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Cave Story 02/27/18 16-BITTER
I've recently rediscovered my love for this game. 08/30/02 acidfreeze30
Highly underrated as far as Metroid games go 06/05/01 antron
A hard Metroid game? 03/06/06 Bect
Different then the original but shines in its own special way 09/25/00 BrainDog
Metroid on the go? What an exceptional idea!!! 08/10/00 Brak
One of the best GameBoy games ever...period 11/01/99 Bugs72740
Where is that last Metroid???? 12/23/08 comicfire
No matter what anyone says or tells you, don't believe it, because this is one of the best Video Games ever made! 11/16/02 Doc Lathrop Brown
The Second in a great line of games, can it live up to it's title? 03/18/05 ExtremeM65
Metroid comes back for its second installment, only for shame. 07/29/03 FFM
437 12/10/03 Gammaknight
My favorite Gameboy game of all time 01/17/02 iamtheeggman
Horrible...I am disgusted with myself for spending $2 on it!!! 02/16/01 Infested Taco
An excellent challenge for Metroid fans. 01/13/00 JGuarneri
A great game to play, provided you are prepared to stick with the limits of the platform. 12/08/08 LINK3_cv_
Flawless port. Almost flawless game. 12/12/11 Loudclaw
Baby Metroid 06/06/19 MFields1978
Good for a GB game....addicting 03/28/02 Mister_T
Samus returns, doing what she does best. 11/01/99 Mmeeva
Metroid II is easily one of the best handheld games ever! 08/09/05 plasmabeam
A good old B&W Gameboy game 07/18/06 pryan99
A highly underrated installment of the Metroid saga 03/22/03 Razor Leaf
A must have for all action/adventure fans! 07/10/01 Saikyo Ki
A Master Piece! 06/05/01 Scrapper7
The most intense Gameboy game I have ever played! 05/15/01 Sonic Mojo
Playing this game makes you feel like a Metroid is sucking the life out of you. 02/24/02 Sword Seraph
Worst Game In The Metroid Series 04/07/03 THAguyINgta3
The second installment in the trilogy is just barely lackluster, at best. 07/25/01 threedollabill
Deep into the abyss 08/19/09 videogamer1030
This installment is just as challenging as the previous one... 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
Samus to take on the go 12/21/01 Xi
The only Metroid game where I turned it off when I got to a save point. 04/24/06 Zero_Hero789

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Classic Game Room - METROID II: RETURN OF SAMUS review for Game Boy from Lord Karnage

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