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Guide and Walkthrough by Necrokhahn

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/23/2019

                               Lion King Gameboy FAQ
                                    version 1.01
                               last updated 1-22-19

                       ||                              ||
                       ||           Contents           ||
                       ||                              ||

1: Gameplay Basics

  - Moves
  - Icons and Pickups
  - Enemies
  - Cheat codes

2: level guides

  - level 1: Pridelands
  - level 2: The Mane Event
  - level 3: Elephant Graveyard
  - level 4: Stampede
  - level 5: Exile
  - level 6: Hakuna Matata
  - level 7: Simba's Destiny
  - level 8: Hyena Lairs
  - level 9: Return to Pride Rock
  - minigame: Pumbaa and Timon Bug Patrol

3: Legal and copyright stuff

  - Copyright Information
  - Contact Information
  - Guide History

                       ||            Part 1:           ||
                       ||       Gameplay Basics        ||
                       ||                              ||

The game revolves around the character of the young lion cub Simba, who must
run, jump, and claw his way through various game levels as he grows up and 
eventually fights the evil lion Scar.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||             Moves            ||
                       ||                              ||

Simba has several different moves and attacks.

A Button: jump. If the A button alone is pressed, Simba will jump directly
 up into the air.  If he is running in a direction as he jumps, Simba will
 cover more horizontal distance. Simba can also change directions in midair
 during a jump.

B Button: roar.  This will paralyze some enemies if Simba is close to them.
   Certain bugs will also immediately explode.

Start Button: Simba will scratch at an enemy.  This move is unlocked only
 when Simba becomes an adult (level 7).  It is particularly useful against
 the Hyenas and Scar in the final levels.

Direction Pad left or right: move.  Pressing left or right will move Simba
 in either direction.

Direction Pad up or down: look.  Pressing and holding the direction pad up
 or down will have Simba peer above or below him.  This is useful for 
 scouting enemies above or below you.

Direction Pad down while running:  If the direction pad is pressed down
 while Simba is running, he will perform a roll.  This is necessary to
 break through some obstacles, especially in level 3.  This move no longer
 works once Simba becomes an adult (levels 7-9).

                       ||                              ||
                       ||       Icons and Pickups      ||
                       ||                              ||

Life Meter: Simba's portrait is the top left corner of the screen.  The
 number next to it shows how many lives are left.  On Prince (normal)
 difficulty, the number will start at 4.  On Cub (easy) difficulty the
 number will start at 5.  On King (Hard) difficulty the number will start
 at 3.  You will lose a life if your health meter reaches zero.

Health Meter: On the top right corner of the screen is the health meter,
 looking like a circle with four slices.  Each slice represents one hit
 that Simba can take.  Four hits will result in you losing a life.  Some
 obstacles such as water will kill Simba instantly.

Golden Bug Icon:  This looks very similar to the ladybug icon, except this
 is not dark and does not have spots.  Picking this up will restore all of
 Simba's health, as opposed to just half.

Ladybug icon: This is the most common health pickup in the game.  It looks
 like a round bug with three dots floating in the air.  Moving through this
 icon will refill two slices of your health meter.

Life-Up icon: A "1-Up" icon.  This will add 1 to Simba's current life.

Lion icon : creates a savepoint in a level that will let you start over
 from that point if you die later on in that same level.  Touch it with
 Simba to activate it.

Square Bug icon - A bug icon that has two dark triangles on it, forming an X.
 Grabbing this will activate the Timon and Pumbaa bug catch minigame once
 the current level completes.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Enemies           ||
                       ||                              ||

Boulder - found in level 5.
  An environmental hazard.  These rain down in level 5, threating to crush
  Simba if he remains too long in one spot.  Simply move to the left or
  right to avoid getting hit.

Gorilla - found in levels 6, 7
  A large monkey that will sit on the ground and will throw cocconuts at
  Simba.  Running into him will only hurt Simba.  You must knock the thrown
  cocconuts back at the gorilla, either by jumping on them or scratching
  them once Simba is an adult.

Hyena - found in levels 1, 3, 5, 8, 9
  A larger enemy that takes multiple hits to kill. The hyena has two
  attacks: either running directly at you or jumping at you. You can often
  jump over the hyena if he runs at you, or if he jumps from far away.
  Occasionally after an attack, the hyena will pause and will act as if it
  is eating something on the ground.  This is when you can attack, jumping
  on him.  As an adult, Simba can scratch at him to damage him.
  On Cub difficulty, one jump will kill it.  On Prince, two jumps.  On King,
  three jumps.

Lizard - found in levels 1, 5, 9 
   A small lizard walking along the ground.  It will occasionally try to
   stick its tongue out at Simba to attack.  Simply jumping on it will
   destroy it.  Growling at it will paralyze it.

Porcupine - found in levels 1, 5, 9
   A sharp critter walking on the ground.  Simply jumping on it will only
   hurt Simba because of the quills.  You must growl while nearby the
   porcupine to flip it over, and then jump on it to destroy it.

Spider - found in level 6
   A spider that will drop from its web and run around quickly on the ground
   when Simba passes nearby.  Jumping on it will destroy it.

Stinkbug - found in levels 1, 7, 9
   A very small, and occasionally hard to see, enemy.  If you jump on it,
   one of two things will happen.  When a cub (level 1), the enemy will
   freeze for a moment, and then will explode.  When an adult (levels 7, 9)
   the bug will explode immediately.  Growling at the bug, whether as an
   adult or a cub, will cause the bug to explode immediately.  If Simba is
   too close to the blast he will be injured.

Toad - found in levels 6,
   Probably the easiest enemy in the game, these guys just sit there and
   occasionally inflate themselves into something that looks like a ball.
   Jump on them to destroy them.

Vulture - found in levels 3, 7

Water Buffalo - found in level 4
   Large buffalo who will run across the screen at Simba.  These are only
   found in level four, and are often easily dodged.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||           Cheat Codes        ||
                       ||                              ||

There is one and only one cheat code.  This will allow you to warp to the
next level.  When you are in a level, hit select to pause the game.  While
the game is paused, hit the following buttons in succession:

             B A A B A A

If done correctly, the game will warp you to the beginning of the next level.
If done on the very last level, it will end the game, showing you the "win"
message and the game credits.

                       ||            Part 2:           ||
                       ||         Level Guides         ||
                       ||                              ||

The Lion King game for the Gameboy is broken down into nine levels, plus one
minigame that can be unlocked after certain levels.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 1:          ||
                       ||           Pridelands         ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: Lizards, Porcupines, Stinkbugs, Hyena (boss)

This is the first level, and serves as a way for the player to get used to
how Simba moves around.

You begin at the lower lefthand corner of the level.  Move toward the right
to find the first ladybug health pickup on a ledge.  Feel free to jump up to
grab it, even though you have full health.  Keep going to the right to find
the first enemy, a lizard.  Avoid its tongue and jump on it to destroy it.
Keep heading right to find the second enemy, a porcupine.  Growl at it to 
flip the porcupine over, and then jump on it to destroy it.  Keep going right
until the ground angles upward.  This will take you up to the second level,
where you can head left.  If you go to the far right corner of this spot, you
will see a Life Up Icon, but it is inaccessible until you get farther up.

Head left, jumping onto the lizard that is on the first ledge.  You will come
to your first gap, so jump over it.  Time this right to make sure you land
on top of the lizard that is on the other side.  Keep going left, taking out
the next two enemies, a porcupine and a lizard.  At the point where you will
jump up and onto the third level, you will see a stinkbug enemy.  Jump on it
and then quickly move away before it explodes.  Continue to the right, 
destroying another lizard and stinkbug before jumping across the gap.

Jump on the lizard, and then up to the forth level.  On a ledge here is
another ladybug health pickup.  Jump across the gaps to the left, killing
another stinkbug, lizard, and porcupine.  You will pass over another
ladybug health icon, but probably will not need it.  From here jump up and
to the right to two ledges, making sure to touch the lion cub icon.  This
is a savepoint that will allow you to start here if you die later in the

Cross the gap to the right, and you will find two lizards very close
together.  They will probably overlap, so jumping on them will kill them
both.  From this point you can go two ways.  Jumping up and to the left
will let you get to the end of the level.  If you head right, however, you
can pick up lots of cool items.  Let's go right.

As you jump to the right, you may see a hyena at the very top of the screen.
This is the boss, but ignore him right now.  Jump down off the ledges,
making sure to watch out for the porcupine on the large ledge below.  Kill
the porcupine and grab the ladybug health icon if needed, before heading to
the right and dropping down.  You will fall down onto another ledge with
a porcupine.  Kill it and head to the right, dropping down into another 
small square area.  In here are two pickups:  on a ledge is the life-Up Icon
and at the very bottom is the Square Bug icon that unlocks the Bug Catch
minigame (see Minigame section).  Once you have these, head back up out of
this small area and head back up, retracing your steps up to the fifth

Where the previous path diverged, head left instead of right. Jump up onto
the higher ledge and head left.  You can jump onto the right ledge and kill
the lizard there, but it is unecessary.  Head left and then jump into the
tree tops.  You can keep going left and then down to find two more enemies,
but they are unecessary too.  Carefully jump into the treetops, and you 
will find a golden bug icon.  This will restore all your health as opposed
to just half.  The treetops are difficult to jump up on.  You must position
yourself exactly in between the two treetops to jump up between them.  A
good tactic is to jump directly up, and only push a direction button once
you are at the height of the jump.  So this to jump onto the next tree on
the right.  

From here you are on the very top of the level.  Take a running jump to the
right to cross the gap and land on a ledge with another Lion-Cub icon. Run
through it and drop down to face the hyena.

The hyena has two attacks: either running directly at you or jumping at you.
There is not very much room to maneuver, however, so both attacks are fairly
difficult to avoid. You can often jump over the hyena if he runs at you.
Occasionally after an attack, the hyena will pause and will act as if it is
eating something on the ground.  This is when you can attack, jumping on
him.  One to three jumps (depending on the level difficulty) will kill the
hyena, and the level will end.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 2:          ||
                       ||        The Mane Event        ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: water / environment hazards

This is a nasty water hazard level.  Luckily it is fairly short, but there
are several places where you are almost certain to die at least once.

You begin at the left of the level, right next to water.  If you all into
the water, you will instantly die.  To your left is a rhinocerous.  There are
two important things about him: his horn and his swinging tail.  If you jump
on top of his horn Simba will be knocked up into the air.  If you jump and
catch onto his tail you can swing off of it.  It is good to play around a
bit with his tail right now, because in later parts of this level you will
have to catch onto other rhino tails.  When you are finished practicing with
that, swing or jump onto the horn.

You will be boosted up into the air and will be caught by a monkey in the
trees above, who will throw you to another monkey.  This monkey will throw
you down onto the head of a giraffe.  You have to act quickly before the
giraffe tilts its head and throws you into the water.  Jump to the right
onto the heads of two other giraffe, and from there back onto solid ground.
Their heads are fairly small platforms, and it is very easy to move too far
to one side and fall to your death.

If you are accurate enough, you can jump off the last giraffe's head directly
onto the swinging rhino tail, and from there swing into the waiting monkey's
arms.  If you fall onto the solid ground, just jump on the horn and bounce
up to the monkey.  There is nothing special on the ground anyway.  You will
get passed between two more monkeys before landing on a giraffe head, which
will immediately drop you onto the back of a running ostrich!

Now you have to alternate between jumping and ducking around obstacles.  You
have to act quickly, because there is not much time to watch for them.
Watch the ground at the far right of the screen as the ostrich runs forward.
There will first be a hollow in the ground with another animal; you will see
the ground slope down.  Tap the jump button right before the hollow and the
ostrich will hop over the obstacle.  If you hold down the jump button too
far in advance, Simba will jump into the air off of the ostrich and will
probably hit a barrier and die.  While the ostrich is still in the air from
the small jump, hold the down button to make Simba crouch.  They will pass
under a tree while crouching.  This combination of hollow then tree will
repeat once.  At the second tree, jump up immediately after passing the
barrier to collect the square bug icon that unlocks the Bug Catch minigame.

After running along a littler farther, the ostrich will deposit Simba onto
a small island where you can touch the lion savepoint icon.  To the right of
Simba are three swinging animal tails.  This is the most difficult part of
the whole level.  You must swing from tail to tail without falling into the
water below.  Catch onto the nearest tail as it swings towards Simba.  The
easiest way is to swing off the tail when it is at the right, and then turn
around in midair to catch the next tail when it far left of its swing.  You
have to catch the very tip of the tail to grab onto it.  As I have already
written, this is very difficult to do and you will almost certainly die
multiple times before getting the hang of it.

Once you get past this horrible point, run and jump over the next water
hazard and jump up from the rhino to the monkey.  You will be thrown a 
considerable distance between four other monkeys before landing on another
giraffe head.  Quickly jump off and to the right edge of the screen to end
the level.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 3:          ||
                       ||       Elephant Graveyard     ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: hyenas, vultures,

I hope you liked the hyena boss from the first level, because now there are
many hyena enemies.  This is also a very long level, so Be Prepared! (heh.)

You begin this level in a large room being attacked by a hyena.  That seems
unfair.  Unlike the first level, there is considerable room to maneuver, so
run and jump around the hyena to avoid its attacks, jumping on it when it
looks like it is eating something on the ground.  You have to defeat this
first enemy, otherwise the barrier at the lefthand entrance to the room will
be indestructable.  Once the hyena is dead, run and roll (down button while
running) at the barrier to destroy it. 

You can head to the left, jumping across the gap onto the bone slope to grab
a ladybug health pickup if you were injured in the previous battle.
Regardless if you do so or not, drop down into the gap to fall onto another
ledge and collect another ladybug icon.  Follow this slope to the left and
drop down onto the floor of the level.  If you want to, head left to collect
yet another ladybug icon.  Go right and you will pass under a ledge up high
that includes still another ladybug icon!  Wow.  The developers sure aren't
making this very difficult.  If you want to grab this icon, jump up and grab
onto the lower lefthand ledge.  Pull yourself up and jump onto the upper
righthand ledge to grab the health pickup.

Whether you grab that icon or not, head right along the bottom floor to find
another hyena.  You can defeat him or ignore him.  Jump up onto the small
ledge underneath another ladybug icon.  You can't pull yourself up onto this
ledge, but you can swing onto the next small ledge to the right. Repeat this
swing for the next two ledges until you swing over a gap and land on a floor.

Run to the right and you will encounter your first vulture.  The vulture will
launch into the air as soon as it sees you, but if you are quick you can run
and jump on it as it is lifting off.  The vulture will fly left and right,
eventually trying to land on you.  When it comes down to land, jump on it
again, and repeat until it dies.  The vultures will follow you through the
entire level, so you can not ignore them.

Once the vulture dies, keep heading right down a small bone slope and drop
onto another small bone slope.  Head to the left to collect a life up icon,
and then jump to the right over the gap.  Keep heading right to find a
whole set of the small swing ledges and another vulture.  Kill the vulture
and grab onto the bottom left swing ledge.  Swing to the left, and then
press right in midair to move right and catch the ledge immediately
above it.  Repeat this until you have reached the top platform.  If you want
to swing to the top left ledge and then swing off to the left, you can grab
the square bug icon that unlocks the Bug Catch minigame.  Just be careful
not to fall in the gap at the very bottom.  Swing onto the top platform and
head right.  Jump off the ledge and fall down through three ladybug icons,
being careful to land on the ledge at the right.  Head through the short
tunnel and you will see more ledges progressing upwards.

To use these, jump onto the bottom left ledge.  Then press jump WITHOUT any
direction arrow, and Simba will leap to the next higher ledge.  Repeat this
until you are at the top of the area, where you will land on another vulture.
Kill this vulture and then drop down into the righthand gap to land at
a bone blockade.  Much like the first barrier at the beginning of the level,
roll through this one to destroy it.  Then jump up using the ledges again,
and destroy the next vulture.  It is easiest to jump on the vulture, and then
jump again to the right (where the lion savepoint icon is).  This will give
you some extra space to fight the bird.

After you defeat the vulture and touch the save point, take a running jump
onto the ledges at the right.  These act much like the previous ledges where
you have to hit the jump button without a direction to jump from ledge to
ledge.  However, here there is a new complication, a large mass of ... uh,
something, that will shoot upward the moment you grab onto a ledge.  You must
jump from ledge to ledge as quickly as possible to make it to the top without
getting hit by this thing.  If it touches you you will immediately die.  This
may take a couple of tries to do correctly.  

You will now have to head left along this top part of the level.  You begin
before a spiked pit with a small ledge at the right.  This small ledge will
fall into the spikes when you get close to it.  If you are fast enough you
can run on the ledge and jump off it as it falls, managing to clear the pit.
However, this is very difficult, so it is worth it to navigate the spiked
pit in two jumps, ignoring the damage you will take from landing on the

As you cross this pit you will encounter two vultures in quick succession.
At this point you are high enough in the level that the vultures can not gain
enough altitude, and consequently you can just jump on them when they are
flying through the air.  Once they are defeated, keep heading left and jump
across the gap to face two more vultures.  If you fall into this or any of
the upcoming gaps, you will have to retrace significant portions of the
level.  After defeating the two vultures, jump left over another gap to face
a hyena.  To the left of the hyena is a health pickup, which you will
probably need from jumping across the spiked pit earlier.  Head left down the
slope and fight two more vultures.  If you need to gain altitude to jump on
these quys, just run a little back up to slope and jump on them.

Once they are destroyed, jump across the left gap onto the higher bone ledge.
You can jump onto the lower ledge to collect the health pickup, but it is
very easy to fall down to the lower level and have to backtrack.  Jump from
this higher ledge onto another, where you will fight another vulture.  Head
left, and you will face the final hyena in the level.  You have to defeat
this enemy before rolling through the barrier.  As you go through the barrier
and down the slope, you will see a ledge that looks like you could jump on
it.  This seems to be just for looks, as I have never been able to actually
jump on it.  Anyway, head to the end of the slope and to the left to end the

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 4:          ||
                       ||            Stampede          ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: Water Buffalo

A very simple and short level, basically testing how fast you are able to
dodge obstacles.  Simba begins in a top-down view running in place as the
level scrolls past.  You can move up and down, but all other controls are
disabled.  Many water buffalo will run past you from the left side of the
screen to the right, and you must dodge them all.

There is no real set walkthrough for this level since the water buffalo
appear randomly.  A basic tip is to stay towards the center of the screen;
the buffalo will often appear in groups, and if you are caught at the very
top or very bottom of the screen it becomes difficult to dodge around three
or four of them.

Note that if you are playing the game on the easy "cub" difficulty, the game
will end after this level.  To access any of the subsequent levels, you must
select "Prince" or "King" difficulty in the Options menu at the beginning of
the game

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 5:          ||
                       ||             Exile            ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: boulders, hyenas, lizards, porcupines

You start at the top left of the level, on a ledge.  Head right down the
slope to where you see a lizard and kill it.  By now you should see that
boulders are slowly raining down on you.  If you stop in one spot for too
long, you will get hit.  So make sure to keep moving.  To the right of the
lizard are two porcupines you can destory, but this is not necessary. Head
left through the area where the lizard was and drop down onto a ledge.

From here you can grab the ladybug icon if you need some health, and then
head right.  Destroy another porcupine, and drop down onto the next lower
ledge.  To get to the end of the level, head left.  If you want to collect
the square bug minigame icon, head right.  Let's go right.  You can grab the
ladybug icon in the pit, then go right and fight a vulture.  Be careful here
as you wait for it to swoop down and land, because boulders are still raining
down. Once the vulture is destroyed, go right.  Drop down into a fairly large
open area, and you will see a life-up icon.  You can't get to this until
later in the level, so ignore it for now. Kill the porcupine on the righthand
ledge.  This is very difficult to do, as you can not growl at it before
climbing onto the ledge.  Combined with the falling boulders, this has to be
timed perfectly.  Once the porcupine is dead, jump onto the smaller right
ledge above this one, and from there to the left onto the larger ledge.  Run
to the left and collect the square bug icon.

Head to the left, defeating another porcupine.  Right after that drop down
and kill two lizards before dropping down to the next lower level, where
another porcupine awaits.  Now you will come to a field of thorns.  In the
air is a very small rock which you need to catch onto.  Jump and grab this
to swing, much like the swing ledges in level 3.  Swing across the next
several ledges, collecting a ladybug icon and the life-up icon you saw
earlier if you went to grab the minigame pickup.  After getting the life-up
icon, drop down to the next lower level, taking care not to land on the
porcupine wandering around below.

Make sure to touch the save point icon, then defeat the two porcupines
walking around this area.  Head left to face a hyena.  Ignore the hyena and
keep going left; it will not follow you down to the next level.  Drop down
onto a ledge, and you will see a ladybug icon at the very bottom of the
screen.  It is possible to grab this, by jumping from far enough away that
you catch onto the edge of the ledge with your claws, but this is difficult
and will kill you if you mess it up.  It is also possible to get this by
landing on the ledge normally, then dropping down to the left off of the
ledge, preventing your fall by immediately pressing right into the ledge to
catch onto it as you fall.

Jump across the next two ledges, collecting another life-up icon if you feel
up to it.  Keep jumping right until you come to a big empty area.  Similar
to the thorns above, you have to catch onto the small ledges and swing across
the empty space.  The first jump onto the first swing ledge is the hardest,
so make sure you have a slight running start to clear the gap.  Then simply
swing from ledge to ledge, finally landing on another ledge.  Run to the
right to end the level.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 6:          ||
                       ||         Hakuna Matata        ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: spiders, toads, gorilla (boss),

This level is a fun water level.  While landing in water will kill you, you
are able to ride down waterfalls, which is great fun.

You begin at the top right of the level.  There is a drop down with a
waterfall to your right.  Notice that at the bottom of the waterfall there
are two slopes: one heading left and one heading right.  Depending on which
slope you land, you will be deposited in different areas.  For now, jump
over the waterfall gap completely onto the righthand ledge.  Here you can
destroy two toads by jumping on them.  Once this is done, drop down into the
waterfall gap, taking care to land on the RIGHTHAND slope.  While riding
down the waterfalls, continue to press right on the direction pad.  If you
do not the waterfalls will shunt you to the left, into a small area with a
life-up icon.  This sounds good, but then you have to get out. This is pretty
much impossible and you will fall into the water, having to restart the

If you kept pressing right while riding down the waterfall, you will be
deposited into a ledge above the ground.  Jump right to the ledge in the air
and head right.  A spider will come crawling down, so jump on it as it comes
at you.  If you want to collect the square bug minigame pickup, drop down to
the bottom level, run to the right, defeat the spider, and grab it before
coming up to this level.  Anyway, from here pull yourself up to the right
ledge and jump up to the next higher level. Run to the left and jump across
the gap.  You will see a series of jump ledges; jump up them.  Once at the
top head right, destroy the spider, and you will see more jump ledges.  Only
now they are only along one wall!  These are easy enough to get through.
Jump off the ledge as normal by not pressing a direction arrow, but then in
midair press right to soar back and grab onto the next higher up ledge.  Then
jump as normal, grabbing onto a swing ledge to the left.  Swing three times
to the left, and then once to the right to get to the top.  If you want, you
can drop down onto the waterfall under the final swing ledge to grab a
life-up icon, but you will have to head back up the ledges again.

Run to the right, destroy a toad, and touch the savepoint icon.  Destroy
another toad and jump across the waterfall gap.  Head right and drop down
into the second waterfall gap, again taking care to land on the righthand
slope.  It will put you on a ledge where another toad awaits.  Destroy it
and run right to ride down another waterfall.  When you finally land at the
bottom, head right and jump onto the triangle ledges in a really big

This next part is either lots of fun or excrutiating, depending on how
impatient you are.  You have to get to the top of the waterfall.  There are
several triangle platforms, but most are too far apart to jump onto.
However, tree logs are falling down the waterfall.  You have to get from
ledge to ledge, and ultimately to the top, by hopping on the logs as they
fall down the waterfall.  The logs appear randomly, so this can be very
quick or could take a very long time.  It is very easy to overshoot a log
and fall all the way to the bottom.  It is best to go slow, and only jump
on logs when they are grouped together, and you are sure you can land on

Once you get to the top of the waterfall, head right.  You could head left
into a series of ledges where you can find a life-up icon, if you feel so
inclined, but you will have to cross the waterfall to get to the right side.
Run right and fall down the waterfall gap.  It will deposit you on a new
ledge.  Head right,  jump down and to the right over two lower ledges to
find the save point icon.  I guess the developers figured players will have
a hard time with the final gorilla enemy.

Walk left and drop off of this ledge.  If you jump too far to the left you
will fall in the water.  Go right to face the gorilla.  It will throw
coconuts at you.  Simply jump on top of the thrown coconut to knock it back
at the gorilla.  When the gorilla finally falls over the level will end.
It is possible to run past the gorilla and explore some of the ledges to the
right, but there is nothing special over here.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 7:          ||
                       ||        Simba's Destiny       ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: gorillas, stinkbugs, vultures

Simba has now grown up!  You will immediately notice that Simba's graphic
looks different, and will move slightly different from when he was a cub.
He also now has the ability to scratch enemies (Start Button), so make sure
to play with that.

You will begin very close to a gorilla, facing away from it.  Run a little
to the right, and then turn and fight.  Now when the gorilla throws a
cocconut at you, scratch at it when it comes close to knock it back.  When
the gorilla is defeated, run back to where it was and collect the square bug
icon in the air that unlocks the Bug Catch minigame.  Once you have this,
head back to the right.  To get up to the ledge, you have to grab onto the
tree root hanging down, and from there swing up to the ledge.  It is very
difficult to grab these roots, and it is easiest to stand directly below the
root and jump up to grab it.

Once on this ledge, you will see a stinkbug walking around on the top level.
In previous levels you could jump on them, but now that you are an adult the
bugs will explode immediately if you jump on them.  Simply growl to blow it
up from a safe distance.  Head left, fighting another gorilla as you do so.
Keep going left, and you will come to a wall where you can drop down onto a
lower level.  Drop down, making sure to destroy the stinkbug by growling from
a distance once you are on the same level as it.

If you want this level to end quickly, head left, then jump up on the ledge
immediately past the wall where you dropped down.  Jump back onto the top
level and keep going left.  If you want to pick up a few health icons, head
right down the various levels, defeating stinkbugs and another gorilla.
The right path will loop around to where you began.  Keep going left until
you see a long drop down.  Fall down to the bottom level, and head right.
You will come up against a barrier.  Scratch at it to destroy it.

Keep going right, and you will come up to a field of thorns with three
tree roots hanging above.  You are supposed to jump and grab onto the tree
roots to swing over the thorns.  If this is proving difficult, just run over
the thorns, ignoring the damage you take.  Scratch through another barrier
and you will find another small pit of thorns.  You can just jump over these
and pull yourself up onto the ledge instead of swinging on the tree root.

Keep heading right, growling at the next stinkbug to blow it up. Jump onto
the high ledge and you will come to a small ledge with a stinkbug and a
ladybug icon on the side above the thorns.  This is almost impossible to get
past without getting hurt.  Drop down off the high ledge, pressing the right
direction arrow to catch the edge of the ledge and grab the health icon.
The stinkbug will run into you as you pull yourself up, but ignore the
damage and keep heading right. Pull yourself up onto the next ledge and growl
to blow up the next bug. Keep going right, touching the save point icon as
you head underneath a health icon high in the air.  Since you are probably
hurting at this point, let's grab that icon.

Head right a small distance until you see a series of ledges progressing
upward.  If you encounter the next stinkbug, you have gone too far.  Jump up
these ledges until you get to the top.  Head left, falling down into the
tunnel and scratching through another barrier. Keep going left until you
drop down to a lower level, the run right until you fall down through the
health icon and back to the bottom level where the save point icon is.

Right right along the bottom level until you come to a ledge with another
stinkbug on it.  Again, this is a point where you are almost certain to get
hit as you pull yourself onto the ledge.  Get past this point, head right,
and jump up onto the next to ledges.  On this next ledge, another stinkbug
is running around, but luckily it is easier to avoid.  Destroy this bug and
head right onto another series of ledges.  If the last two bugs hurt you,
drop down and grab the health icon.  Otherwise jump up and to the right over
a series of ledges, onto a long ledge where another stinkbug awaits.  As you
jump up here, you will see a life-up icon below you.  Let's grab this.

Run right, clawing through another barrier and jumping over a pit of thorns.
You will come to a ledge with two stinkbugs on it.  If you want the level to
end quickly, jump onto this ledge.  But let's get that life-up icon, so head
to the right below the ledge.  Claw through another barrier and jump over
another pit of thorns, eventually dropping down to where a gorilla awaits.
Once the gorilla dies, run left to find a lengthy pit of thorns.  You can
cross it if you take a running jump. On the other side is a ledge up to the
left where a golden bug icon awaits, and a gorilla throwing stuff at you
offscreen to the left.  It is easiest to destroy this gorilla first before
heading up to grab the golden bug.

Keep heading left along the bottom level, over another stinkbug on a short
ledge.  Keep left until you hit a wall, and you will see yet another stinkbug
on a small ledge that you have to jump onto to get to the life-up icon. Once
you have collected this, all that remains is to backtrack all the way to the
point where you saw the two stinkbugs on the ledge earlier.  Jump onto this
ledge, blow up both bugs, and head right.

You will come into an area with both a gorilla and a vulture.  It can be
very difficult to fight both of these ememys at once.  If you don't want
to, just jump up onto the ledge at the left and head left.  The vulture will
follow you, but the gorilla will be out of the picture.  If you do fight the
gorilla, you can run to the right past his location, fight another stinkbug,
and find a ladybug health icon for your trouble.  Either way, head left
along the top ledge where the vulture is.  The vulture can not fly very high
in this area, so it is very easy to jump on it while it is still flying

Head left, blowing up another stinkbug and jumping across the gap where
another vulture is flying around.  If you fall down this gap you will fall
into thorns and will have to backtrack part of the level.  Jump left across
another thorn pit where a life-up icon sits.  If you position your jump
right you can grab the icon, or if you have a fairly full health meter you
can just jump in the thorns and grab it.  Keep going left, trying not to run
into the stinkbug here.  Jump across the gap and claw through a barrier.
Run to the left until you see a ledge along the top where a vulture is
flying around.  Ignore the vulture.  Hop onto the bottom ledge, and then
jump to the right up onto the top ledge.  Head right a little into this
area to end the level.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 8:          ||
                       ||          Hyena Lairs         ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: hyenas

This level is a bit different, in that you progress from room to room, with
each room separated by warp points/cave openings.  Most rooms contain
a single hyena, whom you must defeat before continuing on.  You will not
be able to use the cave opening in an area until you defeat the hyena there.

Room 1:
You begin the level in a large grey area.  Run to the right for a distance
to find the first hyena.  Since you now have claws, use them to scratch the
hyena whenever it comes close.  You will make short work of this enemy. When
it dies, take a look around the area.  You will see a series of three cave
openings.  To enter an opening, press the up button when you are right over
it.  If it doesn't work, move a little to the left or right to reposition
yourself and try again.  Head into the middle cave. (All three caves will
take you to room two; the middle cave just puts you in a position to easily
kill the next hyena.)

Room 2:
This will put you in a new room, on a righthand ledge.  Wait until you stop
flashing, then jump down to the left into the middle of the room, falling on
the hyena.  This will damage it some, and finish it by scratching at it.
Once the hyena is defeated, jump back up onto the same ledge you entered the
room at, and head into the same top right cave opening you just came out of.  

Room 3: You will find yourself in a narrow room with ledges overhead.  Jump
up on these ledges, then jump and head left on the platform.  At the end of
this platform is a small opening.  Go through and drop down to face another
hyena in a very close space.  Once the hyena is dead, go through the cave
opening to room four.

Room 4: A simple room with no enemies.  You come out of the left cave, next
to a health pickup.  Head right and exit through the righthand cave opening.

Room 5: You come out of a cave at the top left of a dark space with ledges
heading down.  Drop down these ledges until you come to the floor of the
room.  There are two cave openings here.  The one on the left will take you
back to room one, where you will have to start the whole puzzle over again.
Do NOT take the left cave opening.  Instead take the right cave opening,
which will bring you to room six.  There is a hyena on a ledge to the right
of this cave opening, which you need to kill.

Room 6:  You are in a short, long room.  You come out at the top right
corner.  On the floor of the room left of you is a hyena.  Kill the hyena,
and keep heading left to find another cave opening at the far left of the
room.  Go through it to room seven.

Room 7: You find yourself on a ledge with two cave openings.  You have just
entered the room through the righthand cave opening.  If you go through the
lefthand cave opening, you will enter a bonus room that contains a single
(and difficult to get) health icon).  To get to room eight, head right and
drop down from the ledge.  At the very bottom of this narrow space is a
hyena and a third cave opening.  Kill the hyena and go through this opening
to room eight.

Bonus Room:  If you choose to go to the bonus room to get the health pickup,
you will find yourself on a ledge at the top left corner of the room.  Jump
down and to the right.  Make sure you actually jump (instead of just dropping
down), or you will fall onto spikes.  The health icon is sitting just above
the spikes.  You will need to fall and then grab onto the edge of the ledge
to get this icon, something that might not be worth the effort and danger.
When you have the icon, go back through the cave opening you entered the
room from, and it will return you to room seven.

Room 8: Very similar to room three.  You find yourself in a narrow space.
There is a hyena to your left, blocked by a wall.  However, this wall is so
thin that you can scratch through it and kill the hyena safely.  Then jump
up and head over to the left to the area the hyena used to be to find another
cave opening.  Use this cave to go to room nine.

Room 9: Long room with nothing in it.  Hyena to your right.
Exit through same cave you entered the room in (only one cave in the room).

Room 10: Small room with ledges to the left and right.  Hyena on left ledge.
Exit through same cave you entered the room with. (only one cave in this

Room 11:
You find yourself on a platform surrounded by spikes.  Carefully jump to the
ledge on your right.  From here jump up to a series of smaller ledges that
contain a health icon and the minigame icon.  Once you have these, head left
back to the cave opening you just came out of, and enter it.  This will put
you into a new room.

Room 12:
You are in a larger room, with a hyena directly to your right.  Kill this
enemy and head right.  There are a number of platforms on two levels; you
need to reach the highest level.  The top level of platforms is fairly
difficult to jump to, so it may take several tries.  Once you are on the top
level, head right to another cave opening.  Enter this cave to end the level.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||            Level 9:          ||
                       ||     Return to Pride Rock     ||
                       ||                              ||

Level Enemies: Scar (boss), hyenas, lizards, porcupines, stinkbugs

You begin this level under attack by the game's boss, Scar.  Scar is
essentially a clone of Simba, with the same types of attacks.  Scar will
most frequently use his scratch attack.  He will generally run towards you,
try to scratch you, duck under your attack, then back off a little bit
before running back towards you.  He is easily defeated by simply staying
in one spot and scratching continually.  Scar will just walk into your
scratches.  He will occasionally duck under them, but will get caught by
most of them.  Alternatively, you can crouch and scratch, which Scar will
still somehow duck under. These scratches may do less damage.
After about six scratches, Scar will run off to the left.  You now have to
chase him.

Run to the left. You will jump across a large gap and swing across two small
swing ledges to get to the other side. Keep heading left and you will see a
series of ledges heading up with two porcupines on them.  Roar to flip the
porcupines over and then jump on them to kill them. Head up and to the right.
On the top platform just above the second porcupine is a hyena.  Kill it by
jumping on it then scratching it.  Keep heading right, jumping over the gap
to stomp on a lizard on another platform. Go right, jump over the gap, and
kill the next lizard on the next platform.  Be careful when jumping in this
area, as falling inbetween the two lizard platforms will drop you into the
bottomless pit you previously swung over.

Jump up and to the right to climb up to another platform with yet another
lizard on it.  If you feel like doing the first part of the level again, you
can drop down to the right to collect a health pickup on a lower platform.
If you do this, however, you will have no way to get back up and will need
to retrace your steps.  Either way, jump to your right to catch onto another
small swing ledge.  Swing right until you reach the third swing ledge, then
swing to the left to grab onto the platform (with a porcupine) and pull
yourself up.  Kill the porcupine, then jump up and to the left to climb onto
another platform, where you will be attacked by a hyena. Kill the hyena by
scratching at is, and keep going left.

Jump over the gap to a small platform, then again to a larger platform with
another hyena on it.  Once this hyena is dead, jump up and grab the swing
ledge above where you first saw this hyena.  Swing up and to the left several
times until you reach the top of Pride Rock.  Swing up, grab the ledge, and
pull yourself up to the next level.  Scar will attack you once again.

This fight is just the same as the first.  Keep on scratching at him when
he comes near you.  It may be a little more difficult if Scar manages to
corner you at the left edge where you pulled yourself up. To prevent this,
run to the right, and you will run under him when he first jumps towards you.
After a few scratches, he will retreat once more and run to the right.
Follow him.

You will find yourself in an area with lots of small platforms.  Do not worry
too much about falling here, as there is a large platform on the bottom you
will land on.  If you jump across the platforms all the way to the right,
you will find two porcupines you can kill.  You need to get to the top. Jump
right across the platforms until you get to the platform above the porcupine
area.  Then head left on the higher level of platforms. On the second
platform you come to, you can jump up to a series of higher platforms. You
eventually will come to a lefthand ledge, and see a platform with two
stinkbugs on it.  Growl at them to blow them up safely.  Once you get onto
this platform, you will see Scar one level above you pacing around.  Head

Jump right over the gap, then up and to the right to a platform where a
health pickup is.  This platform is very small.  If you fall off to the
right, you will land on the porcupine platform from the previous paragraph.
Jump up and to the left to confront Scar one last time.

This third fight progresses the same as the last two.  Scratch him whenever
he comes near.  He will again duck under many of your scratches.  After
several more blows, Scar will run offscreen to the left, and Simba will
automatically follow him.  Simba will find Scar cowering at the edge of Pride
Rock, and will growl at him, sending Scar plummeting to his end below.

End of Game.

A scene plays showing that Simba has now reclaimed Pride Rock and his
kingdom.  Press A to get to the credits.

                       ||                              ||
                       ||           Minigame:          ||
                       ||  Pumbaa and Timon Bug Patrol ||
                       ||                              ||

   This minigame appears after certain levels where you are able to collect
the square bug icon that unlocks it.  It is a simple game where you move
Pumbaa along the bottom of the screen, trying to catch the bugs that Timon
drops from the top of the screen.  They will drop at various locations and
at various speeds.  You have to avoid the big spiders that fall down, while
catching all the other bugs.

  This is extremely difficult to do.  The bugs drop at completely random
speeds and locations.  Sometimes they will all drop slowly, other times they
will drop at opposite corners of the screen at very high speeds.  Often
the bugs you need to catch will drop and overlap the spiders you can't catch.
In cases like this, it is physically impossible to catch them, and the
minigame will end.

  You do get rewards for catching certain numbers of bugs:
                  30 bugs: life up will drop
                  60 bugs: extra continue (halo icon) will drop

  You must catch these icons in order to gain the bonus.  If you miss them
the minigame will end.

                       ||            Part 3:           ||
                       ||     Legal/Copyright Info     ||
                       ||                              ||

All characters are copyright 1994 Walt Disney Company and Virgin Interactive
Entertainment.  All game levels, text, etc are copyright by their
respective copyright holders, including the game developers
Virgin Interactive, Disney Software, and all others who apply.
This guide is to be used for nonprofit personal purposes only. None of the
material in this FAQ was used or gained through other publications, FAQ 
files, or players except where otherwise stated below.  This guide is
intended to be a fan effort, and no money is being made off of it whatsoever.

The text of this guide is copyright 2007-2008 by me, Cosmo Felton.

I currently only intend to post this FAQ at the website GameFAQS.com.

If you wish to use this guide on a particular website, e-mail me to discuss
it. Failure to ask my permission will result in the various legal punishments 
that are applicable.  So ask me first.  Thank you.

Contact information:
If you wish to contact me via e-mail concerning this guide I have written,
send an e-mail to bookfreak13@yahoo.com.  The subject of the e-mail
must read "Lion King Game FAQ".  Otherwise I will delete it unread.
Also, please don't e-mail me unless you have a question/comment regarding
this guide.  If you submit extra information that you wish to be included
in this guide, I will most likely include it in a new verson and will
give you credit, provided your tip actually works.

Also realize that I am merely a single player, with no connections into the
development of this game.  This FAQ has probably missed some aspects of the
game, various alternate routes, etc.  Please don't write just to bitch about
how I skipped over such-and-such special item which you feel is necessary
to complete the game.  I welcome constructive criticism, but please do it in
a polite and civilized manner.

FAQ History:

5-27-07: (v. 0.15) began construction of guide.
9-9-07:  (v. 0.25) added in guide for level 1, minigame, and several enemy
       and icon descriptions.
9-13-07: (v. 0.35) added in quide for level 2 and part of level 3, added in
       minor information for levels 7,8, and 9. Updated information on
       rewards in minigame. Added in cheat code information.
9-18-07: (v. 0.55) completed levels 3 and 5, added in partial guide for
       level 6. Submitted partial guide to GameFAQs.
9-21-07: (v. 0.80) Completed levels 6 and 7, added partial guide for level 8.
5-17-08: (v. 0.90) Completed level 8.
5-19-08: (v. 1.00) Finished level 9, guide is essentially complete! Wow, it
       took an entire year.  Damn, I'm slow at this.
1-22-19: (v. 1.01) Fixed typo in level 8, room 2. Credit to David Bikker
       for pointing this out.


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