting the 
heart by 3, head to 4 where you can then exit.


  I've labeled the holes to burrow through to get to 1-4. It's a pretty 
simple zigzag and I don't see a quicker way to get through. You have to go 
right twice above ground and up/down at least 3 times.

  Above:     Below:
X..:..X6.X X..X..X6.X
X..X4.:5.X X..X4.X5.X
X.2:3.X..X X.2X3.X..X
X.1X..:..X X.1X..X..X


  This is another screen with multiple trivial solutions but you may want a 
brief pop quiz about mechanics.

  Push the first ball left into the hole by running into it, or face left and 
push B until you turn white. Then push left. Then hurl it. Notice the ball 
regenerates in any case. You can also, when you turn white, push the ball 

  You can just push the second ball right, and the third ball, you can grab 
and flip to the right. Now for the fourth ball you can go underground to 
avoid it, or you can flip it left again.


  Your first enemies here. You can simply push the balls until you get to the 
sign and now you have the option to kill the bad guys or push them into a 
corner. To kill the bad guys, hold down the B button when they move away, so 
you have time to turn white. But you can just push the first ball up and the 
second one left and down. In fact it's easier to run and follow the second 
monster than to kill him but beware--you're faster than he is, so don't 
follow too closely.


  Here it's a simple game of pitch and catch. The first two balls, you can 
throw from behind at your opponents. The second, you'll have to flip to throw 
them. Face right, hold B, push left. The main risk here is walking too fast 
and running into the ball you threw, which will damage you.


  This is your first door level. Here you'll want to drag the black ball one 
left as you break open the door(right, push B, left 1 before you turn white, 
up, right, push down.)

  Here a bunch of signs tell you about game saving basics. You can retreat to 
a previous screen and try again if you mess up, and you'll want to save only 
with a full life meter. That sort of thing.

  Now for the ball in the bottom right. Pull it up two squares, push it left 
two squares, and push it down two squares. The monsters should be fairly easy 
to avoid and in fact it's easier not to kill them. But to be super safe throw 
the ball up, push it right, and throw it down. Notice the monsters die anyway!


  This is a room with hearts and advice. You'll see a lot of them throughout 
the game. You can always return here or to rooms like it for full health and 
advice. All you have to do is go east from here.


  Here you'll need to learn a basic up-and-under move for the whole game. 
First, throw the ball right to take out the enemy, dig left of the ball, and 
go 1R1D. Now flip the ball down. You can kill the bad guy if he's a square 
and a half away when you hurl. But you can walk past him to get the map 
anyway. It's useful to tell you where bonuses are as well as the boss. You'll 
know how much you cleared, too.

  Now for the cabbages. You might as well clear them. The two left, you can 
push 1R2U and 2R1U in the second hole you made. The ones on the right you'll 
need to pull up or down to 1 below the right sign. Then move them left under 
the hole and drop them in. You can then push the ball right, pull or flip it 
up, and move it left of the door. THen push it right. If you sink the ball in 
a hole, go back up to #1, pull the ball right, flip it right, swap to hole 2, 
and push it south.


  Throw the cabbage right when the monster turns back that way. Create a hole 
2 left of it and flip the cabbage in. Note what's underground--some sort of 
item. Go back underground and to the DR corner. Climb back up, hurl the 
cabbage left, then hurl it right. Push the remaining cabbage up(you can hurl 
it one square to kill the enemy or outsmart him) and dig 2 down and flip it 
down. Now you can march to the UR hole.

  Climbing down the hole you can read the sign to see you've won...a locator! 
Now the map has details in it. Flip the ball left and push it up for the next 


  Hurl the ball forward and drop a hole at the T right of the cabbage. Hurl 
it right and get the heart. Now you can flip the ball right and before you 
make a hole for the cabbage, pull it right one, energize, and hurl it left 
when the penguin comes in its range. Now create a hole and flip the cabbage 

  Put the ball in a hole and then pull it back up one from where it winds up. 
Now dig in one of the holes where you were and go even with the exit door--
peek above ground with the B button. You should be able to peek anywhere, but 
if you can't on one square, try another. You'll want to surface left of the 
ball, with the enemy walking left, so you can flip the ball left and take out 
him and the door. You should have enough time, but it may take a bit of 


  Drag the ball up until you are standing on the hole. Then flip it up when 
the bad guy is near. You can kill off the bad guy at the bottom by flipping 
the ball down, pulling up one, and waiting while white to fling the ball. 
Next you will want to go underground in one of the made holes and to the 
center area. Get the recovery potion and then come up one above the 4-way 
intersection for the easiest time.

  Flip the UL cabbage right.
  Flip the DL cabbage up and right.
  Flip the UR cabbage left and right.
  Pull the DR cabbage left 1 and flip it up.

  Now go to the DL hole that's already made and pull the ball left. Flip it 
over the hole. Descend into the hole and come up in the UL. Pull the ball up 
and flip it when you're on top of the hole. The door will cave.


  A couple of tricks here. You need to re-enter from above. The first thing 
to do is to go up and push the ball right. Enter the screen to the north and 
come back down. Now you can push the ball down. Do so and push it right. You 
can push it a square and then hurl it to take care of one enemy.

  The tricky part here will be sneaking to the side, moving down, and pulling 
the ball back when no enemies are around. You can probably take one hit and 
pull the ball down when you're invulnerable, which is a sort of strategy 
you'll use later on, but you may want to perfect your mechanics. Once you've 
pulled the ball as far as possible you can smash the door to the south. This 
kills all the monsters.

  And now it's easy to pick off the cabbages.

  Flip the UR one down.
  Flip the UL one right and down.
  Pull the DR one up two, push it 2R 2D.

  And before you leave, dig somewhere in the upper right to get the hand. 
Which you probably won't need with this FAQ, but just in case if there's a 
tough level or you are near a heart area, you can skip past a nasty part.

  You now have three choices where to go next: north above ground, north 
below ground, and east. We'll look at the bonus room(z-1-14) first.


  Entering above ground, there is a cabbage to flip right but not much else. 
But from below ground, surface at either fork and step on the square to get 
to the bonus game. Win or lose, you can flip the ball right to "clear" this 
room. You can also step on the bonus square as often as you like until you 



  For the first bonus stage I recommend that you pop up right away. Then push 
the two cabbages nearest you into holes. The U one can go 2U R and that will 
probably distract Jinbe enough that you can push the other 2D R. Now for the 
middle cabbages you may not want to push them into the holes all at once. 
Often you may want to push a cabbage, get Jinbe to almost hammer you, and 
then circle around and push another cabbage while he's hammering. This has 
the added advantage of letting another hole pop up. If you are feeling 
adventurous you can even go to a corner and try to pot a cabbage there(i.e. 
push the DL one 1L and the UL one 2U L.)

  Here you don't have to worry much about Jinbe covering up holes because 
there are so many. But if you really want, you can go 1 up, wait, and fling a 
cabbage left at Jinbe to make sure you can win easily. You can dig the center 
row squares between the middle cabbages in the meantime and flip the cabbages 
in but it's probably easier to push them where they need to go.


  Head north, dig 3 squares below the cabbage, and surface 1 square below. 
Flip the cabbage down to take out one enemy. Then flip the cannonball down. 
You can now push it right and take out one enemy if you choose, and you can 
even flip it back left to nail the other. Eventually though you'll want to 
place it under one of the two doors and flip it up.

  Now you need to repeat what you did in the NW corner, but this time do it 
in the NE, to get the cabbage and release the ball. Flip the ball north 
through the second door and you're on the way to your first boss fight.


  This boss fight is not too bad. Basically a kangaroo will chuck apples at 
you and then jump around diagonally. You must avoid them and then, when the 
kangaroo jumps in the air, drag one of the two thumbtacks under where she is 

  After you hit the kangaroo once, she chucks four apples. Twice, she throws 
six. You'll want to try to keep the pins in the center, or near, for the big 
bounce. The pattern is: small bounce, big bounce, throw.


  Level 2 has a few more advanced concepts and fancy footwork, with some new 
opponents, but the boss is easier. So despite having two more rooms, it's not 
too taxing.

12-13 18
 |  |  |
11 14 17
 |  |  |
10 15-16

  The map is in 04.
  The locator is in 07.
  The potion is in 12.
  The surrender is in 13.
  Hearts are in 8 and 15.
  The bonus is in 16 via 10.

Cabbages are in the following places:
2-2 thru 2-4, 2-6, 2-9, 2-10, 2-12, 2-16
2 cabbages in 2-5, 2-7, 2-11, 2-13, 2-14, 2-17


  This introductory level has an interesting underground. It tells you how to 
get a perfect score in each level. In a nutshell:

1. solve every room/destroy exit (20 points)
2. solve the bonus area (20 points)
3. put 20 cabbages into holes (40)
4. get the items(map 10 points, locator, surrender, revitalize 10 total) (20 


  This level isn't too bad, either, head up and grab the ball. Flip it down 
when the bad guy comes by. Pull it back up so it's on line with the door. 
Make a hole and go to the DL corner. Go up, flip the cabbage in, and go right 
down the corridor. Flip the ball left. You don't have to worry about the left 
enemy here.


  Here you have several places to go but you need to dig under a bit. Go 1L 
and dig under the sign. Go to the right edge and use the B key to see where 
you are. Then burrow up(A key) once you're 2D from the cabbage(1U1L from the 
small white dot in the earth.) Push the ball left, go back in your hole, and 
1D 2R 3D and go up. Push the ball up, pull right, and push up. It shouldn't 
be a problem to avoid the bad guys.

  To get to the heart, go to the dead end that's traced out underground and 
burrow up.


  Hurl the ball 1U to get the first monster, go 1D, burrow, 2L, and now avoid 
the enemy and move to the left of the ball. You can flip it left to nail the 
enemy there or push the ball so it is next to the right gap. Wipe out the 
enemy to the right and come back L, U, and push the ball down. Then flip it 
up. You can get the heart. Dig 2R of the cabbage and flip the cabbage right 
to get it(I seemed to forget this cabbage a lot during my replays. It's well 
camoflagued.) Then push the ball right to win this level.

  Note that before exiting you'll want to get the map--just burrow in the 
middle row and come back out for that.


  Hurl the ball down, then up to take out two monsters. Pull the ball back up 
if you want to be sure of the timing. Then dig 1D of the ball and push the UR 
cabbage right. Flip the DL cabbage up and the ball down. Hurl it right and up. 
Push it right. Dispose of the other cabbage as you please.


  Enter the 1D1R hole, go 2D, surface, and pull the ball L all the way. 
Burrow, 1R1U, then flip the ball. The enemy can be anywhere except left of 
the ball because you're going 1U1L and flinging the ball right anyway. 1L of 
the ball, dig and go 1R1U and surface. Flip the cabbage down and flip the 
ball up. You should try to hit the enemy(1 1/2 squares from the corner when 
you throw) but if not you can pull the ball back and try again.

  Burrow and resurface 2D of the door. Pull the ball L until it's below the 
door. Burrow and resurface D from it in the hole you made. Push the ball U.


  First, step to one side, dig, get the locator, and come back up.

  Hurl the ball up, then down, to take out one monster. Then hurl the next 
cabbage down and the third one right to wipe out one enemy. Create a hole 2L 
and drop it. Then flip the other cabbage U and R. Flip the ball U and L and 
pull it D. Push it R throught the door.


  Another heart scene, which you'd know in advance if you'd jumped the gun 
looking at the locator.


  Here you want to flip the cabbage in the DR up. Then hurl the ball up past 
the spikes. Go back to the center and dig. Then surface 1R of the ball, flip 
it right, and pull it left so you can push it north into the door. Before 
exiting, flip the cabbage right into the hole.


  Here's your first Sammy Bros. meet-up. These guys tend to go in circles as 
opposed to the monsters you've seen so far, which go back and forth. But you 
can outrun them and keep kitty corner from them if you aren't sure which way 
they'll turn.

  The main object here, the first time through, is to move counterclockwise 
and flip the ball up. Before you leave you may want to flip the UL cabbage 
back and forth to pot it.

  Later on you'll come back and destroy the other door with the ball. You can 
tell where to do this if you consult the map.

  However there is one other thing to do: visit the bonus stage. You can 
detour to the SW corner and follow the underground path all the way east. You 
can even see where the door you can't knock down leads if you pop your head 
up before then.


  This is a winding level and it may be awkward to move around, and I find 
the first thing to do is to take out the Sammy Brothers. Flip the ball left 
and pull it back right. Energize facing left and throw it at the Sammy as he 
comes to the left. Pull the ball back right one and repeat for the other.

  Dig a hole under the cabbage. Push the cabbage up and flip it. Flip the 
ball up and right. Push the next cabbage up and dig a hole 2D of it and flip 
it in. Then flip the ball up and left. Pull it back one, dig 1R and come up 
1L. U R and flip the ball up.


  Go up the left side and grab the ball. Fling it down when the Sammy Brother 
comes along. Then fling it up and step down the one hole already there, 
coming up 1U 1R in the other. Fling the ball right and burrow down. Come up 
2L of the exit. Pull the ball 1D and go back to the hole you made. 1R 2U and 
burrow back up. Push the ball down, go to the first hole you made and push 

  There's some cleanup here. Before you exit, burrow and go left for the 
revitalizing potion, then go 1U of the SE corner, resurface and fling the 
cabbage up.


  This is your first encounter with fish and there's no reason to bother much 
with trying to destroy them. You can chuck the first cabbage down to free up 
space, then dig down in the UL corner area to get the surrender hand. When 
you come back up you can pull the ball in the corner 2L U 2L and push it 2D 
to clear the level. But fling the DR cabbage up first.


  You really need to kill the bad guys here. It's a bit more point-blank to 
move the cannonball onto the bed of spikes or the area you can't dig in. 
Remember they go about 1/2 as fast as the ball so you should fire when 
they're 1 away after pulling the cannonball right and 2 down. You can get rid 
of the cabbages right away--the right one easily and the left one by flipping 
the cannonball down, going up and flipping the cabbage.

  Once all monsters are destroyed, flip the cannonball left. Push it 2D. Then 
circle around below the ball and pull it 2D. Enter the hole, 2L, pop up, 1U 
1R and flip left. 1R 1D, burrow, 2L, surface, flip down to win.


  Another heart, another hint that maybe should have been explained in the 
manual. If you haven't gotten the bonus yet, do so now. You should go left 
and push the ball up to complete room 10 in any case.


  First, flip the cabbage down and then enter the hole it went into. Then go 
up the hole on the right. Push the ball 1L and return to the hole. D 2L and 
surface. Flip the ball D and pull it 2L. Burrow, 1R 1D, surface and kick the 
ball up.



  If you want to stun Jinbe then you can pull a cabbage down and kick it left. 
Because he generally tries to run right at you. That makes the level pretty 
trivial although some holes may become "undug."

  For the second bonus stage the process seems pretty obvious until you get 
to the leftmost cabbages. You can just push one cabbage down and another one 
up. Maybe you can't pull vertical pairs into the same hole in order, but you 
can get Jinbe to run around a bit. While you're running around you will 
probably want to goad him into trying to hammer you in the middle of the left 
cabbages. Then turn around and run past or above him. If he does cover up the 
hole with his hammer, you'll have time to dump the other cabbages and come 
back, and if he runs around you will have the final tough part of the mini-

  Here getting Jinbe to run after you should take under the five second 
penalty you incur if he smashes you with his hammer. The tough thing to get 
the hang of is being able to get Jinbe to miss you with his hammer. But if 
worst comes to worst you can sacrifice the 5 seconds to create a hole at the 
left edge of the board. Or you can push the left cabbages to the center row 
and then push them right.


  Obviously you have to kick the ball, but how? The solution I find works 
well is to go 2L and flip the first cabbage. Follow it in the hole. 2U L and 
resurface. Flip the ball left. Get the heart and push the ball 2U. Burrow, 2N, 
resurface and flip the ball U.  Don't forget fo flip the UL cabbage right 
before meeting the boss.


  This boss is probably easier than the first if you know what to do. The 
first thing to note is that you need to go underground to avoid the sun's 
blast. Then you can go back above ground and blast the sun with bowling balls. 
But how you blast it can make the difference between avoiding something 
swerving and having an easy time hitting a very predictable enemy that won't 
strike back.

  The solution is to dig in the DL corner to avoid the blast and push the DL 
ball up one and then fling it right onto the sun. Repeat the process. You can 
move a ball under the sun without being damaged, but remember to fire from 
the left all the time. Three hits should do it. You have plenty of time to 
goof up, even.

  In the second skit your mole-father flings his kid offscreen. The kid flies 
in on the other side and nails the father in the back.


  More new monsters and even some new pieces. The puzzles are slightly 
tougher, too. And the map is, once again, a bit bigger. 24 rooms vs. 18 vs. 
16. We can't keep the pattern up without a narrow unexciting map or an 
irregular one and...yes. That means the map sizes increase by more than 10% 
from here on out. This map also has the biggest detour in the whole game.

14-15-16-17-18 24
 |  |           |
13 19-20-21-22-23
12 09-08-07-06-05
 |  |           |
11-10 01-02-03-04

  The map is in 3-2.
  The locator is in 3-4 via 3-3.
  The bonus level is in 3-16 via 3-15, 3-16 and 3-17.
  The potion and skipper are in 3-18 via 3-17, 3-16 and 3-15.


  Nothing much here except a message from Funton, the boss for this level. 
Head right.


  You have new enemies this build, the metal blobs which your cannon balls 
can't destroy. But you have a weird blocker that can't be flipped, only 
pushed forward. Here you want to use it to block the horizontal-moving enemy 
in the corner. Take care to wait so you don't push it in the corner as the 
enemy below touches you. Then move back left and follow the up/down enemy two 
squares. Circle around R 2D L and flip the cannon ball right. Then flip it up. 
It will fall.

  Note that if you go underground you'll notice a currently inaccessible part 
houses the map. You may want a notebook to plot out what's supposed to go 
where just so you know. Or you can read ahead.


  R 2D, burrow, 2U 4R 3U and push the B button to make sure the bunny doesn't 
nail you as you resurface. Push the blocker down. Go up and right. Pull the 
ball back one. Then hurl it at the enemy. Flip the ball down after walking 
around and walk back counterclockwise to push it left.

  But wait! You might not want to leave yet! If you peek to the right you'll 
notice the locator. Burrow 1L of the exit, 3D, surface and walk right to get 
it. You can also make a hole in the DR of this area and drop the cabbage in 


  Assuming you got the locator and dunked the cabbage as in 3-3(and if you 
entered from the center, go back, dig, go down, surface and go right) you can 
now use the blocker to create a bit of havoc. Push it into the bad guys as 
they patrol up and down. Eventually both will turn in the same direction. 
Then you can time things easily to push the blocker across when they're not 
there and go 2D R, dig, 3R, surface and push the blocker 2L.

  Then you need to flip the ball L. Timing is important hee, but not to kill 
your enemies. Trapping them above the ball is good enough since you will be 
going back through the tunnel you created, to fire the ball up to complete 
the level.

  There's one cabbage remaining here but you can dig a hole for it and dump 
it any which way.


  Here if you are very very quick you can get the cabbage and flip it up to 
take out both of the Sammy Bros. But you can probably just use the ball on 
them one by one easily enough, so don't rush it. At any rate you'll need to 
dig a hole to drop the cabbage in and then flip/pull the ball to the DR and 
flip it left. Burrow 1R of the ball and now we will use the blocker to direct 
it where we want to go.

  Surface in the hole already there, right of the blocker. Push the blocker 
1L. Re-burrow, surface 1U of the ball, and push the blocker N. Flip the ball 
U and then enter the hole, 2U 2R, to push the ball left.


  This is a good level where you need to shuffle the blockers around quite a 
bit. We'll label them A, B and C from left to right.

  C L1 when the enemy goes back up. Then fling the ball below up. Pull the 
ball that replaces it up once and fling it down. Then pull it 'til you're 
just below the hole and flip it to kill the other bunny.

  Three enemies down but the nuisance has just started. Push the cabbage in 
the hole however you want, then B D1, C R1, and C D2. Dig where you are 
now(1L 1D of the start) and head to the DR. This route will be imporant to 
connect the top part with the bottom.

  B U1 and, after using the corridor back, B L1. It's out of the way and you 
have a sort of above-ground corridor now for the ball to move. Pull the ball 
left 'til you're on a hole. Go in it and burrow back to the hole you dug. 
Pull the ball up and push A down 1. It may take a bit of resistance, but now 
you can push B all the way right. And you can pull the ball 2D. Then 2D L and 
in the hole and resurface between the two blockers. B 1U and push the ball 1L. 
Circle around it, and when on the hole, flip the ball left.


  First order of business, especially if you have been mapping, is to go down 
the hole near you, left and down off the screen. There's that map on 3-2 you 
couldn't locate before! Back to the surface. But take the top hole in the 
middle column and push the blocker 1L. Go back down and take the rightmost 
hole up. Now push the blockerball 2U and pull the ball 2U before flipping it. 
Push the lower blocker right and then both of them down out of the way. You 
can now pull the ball 1D 1L 1D.

  You're closer than you realize now. Flip the ball and you hould be able to 
kill one of the bad guys. They seem to meet just below where the ball will 
land or just at it, and it alternates. So watch. Once you've flipped the ball, 
descend, 3L, climb up and push the top and bottom blockers right. Push the 
medium blocker down. Pull the ball 1L. Then flip it. Timing's not a factor 
since the opponent will bust up along with the door.

  Getting the cabbage is pretty trivial now.


  This level is much harder if you don't use the hole near the left side. So 
we will. Burrow all the way under and push the blockers above and below. Then 
go between the two blockers 1R and push them up and down too. There'll be 
another blocker to push up, 2R 1U of the hole, and 1R you can push down and 
up. Drag the ball left and flip it over the hole to win.


  Enter the first hole you see and go L and D to 1R of the DL corner. Push B 
to make sure the bunny isn't near and then flip the cabbage to kill him. Flip 
the cabbage left into the hole and push the blocker up. Dig down and 
resurface 2U from the initial hole. Push the ball left.

  Now go to the left hole and push the blocker 1U. Go to the UR hole and push 
the blocker 2L. Descend the UR hole and come up 1L of the blocker and flip 
the ball into the hole. 1U and make a hole to flip the cabbage into.

  Back to the UR hole. Push the ball 1L. From the DL hole flip the ball D. 
Back to the UR then DL hole. Pull the ball 3L. Then flip it D. From here, 
take the UR hole to the DL and fling the ball R. Descend the hole and 
reappear 1U of the DR corner. Bash the door down with the ball.


  A hint and a heart. But the hint won't matter unless you want perfection.


  The Sammy Brothers look intimidating here but in fact as each one goes in a 
circle it shouldn't be a problem to dodge. And they should be no problem to 
avoid--the level is in fact easier that way!

  Make a hole to flip the cabbage into and do so. Follow the DL Sammy as he 
turns down and go left and, at the earliest opportunity, down. Flip the ball 
north. Now you can't cheat across with an underground passage so you'll have 
to avoid them again. Approach from the right and go clockwise around the edge 
until you can exit north. Do so. Pull the ball 1R. Then burrow, 2L, resurface, 
D, R and push the ball north to win.


  This is an involved back-and-forthing level, but it's hardly going to 
straing your really critical brain muscles. You need to burrow frequently 
between two points: A, 2R 1D of the original ball, and B, which is the DR 
part of the underground maze and 3U 3R of where you start. But first, walk 
around your enemy to get to the ball. Flip the ball, make a hole, 1L, and 
flip the cabbage.

  Descend again through the hole you made. 1R 1D and surface--that's hole A. 
Flip down. Descend A and go to B. You should be 1D of the bunny's leftmost 

  Walk around the bad guy again and flip the ball over on him. A->B. Flip the 
ball down. A->B. Flip the ball right. A->B. Flip the ball up and then right. 
Follow the bunny so you can get above him. Pull the ball 1U and dig the 
square 1U of him, south of the door.  Resurface anywhere on the left side for 
access to A. Then go back to B again, and you can just push the ball 1R when 
the bunny cooperates. Then flip it up to win.


  There's a cabbage here but the first order of business is to bust open the 
door. Go 2U and burrow. Go 3U and push the blocker U. Then return to the hole, 
go to the UL corner and push the ball D. Push the blocker L and flip the ball 
U and kick it R. It's in front of the door. Take the underground to the inner 
UR hole and kick the ball through the door.

  For the cabbage, you can go back underground, 1U 1R from the DL corner. L, 
flip the cabbage U, and return to the exit.


  The cannonball has a long trip from DL to UR. Here's how it needs to go: 1L 
3U 5R D 2R 2U R. Let's first push the UR blocker U and R. Then the other 
blocker can go L 2U 5L and(take an existing hole down to 1U from the DL) U. 
You now have the corridors established for your big move.

  So go down a hole and come up L of the ball. Push it 1L. Go back down the 
hole, 2L 1U. Flip the ball up. Return down the hole, 1D 5R, back up. Pull the 
ball 5L, push it 1D, flip it right, flip it up, push it right. The upper part 
of the screen is relatively irrelevant here but there's still enough for a 
tough puzzle.


  The narrow corridors here look tricky but actually there's only so much 
possible, which helps work things out. First, flip the ball down, burrow 1U 
of it and come out 1R. Now you'll want to flip the ball right. If you can 
kill the Sammy Brother, great. But if not, it doesn't matter. Because your 
destination is 2L of where the ball landed. Climb up, pull the ball left, 
burrow, 1R 1U, resurface when the monster's away, and push down. That 
destroys all the monsters. The cabbages are easy to pot though you'll need to 
surface between the spikes for the second.

  You might want to see the bonus levels and extra fun treasures. Those are 
in 3-16 and 3-17 and 3-18. But if you just want to get through the level, 
period, go down to z-3-19.


  If you juggle surfacing immediately, retreat and return. Otherwise you 
shouldn't have much trouble. Head up but wait for the Sammy Bros to start 
coming down the pike. Then flip the cabbage down. You'll get all three.

  From here it's straightforward. Flip the other cabbage left then down. Flip 
the ball up and left. Pull it back down and then flip it right.

  On the return trip you just need to step on the star to get to the bonus 



  Here there aren't any holes but you can rely on Jinbe to create a few...and 
you need to help your cause by going to the center and burrowing up right 
away. Sometimes Jinbe will dig a hole L of the L cabbage and you can fling 
the cabbage into him and start flipping cabbages into holes. It's a bit 
random, though. But overall you could do worse than get clubbed in the center 
of the board and then push the U, D L and R cabbages into place. You can 
probably circle around and push the UL cabbage right, the UR cabbage down, 
etc. and then pot everything.


  Here there's little to do but the Sammies take up a good deal of space so 
you might want to wipe out the DL one.

  The safe route: push the ball 1D 1L and then, if the Sammy comes around, 
thrust the ball left. Then push it 1D 1L from where it reappears, flip it 
left, 2U and L.

  If you think you can avoid the Sammies so be it. It's debatable if this 
saves time, because they tend to interfere more than their two-square 
patterns in their respective corners, but it could help your instincts and 
anticipation a bit.

  Note that there is also a passage to the right.


  An easy enough room, and you get here by burrowing under z-3-17. It doesn't 
matter which fork you take, but for purposes of expediency I think you will 
want to emerge 1 square from the end of either fork. Dump the cabbage in the 
hole with a flip, push the ball right, get the helper and the potion, and 
proceed to the other fork to make a hole you can drop the cabbage in. Return 
to 3-17, visiting the 3-16 bonus area if you haven't yet.


  Here you need to bring the cannonball clockwise to knock out the door it 
was almost right next to. Flip the cabbage to take out the bunny at the top. 
Then flip the ball up to take out another bad guy. Push the blocker 2R and 
switch between holes to push it 1U. Flip the ball U, swap holes, and flip the 
ball L, U, and push it L and try to throw it at the bad guy on the left edge. 
If not you can dig and reappear 1D of it and flip it on the enemy.

  You'll have to flip it anyway. Pull it 1R, push it 1U and flip it onto the 
remaining bunny. Drag it R so you can flip it onto the door.


  Dig below the blocker. 3U, resurface and push the cabbage L and U. This 
lets you push the blocker R with impunity. Push it onto the spikes, then use 
the tunnel you built and flip the ball north. Then pull it back. Kill the 
enemies if you want but be sure to block the metal spikes from coming at you. 
Eventually, flip or push the ball up and block them to the left. Then pull 
the ball and flip it when L of the door.

  You can also push the cabbage up directly--just be sure that the metal 
spike is to the left of it.


  "Have you been to every room?" Almost, with this walkthrough. Three more to 


  The trick here is to pin the first two metal things to the top row and the 
last one in the bottom, leaving them immobile and leaving you a passage. Then 
guide the cannonball around. But let's get rid of the cabbage first. Dig 1U 
of the DL square and 1R of it too. The cabbage will fall and you can flip the 
cannonball 1L(after a pull) and U.

  Push the left blocker right 1 when the spike is above it. Surface below it 
and push it up. Push the middle blocker right 1. Again, wait for the spike to 
the right to be above it. Then go down your hole and surface 2L of the DR. 
Push the blocker up until it jams in the metal spike. Now push the 3rd 
blocker right when the spike is under it. Go 1L 1U and dig a hole.

  2U 2R 2D and resurface. Push the blocker down and now you have a path to 
the next area!

  Pull the cannonball 1L, flip it, burrow so you can flip it D, burrow to 
flip it R, burrow to 2L of the DR to pull it 1D, then burrow 2L3U and go D2R 
and pull the ball 2U. Now you can burrow, 2R and flip the ball R to win.


  The last stage before the boss. There are many ways to neutralize the 
spikes and provide a way to bounce the cannonball around but I'll list what 
was quickest for me.

  Push the blocker 1U1L of the cannonball up and left when a spike can be 
trapped to the left. Then dive and go U 2R D and push the blocker U and R 
when the spike is to the right. You may get a bit of resistance. Then push 
the blocker below it to the right.

  Now we can push the bottom blockers out of the way. Push the side ones down 
a square and the other one left or right one--doesn't matter. Pull the ball 
1D and flip it. Flip it right and then pull it up and flip it again. Pull 
left and flip it once more. Then roll it up.

  The cabbage is pretty trivial now with everything else gone.


  Futnon, the boss, turns into a frustum that whirls around in diagonals, 
bouncing off at 45 degree angles, and eventually he slows down and starts 
casing you on foot. Then he jumps in the air and you can see the shadow where 
he'll land.

  It's not too hard to avoid him when he's diagonally bouncing--if you must 
back into a corner to avoid him, jump out. Just watch for ricochets and even 
stay in any of the four cardinal directions from him, as long as he doesn't 
step on a ball, which sends it spinning. Running away from him when he's 
upright and walking isn't tough either--again, corners are bad. Throwing a 
ball is ineffective too. When he flies up, you can dig a hole where he is and 
dig yourself up elsewhere. You'll have lots of time to get a ball and thrust 
it in the pit where he's landed.

  After the first hit he has two shadows and after the third there are three. 
There's a certain amount of guesswork for you, so the point is you really 
will probably have to dig several holes successfully, unless you have an 
emulator with save states. Then, see where he lands, note it, dig a hole 
ahead of time, pull up a ball, and make the ambush a total rout.

  But you can improve things by moving quickly to the closest two holes you 
see, digging in one and out the other, and positioning a ball as quickly as 
possible. Even with 3 possible holes you can't get unlucky too often in a row.

  The skit is that a kid comes running but the father goes looking in a hole 
just as they're about to meet.


  The map here is quite a bit bigger: 5x6, or 30 squares. There are many 
detours and underground passages, and this may be the most complex of the 
whole lot.

15-14-13 08-07
 |     |  |  |
16-17 12 09 06
    |  |  |  |
19-18 11-10 05
    |        |
30 21-22-23 04
 |        |  |
29 20 25-24 03
 |     |     |
28-27-26 01-02

The map is in 4-10.
The locator is in 4-7.
The potion is in 4-17 via 4-12.
The suicider is in 4-28.
The bonus room is in 4-20 via 4-18.

  Cabbages in the following rooms:
4-2 thru 4-7, 4-9 thru 4-11, 4-13 4-15 4-17 4-19, 4-21 thru 4-24, 4-28
2 cabbages in 4-18.


  Interesting underground here. What is with the hearts in the middle you 
can't get to? You probably won't need them, but it certainly opens up a 


  Your first experience with barrels. Of course you don't have to put both in 
a gap--just one and flip the cannonball over. I find this to be actually less 
time consuming, not that it matters because it's rather quick anyway. Take 
the barrel on the right and line it up and kick it. Then push the ball 1U and 
right and flip it. Pull the cabbage and push it into the remaining hole.


  Again you have more than you need to complete the deal here. Go to the 
center and flip the barrel left to plug up one of the three holes. Then U, L, 
fling the cabbage right, and pull the left barrel, flip it over the hole, 
burrow U/R and come back to the surface. Flip the barrel right into the hole 
you just left. Now you can pull the ball 1R and U. Flip it over the hole to 
knock out the door.


  This is another not-so-hard level with the same premise. You can move the 
right barrel left to the center and push it up into one block. Mirror this 
with the left barrel. Then drag the ball up and fling it up when on the hole. 
The diagonal fish shouldn't be too much of a problem. If they are you can 
maybe even fling the cabbage at them. I.e. before moving the barrel, stand on 
the hole or close to it and flip the cabbage, to get them while they're 
trapped. I don't know as I didn't have to try.


  Here you finally start to learn about the limitation of placing barrels. 
Note that they create obstructions below ground. Here these come into play a 
bit but not enough to obstruct you seriously. Here's the plan:

1. in the 4 holes from left to right, put barrels in 4 and 2. You'll need to 
go underground to reach hole 3, and a good place to put a hole is 2R of 4.
2. dump the cabbage and put the other barrel in 1
3. bring the ball into play and flip it over the empty hole
4. flip the ball up and advance

  The fish are a bit annoying and it's worth taking the tim to kill them. You 
can't really mess up anyway...yet. Just drag a barrel back where you threw it. 
Also it may seem like you can't do much underground but you'll notice the two 
squares above the holes that are covered overground--but not underground. 
These are life savers for this level.

  With the fish gone it's pretty easy to concentrate on bringing the barrels 
over. Don't worry about the cannonball. You'll want to place the 2nd barrel 
on 4 and go underground--anywhere is OK, really, but 2R or 4 is most 
expedient. Come up at 3 and flip the barrel. Get rid of the cabbage blocking 
the door and repeat the flip to get a barrel in 1. Now bring a cannonball 
onto 4. Flip it over and push it. Use the two squares just above when you 
burrow to get above the cannonball. Then flip it.


  The key passage to note here is 2U from the exit. It will allow you to walk 
around the barrel you need to plant. But before doing so, proceed to the hole, 
drop in, and go 2U 3R. Flip the cabbage into the hole you've made. Then push 
the right blocker 2R and the left one 2L.

  Flip the barrel into the helpless monster and flip it back. Push the 
blocker right all the way. Go back the way you came. Flip the barrel right 
when the enemy gets close.

  Now you just have to move the ball. Pull it left until it's under the 
passage north. Dig a hole 1U from the entrance and go 4U2R. Dig again. Flip 
the ball over and take the same subterranean passage you did before. Flip the 
ball left. Return as before. Flip the ball up. Flip it right. Pull 1D, push 
1L and push 2U.


  Here it's useful to note that there's a different passage out of the NE 
above ground than below. So even when you seem blocked, you're not quite. In 
fact with two ways to get into the UR it's pretty straightforward to push the 
ball around. But what to do until then?

  The clearest thing is to go left, flip the cabbage, and dig a hole anywhere 
in the DL. This gets you the locator. Dig at the entry square, go up, surface 
and push the blocker down 1. Now you can wait for the Sammy Bros to come up 
and blast them by flipping the ball or you can get on with business. The 
first is much safer. I recommend it.

  Assuming the Sammy Bros are gone, go to the UL and pull the barrel right 
and flip it down. Dig in the UL corner and head to the hole below it. Push 
the barrel to the center and go to the hole above the blocker. Flip the 
barrel up.

  Flip the ball left. Dig a hole anywhere in the UR. Resurface in the right 
hole. Flip the ball down and burrow in the UR. Go to the left hole, by the 
exit, come up and pull the ball left. Flip it onto the door.


  A heart room with some inane babble from the local Gramps doppleganger.


  Here's an introduction to the pipe shape. You can probably guess what it 
does--curves your ball. Also if the other end is against the wall, the ball 
comes back at you. And you can't pull pipes.

  With that in mind you can probably easily figure out what to do. Push the 
pipe right, come back to pull the bowling ball right, and flip it over the 
hole and onto the door. Woo. Strictly speaking you don't need to use the pipe 
but it's a lot easier.

  As for the cabbage, flipping it left, down and right pots it.


  The map is underground here. It's easy enough to get and I am always eager 
to get it, but it might be more prudent to push the one barrel left onto the 
fish--which you probably can avoid anyway, but just make sure.. Then push the 
pipe 2R and down so that it's right of the spikes.

  Flip the ball up and pull it 2R. Then flip it down and watch it hook over 
the spikes into the door. Avoiding the fish shouldn't be too hard since it's 
slow, but use the built in holes on the right if you have to.

  With that done create a hole U from the cabbage and drop in it. Note 
there's no quick way to get to the map as all the squares near it above 
ground are covered. Also note the tiled path to the exit is near the NW 
corner. Not that you'll miss it, but new landscape and all...


  This is a fun level that requires you to rearrange the pipes quite a bit. 
First of course you can flip the ball left and pull it back and flip it left 
to nail the first two baddies. Now you can drop a hole 2R of the cabbage and 
drop it in. 2L U 2L and go to the surface. When the enemy is to the right of 
the passageway above, run counterclockwise and push the one pipe 1R. You can 
pull the ball up so as to flip it on top of the enemy when he walks by. Then 
flip it down.

  Now it seems like you should use all three pipes to make a huge chain 
reaction but I found you only needed the R-U pipe under the exit, because you 
can then flip the ball up and right if the path through the middle is clear.

  So let's put that one pipe in place. It's the center one. Push it left and 
dig 2U L of the other one you made. Go to that other hole, push the pipe up, 
go back to the most recent hole, push D, then push the pipe you need 2R 2U.

  Now you can circle around and push that pipe R and flip the ball up and 
right to win this level.

  I'd advise going downstairs before moving on to room 12. Follow the path UL 
and pick off the potion and drop the cabbage in the hole before coming back.


  No cabbages here, as if to make up for that other glimpse. You'll want to 
push the blocker down here to make way for the cannonball--and a way to get 
back. The Sammy Bros will be irritating though. Remember whenever possible to 
stand at a diagonal from one, and whichever way it comes at you, go in the 
opposite direction. You have just enough space if you choose the points where 
you wait wisely.

  You'll want to push the left pipe down a square, two if you can get away 
with it. First though you'll want to kill the enemy on top. Drag/push the 
ball up one square away and let fly, then flip it back down.

  The next goal is to push the left pipe down two and the blocker down two. 
Try to time things but if you get hit once, no big deal. When it's available 
you will want to push the right pipe up and then to the left. Again the Sammy 
Bros may block things but if one is going into the UR you can save a bit of 
time and worry by hitting him with your ball and flipping it back over.

  Once the coast is clear, push the pipe 3L under the exit. Then flip the 
ball north, walk through the mess and flip the ball left.


  Pull the cabbage in the UL down and fling it up when the Sammy Bro goes in 
the UL. Then dig the DL and drop the cabbage in there.

  Burrow. At 3L 1U of this, pop up and push the pipe 2L. You now need to put 
the barrel in. Burrow and 2L1D of the UR, surface. D, push L(take out the 
Sammy--worth the wait,) and return to the middle hole you made. Flip the 
barrel back down into the hole.

  Now you can push the one pipe near the bottom to the left and up. push the 
pipe 2U1R of where it was one square to the right. Then burrow(UR hole) and 
go 1U of the exit. Flip the ball and go back to the 2nd-right hole. Push the 
ball 2D and now you can flip it left. Push it--don't kick it--up and then 
left through the door.


  This is a good "say whaaaa" level. You need to use the blocker, ball and 
barrels to keep items from sliding into the sea of holes too soon. And while 
it seems impossible you don't need that last barrel. The fish may be annoying 
but you can't get a decent shot at them until late, when you are flinging 
barrels and the ball a good deal.

  Push the top barrel down. Push the new top barrel 2L. The new top barrel 
goes 1U. but first push the slider 1D 2L. Then flip the top barrel 2L. Push 
it 1U. Push the slider 2R. Barrel 1D. Slider 1U. Barrel 1L and 1D.

  Flip the right barrel and drag it 1L. Bring the slider back 2R of the ball 
and push the right barrel 3U and flip it left. Barrel 1U, slider 2R, barrel 
1D, slider U, barrel L. Kick the barrel D. Slider D, L. Flip the ball right 
and pull it 2D. Then flip it left to win.

  How things should look, finally:

.o##.o < blocker on right barrel.
.o#ooo < ball pushed here, flipped


  Dig the first square you get to. Cycle around and come up above the left of 
the three blocks. Push the blocker down twice and go down the hole between 
the spikes. 2R, come up, flip the barrel north and pull the cannonbal north 
before flipping it too. Now you can submarine 2L and actually beat the 
cannonball before it reaches U of the door. Don't step in its way though(of 
course.) Besides there is still that cabbage to flip down and right.


  Tour de force advice: you can't stick cabbage in an elbow pipe! Not that it 
matters. Cabbages are easy to throw in holes anyway. But amusing.


  As is this level. Note the pipes form a circle. Your job is to throw the 
cannonball in them and pus the remaining pipe in the way so it deflects the 
ball. So how do we fire the ball into the pipe and which pipe? And what is 
the preparation?

  First, get rid of the monsters. Push the loose pipe down and get on the 
hole. Flip the ball down. Then flip it into the hole above and do the same 
for the cabbage.

  Now push the loose pipe south down the middle column but make sure the bad 
guy's on the left of it when you finally wedge it in. Dig 1L of the UR pipe, 
R 3D L and up. Push the pipe 1L and go up. Kick the ball and watch the fun. 
The pipes in the way are now destroyed.


  This is a clever level that takes two times through to get through. One 
sends you to a side room, from whence you re-enter from the left and take 
care of the other bit to go down when all's said and done. Oh, It has a 
cabbage too. The one nuisance is that monsters will reappear because the room 
hasn't "cleared" yet. But the door will always be gone.

  Oh, notice the NE bit? This is the room you couldn't get to before, if you 
followed the secret passage in 4-11.

  First I like to get the cabbage--preferably flipping it at a few fish 
before doing anything further. Then the pipe goes 3R and I dig 2U1R from it 
and 2D1R i.e. the DR corner. Enter the upper, resurface on the lower, and 
push the pipe 2U and all the way left. Then push it up.

  The bowling ball proceeds much the same way. Drag it right and use the 
tunnel you made. Then flip it up and kick it left and kick it up. One door 
down. Oh, take care of the cabbage if you haven't. Dispose of it in any old 
hole you want to make.

=======================come back after finishing 4-19


  Kick the ball right. Push the elbow tube up whenever you can. But only two 
squares. Push the right elbow pipe(the D-L shaped one) left two. Push the top 
one left and the bottom one down two. Now flip the ball left and pull it back 
right. Dig the DR corner and exit the underground 4U of it(UR of the 
available field.)

  Your next goal is to pus the pipe right so it can go down to the bottom. 
Then take the UR hole to the DR hole and push the pipe left over the door.

  Pull the ball back right, flip or kick it down, and use the UR-to-DR hole 
to be able to kick the ball left and win this level.

1L 4U 1R and come back up. Flip the ball up. Use it to destroy the fish. Now 
you can push the 


  This is a neat side room that forces you to create and interrupt an 
infinite loop of sorts. I like to wipe out a couple of fish with the cabbage 
early on to get a nice start and then with just one left it's easy to place 
the right pipe next to the door. Push R, then D. Then kick the ball up and 
run out of the way. Push the other pipe down and right, but not to the edge 
until the ball on the left is going up and past midway. Then run right and up 
to avoid the ball being redirected right. Kick the ball down to take out the 
door via the pipe.

  Again, the cabbage is easy after this. Dig any old hole.

  But if you're observant while you're down under you'll notice a passage 
leading to the right, off the screen. Let's check it out. It goes to under 4-
18 and then to what must be the next room in the progression where we get a 
glimpse of a door to the east.


  However, that room is not 4-20. Or I don't want to call it that. Keep 
following the path and you'll make it to a bonus area when you go up, on the 
next screen. It's easy to break down the door but not so easy to win the 


  Above     Below
+...C...+ .........
..X.C.X.. .........
......... ...X.X...
.CC.O.CC. ..X...X..
......... ...X.X...
..X.C.X.. .........
+...C...+ .........

  This is a pretty tough level and although the idea may look easy at first--
flip or dump everything into the center--the reality is, Jinbe tends to nail 
the center hole if you are not careful. Note that the speed bonuses for you 
are in the DL and DR and in fact stunning Jinbe is not too bad because you 
can go pick up the other one in the meantime.

  And when I say the other one I mean you should head down to start and then 
surface R of the D-most cabbage. Push it 1L and push the cabbage above into 
the center. Now go back to the hole below and go U--you'll have to twist a 
bit, but come up R of the U-most cabbage. Push it L and go 2D. This should 
confuse Jinbe, and it will get you started with two cabbages pretty quickly.

  From here the main task is to keep Jinbe moving at you and, if you can, to 
keep him away from the center. Stunning him is not a bad idea if you can 
achieve separation, and in fact if you do stun him you can get the other 
speed(DL corner) and clean up. On the other hand if you get the other speed 
you may be able to stun him and clean up. It's a chicken and egg thing but I 
think that, in any case, it's worth sacrificing 5 seconds to get the extra 
speed, although if you can tunnel to the DL without doing so that should be 

  Generally for the cabbage pairs you want to push the outside one to the 
side and the inner one into the hole. You should have a contingency plan just 
in case the middle hole gets zapped and you walked too close to it, so be 
prepared to start chucking cabbages to the side and maybe even flip them if 
they get stuck by the poles that are new to this iteration of the bonus 


  Follow the center-column bad guy and turn right in the lower part. There's 
a cabbage for an easy flip-slam-dunk. Then you will want to enter that hole, 
2U1R, and push the pipe right twice. But wait for the second square until the 
second guy is above it.

  Now here's the timing part. Flip the ball left and go L D 2L and push the 
pipe up. Just try for one square at first if you want to preserve health. 
That one square will make a loop. When the ball comes back out and down, just 
push the pipe up. It may bobble but there's plenty of time to get back down 
and duck. The ball will score a direct hit on the door.


Head down, dig a hole, and flip the cabbage into it. Push the barrel right 
and enter the hole and circle around to under the pipe, so you can push it up 
two squares. Be sure the enemy is to the left of it. Then go back underground 
and resurface 1U of the barrel. Flip it up to kill the enemies--you may have 
to pull it back and re-fire to complete the job.

  Flip the barrel right and pull it down and flip it onto the monster. Do it 
at close range so you hit the bad huy. Then flip the ball right and burrow 
and come back above via the left hole. You can push the pipe down near the 
door. Then go to the hole you used to push the pipe up, in the dead end, and 
resurface 1U from the barrel. Flip the ball up.


  The task here is pretty simple to visualize --to push all barrels into the 
holes via the pipes. The Sammy Bros are a nuisance but once you notice that 
only one goes counterclockwise you can step above the left barrel when he 
passes and fling it down when you get the chance. Flip the barrel D from the 
ball to the left, then throw the next one R. You can re-flip the other barrel 
and you have two down now--you can even time things to take out a Sammy.

  In fact you can just focus on bashing Sammies as they rotate around, 
leaving you with a pretty trivial exercise  of pushing barrels to align with 
the pipe to kick them into. Then  you can dump the cabbage any which way.


  This level has two holes that lead elsewhere: the left one leads to a sign 
telling how to defeat the Mad Wrencher, and the bottom one leads to the 
string of hearts you saw at the beginning. The first is more useful than the 
second, as a heart scene is coming soon.

  As for the level the first step is pretty clear--flip the ball right to 
smash your two enemies. Then push the pipe R 2D and dig in the UR hole. Come 
up left of the ball and flip it left. It will go in the main area. Pull it 
down and kick it left to bust the door. Don't forget the cabbage.


  There are two ways to complete this level: the slow plodding sure way and 
the exciting one where you do it with one fling. Obviously the solution 
involves flipping the ball through the pipes. You can destroy the enemies, 
flip the barrel up, and flip the ball up again. But it's possible to outpace 
the ball and flip the barrel up. Doing this without getting damaged is the 
real trick and I find the best way to do this is to flip the ball when the 
leftmost guy turns back up. You can just make it through to the left past the 
enemies then, but even if you get hit, there's still time to get to the 

  Remember to stay on the left edge near the exit and move right only when 
the ball comes at you.


  "First it's hard, then it's easy." That really is the case...


  ...because the object is to set up a spiral of pipes and place the barrels 
in the right order, and then flipping the ball over in the spiral is a 
formality. But it takes a while to get there. The suicider is in the center, 
which is a bit mean, because this would be a good level for that sort of 

  What you need to do is to move the  pipes to the corner, but you have to 
get the barrels out of the way first, and to do that you need a hole. And 
once you make a hole, you need to place a barrel in it, which can much up 
traffic below.

  A caveat here: wait until one barrel is in the hole before firing the next 
one off.

  Pull the barrel up 1. Dig. 2L of the UR, surface. Pull the barrel 1L. Go 
back in the hole you made. 1D of UL, resurface again. Push the pipe down. 
Here you need to flip the barrel down and immediately burrow back under the 
hole you made. Head up and right for the previous hole and surface there. 
Note the hole you were in gets filled with a barrel.

  The point here was to use the hole before you closed it off with the barrel. 
It's something you'll be doing a few more times.

  Push the pipe left and then flip the barrel left. Again, descend the hole 
as the barrel's in flight. Return to the hole by the entrance and now--you 
guessed it--once the other barrel is in a hole, push the pipe north, flip the 
barrel below you north and dive down that hole.

  Surface 2L of the DR and push the pipe right. Drag the next barrel right 
and flip it right when you're over the hole. Again dive down it and go 3L 3U 
while underground before resurfacing. Push the pipe down and flip the barrel 
down. Dive back in and go 1U 2L and push the pipe left. Now, once the final 
barrel fills the hole, you can flip the cannonball left. While you wait for 
it to do its thing, get the surrender icon.

  Once you release the cannonball and all the holes are covered, it's easy to 
take the spiral walk out onto the next level.


  This is a pretty easy level as the main problem is getting the cannonball 
in play, but right now it just sinks into a hole--and even with the barrel 
around, any shot would still seem to sink the ball. Nevertheless the barrel 
is useful, and the best way to start is to move it into play as well.

  Flip the barrel down to destroy one monster and pull it up three squares, 
making sure to keep the enemy on the left.

  You can then kick the barrel left. It should be on the left edge now so 
kick it up to hit another monsters--if you fire when the bad guy's heading 
down and parallel with you, you can get him and proceed with the bottom guy, 
but I'll assume you didn't.

  Get out of the way and if you can hit the bad guy at the bottom, great. 
Otherwise pull the barrel up and fling it again. With the bottom monster gone 
you can pull the barrel 3U 3R, dispose of the cabbage with a simple flip, and 
push the DL pipe into the DL corner.

  Now you can flip the ball down. Push the barrel right as the ball is on its 
way. The barrel will now stop the ball. Pull the barrel left and kick it up. 
Then pull the ball left and pull it up. Flip it over the hole to win this 


  It's strange how almost depressingly easy this level is. You can walk over 
above the ball and just wait to flip it at one Sammy and then at another. If 
you want a total fortress, flip it up and pull it back down one. Then gun for 
them from the left. But once the Sammy Bros are gone it shouldn't be hard to 
maneuver the ball below the door and fire it north when the spiked metal 
isn't in the way.


  Now this is a good boss fight. Basically you need to move the pipes around 
so that they hit the Mad Wrencher, who throws wrenches at you horizontally. 
First order of business: go up and down the holes to push the DR pipe 2D. 
Then return to the UR, take the R hole down and the U one, then push the pipe 
as far left as possible. Now, if the Mad Wrencher throws a wrench into the 
first pipe, it cycles around and hits him, because he is always in the same 

  There are a few things to watch for. For instance, if you move the side 
pipe as the Wrencher throws a wrench, and it goes in the pipe, the wrench 
circles around and hits you. Also, he chucks a bomb after every three 
wrenches. You need to duck underground if one of those rolls out.

  After each hit you inflict on the Mad Wrencher you need to burrow to the UL 
and push the UL pipe right 1. Because he moves in. This causes few problems 
but you have to be slightly more alert. And you need to watch for when he 
pauses and then put the pipe there--you may seem to have made it, but the 
game isn't so forgiving.

  My general strategy is to push the DR pipe as far down as possible and 
stand on the DR hole. If the Wrencher throws at you, duck down the hole and 
peek out. Eventually he will throw a wrench above the bottom row and it will 
be easy to move the pipe where it needs to be. Then once he's hit, move the 
pipe back down and repeat.

  As a silly time saving tip you can start running to replace the pipes when 
you know the next wrench will hit the enemy.

  Skit: kid runs past the father to dance with his siblings.

  Best time so far: 24:33 with save states.


  The map just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And the terrain turns icy now. 
You're in Big Mama's Icehouse, or something. The map also goes in a circle, 
and you may miss the passage in the room before you wrap back to where you 
started. Weevils are the main nuisance here and you need to learn to navigate 
their quirks.

  The potion is in 5-1 via 5-29.
  The map is in 5-14 via 5-13.
  The locator is in 5-6 via 5-11.
  The level skipper is in 5-16.
  The bonus room is 5-21.

08-09 36 21-20-22
 |  |  |     |  |
07 10 35-34 19 23
 |  |     |  |  |
06 11 32-33 18 24
 |  |  |     |  |
05 12 31-30 17 25
 |  |        |  |
04 13-14-15-16 26
 |              |

(note: long tunnel between 29 and 30)

  Cabbages are in the following rooms:
5-3 5-5 5-6 5-9 5-12 5-13 5-16 5-18 5-19 5-23 5-24 5-26 5-29
2 cabbages in 5-4 5-35 and 3 in 5-29.


  There's a sign from Big Mama stating that her kids "love to play 
underground." If you dig you'll notice that there's a potion in a concealed 
chamber, from the room on the right you can't get to yet. You have to go left.


  Here we get a first glimpse of the hedgehogs that move around. They're 
pretty predictable. They tend to move back and forth and, when they see a 
hole, they switch above/below ground. Also if they reach a dead end they turn 
around. You can extend their paths underground if you like in some cases.

  One interesting thing to note that's critical to dealing with them is that 
they will damage you if they touch you, but on the other hand, if you are 
standing on a hole they willl miss you. This seems counterintuitive but it's 
good to have a safe spot.

  When you're below ground you can peek up to see where the kids are running 
but above ground you have to rely on timing--remember the patterns are fixed! 
Ice levels are probably the very hardest, in an avoid-getting-killed way, of 
the lot. There are many frustrations.

  But this is not too bad. Push the ball left and flip it right. Then flip it 
up and flip it left. Pull it down and flip it down. Flip it left. Again, you 
will want to pause when an enemy is around and wait on the holes before 
moving. But there's nothing esoteric...yet. P.S. the barrel is useless.


  This is also a pretty easy level although you may have to wait for some 
kids to move around. Flip the one cabbage left when a monster pops up and the 
other right. You can go under to the DR hole and surface in the UR--peek 
above 1D of the UR hole--then flip the barrel left. Pull the ball right and 
then flip it up.


  The first level where the enemies seem really unknown, and looking around 
for them can be dangerous. You cansink down and pop up at the second bend(U-L) 
in the tunnel so that the cabbage is easy to flip in. Then to be utterly safe, 
go around the U then the R edge. Surface, pull the ball back, and flip it up 
to nail the two enemies. Then pull the ball right and up and flip it up, push 
it left and push it up. You don't have to destroy the enemies and in fact you 
can sacrifice 1/4 health to get the ball in position, but it's a minor detour 
really to do so.


  Here the baddies walk around in a shoelace pattern. So they'll pop up every 
other hole before turning around. Note that there is an even number of holes 
so they pop up out of the same number of holes.

  The board looks tricky but it's pretty clear after some mental meddling 
that you need to bridge a gap with two barrels and you can flip the ball up. 
Pull the UR barrel 2D 2L and flip it left. Then flip the cabbage down and 
pull the UL barrel right so you can push it over the next barrel into a hole. 
Now pull the ball 1U 3R and flip it north.

  There's a heart in the UR below ground if you want it.


  The level looks so tranquil for a split second but don't believe it. Move 
up and right and flip the ball left to dispose of the first enemy and then 
pull the ball back right as far as you can. Take the hole down and head to 
the next one.

  You can climb up the hole if the bad guy is cnrrently there and watch for 
him to go back down--you can't be hit on top of the hole--or you can just 
wait for the bad guy to submerge before surfacing. Then you can go into the 
niche and whack him by flipping the ball up when he comes back.

  From there take the DL hole and head to the right one. Pull the ball right 
and flip it up. You may want to wait to flip it onto an enemy to be safe--and 
you don't have to wait for the enemy to pop up out of a hole or risk 
burrowing into it.

  If you didn't kill the enemy, wait 2 seconds before burrowing and then come 
up in the UL hole. Flip the cabbage down and the ball up into the door.


  This is a bafflingly easy level, at least as I see it. The main risk is 
that you will hold onto the ball too long as you curve it around.

  Go into the UR corner--be sure to dodge the bunnies. Pull the ball down a 
square and let go the B button. Wait for the guy below to hit the right edge, 
then hold B down and pull down. If you hold on too long you will wind up 
flipping the ball, which you don't want to do.

  From there you can pull the ball to below the door or, to be super safe, 
push it the last few squares. Roll it up.


  In fact this level is harsher than the previous one what with the Gramps 
character telling you "Are my stories boring you? Too bad! If you want to be 
recovered, you have to listen to 'em." So get good at this game! And you 
won't have to go back and listen as often while fighting through a tough 
level! Y'hear?


  This is another level that's not too vicious. The weevils only appear in 
the left and right holes. You can follow one towards his hole and while 
you'll need to push both side blockers up one and the middle one to the side, 
you'll have plenty of time to do that when bothe weevils are underground. 
Then pull the ball left. dig, and come up in the middle hole. Flip the ball 
over the hole and push it 2L D to take out the door.

  The cabbage, you can pull 4D and 4L and push it north.


  The plan here is to move the barrel counterclockwise to provide a bridge 
for the cannonball to cross. But to move the barrel, you have to move the 
cannonball ahead of it before you sink the cannonball and start over. Sounds 
confusing, but mostly you'll be making long walks over and underground, and 
the repetition should hammer the point home if you're just walking-through-
by-rote(no shame, that's what this guide is here for, in tough games like 

  Kick the cannonball down. Dig 1L of the barrel and flip it left. Go down 
the hole you made and to the left of the center two holes. Flip the ball U 
and go back down the L-center hole up through the one you made. Kick the 
barrel down. Return to the L-center hole and flip the ball right into a hole. 
The barrel is now ahead of the ball.

  Flip the barrel right. Go down the DL hole and up the L-center one and flip 
the barrel up. Down the DL, up the L-center and flip the barrel right onto 
the hole. You now have passage across.

  As before, flip the ball down, right, up, and now flip it right. Now circle 
clockwise and push the blocker down 3, so it is 2 above the intersection. Dig 
down. Don't worry too much about getting hit. But climb up immediately just 
in case so you can drop down when the weevil pops up. You can then flip the 
ball down. Come around clockwise and go back to the R hole you created--you 
may have to backtrack if the weevil pops up, but once it does, you can go 
back down and up the DR hole. Flip the ball right.

  Now go back down and 1R 1U and pus the ball down into the door.


  While this level looks impossible straight out of the box it's pretty clear 
you'll need to do something with that barrel to create a passage to clear the 
blocker out of the way. Your first move is to burrow to the DL hole and climb 
up--here I recommend going left off the screen to get the locator as a small 
detour before heading down. Fling the cabbage right when the coast is clear. 
Dispose of it now as well, just to make things simpler. Then pull the barrel 
1U 1R 1U. Watch out for the weevils popping up.

  Now burrow back to the UR and surface 1D of the UR corner. Flip the ball up 
and burrow to 1L of the UR. Now push the blocker down just above the hole. 
Then push it to the right, past the door. Go down the DR hole and up the UR 
hole(right) and push the ball left. Go back down and come up the DL and wait 
left of the barrel. When the enemy passes you by on the way down, rush to 
pull the ball down. Turn left at the barrel because the enemy will come back. 
Then once it turns back down, pull the ball all the way down. Push it right 
after the weevil descends again, into the blocker. Then push down to take out 
the door.


  This is a very good level. It seems like you trap yourself if you push the 
three blockers(2 down, 1 to the side) and the cabbage gets in the way of the 
ball being released.

  But here's the solution: go to the UL hole, dive, 3D, and pop up. Push the 
side blockers 1U and the middle one 1L. Fling the barrel up and drag the 
cabbage 1U before flinging it left. Then flip the ball right and up.

  Now I like to trap the rabbit as follows: push the blocker right so the 
rabbit can't move. Pull the ball 1U and dive in the UR. 2D, go up, and flip 
the barrel up.

  Push the blocker 1R and 1U so it is not a factor. Now you can flip the left 
two barrels up. Go down the remaining hole on the right and come up 1U1L of 
the door. Push the lower blocker to the top wall, pull the ball 2R, and flip 
it down into the door.


  A lot of barrels to put in the assembly line here. But first you'll want to 
go down the hole and off the right side of the screen to find the map.

  To solve the level, you will want to hold off on dropping them in anywhere 
until you know what goes where and in fact the places to put the barrels are: 
1L of the door, the two UR holes, and the DL hole.

  Take out the first two UR holes first. Stand on an UR hole to flip the 
barrel R and then the other to flip it up. Repeat for the next barrel, 
dragging it over, but flip it L from the UR. Now send a third barrel to the 
UR and drag it left across the top. Flip it to the UL--preferably when a 
weevil is about to walk on there.

  Now go down the one UL hole and come up the other. Flip the barrel down. 
Pull the ball back up and flip it up. Switch UL holes to appear right of the 
ball. Flip it right. Come back for the final barrel. Flip  it down, take the 
hole, and come up 2L of the door. Pull the barrel right and flip it right, 
flip it up, and flip it down. Now you can flip the ball down and pull it back 
up, so you can push it through the door to the right.


  Heart room. You can probably use the break by now. "By pressing A 
continuously underground to make holes, you can move faster. Try this in the 
bonus stage."


  This is a trivial room designed to show you a new tile: the arrow tile. Put 
an object on the tile and it moves that way until it's blockaded. If you put 
an object on the tile and it can't move, it won't, even after you remove 
whatever was blocking it.

  Kick the ball right and watch the fireworks. Don't walk too close behind. 
There's a heart in the chamber next to the UL right-arrow, but you probably 
don't need it.


  There's a surrender item under here and as far as I can see, you'll need it 
if you dispose of the cabbage too quickly. Kick the ball right when the 
horizontal enemy touches the left wall, to nail both bad guys, then flip the 
cabbage left. Then flip the ball right. It will land on the 1-way square.

  Dig, get the surrender item, and come up 2D of the ball. Pull it down and 
flip it right, all across the screen. Flip the cabbage down into the hole. 
And kick the ball up into the door.


  In minimalist levels like these without a lot of items to manipulate, you 
can cut down the possibilities pretty quickly. Note that most arrows lead to 
holes, so you want to avoid them. The DL, for example, leads up into one. So 
flip the ball over it. You'll want to cut across the arrows to get there 
quickly, but stand on the DL hole to make sure a weevil won't surprise you 
during your first throw. The ball will land in the UL and then you can flip 
it down. That puts the ball 2D of the square in the center. Make sure the 
weevil won't pop up soon and then pull the ball 1U. Pull it 1L and then flip 
it up into the door.


  Here the cabbage gets in the way of smooth progress, or it seems to. But if 
you push the blocker 2R and flip the cabbage left, it will go to the UL 
corner. Flip it right and it will land next to the blocker. Push the blocker 
down and pull the ball left. You'll lose your grip as it tries to follow the 
arrow but can't. So pull it 1L again and flip it left. The ball winds up in 
the UL; flip it right and flip it up to advance. Then you can push the 
cabbage right, too.

  There's a heart 2U of the DR underground, by the way.


  Again bagging the cabbage is the easy part, but the hard part is knowing 
how to push the ball around and where to place the blockers. One must go to 
the right side after you throw the ball up but there is a fundamental problem 
of passing the double-arrows that seem to kick the ball back to the DR. There 
are many ways to solve this but here's mine. 

1. push the right blocker U 3R D.
2. flip the ball U.
3. push the left blocker D R.
4. flip the ball L.
5. push the L blocker 3U R.
6. flip the ball U.
7. push the L blocker 1L.
8. flip the ball U and push it L. To make things much easier for yourself, 
flip the ball onto your enemy. Otherwise you'll need to keep pushing the ball 
against him.
9. push the L blocker L.
10. push the ball 2L.
11. push the L blocker 2L.
12. push/kick the ball 2L, to get to the corner. Note the ball stops on the 
arrow so give it the extra effort.
13. push it up.
14. push the cabbage down before leaving.


  First thing I'd do is descend immediately and tunnel to the screen to the 
left. It's a bonus screen. Then come back.

  If you came from the bonus room, dig 1R of the UL to get started. Fling the 
barrel down at the penguin and pull 1U and flip the barrel right. I fyou 
haven't made a hole in the DL yet, do so and come out 1L of the door(upper 
hole) and, after pushing the blocker 1L, take a deep breath, kick the ball up 
to send it on its way, and shuffle 3D 3L 3U to push the blocker 1U. Now flip 
the ball up once it appears over the barrel. You can now pull the ball right 
and flip it over the hole to take out the door.


  The only thing to do here at first is to bash the gate down with the ball 
and walk on the star square. The bonus level isn't too bad.


  Above     Below
.:.....:. .X.....X.
.X:XCX:X. ..X...X..
.C.:.:.C. ...X.X...
.XC...CX. ....+....
.C.:.:.C. ...X.X...
.X:XCX:X. ..X...X..
.:..+..:. .X.....X.

  The pattern here is pretty straightforward. In fact it's the only bonus 
level I was able to develop an iron-clad pattern for. Jinbe is blocked from 
you, and you'll want to keep him that way for as long as possible.

  Here you can pull the 6 cabbages on the right into place. Make a hole 2L of 
the opening square(2R of the center) so that you can flip two cabbages into 
it, U and D. Then you can drag the two cabbages near it 2L, U/D and then push 
right. The two far-side cabbages are next; pull them 2d or 2u, towards the 
center row, and flip them right.

  For the final two cabbages, create holes 3R of each of them. Dive down one 
and come back up the other. Then go to the right of one cabbage. Just when 
Jinbe moves away from 2L of you, hold down B. You'll power up, and you can 
push the cabbage into him and then flip it right. Flip the other cabbage 
right for a comfortable victory.

  You can drag the D cabbage 3L and push it U later. Similarly you can, after 
running around, push the U cabbage R and then D. The main thing here is to 
keep Jinbe from smacking the center hole in. If you push the cabbages one 
direction at a time, run away from the center and come back for the next push, 
this shouldn't be a problem.


  This one is pretty silly as levels go. But it's fun. Go down any hole and 
use a bit of care to get 1L1U of the DR(a safe place to be.) Burrow up and 
now start flinging barrels right. But only seven of them. Start at the bottom 
and work your way up. With one barrel left, fling the ball right. The end 
result of all this is that the barrels will fill the seven holes the ball 
needs to cross to reach the door via the arrows.

  To return, burrow anywhere in your area and resurface along the top, except 
in the UL. Then walk to the exit.


  Another one I struggled with a bit, as you have to do a nifty one-two with 
the blocker. Push it 2L and then burrow to the left of it(this square is 
important.) The weevil guarding this area is pesky so be sure to follow it 
and not rush in blindly.

  Go to the right branch and surface 1U of the DR. Flip the barrel up. Then 
burrow to the left compartment. Surface in the right center. Flip the ball 
north to take out an enemy, dig 1U1L, and flip the cabbage in there(if you 
don't take out the enemy, you can flip the cabbage back and forth.)

  Now you have the important elements stacked near the top area. You need to 
push the blocker off to the right two squares. Then flip the barrel down, 
preferably when the weevil is coming at you. Then push the blocker left two 
squares, the ball 1L, the ball 2R, and the blocker 2R. Now you can drag the 
ball down and ram it through. If you had dug on the left side, you wouldn't 
have had the space for all this.


  There are hearts in the top and bottom of this area, but it's a low-risk 
area so you can wait 'til after clearing it to get to things. Dig in the UR 
and swim left to the hole. Flip the ball and dive down and resurface in the 
original spot.

  Here the penguins should be getting massacred though it's possible the 
timing will be such that one survives. It won't inhibit you too much. The 
ball should now be bouncing left-right-etc. Push the blocker right and up to 
stop it. It doesn't matter where you stop the ball. You can just push it down 
and right in front of the door, then push down.

  The cabbage is easy to pick off too. Flip it left into a hole you made 2L 
of it.


  Flip he ball right. Push the barrel down 1. Pull the ball back left as far 
as you can. Pull it D, flip D, and kick R. Go to the edge and pull the ball D 
and flip D. Burrow 1D1L and flip the ball L. Flip the barrel U and now you 
can push the ball D to win.


  Enter one of the bottom holes and exit at the top ones. Push each blocker 
down. Then flip the ball down and pull the barrel left. Pull the ball right. 
Enter any top hole and come up at the bottom ones. Push the side blockers up 
and the middle blocker to the side. Pull the ball back and flip it down onto 
the monster. Push 2R and flip down.

  Create a hole in the DR and flip the cabbage D to get it.


  Here you need to push the top two barrels 2D and then the "new" top 2 
barrels towards the center. This lets you kick the ball to the left.

  Push it up onto the arrow. Pull it U 3L and push 2L. Pull 2D and flip it 


  Stupid self help advice from Gramps. Hang it up, pal. Thanks for the heart. 
"If you can't get the cabbage at first, keep trying." Well, sometimes it's 
easier after clearing the level.


  The big thing to note here is that the top two squares you can dig through 
lead to an entirely new area. If you exit to the left, you'll be back in z-5-
1. Of course you can return right.

  But there's another underground passage, too. Go to the far left and dig. 
Then take the passage left to get the potion(remember the potion you couldn't 
get under z-5-1? This is it!)

  To break down the door to the left, flip the ball and place the blocker 
between the two arrows that bounce it back and forth, preferably when the 
ball is nearing the bottom of the two arrows. That will keep it still again. 
Then you can drag it 2L and flip it left.

  It's actually easier to get rid of the cabbages without the blocker than 
with it. To do so by yourself, create holes in the middle of each 4-
directional set of arrows. Then fling the cabbages over the arrows and they 
will drop right into the holes. You can still make holes when they're 
bouncing back and forth, but it's so chancy.

  You can also use the blocker--place it in the focal point and pull the 
cabbages so you can flip them into holes--but the less complicated way is 
much easier here.

  Of course the real challenge here is the search underground. If you've been 
mapping and checking underground passages carefully you'll know there needs 
to be some way to get to the rest of the map, and it isn't overland. But you 
do have to break down the left door to get full points. The passage will lead 
2 squares north and you can work away again at the new puzzle.


  Take the left of the bottom two holes to the surface. Push the blocker 2L U 
R. Push the next-left one 2U. Watch for the weevil on the right and take the 
UR hole and flip the cannonball left. Quickly move right to where it was and 
push the one blocker down. Flip the ball down and go back to the UL of the 
holes in the area. Descend, 3D, return. Flip the ball left, 1R, 1D, descend, 
2U, L and surface. Push the ball D 4L U L.


  Here you just need to shuffle the blockers around and the rest has been 
done before, really.

  The passage to the next level is the hole behind the door. You'll need to 
use the blockers to get through. Tunnel 2R of DL and go 2U. Resurface, push 
the blocker 2U, return to the first hole, and push the blocker 3R D R 2D L. 
Now flip the ball left and it will go up.

  Push the blocker R 2U and push the ball R. Push the blocker L U 5L and then 
take the middle blocker and push it R 3U 3L. Push the ball U 2L U 2L 2D and 
burrow back to D of the ball. Flip it L and D. Follow the underground passage 


  This level isn't too hard either. Surface in the DL and push the DR blocker 
R. Enter a UL hole after the weevil departs and surface 2R of the UL. Push 
the blocker D and pull the ball D. Dig. 2U 2R surface and pull the ball 2R 
before you flip it. You can take out a weevil if you want but it doesn't 
matter as you just need to push the ball R and 3U for the win.


  Another short level but it has a clever touch. From 1L1U of the ball go 2R 
2D 2L 1U. Push the bottom blocker 1R 1U and the top one 1L. Now you can just 
flip and push the ball right. Then push it up.


  This level is really cool too. The basic idea is to make a bridge and then 
bring the ball onto it. The final path will look like so:

  B < barrel on top of submerged barrel

  And once you know that the solution is straightforward. Flip the DL barrel 
left, then let the two to the right follow it. Now take the new DL barrel and 
pull it D, push L3 and push D. The next barrel can be pulled D and pushed L4 
D2. The final one, pull D, push L5 D2 L1.

  Now for the top row: the left one is pulled D2, then pushed L3, D2, and L2.

  You've got the bridge but the ball will fall off it if flung, so pull D2, 
push L4 and pull D1. Flip the ball up and push it 2L D to win.

  Oh. Stupid cabbage in the UL. You can't not sink it if you touch it. Also, 
under the cabbage is a passage north with a neat clue. Go underground to see 
how Big Mama moves. Sensible!


  Push the ball 1R and get to work pinning enemies in. Then push the blocker 
above it up when the monsters are to the left and then the rightmost one up. 
The newly freed blocker can be pushed right. Now push the blocker left to 
trap the bad guys into one square. Just keep holding left until it works.

  Push the R and 2nd-L blockers on the top up. It doesn't really matter what 
goes where as you will be firing the ball up through the door anyway.

  Flip the cabbages R and D before you enter above for a perfect score.


  The boss fight is much easier if you read the hints. Here it tells you that 
Big Mamma walks around underground before coming up, so you can see where she 
will appear. If you align a bowling ball to take her out in advance(and she 
does take a while coming up) it should be no problem. Knowing where she comes 
up makes it very easy to take the time to throw a bowling ball at her. But 
you may want to make sure her kids don't run in front of the ball--or at you. 
You can also see where her kids are about to come out and run at you.

  Of course you can also use save states, see where she comes up, reload and 
wait to. Which is clever in its own way.

  Skit 5: the little bratling slide-tackles daddy.


  The Sammy Brothers are the boss(es) here and figure in a lot of tough 
puzzles. The maze winds around a bit and there are some areas you have to 
retrace and the challenge is consistently harder here than in level 7.

22-23 34-35-36-37
 |  |  |        |
21 24 33-32 42 38
 |  |     |  |  |
20 25-27 31 41-39
 |  |  |  |     |
19 26 28-29-30 40
18-17 09-08 05-04
    |  |  |  |  |
15-16 10 07-06 03
 |     |        |
14-13-11-12 01-02

  Map is at 6-12 via 6-11.
  Locator is at 6-12 via 6-7.
  Potion at 6-19 via 6-26 via 6-25.
  Surrender at 6-19 via 6-26 via 6-25.
  Bonus area is at 6-30.

Cabbages are at:
6-1 6-2 6-12 6-21 6-32 6-33 6-34
2 cabbages in 6-15 6-18 6-19 6-35
5 cabbages in 6-40


  There's a cabbage to knock in a hole here. You can also go down and look 
around. There's a tunnel to the screen to the left. You can see the surface, 
and a map and locator are there. Nice teaser.


  Flip the cabbage into the hole, pull and flip the barrel down over the hole, 
and pull and flip it right. You can flip it up and get it in the UR corner 
next. This is possible in one fluid motion, but if you slip, just wait for 
the Sammy Bros to walk around until they're out of the picture.

  Now go down one of the pre-made holes and into the DR corner. Climb up and 
flip the cannonball up. Go back up any hole and pull the ball left so you can 
tap the door above.


  Push the ball up into the hole, and flip the barrel up. Then wait for the 
Sammy brothers to come down and retreat to the right. Push the ball down and 
flip it right. This should kill the Sammies but if not you can just wait a 
bit more. Follow the ball to the top and pull it 2R and push it up.


  Burrow 1R of the left up-arrow. surface right of the blocker, and push it 
R/D onto the arrow. Flip the barrel down and go underground to get on its 
right side. Flip it right onto a Sammy and then push it down, kick it right 
onto the other Sammy and flip it up into the hole.

  Now for the ball. Pull it down all the way, 1L, 1D, and kick it left. Pull 
it down again, flip it left, and burrow and come up in the UL. Pull the ball 
up and push it left into the door.


  Sneak under the up-arrow when the last of the monsters heads up. Dig 2L of 
it and go 2L2U to come up below the ball. Flip it down and burrow back so you 
can flip the ball right. It will destroy the enemies in its loop. Pass under 
it as it goes up and then push the blocker D 2L. Flip the ball down into the 


  Here we need to chuck the barrels in the UL so the bowling ball won't be 
affected by the arrow. The left barrel is the trickier of the two but if you 
move to the left as the scene opens you can get to it quickly. Flip it up and 
right, then push it up. Don't follow it across the arrow too quickly or it 
will damage you. The other barrel isn't too bad although you may have to wait 
in the 3x2 region or even underground. Flip it up and left.

  The ball is the toughest piece to move. Dig holes 1L, 2L1U, 3L2U, 4L1U of 
it and flip it right, up, and right. Then kick it up and flip it left onto 
the arrow. Borrow and reappear above it to flip it down. Then flip it left 
onto the door.


  First, I'd tunnel under and see what's to underground. You can pick up the 
locator right now if you look to the room below, but the map still eludes you. 
It's in another isolated part. Once you're back here, dig 1L of the entry and 
pull the ball up 1. Dig 1L of the ball and flip it left--repeat the task so 
it is below the left-arrow. Dig again and come up in the UR. Kick the barrel 
left, descend/ascend and pull it 2D1L. Now you can flip the ball across the 
arrow without it sinking. Do so, pull it 1L and kick it up.


  This is one of the tougher levels to figure out, as the ball really zooms 
around. You need to dig quite a few holes and I'll mark them out right now.

1: 2U 1L of where you start.
2: 1L of the ball
3: 2L 1U of the door
4: uppermost square
5: 3U of where the ball starts

  So here's the run through. Dig 1 after the Sammy passes and head to 2. Flip 
the ball L. Take out a Sammy if you like. Go back to 2, flip north, burrow to 
3 and break out. Push the ball right. Burrow from 3 to 4. Oush the ball down 
and pull it right. Burrow 5 to 3 and push the ball down. Kick it left to win. 
Go underground to get to the left.


  You have to go all the way around the stupid wagon. It's a real nuisance. I 
guess puzzles get tougher as levels go on but this is a bit ridiculous. The 
advice is to practice, but anyone who needs practice wouldn't have gotten 
this far.


  I like this level as it's not immediately obvious what to do, and the 
solution involves some interesting feints.

  Push the blocker 1L and go down a hole. Pop up 1L of the barrel. Flip it 
left and down onto the monster if possible but if not the next flip will do 
for him anyway. Push the DL blocker up and return via the underground to the 
UL part. Now push the remaining mobile blocker down and use the underground 
to get right of it. Push it left.

  Now you can move the ball--pull it 3L, flip it down and use the underground 
to appear on the right side of the ball. Flip it right and push down.


  Finally, if you've been mapping, you know what's there if you take the 
underground route east off the screen(6-12 for details, sort of.) Surface 
there to get the map and return.

  Now for the main part. Pull the ball 1R. Go down the UR hole and come up 
the DR. Pull the barrel left 'til you're next to the door. Descend and return 
in the UL to kick the ball D. Descend and ascend in the DR so you can go U/L 
and push the barrel in a hole. Then pull the ball 1D, enter the hole and go 
4R, and emerge to push the ball left.


  From the right, you can only emerge to see what is in store. (6-1)

  From above, you can emerge for the locator. (6-7)

  From the left, you can emerge in an isolated area, but the center holds the 
map. (6-11) Here you can push the cabbage one way, dig a hole in the other 
corner, and flip the cabbage in. Then push the ball down for the map.


  This is a tricky level as you need to push the barrel onto a certain 
square(1D of the D square) and push the cannonball through above it. Then 
flip the cannonball left. All the while, you can't let the barrel sink in a 
hole. Let's get to the details, noting that you may want to take time with 
the first few steps to squash a few Sammies. This can be done flipping the 
barrel left/right in the long corridor 1D of where the barrel starts.

  Pull the barrel 1D, 1L and, after submerging, push it 2U. Now take the 
cannonball and flip it down, submerge and resurface, pull it 1R and flip it, 
and flip it up. Again there's some submerging etc. I cut out of all of this.

  Now you'll want to bring the barrel around. Pull it 2D and kick left. Pull 
it 1U and flip it up. Pull it left. Now flip the cannonball into the hole and 
flip it back down, right and up. Circle around so you can flip it left.


  There's a heart if you take the lower passage back to 6-13 but it really 
isn't useful. Even if you need it, clear out the board first. It's not too 
hard. Pull the barrel 2L, push the blocker 3R and pull the barrel U L and 
flip it left. Push the blocker 2L. Pull the cannonball right. It will stop 
next to the blocker. Flip the ball up.


  Burrowing here is a good idea. As is planning ahead. You will want to make 
a path for the ball to follow: flip the ball right and pull it down and kick 
it right into the door. That requires four barrels along the way(you don't 
need one right next to the ball) and two barrels to make a passage that way.

  The first barrel to push is the top one. Appear above it and fling it up. 
Killing a Sammy inthe process is useful and worth waiting for, because these 
guys get obnoxious in the tight quarters you have.

  Barrel #2 is the rightmost one--flip it left. This establishes a sort of 
bridge. Then push the barrel left of it 1R--pushing is safer than pulling--
and flip the barrel above it up. Then take the barrel you just pushed and 
flip it up and push it right. Now you can push the two cabbages into holes as 
well. It's nice to have more space and if any Sammies are walking around they 
should be much easier to anticipate and avoid.

  Come back down and pull the bottom center barrel up and flip it over the 
hole, then flip it right. Flip the DL barrel right(the DR left works well 
too--sometimes a Sammy will get in the way) and drag the other barrel 2L/2R 
over it and pull it up, flip it over the hole, kick it right and flip it down.

  Now you can flip the cannonball right, pull it 3D and tap it right. The 
"extra" barrel actually slightly gets in the way here but I think you can 
deal with it.


  Burrow and surface in the DR and flip the barrel up. Resurface on the left. 
Push the blocker 4L and pull the barrel up, then flip it up. Then push it D 
2L D. Push the blocker D L. Flip the ball up and push the blocker 3R. Pull 
the ball U, flip it right and pull it U and flip up.


  Put the two barrels in the two holes and bring the ball around. You may be 
able to figure out the mechanics without too much trouble, but just in case...

  I find if you make a quick U-R-U you can walk around the Sammy, grab the 
ball, and be prepared to flip it into the hole he'll walk onto. I even wait 
twice just so I can focus on dropping stuff where I need to.

  To start, pull the ball 1R and push it 1U. Flip the barrel left and right. 
One down.

  Flip the other barrel down, burrow 1D 2R, pull it left, burrow 1L 3D 1L, 
and flip the barrel down. Burrow  back to the DL and push right and flip left.

  Pull the ball D, flip right, pull left, and flip down. Pull right. Burrow 
1L 3U 1R. Flip up and burrow to 3R of the door. Push the ball left.


  If you are quick you can go down, flip the cabbage up to take out one Sammy, 
backtrack U/L, and flip the other cabbage on the other Sammy. It's worth 
restarting the level to get this jump, in fact. The narrow corridors favor 
the Sammies. There's a possibility you'll goof the timing, but you really 

  For the main part of the level, burrow the right hole and go 2R. Push the 
ball right and go back the hole you made. Surface at the top hole, push the 
blocker down, pull the ball left, and burrow 1R 3U. Pull the ball up and flip 
it up.


  One of the funniest points in the game.

  "Are you doing OK? What?! You can't get items because I'm bugging you? 
Ungrateful little rat!"

  And you can see where they are. But they're unreachable. Geez, mean game 
there :).


  Negotiating the Sammies here is not easy because you don't have anything to 
destroy them with for a while. Fortunately you can get a quick start down the 
DR hole. Go U 3L, surface, push a blocker L, and go back down the hole.

  3L 2U, surface, and push the right blocker D, making sure no Sammy is to 
the left. Then return to your hole. 2D 2R and push the blocker right. Flip 
the ball R and, tunneling back to the center hole, D. On either of these 
flips, it's convenient to wait for a Sammy.

  Push the far-right blocker right. Pull the barrel right above the column. 
Go down the UR and up the center and pull the barrel down to flip it into the 
lower center hole. Pull the ball 2L and burrow. 2R 4U 3L 3D and flip the ball 


  Here you need to sink 5 barrels in 5 holes to move the cannonball to a good 
spot. Here's where they should go: DL, DR, the two holes above them, and the 
DL barrel in the center.

  So discounting the sequestered barrels, push the left one left, flip the 
center one down, and push the right one right. Flip the one UR barrel down 
and pull the second down and flip it. Pull it up and left so you're on a hole. 
Flip it left and kick it down. Kick the cabbage down, flip it up and pull the 
ball down and flip it down. Then pull the ball up and right onto the center 
barrel. Flip it up.


  Avoiding the Sammies may be tricky but the essence of the level is to push 
the barrels into the holes by the door. You can get rid of the Sammies by 
kicking a barrel into the wall--small timing issue--before pulling it right 
and flipping it right. I'll assume you start at the bottom. Kick the bottom 
barrel up, and pull the other one L and kick it down.

  This leaves one Sammy to avoid but he runs in circles too. Push the blocker 
down and when 1R of the cannonball flip it right.


  The cannonball takes quite a counterintuitive zigzagging tour here. This 
was a tough level for me and for a semi spoiler I'll mention the barrel 
belongs in the D hole on the R side. How does it get there?

  Pull the ball down and flip it right. You'll want to kill the Sammy here 
because otherwise he will break out of his harmless pattern. If you don't, 

Flip the barrel left and down and left and down. This requires some trivial 
tunneling. Then you can flip the barrel right, into its hole.

  Now to the ball. Flip it left, push down, flip right and, if you didn't 
kill the enemy(to do so, flip right when the enemy's at the top,) pull the 
ball left and kick it right. You need to wipe the enemy out or sacrifice 
health. Then push the ball 2L and flip it down. Again, try for a kill here, 
or you will sacrifice a 1/4-life. Pull L and push D.


  Here the Sammies are pretty annoying, so pull(coming up underneath) or 
flip(into the DR dead end) the cannonball as necessary to wipe them out. The 
key to this level is to dig a hole in the DL. Go from the hole in the center 
to start the fun.

  Push the barrel 1U, pull the ball, flip the barrel down, push the barrel 
left so the door is unblocked. Pull the ball 1L and flip it down where it 
will swerve into the door.

  There's also a heart in the underground(DR-ish) if you want to look for one.


      (5-6-26 too.)

  The underground is the first thing to take care of here. Follow the secret 
passage down. It leads to an area where there is a separate tunnel you can't 
reach to the left...unless you surface and take either of the left holes. It 
doesn't matter which; exit left and get the two items the Gramps was blocking 
you from before, and then you can return to the main attraction. You'll have 
to surface in each pair of holes to do this, as the items are in separate 
compartments, and don't forget to flip a cabbage while you're at it.

  Resurfacing is tricky and I recommend doing so 1D of the exit and 
retreating to the previous room and returning. The pattern once you see it is 
not difficult to execute, but the Sammies are hard to kill. If you start 
quickly, you can pull the ball 3L, burrow, 1L 1D and emerge, flip down, and 
push 1R 2D. It's worth sacrificing a life chunk or two if you have it to do 
it right, especially with two hearts underground...and the gramps in the room 
after next.


  If you want you can wipe out the monsters before proceeding but I find it's 
easier just to wait around them. The pattern to move the ball is push L, pull 
D, flip L, push D, pull R, push D, pull D, flip D, push 3R and push D. This 
requires considerable use of the underground, but since that is not a maze I 
don't think I need to include details. Just don't make life tough long-term 
by digging any new holes(short-term fun.)


  "Did you get those items that were behind me a little while ago? Well go 
get em!" Snicker snicker.


  Flip the barrel up and then down to take out the two enemies. Then dig a 
hole L of the upper barrel after flipping it left. Now you can begin to build 
the bridge.

  Don't detour right just yet as that will reset your work--instead, go to 
the top of the arrow and push down. Descend, go to the bottom and push 1U. 
Push the cannonbal up and the barrel left. Flip the other barrel right and 
the final one down. Go down the hole you made and surface in the arrow's 
spine. Flip the barrel right and take the ball and pull it left. Flip it left 
over the hole and you can flip it up and right by shuttling between the two 
left holes. The second flip breaks the door down.

  But where does the side passage lead?


  To the bonus room. Getting onto the star is a bit tough, but just push B 
left of the cannonball and when the time is right, emerge and fire the ball 
right. If you can take out a Sammy, bonus. You then need to flip the ball up 
and pull it 2 left. There's enough space to avoid Sammies here(stand 
diagonally from them) and so this isn't too hefty a task. Just remember, if 
you surface at the top, to surface at the VERY top or the cannonball may sink.


  Above     Below
.:..+:..C .X...X...
.:C:.:.:. .X.X.X+X.
.C.:.C.:. .+.X...X.
.:.:::.:. .X.XXX.X.
.:.C.:.C. .X...X.+.
.:.:.:C:. .X+X.X.X.
C..:+..:. ...X...X.

  The cabbages are asymmetrical here and that makes for having to fend for 
yourself a good deal. You can't protect yourself in repetition. But there is 
a way to make a hole and keep it safe.

  This is a tough level to figure out and I think that the best way to go 
about it is as follows: D 2L and surface. Pull the left cabbage 2R and pull 
go 2U and pull the cabbage 1R. The point is to surround a hole with cabbages 
so Jinbe doesn't dig it. But the next part is even trickier. Go to the right 
edge and let Jinbe follow you. Then go down and left. Wait just before Jinbe 
picks up the speed-up and flip the cabbage. He'll be knocked out for the 
portion of time he has the speed-up. If you fire too soon the cabbage will 
stop at the speed-up.

  Now from here I like to go to the DL corner, go U and R for the speed-up, 
and surface where Jinbe's other speed-up is. Not only does Jinbe get totally 
turned around by this, but you have a huge advantage. And you can flip the UR 
cabbage into a hole. The rest should be pretty straightforward although you 
can loop Jinbe back through the DR again if you want to stun him. Then you 
can flip the cabbage you hit him with left. With 4 cabbages right by a hole 
you should have plenty of time even to dig for the final speed up, drop the 
two cabbages lying around into a new hole, and take care of the remaining 
cabbages surrounding the hole you initially dug.


  The plan here is to push all the blockers against the right side and make a 
corridor to flip the ball, eventually, into the door. First, though, you have 
to flip the ball right and quickly move onto its square. Then go up and flip 
the ball up into the monster. Flip the ball back down.

  Now go 2U 2R U R D. This pushes a blocker into a corner. U L dig R 2U dig 
2D. This clears the way for #4. L dig U 2L surface 2R D dig R 2U surface D.

  The ball has an easy, if cross-eyed, path here. Flip up, flip right, dig, R 
U, surface, flip up. Dig, U 2L, surface, 2R, dig, R, U, surface, flip up.

  This wins the level and as a bonus you can read the sign without damage now.

  "How's it going? Since my part in this game is so small, I've gotta show my 
face as much as I can."



  Another "look at all the blockers" level. Flip the cabbage right into the 
hole, then the hole and go to the UR. Push the right blocker 2D and return to 
the UR hole. Go 3L 3D and surface. Push the blockers 2U, 2D and 2R. Pull the 
ball 2D and now we can start digging other places--specifically, 4L of the 
center hole you made and 2L 2U of that center hole. First go 4L. Push the 
upper blocker 2U and the others next to the hole 1R and 1D.

  Now for the final hole--push the blockers 1L and 3R. You can move the ball 
now, flipping it left, pushing up, and pulling/flipping left. You can flip 
down and flip left to win the level. This requires moving between the holes 
you made but you should have this procedure down by now.


  Here you don't put the barrels in the holes. Instead, you use one to buffer 
the ball so you can flip it into the door. The only hole you have to dig is 
1U1L of the DR. Tunnel to the DR first and pull the barrel 2L then surface to 
make your hole and flip the barrel up. Tunnel back down and push the blocker 
up. Kick the cabbage right while you're at it. Kick the bottom barrel left. 
Now pull the ball 3R and flip it up and kick it left. Go back under and 
appear in the top left hole. Flip the ball up.


  A timing puzzle kicks this off. You need to burrow 1U 2R and hold the ball. 
When a monster passes above going right, flip the ball left, then go 2U L D. 
This should stop the ball before it returns to the hole. Now you need to pull 
the ball U, flip it right, enter a hole, and push the ball up after 
resurfacing. Then you can kick the ball right into the door.

  Before you leave stop and smell the cabbages, or something. Flip the one 
you see down.


  Three compartments, three objects to push, three enemies. Ignore the first 
two chambers completely and surface 1U of the ball. Once it's cleared, you 
can go back to knock out the cabbages easily.

  Flip the ball up when the monster is at an edge. Pull down, push left and 
flip right. Kick the ball up. Now go retrieve the cabbages--just dunk 'em in 
holes you made two squares away.

  In order to save every last second I suppose you can take out the upper 
cabbage first, just ducking the enemy, but it's up to you if that's more 
hassle than walking back and forth.


  Another pretty minimalist level. I have great fun chucking the ball at the 
Sammy Bros as they come by. It makes the rest of the level a breeze when you 
go down the hole the ball keeps dropping in and come up in one of the right 

  And once you do, pull the barrel 2U 2L U. Switch to the other side, pull 
the ball up and flip it right through the arrow. It is stopped by the barrel. 
Switch to the other side, flip the barrel right, and pull the ball left, flip 
it down, and flip it right. Exit.


  "I'm so lonely. Nobody visits this old mole anymore(sic). Sigh..."

  (Thank you, thank you, I'm here all game, you can picture him saying.)


  Dig 1R of the cannonball to start the process. Your first order of business 
is to pull the upper barrel left and flip it up. Then flip the ball right so 
the barrel blocks it from the hole. Flip the barrel down and kick it left, 
making sure the spikes don't block it. Flip the ball down.

  Now go from the UR hole to the DL hole. Look before surfacing and push the 
blocker U, 2L. You can push it down right now but it costs health, and you'll 
be destroying the enemy soon enough anyway after going back DL to UR 
underground. Kick the ball left. Go UR to DL underground and pull the ball 
left and push 1D. You now want to take the DL hole to surface 1U of DR. Flip 
the barrel up, descend, 1U 2L, ascend, and flip the barrel in the hole.

  Return to the hole you made and go back to the DL. You can flip the ball 
right, return underground to the 1U of DR hole, flip the ball down, descend 
and ascend at 1L of DR, and flip the ball left to advance.


  You can solve this straight up but in fact a small detour is not much 
tougher. Push the blocker down, head left, and go down at the door. Pick any 
spot to burrow and you'll notice a tunnel down off the screen. Take it. Note 
that you can just burrow right to the hole and continue as below.

  When you come back you should go up through the hole on the bottom that was 
there before. Push the blocker all the way up and dig down. U 3R D and 
resurface to flip the barrel down. Enter the UR hole and go U 3L D and 
resurface--when it's safe. Flip the barrel left to nail a Sammy or two and 
drag the barrel to the intersection. Use the holes to appear above the barrel 
and push it down into the hole.

  Flip the ball left and pull it into the intersection. Use the holes one 
last time and push the ball left.

  Note that the Sammies may interfere with your job at time or go in the area 
you need next. If so you can release them by pulling the ball into your 
corner. Pushing risks that the Sammies will come after you.


  This is not a tough screen but it's where the five remaining cabbages are. 
It has a hint for defeating the Sammy Brothers bosses too.

  The best places to surface are:

1. 4U of the DL(on line with the boulder sticking out of the square)
2. 2R of the DL
3. 2L of the UR
4. R of the boulder that sticks out

  In 1-3 you just flip a cabbage into the hole. For 4 you need to run a ball 
through the door, push one cabbage left and one right, create a hole, and 
dump them both in. Then you can return to 6-39. Note the hint--that you have 
to beat the big Sammy. It's not clear yet, and it might not even be clear 
when you see the boss.


  Pull the barrel down 1 and enter the hole. In the below-ground structure, 
come up in the left part of the bottom passage. Now you can flip the ball 
left quickly if Sammies come to bother you. Killing all three makes the last 
bit much easier, so do so.

  Pull the ball left 2. Go down the hole. Come up in the bottom prong of the 
left passage and pull the barrel down. 1U 1R and flip the barrel right. Flip 
the other barrel left. Flip the cannonball up and you're ready to face the 


  The boss here consists of two Sammy Brothers. One whizzes around a board of 
gold squares in a predetermined pattern and the other one holds a chain. You 
can move the chain by facing it, holding down on the B key, and moving away. 
The square you want to move it on has an arrow. When you move the ball on 
that square, the chain will go wild(lashing you if you're in its way) and the 
tiles will rearrange. This happens twice, but on the third time, you win. 
Sammies cry uncle.

  The three patterns are listed below.

>>>>>v  >>>>>v                  v<<XXXX>>v
^XXXXv  ^XXXXv                  vX^XXXX^Xv
^X  Xv  ^X  Xv        X>>>vX    vX^XX>>^Xv
^X  Xv  ^X  Xv        X^XXvX    vX^<<X<<Xv
^<<<<X<<X<<<<<  v<<X  v<<<X<<<  vXXXX^X^Xv
>>>>>X>>X>>>>v  vX^X  v^XXvXX^  vX>>>X>^Xv
^X  Xv  ^X  Xv  vX^XXXv^  vXX^  vX^XX^XXXv
^X  Xv  ^X  Xv  >>X>>>v^  >>>^  vX^<<X<<Xv
^<<<<<  ^<<<<<    ^XXXvX        vXXXX^X^Xv
XXXXXX  XXXXXX    ^<<<<X        >>>>>^X^<<

  For the first pattern I find it is best to pull the ball down 3 just after 
the Sammy passes underneath. Then pull the ball left or right depending on 
where the little Sammy is.

  For the second pattern I get left of the ball and pull left when the Sammy 
travels down the center on the way to the left side. By the time I drag the 
ball L 3D L the Sammy is on the other side, out of my way.

  For the third pattern the straight-down approach doesn't work. I generally 
go with L 3D R. The timing has me pulling left a square or two after the 
Sammy passes the down arrow. Then I need to circle below the ball, walking 
just behind the Sammy. I pull 3D and then reorganize on the arrow square to 
pull left. This requires accurate movement but is very doable with practice.

  The skit has kid #6 running by the father. The other kids run after him. 
Then a bowling ball flattens the father. Kid #6 comes running back, concerned.

  With save states eliminating my errors my best time is 31:48.


  The final level, in a 7x7 maze. There are fortunately a lot of quick-hitter 
scenes but it still takes a while to get through. Because there are some very 
tricky levels here and even the quick ones can make you feel silly.

18 15-14 11-10 07-06
 |  |  |  |  |  |  |
17-16 13-12 09-08 05
 |                 |
19-20-21 01-02-03-04
24-23-22 49 46-45-44
 |        |  |     |
25-26 33 48-47 39 43
    |  |        |  |
28-27 32-34 37-38 42
 |     |  |  |  |  |
29-30-31 35-36 40-41

  The map is at 7-18 via 7-17.
  The locator is at 7-1.
  The potion is at 7-19 via 7-24.
  The level skipper is at 7-14.
  The bonus level is at 7-33.

Cabbages at:
7-2 7-4 7-9 7-17 7-25 7-26 7-29 7-34 7-35 7-37 7-42 7-46
2 cabbages at 7-1 7-14 7-18 7-39

  Look underground to find the locator, which is under the sign. A purloined-
letter sort of try at confusing you. Dump the cabbages as well, then head 
right to 7-2.


  There are lots of ways to get through this a bit quicker if you are willing 
to take a hit, but I'll proceed as if you want to avoid that totally. Dig 2R 
of the cabbage, flip the cabbage in, and after pushing the one pipe piece 
onto the spikes, head for the DL hole via the one you made. You may wish to 
extend the weevil's route one square up so you can sneak under it a bit more 
easily. Do this when the weevil's at the bottom--step into the top of its 
path and go up.

  In the DL part, push the pipe right and flip the ball into it. Then go back 
up the same way you came--you can cut across and take damage and get the 
heart afterwards if you'd like--but you will want to make a hole 1L1U of the 
stairs if above ground. When you're below ground, make another hole just 
above the bottom block sticking out.

  Flip the ball left, push it down and flip it up to advance. You'll need to 
go under the spikes to leave, but ehh, no big deal.


  You must get the ball out of the DR corner, push the UR pipe next to the 
door, and push the ball back in. Descend and sneak past the weevil below you, 
then go 2R and climb up. Push the pipe 3U so it's one square away from the 
top. Submerge to the hole you made, and now you have a bit of a task to get 
around the enemy.

  What you want to do now is to go R, U to the top intersection, across to 
the UR. To do this you will want to go a square right. The weevil above can't 
detect you. You haven't increased his unbroken up/down line. So when he and 
the left/right above you move away, go U R U and when the weevil goes below 
you again, tear above. There may be another one going L/R but be patient. 
You'll have time for it to pass.

  R U to the top(don't extend the weevil's range as you'll be using the 
square above later,) where weevils can't get. At the UR, resurface and pull 
the ball up all the way. Pull it left and push it down. Go back under. This 
time your destination is left of the pipe, or 1L of the top crossroad. Wait 
above the crossroad(or UR if you extended the weevil's path by mistake) and 
step in when the two are going away. Ascend and push the pipe right all the 
way, then down 2 squares. Pull the ball up, push right, and kick down--a 
weevil may appear causing you to wait a few seconds, but no huge deal.


  Go down the hole you're next to after the weevil pops out. Head right and 
up. Follow the weevil at the top back up his hole. Go up and flip the cabbage 
down when the weevil pops up. Push the pipe all the way left and flip the 
barrel through it. Then push the barrel 2L. Go back on the first hole you 
went down. Descend when the weevil appears, go 2D, surface and push the 
barrel up. Flip the ball up. Now you need to pull it left all the way and 
flip it up.


  Go down and then follow the one weevil up and  the next one to the left. Go 
up 1L 1U of the heart and first take care of the ball. Pull it down, flip it 
right and descend and ascend above it. Flip the ball up and then flip it 
right. Leave it there for a moment. It's time to take care of the barrel.

  Flip the barrel up and push it right. Go back down your hole, U 2R U and 
flip the barrel up. Resurface to its right and flip it right and left. You 
may wish to take out the penguin in the process.

  Now push the pipe 2U 2L and flip the ball into it.

Push the top pipe 2U 2L. Now flip the ball back left.


  The pipes here are only to get in your way. Linking them causes an item to 
circle around into a corner hole.

  Go to the DR hole. Wait for the weevil to go down it. Go up and push the 
barrel left. Go down and descend the DL hole and go up in the center. Create 
a hole 2R of the door and use it to push the pipe on top 2R after a bit of a 
walk. Flip the ball below you up to get back to the center.

  Now you'll be alternating between the hole you just made and the center one. 
From 2R of the door, flip the ball left. Here you may will to knock out the 
monster at point blank range in the process. Then you'll go from the center 
to the left hole and pull the ball 3D so you can dig, 1U1R, and push the ball 


  There are two ways to do this, but each involves kicking the ball, digging 
a hole 2L of the entrance, surfacing left of the free pipe and pushing the 
pipe to block your ball's movement.

  If you push the ball up, push the pipe down into the door. If you push the 
ball down, push the pipe up into the wall. Beware of one thing, though. If 
you push the pipe just as the ball comes into it, you may cause the ball to 
stop. You can either trap the enemy with the pipe, let the ball destroy the 
enemy one time around, and push the pipe to the side before the next go round, 
or you can be nonviolent.

  But then you may have a problem with the enemy tracking you down if you 
push a pipe too much. There's no rush so just push it when you can, unless 
you don't mind the damage.


  Push the left blocker 2R and the DL one down once the rabbit's to its right. 
Then come back and push that blocker all the way right so the rabbit's 
trapped in. Push the UL blocker 1U 1R and the one above the ball 1L 2U.

  Now you need to make holes and a good place is 2L of the DR. Burrow 2R 2U 
so you can start pushing the pipe 3L. Retreat to the first hole you dug and 
push the pipe 2U 2L. It's important here that you either keep the monster 
under the pipe or sock it with the ball before continuing because you'll need 
to push the pipe down one. But first you'll need to take an outside hole down 
and surface at the one at the top. Push the pipe 3D, go from the U hole to 
the R, push it 2L, 2D, go from the R hole to D, and push the pipe 2L. Now 
take any outside hole. burrow to the UL, pop up and push the pipe down 1. 
Return to the center via the underground and push the ball 1L 3D. Burrow to 
2L of DR and kick the ball left to win.


  A complicated level of blocker shifting. The first task is to push the 
barrel in front of the door. Descend the hole made for you and go to the left. 
Flip the barrel up after ducking the bad guy, pull it down to the middle row, 
dig, and now go to the DL hole in the upper part. D L D L, down the hole and 
up in the UR corner of the 4x3 area with the blockers. D U 2L to push the 
blockers in the corner. Note you can now push the middle blocker left and 
right at your leisure, and weevils can chase you a bit overground now.

  Go under and resurface and push the blocker right and flip the abrrel right. 
Pull it back left, go under and flip the barrel up. Go back under and travel 
to the rightmost hole. Push the blocker left all the way. Create a hole 1U 
from the ball and flip the cabbage in, flip the ball and pull it down to the 
middle row. Subterfuge to get 1L of the ball, flip it left and drag it over 
the hole and flip it up.


  "I just saw Jinbe screaming, 'I won't make it!' What's going on? It's a 

  This is never explained. But listening to this rambling is a small price to 
pay for a full health bar.


  Although this looks nightmarish it requires relatively few moves. Only 
three pipes at the bottom need to be shifted to put the barrel 1U from the 
door and have the cannonball follow. The leftmost, 1U. The 3rd-leftmost, 2U. 
The 2nd-leftmost, 1L. Now kick the barrel left, go down and flip it down, and 
kick the ball right. You may want to wait for weevils to surface before going 
underground. There will be mistakes, too, but once you're done with the level 
you can go back right for full health if you had serious damage.


  The tough part here is moving the barrel so that it can block the cannon 
ball on top. At the end I was left with one useless barrel in my solution.

  Flip the DR barrel left, pull it 2R, U and flip it U. Pull it 3D and flip 
it R. Then flip the ball D. Now flip the barrel L and pull the ball D and 
flip it L. Pull R. Flip the ball up.

  Now for the barrels and the pipel Dig 1D of the UL barrel and flip it down. 
Pull it 2U and go down the hole, 2D 2R and up the hole. Flip the barrel R.  
Go underground and it looks like there's no way out but that is actually a 
heart and it's not blocking you.

  Push the pipe 3L and D. Now pull the ball 3D and flip it L over the hole. 
One more push down and you win.


  Dig 2U and come up in one of the top holes. Chuck each barrel down. Now to 
push the pipes. The right one can go U3. Flip the ball U and push it L. Then 
kick it U. Confusingly easy, almost.


  Another confusingly easy level. The way to get through this is to sneak 
past the bad guys when they face back up(although you can run at them at the 
very start too) and push the ball 1U and kick it left. But don't bull through 
so fast you forget to pick up the suicider in the underground or, for that 
matter, burrow and surface 2D of the two cabbages you can then flip in.


  Three in a row?! Well, before this they seemed almost unbearably tough. 
Fling the ball up when the monster is 2 away and if that doesn't work, pull 
down and fling back up. Then dig and come up 2L of the ball. Drag it 1L and 
flip left. Descend, 1R 1D, ascend, flip down. Now go back under and follow 
the weevil when it surfaces. Wait at the hole for the weevil to go down, pull 
the ball 1L and wait at the hole again.

  Go down when the weevil comes up. Follow the one going U/D and jump up. 
When it comes back down, go up, pull the ball down, and flip it D.


  And maybe four. Push the pipe up one and right all the way. Descend when 
the weevil does and go to the DR hole. Push the pipe up two. Flip the ball 
into it. Pull the ball D and push it left.


  Descend and get the heart. Go up in the UL. Wait to push the cabbage left 
until you can snare both enemies. Follow the weevil up and head to the dead 
end 5R 1D. Dig. Come up at the end of the path and push the pipe R and flip 
the ball R.

  But wait! Don't go down yet. Retrace to the UL and note, before you come up, 
there's a passage north. It leads to a map.


  The map level isn't too bad here. Surface 1U of the DL and flip the ball 
down into the one enemy. Then flip it up and pull back and kick it up to get 
the other one.

  Circle around counterclockwise. Flip the ball right. Pull it down and flip 
it left so it nails the door. Dig a hole and flip the two cabbages right, 
then go left to get the map. Return to 7-17.


  Flip the barrel up. Push the R pipe L. Flip the ball up. Push the L pipe L. 
Flip the ball up. Pull it down. Pull it 2L and push it the rest of the way. 
Pull it 2D and flip it right.


  Use the pipe pieces to block the path of the ball so it doesn't fall in the 
holes. This makes another easy one except for the pipes' original uses...

  The UL located one goes U.
  The DL located one goes D 2L.

  And now the level would be easy, but the ball goes THROUGH the pipe.

  So push the lower of the untouched two D 2L. The final pipe goes 2R 2D 3L U. 
Now your ball bounces off the pipe.

  The ball gets kicked down, flipped right and...there's a bit more. The top 
pipe must go D 2R U to make way for the pipe that just blocked your ball. 
Bring it D 3R 3U 4L U. Flip the ball up, pull it all the way right, then down, 
and flip it right.


  Push the bottom pipe 2L and then flip the barrel D. Flip the barrel U and 
push the pipe 2R while the barrel's moving. Now push the pipe in the center 
area 1R and flip the ball down. The ball should now go through four pipes and 
over a barrel and stop when it hits the fifth. Move the pipe aside, pull the 
ball down, and flip down.


  Gramps makes an obvious statement about a difficult room to follow. Listen 
up and bear it and eat your heart. It's good for you.


  It's not killing the monsters that's tough, it's when and how to fire what. 
You want both the barrel and ball in flight, and they need to meet 2R of the 
door so you can flip the ball into the door.

  I like to put the barrel against the pipe and fire the ball to start. The 
ball will come back once it reaches the center. You can drag the barrel back 
slowly avoiding the ball--stay behind it until the final loop. Pull back to 
where you started and when the ball and barrel bump, you are ready for the 
next part. Push the barrel left and the ball as far up as you can. Kick the 
ball up and now you need to time when to fore the barrel. I find right when 
the ball leaves the DL pipe works. Dig, circle around, and flip.


  This is an exciting timing level where you need to flip the ball up and run 
through the middle row. First, push the top blocker right past where the ball 
is moving, and then push the bottom blocker. You may get run over twice in 
the process--and at the end you may have to sacrifice yourself to push the 
second blocker into place--but it's easier than it looks, especially compared 
to the previous level. If you've got the health, just tear across the middle 
to push the blockers to the right when they won't knock the ball out. You can 
go back and get Gramps's heart if need be. But timing is best when you flip 
the ball when the right guy is facing down 1 square from the top.

  Note: the potion is under the hole, to the passage to the north. Detour 
there if you'd like. There's a heart underground, too.


  Push the ball forward and then go down the hole. Resurface 1R of DL and 
flip the barrel right. Pull it 1L and then burrow, 1R 1U and flip the barrel 
U. When it lands, pull it 1U, dig, and come up where you pushed the ball in. 
Flip the ball down and it will hit the barrel.

  Go to the center-left hole on the right hand side. Pull the barrel right 
and flip it right. Do the same for the ball to get it over the hole. Push it 
up and right.

  Don't miss the cabbage 2L of the DR. It's pretty well disguised.


  This looks like a wasteland and it takes a while to reason through but the 
solution itself is quite short.

  Push the right pipe 3R. Push the upper pipe 2R. Push the barrel U. Flip it 
right. Flip the barrel left. Pull the ball U. Push it 2U. Flip it right. Pull 
it left. Push it down. Don't forget the cabbage in the UR.


  D 3R 3D gets you a good jump to get to the center of the board. On the 
upper row of the inlet, surface. Push the right pipe down when the two 
monsters are in that area. They should be at some point. If not you can push 
the left pipe down and left and bash the monsters with the ball.

  But then you can push the pipe 1R and, if you really want, 2R. This allows 
you to flip the barrel down and left, then the ball down and left to land on 
the UL square where the barrel filled the hole.

  Return to the outside ring. Clockwise preferably and come up 2L of the door, 
i.e. when you can turn right on the left edge. Drag the ball 2D and push it 
1D then push it 1L.


  Flip the ball left, descending first from the UL to the square left of the 
ball. Push the ball 2U and pull 1R. Push 1D and now circle around the left 
edge to avoid the monster and push the blocker 2R. You may only get 1 square 
at a time but it clears the way to pull the ball 2D, kick it right, pull 1L 
and flip down.


  Dig 1D1L of the UR and go to the left corridor, in the bottom corner. 
Surface and wait for the enemy to, too, so you can kill it. I've seen the 
weevil crash into the ball and in that case you have to flip the ball up and 
wait and try again--generally this happens if you grab the ball and turn 
white before it pops up. So wait for it to move up before grabbing the ball. 
There's plenty of time. And...be sure to push the ball back down before 

  Push the top blocker 2R and the left one 2D. Go back down and surface 1U of 
the heart. Push the blocker 1U. Push the pipe 1L and the other blocker 1D. 
Now you can push the pipe 2U. Go down your hole, 3U 1L and push the pipe 2L. 
Go to the DL corner hole and climb up. Push the pipe up. Flip the ball 
through it. Now there's just a bit of clean-up. Flip the ball down and pull 
it back left of the door. Then push it right. Dispose of the cabbage before 
you leave. 


  Flip the top barrel down into the hole. Push the two blockers 1R and the 
pipe down. You won't need it. Dig between the blockers and surface above the 
R barrel. Flip it up and flip it L. Push the movable blocker 2L U. Then flip 
the barrel below it U and R and U. Push it right, descend and ascend 1D of 
the UR. Flip the barrel down. Pull it 1L and flip it up. Push the pipe U 2R U.

  Now the last bit may cause you grief because you can't detect the bad guy 
underneath but you can minimize risks digging 1L of DR and seeing when the 
right-column weevil appears. But once you get by that, pull the ball R1 and 
flip it right. Then flip it down after an earth/surface flip flop.


  "Try vs. mode with a friend. I guarantee a great time! Sorry, just trying 
to boost sales."


  Another cool level where the pipe is an obstruction. Here it gets in the 
way of pushing a barrel up, then right. Then the ball follows and you win the 
level. Here's what to do. Push the pipe down and all the way right. The board 
is still roughly the same as before but now the pipe is out of the way.

  The main concerns now are avoiding the weevils. If you can take a hit or 
two, don't worry about this too much. The usual strategy of waiting for one 
to surface works. You'll get your first chance in the square left of the pipe. 
When the weevil disappears down the DR, wait a bit and go down and 1L 1U. 
When it goes up, go 1U of the DL and create a hole you'll need later.

  You now want to go up to the top and push the barrel down, to the center 
and push it left, then 1D and flip it down. Pull it right and go down the 
hole and up the 1U/DL one. Flip the barrel up and kick it right.

  Now you don't have to descend again. Just push the ball up into the hole 
and wait for it to reappear. If the weevil's still there, wait for it to pop 
up and go left before pushing the ball down, and go from the center to 2L of 
the DR.

  Now kick the ball left and pull it back one. Dig down and go up at 1U/DL 
and flip the ball up and kick it right.

  But wait! There's a passage upwards of the underground area! Let's take a 
look at that. The map says it's a bonus area.


  This is a tricky bonus area to enter since the underground areas are 
segregated. It seems as though you will have to sacrifice a hit to get to the 
DR corner, then push the barrel left and up and flip it down to nail the bad 
guys who get very irritating later otherwise. But you can go up at the left 
end of the weevils' patrol and go right to flip the barrel left and nail them 

  However you nail the bad guys you will be able to push the left blocker in 
the pair up all the way to trap the weevils in the UL. Then pull the ball 1R. 
Push the blocker up as far as you can and flip the ball down. Then push the 
ball under the door, dig, 1L 1D and resurface and push up to get to the star.


  Above     Below
:C:.:C:.X X.X.X.X.+
.:.:.:.:. .X.X.X.X.
X.:C:.:C: +.X.X.X.X
.:.:.:.:. .X.X.X.X.
:C:.:C:.X X.X.X.X.+
.:.:.:.:. .X.X.X.X.
X.:C:.:C: +.X.X.X.X

  Lots of undiggable squares here make this a problem if Jinbe digs the hole 
you made. Go D/L and burrow up. Flip the cabbage up and push the one above 
you down into the hole you made. Then take the one to the left and push it in 
that hole. This should be a good start but to make sure of things you may 
want to stand on a square collinear with three cabbages and let Jinbe almost 
hit you. The key is to make sure there's a hole open. Don't dive down except 
on an edge where you know there will be a speed-up. You may need to sacrifice 
time and a hit to knock in one cabbage with 2-3 cabbages left, especially the 
ones by the walls. It's worth it.


  Another in a string of nasty or, depending on how you look at it, fun and 
challenging levels. Here you need to use certain pieces to block others from 
falling into pits, and pushing the elbow pipe around is one of the most 
charming little loop-arounds in the game. Because the pipe is the wrong shale 
to put the ball in the hole, and you can't push the ball to flip it on the 

  But that's why it's a last-level puzzle. Start by pushing it right and 
flipping the ball down and then left. Push the ball 1D so the barrel can flip 
to where you can pull it 1R. Then kick it down into the hole.

  The pipe gets shuffled around next. L, 2D, 3L, 3D, 2R. That leaves just the 
ball to put into the pipe.

  Push the ball 1U and flip it right. Pull it back 1L and flip it down. Then 
kick it left. Now just get rid of the pipe and flip the ball down. And don't 
forget the cabbage in the UR. Flip it down at your leisure.


  No bad guys here above ground, but they will be a nuisance below. The trick 
to this level is placing the right holes. The basic idea is that you can 
always pop down one and up another to push an object in the next new 

The holes should be: 

--at the end of the column with the D-R pipe
--each end of the long row at the bottom
--each end of the column 1L of the entry
--1L of the D-L pipe
--in the UR: burrow for this one, get by the weevil, go down and flip the 
ball up to get rid of the weevil

  Good news is you can wipe out one weevil with the cabbage. Bad news is it's 
the weakest one. Dig immediately, go left and dig up when the weevil goes 
away, and wait for the weevil to pop out before reverse dunking the cabbage 
on him.

  Go around poking holes, hanging out below if you must and following the 
weevils(except when the one goes near the D-R pipe--use 1L of the D-R pipe to 
watch him go by then) and eventually getting to the UR when the right weevil 
goes down. Kill him and now get to work pushing the pipe down. You may need 
to push the pipe 1 square down at first, as you must wait 1L of it below 
ground, go R U and push, and get out of the way of the returning weevil. The 
next time you can wait above ground and go R-3D-3U-L and go below ground, 
wait for the weevil to exit the above hole, and go R of where the pipe is.

  Push the pipe 3L and go 3R, below, 4L 1D, and push the pipe 3U L. Now comes 
the ball. Pull 3U, descend, D 3L ascend 2R and now wait for the weevil to 
come by and flip the ball on it. It's well worth having to move the ball back 
up from its starting spot to get going again. From there pull-2L, pull-4D, 
pull-3L and push-4U works well. You're almost trapped but thankfully you can 
go R, dig, 3L D and push the tube right, return to the other hole, push the 
tube down, and reverse the process you used to get the ball and tube out.

  And you should be able to do this--push the tube or ball as far as you can 
without it touching a hole, then push it further along the path. Just leave 
the tube L of the door and not at the very end, though, or you will be very 
mad with yourself. Nothing's different about the ball except 1) it can 
actually fall in a hole if you're not careful(insurance here--when in doubt, 
pull the ball) and 2) if it does, you'll have to restart, since it'll form 
behind the tube. Ugh. Long level.


  You really have to circle around this level to get anything done. Push the 
UL pipe 2R and wait for the weevil to go down before digging 1U of the spikes. 
U 3R D and dig up. Flip the ball over the hole and go 1U 1R and flip the ball 
right to try to destroy an enemy. Here you'll need to destroy two, and flip 
right, flip left and pull left 'til they're gone. Then flip the ball left.

  The next part is placing the other two elbow pipes. With the right edge 
clear, push it R and then D to the DR. Take a hole you made and when the 
weevil goes up the U hole, if it's facing down you have plenty of time to 
push the tube L and D into the DL. If it's going up just wait for it to come 
back down and sneak by then. 

Return and look both ways for the weevil(if you want you can dig 1R1D of the 
UL) and now pull the ball 1R, flip right and flip D. This sends the ball to 
the UL. Tunnel over there and surface and flip the ball right, into the pipe 
and through the door.


  Here there's no way to push the ball down one corridor and up to the door, 
so you just have to--push it right along one corridor, push it across the 
middle column, right, and near the door. The obvious candidate for the first 
row is the bottom one, as there are no immediate obstacles.

  Push the bottom blocker 2R. Go under and surface in the center. Push the 
blocker 2D and return to the center. Watch for the weevil before going back 
to the starting hole. Push the blocker 1R and now go 2L of the UR while 
underground. Pop up and push the blocker 2L, then from the center push the 
blocker 2U and 1L, going in the basement between pushes. Drop the cabbage in 
the hole and now you have a passage to the door.

  Flip the ball down. Go under(the niche is nice for monitoring the weevil 
under you) and go up at the hole where you started. Pull/flip the ball right 
and go to the center. Pull/flip up when you see the weevil go down and when 
it comes back up, go 3U 1R and flip the ball R. Descend again. 2R 3D L into 
the niche and pull the ball D next to the door. Dive, 1U 1L and push the ball 

  In the above paragraph it's possible to watch where the bad guys go if you 
pull the ball down 1, go into the alcove, watch the weevil go down past you, 
and dig the UR. It may be worth the trouble if you're low on health.


  Here's another good one. Nothing much happening on the surface but the 
weevils are vicious beneath. Note there are four indents in the inner 
rectangle. Go down the UL one (1R1D of UL) and wait for the U weevil to go 
right. You can follow at a distance and take the tunnel up if you want a 
complete score. The room there is easy to "solve." Whethere you do that and 
come back(note: hide 1R1D of UL and dig up to push the UL blocker all the way 
right before doing so,) or you take care of business and solve the room later, 
here's what to do in THIS room.

  Head down to the wall from the opening in the top. Climb up and push one 
blocker right. Push the other one up to the edge. Submarine back to your 
hideout on the rim and go up and push that blocker R into the scrapheap as 
well. Then push the blocker 2U2R of the ball R. Flip the ball right and up 
and pull it left. Go down, R 2D and pop up. Push the ball up and now return 
to your hideout square. Flip the ball left and go to the DL. Push the blocker 
2R and flip the ball D and R. Pull it L and push it D. Another room bites the 


  From below(7-38) you can dig a hole anywhere in the middle row to surface 
and push the ball right to break down the door and "complete" this level. 
Pick up the two hearts and flip the right cabbage down and pull it up. Flip 
it left. Pull the other cabbage up and kick it left. If you are observant you 
realize you can probably fill out the room order in the rest of the map and 
room 45, 6 rooms after 38(skipping this of course) will lead you to the top 
area you can't get to yet.

  From above it's just a walk-by to get the hearts.

  "Is everything OK? Snowman's the boss here. No weaknesses, no strategies, 
just beat him!"


  Oi vay. Some levels just don't look like they're going to make sense. Case 
in point. But actually there are only three blockers to focus on, because if 
you do retrograde analysis you know the ball needs to have 2-long corridors 
to move along. They are 2L, 2L D and 2L 2D of the UR. Call them A, B and C. 
The plan: move A right. Move C to the edge and up. Move B down and left. Then 
bring the ball around. Oh, the weevils are annoying enough that I should 
probably describe what to do in detail.

  Dig 1U1R of the ball, go L, and dig up. When the weevil goes up, flip the 
ball up. R U R of the first hole you dug(call this 2 and the first you dug, 
1.) Push A right. That was the easy one. Go down hole 2. U 2R 2D(look both 
ways) L D. Climb up, U 2R D R U. The last one is the toughest. Go back to 
hole 2 via hole 3 and push B down. Now if you have health to burn you can 
save a lot of time running into the weevil and climbing up the ready made 
hole and pushing B left. Otherwise you will have to take this detour.

  Return to the bottom of hole 3. When the weevil 1L heads down, go 1L 1D and 
pop up. When it pops its head up, pop down and go 2D 4R 3U and surface. Push 
B left. Now go down 2 and surface 1R of UL. Flip the ball right. Go down and 
surface below the ball. Flip it down. Again you can use a health fraction to 
run by the weevil and go up the pre-made hole, pull the ball R and D and flip 
it right.

  Doing things the "right way" means, go back to hole 3, wait for the enemy 
to go up hole 4, circle around to the right, pop up and pull/flip as 
described above.


  A funny level. Both chain reactions of flips with the ball work, and I 
can't recommend one or the other, so I'll show both. Especially since the 
weevils aren't hard to avoid or, if you'd like, nail with a well timed flip.

1. flip the ball left. Then up, right, down and left. Pull the ball back 
right 'til you're on a hole. Flip it up into the door.
2. flip the ball up. Then left, down, right and up. Pull the ball 2D and 1L 
and kick it up.

  Note you must go under and emerge 2R of the UL in any case to get out of 


  You've seen a level like this before, guarding a previous boss. It's rather 
easy as well assuming you focus on keeping the column below the door clear. 
Go down the hole and notice the monster can't reach you--the path isn't 
totally connected. You'll want to pop up at the two crossroads on the right. 
At each one, push the blockers to the side. At the top one, push the UL 
blocker U and R.

  From here you want to go to the middle hole and go LU to push one blocker, 
LU at the bottom hole to push another. L at the middle hole and L at the top 
hole. Watch where the weevil pops up although if you want to go back down and 
flip the cabbage at him from point blank range, that may ultimately save time.

  With the coast clear, it's easy to move the ball up. Flip the cabbage right 
if you haven't already. Pull the ball left and flip it, then pull it right, 
go down your original hole, UL and flip the ball up.


  The last recovery area, Gramps says. Clear the other levels to get to 8. 
You've probably earned this quasi-free room, but back to work.


  There are lots of ways to get stuck here but the start to the only real 
solution is to go 1U1L of DR, descend, wait for the weevil to go up, follow 
it 1R2U, and ascend.

  Next, flip a barrel up(preferably hitting that weevil,) pull it left and 
flip it while on the hole twice. There's some problem here judging when a 
weevil will pop up, so you have to watch for that before pulling left, but 
you can also wait for a weevil to smash on the flip. You need to leave the 
near hole uncovered so that eventually you can move the tube.

  Moving the tube requires going down the UR hole, L 3D and pushing the tube 
up. Take the underground the way you came and push the tube to the UL. Now 
pull/flip the final barrel in the DR--up, then left across the hole, and it 
will fall in the hole 1U1R of the door. Flip the barrel in the DL right and 
repeat the task.

  Things are almost perfect, except that the DL pipe isn't aligned with the 
door. Fortunately that's simple to take care of. Flip the DL barrel right, 
into the DR corner, and then push the pipe 2U. Flip the ball and go down the 
hole you're over as a result, 3U R and back up, and kick the ball left to win.


  Remember that room of hearts? You can take a silicon-style potty break 
going down and geting two hearts if you need. The sign isn't too helpful.

  The main room isn't too bad as you only need to take two holes up. However, 
the underground is treacherous. What you'll want to do is to extend the range 
of the weevils' bouncing back and forth. They do a good job guarding short 
areas, but if you move left onto the right side of their march, they will 
cover more ground and you can sneak by.

  The places to dig are 1U1R of the door and 1R1D of the ball. Descend 
immediately. D 4L D L(when the weevil's away) D L 4U L. There are a few 
blockers to move D and U. Do so. Go back R 4D 2R 2U R and emerge. D 2U R D 2U 
D, flip the ball right.

  Now to move that pesky final blocker. L D 2U R to push three more blockers 
away. Go down the one hole you made and up the other. Push the final blocker 
2R U. Now flip the ball left.


  The weevils below the bunnies are rather nasty and there's only one cabbage 
to hit them with. Of the two I think the upper weevil is more dangerous, so 
flip the cabbage down, dig and 1U and resurface. Pull the cabbage back up and 
flip it up when the weevil appears.

  Now burrow to 1R of UL. Surface as the bunny turns right and flip the ball 
right. Pull it left and descend. Create a third hole in the UR for the weevil 
to go up in, along with one left of it. This will lose the weevil time as you 
take out the bunny. When the weevil goes up one of those holes, go 2L of the 
second and surface when the bunny turns left. 1L 1U and flip the ball down on 
the bunny.

  Now after a bit of backtracking you will be able to pull the ball left to 
the edge, descend and fake out the weevil, and flip the ball down. The next 
job is to flip the ball right and pull it 1L. Descend, 1R 1U and kick the 
ball down.


  Well, this seems placid enough until the weevils pop out of the center. 
Follow the top one back to the hole and go to the DR. Flip the ball left to 
nail one weevil. Dig right of the ball, flip it right and pull it left. Go 1R 
1U and flip the ball left when you see something move in the weevil hole. You 
can repeat the pull L, flip U until they're all gone, and it makes for much 
less of a headache. Even less of a headache is knocking out all three with 
perfect timing. Don't ask me what perfect timing precisely is though. I'd get 
a headache trying to figure THAT out.

  Flip the barrel up and pull it down. Dig 1R of the door and resurface at 
the hole you didn't dig. Flip the barrel right. Flip the ball up and pull it 
back to 1U of the intersection. Go left to find the hole you dug, circle 
around(dig in the top row to resurface,) and push the ball down. Go back to 
the hole 1R of the door via the underground and flip the ball left. Burrow 
back again to the same hole and pull the ball down. 1U 1L flip the ball left.


  The final room to kick around in and there's not too much to do. If you've 
got extra health or are willing to backtrack you can take a few hits to get 
through quickly. There are three weevils here, one going L-R in the center 
hole and the other two U-D in the UL hole. As usual you can follow the weevil 
up a hole.

  Quick way: pull the ball 2U and push it 1L. Pull it up and flip when you 
can. If you get hit, keep charging through.

  Super safe way: pull the ball up and flip it up to nail the L-R weevil. 
Pull the ball 2U and push it L and flip it up when weevils appear in the hole 
above. Then 2U-L-pull up and flip to get to the final room.


  Fighting the Snowman is just a fight, as the sign so helpfully said. Note 
that the snowman jumps in 1-square diagonal increments, so in fact half of 
the squares you are on are safe until you hit something. Also note that, no 
matter what square the snowmen start on, there is the possibility that one 
can get stuck in a corner although it may take a while to wait for the 
snowman to jump your way. But if you place a ball a knight's move away from a 
snowman that is a good general rule.

  Once you hit the snowman, he splits in two. Those offspring split in two as 
well, spinning around at first. If they are on their side they will bounce 
vertically, otherwise, horizontally. Watch out because when the snowmen spin 
they can do damage 2-wide. You need to make seven kills, total. And watch out 
for if the snowman lands on a ball. That ball goes U/D/L/R randomly.

  Strategies for beating the snowman include anticipating it'll jump a 
certain way. Often it won't, but if you kick a ball at it just as it 
jumps(from a distance) or in midair(from close range) you should eventually 
hit a snowman if it jumps the right way. For instance if a snowman is 2R and 
1U of a ball you want to be L of the ball to push it. Don't spend a lot of 
time moving around for the best angle this instant. But if you can, do have 
each ball 1 square away from you so that the snowmen are a bit boxed in with 
what they can do. Remember, you can flip too, so it essentially creates four 
quadrants the snowmen have to stay in. They can't cross over without risking 
being shot.

  The final skit--7 kids jump in the wagon. Dad tries to tug it and fails.

  It took me an hour to get through all these levels. And I still overlooked 
a few cabbages.


  You can only get here if you completed the firstsevel levels. You get an 
automatic recharge to start off.

  Basically the bosses here are a recap of what came before, except they are 
a bit more difficult. Finally though you will face Jinbe, who may be the 
easiest of them all. After each level you must step on the star that appears 
to get to the next one. There is an introductory level before each. Sometimes 
the boss fights are tougher, and you only have one ball to roll at enemies 
instead of two, but some are the same. Also, you can't save for the last few 
fights, which is moot if you have an emulator.


  The board here only has one tack for the kangaroo to sit on and you can't 
dig underground. Other than that it's still three hits and the kangaroo still 
fires two, five and eight shots accordingly.


  Sundee the sun is back. There are fewer places to duck underground, but 
they are the places you'd use anyway. There's also only one ball but it's 
enough. You can still nail him before he sets off a bomb. The key is to push 
the only ball available right and then flip it down when the sun moves down. 
The sun is an easy mark then.

  The room before the boss fight has two hearts underground.


  The room before the fight has a heart and a potion. The same strategy as 
before works with Funton and there isn't too much different although the 
holes disappear when Funton hits the ground. Three hits should do it. 
Remember, when three potential shadows appear, just to dive in and out of the 
two closest together. Eventually he'll fall in one of them. There's only one 
ball to throw at him but this isn't a real handicap as you can only chuck one 
at a time anyway. Keep the ball in the center.


  Two hearts before the Mad Wrencher and the strategy is the same as before. 
Three hits again.


  Here you have to flip the ball up into the door. There are two hearts 
underground. "Warning: this is the last save spot." Not with save states it 

  The boss fight here is a bit tougher to navigate because there are more 
spikes. Push the balls 2L and 2R and be prepared to look for Big Mama 
underground. Be very alert to the possibility of flipping a ball. I noticed 
she appeared in the top and bottom holes a lot but that may be just chance. 
In any case the spikes inside your area cause for awkward maneuvering so when 
you see where Big Mama ends up, be sure to take that possibility into account.

  Be sure to watch for digging too many holes here. I generally put one in 
the left/right columns and one in the center. That is enough to navigate.


  Two more hearts under here. Sammy Bros are the same as before as well.


  I like the sign here. "Oh no! You beat 'em twice! Hey Snowman! Beat mole 
boy or I'll make a snow cone out of you!" Of more practical value are two 
more hearts.

  If you note the corners they are good places to watch the snowmen get 
trapped. Frim many of them there is only one way out. You can stand with th 
ball on the center line and fling it left or right as you need. Again you may 
want to focus on one enemy to box in to the far left or right.


  Jinbe busts into the castle courtyard and runs after you. If he touches you, 
you're damaged, and it is a lot like the cabbage bonus rounds. The object of 
this final boss fight is to knock four doors down with the ball. I find it's 
easiest just to push the ball everywhere.

  Jinbe can be annoying, but you are faster than he is unless you are pushing 
a ball, and the key thing to remember is that you need to walk away from 
where you want to go and then head that way, which should give you just 
enough time, since Jinbe takes time to change his momentum. Also don't be 
afraid to push a ball towards a door in several iterations.

  You may want to sacrifice a quarter-life just to be sure you knock the ball 
in the last door, because although Jinbe just chases you at first, he starts 
throwing hammers after you've knocked one door down.

  In the final scene, we see the mole's wife push the wagon full of kids as 
he pulls it, through the scenes where the skits were. Everyone is seen having 
a picnic and then you have a final score scene where you can read signs. 
There's no way to skip the previous ones but if you wait around you'll get 
the summary screen.

  8  7
 6    5
 4    3
  2  1

  A tells the total game time, # of bonuses, and score. B says thanks for 
playing, excellent work, and check out the other signs. 1-8 tell the time, 
score, # of bonus attempts for that level, and the continues used. If you go 
underground you get the same thing. You don't seem to get anything special 
for getting all 700 points.

End of FAQ proper



1.1.0 sent to GameFAQs 11/29/2004 with bonus level strategy pinpointed more 
1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 11/24/2004. All done but some bonus levels are 
shaky...ehh, I have "general information" as a blanket there. And I need to 
put a map back in. But it'll do.


The usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, too, because 
they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, 
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