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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 0.5.0 | Updated: 01/10/03

Hyper Lode Runner(GameBoy) FAQ
copyright 2003
version 0.5.0
by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
However, if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this 
FAQ) by name, then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that 
means no--and I am bad about answering e-mail. Sorry.

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  I might say chest(or even coins) when I mean gold heap or dig when I 
blast or robots when I mean bad guys or enemies, relics from my Apple 
Lode Running days. Hopefully all the different terms will break the 
monotony :/.

  A lot of times I'll have a text map and then below it I'll have a 
chunk of it. Hopefully from the description it'll be fairly obvious 
WHERE I mean, but there'll also be notation on squares you're supposed 
to dig.

  Special confusion-saving(I hope) terminology:

LEFT-A: push the joypad left while holding A. This digs in every square 
in your wake to the right.
RIGHT-B: push the joypad right while holding B. This digs in every 
square in your wake to the left.
LEFT-B And RIGHT-A are less common but you can guess their meanings.
UL, DL, DR, UR: combos of up/down and left/right. Can be used as a 
location or as how you should hold the controller as often diagonal 
holding while not causing diagonal movement can help you avoid having to 
make sharp turns with the flaky GameBoy controls.





--50 for sinking someone in a hole(this applies if they fall back in as 
--50 if they get stuck
--150 for getting gold
--300 for getting a key
--500 + extra life for finishing a level




  It may seem a bit goofy but actually you don't have to complete levels 
1-15 to win the game. They are, however, excellent trainin grounds to 
hone skills you'll need later. And starting on the higher levels would 
frustrate a lot of first-time players anyway.

    LEVEL 1

*                  *
*                  *
*                  *
*H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
*H1             2  *
*XXH    $    X$XXXX*
*$XH   XXX  X$XXX$X*
*$XH u   $         *
*XXXXXXH XX $ $ $ $*
*X$$  XH   X*X*X*X**
*XXXXHXH       $ $ *
*X$$$H$XH      XXXX*

  This is your typical get-your-feet-wet level. Lode Runner veterans 
should have no problem with it at all. Let's leave the upper right part 
alone for now, as one guy is easier to deal with than two. Dig right and 
then dig under where you started. Now go right to the ladder and dig 
down twice. You can sneak in and get the top or bottom row at once but 
getting them all could press your time resources while you're getting 
used to the controls.

  One good strategy to use here to get rid of the one active bad guy is 
to go down to the bottom, wait for him, dig a hole, let him fall, run 
past him and dig to the right a few times.(LEFT-A)

  Next thing to do is to get the gold chests to the left.


  Dig 1 and 2. Go left. Dig 3 and 4. Get the chest to the left.

  Once you've got these, get on the rope line at the top and drop down 
on the chest on the three-square ledge. Drop right from there and get 
the chest on that ledge then go right. Get those and dig down onto the 
DR structure. Get those chests and dig the 2 left squares. Drop where 
they were and dig the right square. Drop in to get the chests and dig 
the rightmost square before the one above it fills up. Jump back to the 
regular field of play.

  Now use the rope line again. You will have to take this in two parts. 
Go all the way right. Stand on the bad guy in the hole. Dig left. Run 
right immediately. He'll drop down. Now you can repeat again and get the 
chest and worry about the chest that's surrounded later.

  Wait for the two bad guys to be next to each other. Drop to the 
bottom(should be safe,) wait for them to come, and dig two holes. One of 
them should cough up gold.

  Go back to the UR and drop over the final gold piece. Then you can dig 
the left two squares of the 4-platform, drop down, dig the right of the 
three, get the final gold piece, and dig your way out. Again, to the 
bottom, dig holes for the bad guys that descend on you, and go UL to the 
top and to level 2.

    LEVEL 2

*                  *
*H      1         H*
*H      X$X       H*
*H    $X$X$X$     H*
*H   $X$X$X$X$    H*
*H   X$X$X$X$X    H*
*H  X$X$X$X$X$X   H*
*H  $X$X$X$X$X$   H*
*H  X$X$X$X$X$X   H*
*H   X$X$X$X$X    H*
*H    X$X$X$X     H*
*H     X$X$X      H*
*H      X$X       H*
*Hu      X     2  H*

  With this level there is fortunately a way to cut your workload in 
half. The major idea is pretty simple. All you have to do is to get an 
enemy to drop in the center depression and stand on him and dig. Often 
you'll have to move the other way just afterwards. Solving this level 
would be pretty tedious if you picked up one diagonal of gold, then the 
next, and so forth. Fortunately you can step over a bad guy to take out 
two at once.

  So with a little care you can get through in just three trips. Also be 
sure to collect all gold chests you see in the squares directly UL and 
UR of the bad guy and don't take too much time any one place or you'll 
get stuck. I'm assuming here that you time your drop down to stick the 
bad guy in the center depression to start the sequence--you don't have 
to be right next to him but it's less risky than it looks and even if 
you fail(he drops the wrong place or you do) you can try again with 
little risk. Remember the bad guys will be running around and to the 
top, so you can eventually fall to a safe place.

  Trip 1: dig right, then left all the way.
  Trip 2: dig right 3 times, then left all the way.
  Trip 3: dig right 4 times, then left, then right, then left all the 

  When the bad guy gets to the bottom, wait a second or two so that you 
won't land next to him. If the other bad guy is on the same side you may 
wish to back into the corner, dig, and then go left a bit and dig on 
each side.

    LEVEL 3

*                  *
*                  *
*                  *
*$ $ $  $ $   $ $  *
*H H H  H H   H~HXX*
*H H H  H HH HH HX$*
*HH  H  H H H H HXX*
*H H H  H H H H HX$*
*H H 1HH  H H H HXX*
*X*X*X**XH  $ $ $2$*
*   H    H  XXXXXXX*
*XHX X   H H$HH HH *
*XHX$X   HHu  $  H$*

  To start, go a bit to the right and wait for your opponents to drop. 
They'll come in roughly together, so dig two holes and run across. First 
thing to do is to run up and UR and get the gold chests there. You can 
pretty much hold down UR but once you get to the edge you'll need to do 
some minor digging:


  Dig 1 and 2, get the chest, then dig 3 and 4 and get another chest. 
Drop down for more gold and dig above the gold encased in the ladders. 
Your enemies should be stuck together again so dig holes for them and 
run UL. Here it's a bit trickier. Note how they run after you if you sit 
at the top. They run to the top of the stairs and then drop left and 
repeat. Using this knowledge you can sneak by them to the right and of 
course there's always the retreat on the bottom(to synchronize them, 
i.e. clump 'em together so they're easier to take out,) climb onto the 
ladder-puddle in DR above.

  Once the gold pieces are gone you can brave the DL part. You'll have 
to go to the UL and dig the second-right brick that you can. Then get on 
the ladder and DOWN-A here to get the gold chest below--although you'll 
want to release A before the final drop.

  Go up the newly formed stairs in the UR to end the level.

    LEVEL 4

*               h  *
*   $H     hhhhh   *
*  $H     h        *
* $H       h       *
* H$      h $ $ 1 H*
*  H 2 $ $ XXXXXXH *
*XX HXXXXXX  $    H*
*  H   $3 $  XX$ H *
*XH   ****** $XX  H*
*XH $ $      XX$ H *
*XX$$X $HX        H*

  UL, UR and drop right. Dig a hole for the bad guy, then dig one to 
reach the cement isle below.

  First one to mess up potentially so let's go to the drawing board.

  Note the order of digs is determined by the numbers. Do them as 
quickly as possible. This is for the one that is hidden between the 
ladders and for the two in the dark cave below, or something similarly 
melodramatic. Although for the first one you'll only want to dig the 
first four. Note you want extra holes to the left so if a bad guy falls 
there he'll get caught up.

$$8 $HX

  To get out of this mess just wait for the bricks to re-form and drop 
right. If there are two bad guys to the right be careful about the 
bricks--run right and then LEFT-A two bricks. Once the second bad guy 
drops, run right and to the top. You can just hold the control pad up 
while pushing left/right back and forth. If someone reappears above you 
stay a block or two below the platform and he should run left. Someone 
may be behind you but he's slower than you even if you don't have a full 
handle on the controls yet.

  For the last bit you'll need to run through twice. Dig a hole so you 
drop on the left end of the weird structure below. Then there are two 
ways to dig holes, each picking up a different last gold piece.


  123456 and 123457 are both viable and do-able.

  This should be everything, but one of the bad guys may still have a 
gold chest. Drop off to the left from the top platform if stairs don't 
appear and dig two holes waiting to see who coughs up what. Then run 
past them and around and up the stairs--a long but not too risky trek.

    LEVEL 5

*                  *
*       ~~~~~~~~~X *
*  $ $1 H        X *
*XXXXXXXH    $ $ X *
* $$    H        X *
*  $ $ $   H     X *
* $ 1 $ $    H  2X *
*       X X   H    *
*H*****HX X   H  $ *
*H******* X HXHXHX$*
*H $ $ $3   HXHXHX *

  The big quiestion is how to get the time to take out the bottom right 
with three guys running around. Actually it's not too tough to answer. 
You can dig around and eventually the bad guys will get dumped to the 
left and run left. Or you can just go left then dig to get the chests on 
the far left(watch false bricks)  and dig all the way down to the cement 
part to get the brick there. Before the final dig check/wait to make 
sure the three bad guys are stacked up on the same ladder. It should 
happen eventually. Now it looks like it'd be tough to get out but if you 
are quick you can sucker one or two over, then deal similarly with the 

  From the bottom, go up and dig, then quickly down and dig. If no-one 
gets stuck on top then go back up but if one does, go down so someone 
else can run across and chase. Sucker whoever you caught off to the 
left, dig and run past them, and get the other guys. You can then go up 
and dig around to trap the other guys or sucker them to a false brick, 
drop through it, and let them give chase. Go to the stairs the three of 
them blocked and stay one square below top--this will make them run 

  Then you can clear everything out at your leisure. Below is the DR 
gold, the toughest to get. You'll want to wait for 1 to regenerate 
before digging 7 and 8.

H8X7 *

    LEVEL 6

*                  *
*   1              *
*XXXXXXH    $  $   *
*$  $$$H  H*********
* $   $  $  XH~~~  *
* $  $ X     H $ $ *
*XXXXXHX     H     *
* $ 2 H $X   H XXXX*
*H  $ $  X HXHXXHXX*
* $   3 H  HXHX HX *

  If you go directly UL at the start of the level and dig left you 
should be able to trap bad guy #1. Then walk over him and get the UL 

$  3XXH

  Dig 1-5 in quick order. Wait 2 seconds and dig 6. Go back to the left 
ladder and dig 1-3. Then run back in and dig 7 as 4/5 should be healed.

  Now when you drop into the area below, go left and dig when the bad 
guy is close. Then go to the right and dig but wait for the bad guy to 
come a bit toward you. That way he doesn't get stuck in the pit and 
regenerate--and he's useless to get you.

  Now for the two other guys--just go to the bottom and dig and wait. 
They'll both fall into the area with the other guy and won't be able to 
get out. Note that it all three fell in the same place from the ladder 
into the area, the third could climb out and cause a bit of trouble for 
you. That won't happen here. All three are in the pokey. The rest should 
be easy.

  The toughest part is when you take care of the DR gold.

H X   *
H2 H5$*
H3 HX *

    LEVEL 7

*                  *
* 1$               *
*HXXXX   $ $       *
*H     HXXXXX      *
*H     H           *
*XXXH  H     $  $  *
*   H $H 2  HXXXXX *
*   HXXXXX  H      *
*   H       H $ $  *
*   H  $   XXXXXXXH*
*   HXXXX         H*
*HXXXX         X  H*
*H $ $      3  XHX *
*H    $  $ u   XHX$*

  Run left, up and quickly turn right at the first turn off. After you 
get the first gold piece dig right, back up, dig right. Then go up; you 
may have to use the next ledge to the right to shake the final guy. Once 
you get around this you just need to tend right and the other chests 
aren't too bad to pick up. Don't worry about enemies with gold as you 
can come back to get them later. Take the ladder on the far right to the 
bottom right side. Now here is the first obnoxious timing puzzle you'll 
have to put up with, and it will reappear in various guises throughout 
the game.

  What you want to do is to make it so the blocks below reappear as you 
try to climb up.

X  H*
XH1 *
X 2H*

  Dig 1. Dig 2 after 5 seconds (standing to its left) then wait a second 
and dig 1. Drop to the right and wait until 2 is about to regenerate, 
dig 3, cross to the left of 2, dig 2, go to the top, and dig 1. Now jump 
down and go right and up the stairs and run back across.

  If any enemies had gold, climb up to the platform and drop left and 
dig away. If you made enough holes just wait for them to get covered up, 
otherwise dig to the right and come around again. It may take a couple 
of tries, but the second time through all three bad guys probably won't 
be coming from the same place.

    LEVEL 8

*                  *
*           1      *
*$ $ $ $  *       H*
*~~~ ~~~  *HX*X*X*X*
* $ $ $ $ *H       *
* ~~~ ~~~ *X*X*X*XH*
*$ $ $ $  *       H*
*~~~ ~~~  *HX*X*X*X*
* $ $ $ $ *H       *
*              2  H*
*H                 *
* 3   u           H*

  Note this is a very one-dimensional level in terms of how you can 
go(towards the top or away.) I'll discuss it as such, i.e. ahead or 

  The main point to this level is that you don't want to let yourself 
get pushed down to the bottom, so be sure to go far ahead and quickly 
dig as you go backwards.

  Go right, then up, then left in quick succession. When the two guys 
above you get close, make sure there are two diggable squares in front 
of you on your level. Dig behind, dig forward, and quickly run forward 
and dig. Now you can run across.

  After that you'll want to dig well in advance of guys dropping around 
where you are but eventually what should happen is: 1 or 2 guys 
regenerate on the right and 1 or 2 on the left. You can squeeze between 
them and climb up. Now you'll want to shoot whatever gaps you can and 
use the trick at the beginning(run over a bad guy and dig if the 
distance seems right) in addition to digging 5 holes in a row in advance 
of bad guys showing up. Eventually you should make it back. The UL 
requires four drops, and you should take your time there--and also take 
your time before jumping in there if a bad guy is about to regenerate, 
as they can do so on the top rope and ruin your plans.

    LEVEL 9

*                  *
*                  *
*   $  $  $   $ u  *
*H  $  $1 $  $  XH$*
*H $  $  $   XH XH$*
*H     2  XH XH XH$*
*  H   XH XH XH XH$*

  Drop right to get the gold chests then climb back up. Dig to push 
across the top part. From here on in you can probably just dig around 
until bad guys appear at the top and decide to go right and down. Then 
you can pick off the rest of the gold chests one (platform + drop at the 
right) at a time.

  Once you've worked your way all the way DL, you have a serious timing 
puzzle. It's one step more involved than level 7, but it's very doable.


  First off, if a bad guy gets stuck in here, you just need to dig the 
first three holes correctly and he'll drop in(i.e. 1, then 2 and 1, then 
3 and 2 and 1.) In fact this is an alternate way to solve the level; you 
can kick a bad guy into the alternate-ladder structure and dig a hole so 
that you fall on the ladder to the right. Stay one rung below the top 
one and he'll go left and down. If you do it twice to a guy with no gold 
to begin with he'll get the gold for you and you won't have to worry 
about digging four times, but it seems to be the same amount of work 
without learning technique you'll need later anyway.

  Dig 1, wait five seconds, dig 2 from the left, dig 1. Wait four 
seconds, dig 3 from the right, cross over then dig 2 when it comes back, 
dig 1 when it comes back. Make sure there is a pause between digging 3 
then 2 then 1 as you'll have to run back over the blocks as they 
reappear. Then wait 3 seconds, dig 4, cross over 3 and dig it, cross 
over 2 and re-dig it, and do the same for 1. Drop right, get the gold 
chest to the left, and run right back up the zigzag as the bricks 

  You'll have to dig a couple of holes at the top to get the enemies to 
drop and run past them, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    LEVEL 10

*                  *
*                  *
*    $ $   $ 1$23* *
*H $    $  $  $    *
*    $   $   $   H *
*H        $  $  $  *
*        $ $     $H*
*XXXXH u $    $  $ *
*X$HXXH            *

  You should really try to clear the bottom part first before taking on 
anything else. After all, the bad guys will take all sorts of time 
climbing down, and it's easy to reset the game and try a level again. 
Here goes. Fortunately it looks a bit harder than it really is with the 
gold all tucked away in the bottom. Give it a try but if the first one 
fails then you may want to take evasive action--go to the bottom and 
RIGHT-B a ton to send bad guys regenerating at the top again.


  Dig 1, 2 and 3 right away. Then stand right of 4 and dig it when 1 
starts to fill in. Climb over 2 after 1-3 regenerate and wait three 
seconds. RIGHT-B 1, 2 and 3 again before dropping in and climbing back 
up. 4 will regenerate and there's enough time to walk right and over it.

  The rest is mop-up work but not trivial. The first thing you want to 
do is go as far towards the top as you can, then dig a ton of holes. 
Hopefully you won't have to retreat too far to do so, and you'll have 
the space as well. After the first wave of regenerations you should also 
have the time to dig on the right of the third-lowest platform to pick 
up the gold pieces beyond the false brick.

  Note that the ladder up is on the far right so you don't have to climb 
all the way up and past where the bad guys drop in after they 

    LEVEL 11

*                 h*
*             $ $ h*
*     X   $1  $ $ H*
*  HXH u  $   $ $ H*
*  HX$$ X  $   $  H*
*  HX$$$ $ 2  $ $ H*
*  HX  $$ X  $ $ 3H*

  This is a really nasty level, not for the most part, but for the 
bottom part where you have to be very careful. It's the only treacherous 
part, so let's tackle it. You can go to the other side of the ladder and 
down. Most spots on the ladder will cause the bad guys to loop around in 
the UR. Find one. Then go to the top and start digging away. You'll need 
a finesse here to bring one guy over eventually and I don't know the 
very best way to do it and be totally sure, because if three guys follow 
you down you're probably toast. But the general idea is below.

H3$$ X
H7  $$
H8 aXX

  Dig 1-5 as quickly as you can. Wait a bit and dig #6, then if someone 
is coming, dig down to #7. Go back up and dig 1-5(hopefully anyone who 
came over will be caught,) then 8, then around to 9 from the left. 
Hopefully one person will be kicked to the left. If so, proceed quickly 
to dig a, then drop to dig b and c, then d. Get the chest and go out to 
the right where you should face only two guys. If you can go far enough 
so you aren't standing on c, that is a relief.

 After all this you have a bunch of gold chests to get which should not 
be too hard. Simply use the right ladder and go left and if folks follow 
you, LEFT-A and then dig right and circle around them. Try this several 
times until you can get to the top before bad guys regenerate. You 
should be able to move up one platform each time.

    LEVEL 12

*                  *
*  $1 $            *
*H      *     $  $ *
*                 H*
*  $  $  $        H*
*            $2 $ H*
*XXXXXHX   H       *
*X$  HXXH     H    *
*X XHXXXH  $ $ $ 3 *

  You should probably take care of the bottom right part first. 
Basically you'll want to dig the right side of your starting structure. 
Then go right and get the gold chest and LEFT-A until the ladder when 
you can go down and dig right. Keep these excursions up until the bad 
guys are stuck in the UR and won't be finding you any time soon. Then 
dig a-d below to get the gold chests.

X    Ha

  Come back and now take care of the other bit. Dig 1, wait five 
seconds, then dig 2 and 3 from the right. Drop right and dig 4, sneak 
under the ladder to dig 5, and circle around for 6. You should have 
plenty of time even if you make a small control mistake.

  The rest of this shouldn't be too bad. Pick up all the chests you can, 
and there should be no problem manipulating the bad guys in the UR part. 
Once they're there you can dig to the left of the cement and drop down 
there and wait. Then come back clockwise and run to the right. RIGHT-B 
so that you make four holes in a row and after the three guys drop in, 
take the fourth. Lots of folks will regenerate. Hopefully one will 
appear outside the UR and start heading toward you--if not, repeat 
bringing them to the left and circle around again. Wait 'til he's near 
and then drop down. You can now circle around him. There should be a way 
to dig/drop in the UR so that you can avoid bad guys initially, then 
just dig to dispatch them. You've got all the gold now, so climb up the 
UR stairs.

    LEVEL 13

*                  *
*XXXXXXXH          *
*u   $~~XXXXH      *
*X123Xh~~  XXXXXXXh*
*XXXXXh  $~~      h*
*    XhhhXh $~~   h*
*    XXXXXhhXh    h*
*    X   XXXXh $~hh*
*    X   X  XhhX hh*
*    X   X  XXXX hh*
*    X   X  X  X h$*
*                hH*
* XH************hXX*

  Well, this one doesn't seem too bad. Run right, get the gold chest, 
and dig left to release the bad guys. Now drop down and dig left after 
you get each gold chest. For the second, wait until all three bad guys 
are in a row, but you'll need to be quick after the second one because 
the pits are two-wide, and there are two bad guys. You may have to fall 
off if a bad guy follows you too closely but they'll eventually drop 
into the pit anyway. If not just restart and make sure you pigeonhole 
them in the 3-wide when you can and then RIGHT-B a lot after that until 
you fall off to the right of the three-high hole.

  Once this is done, just wait for all the bad guys to drop into the 
three-high hole. Drop over them and head left. Dig the first three holes 
on top and when they refill dig the last. Up, left, down, right, up, 
right, up to get the final chest--actually you'll want to hold UL since 
a ladder springs out of the hole and you can't totally goof off and wait 

  The only real challenge in this level is not to give into your 
greed(or boredom waiting for something to do) and reflexively take the 
gold on the right. This may sucker uninformed players for one of their 
lives but beyond that it's a bit of an easy break.

    LEVEL 14

*                  *
*                  *
*H$$$             H*
*H$  $$$ $$$   $$ H*
*H   $  $  $  $   H*
*H   $  $  $  $   H*
*H   $  $   $$    H*
*H                H*
*Hu             12H*
*HXX            XXH*
*HX HX  $  $  XH XH*
*HX h HXH$$HXH h XH*
*HX h h h  h h h XH*
*HX h$h$h  h$h$h XH*

  This looks copied from the first level of Championship Lode Runner, 
almost. Perhaps the message above is something in Japanese? Well, at any 
rate the solution is a lot nicer except for the need to jump down at 
EVERY point on the top rope. To do so without bother you want to get 
everything on the bottom and then trap the bad guys. As I see it you can 
clear the left half as follows: dig the top brick right of the left 
ladder and work your way down to the next-last. Don't dig the last until 
the top brick regenerates, then go up and right(don't take the rope) to 
catch the one suspended brick, going back left. You can also get the 
gold UL of that.

  If you move VERY precisely you can also nail the suspended gold in the 
right, but this will attract a bad guy, so wait until you've gotten 
everything else you can. Then let the other guy drop over a gold chest--
preferably the one UR of the suspended gold. Now clear out the top.

  The only gold left now should be the gold at the bottom or anything 
the bad guys might be holding, but you can take care of that with a 
plodding effort. What you want to do is go down to the bottom so the 
guys run over to you. Then release them with a lot of digging and go to 
the opposite side. Once one is close enough to drop on the brick next to 
the ladder, drop down and dig a hole for him. Take his gold chest. The 
guy behind him should fall into the bottom as well. Now circle around 
and make the bad guy drop(if gold above the bottom floor is left try to 
make him drop on that,) bring the bad guys to one side, and repeat the 
process. Fortunately there are only four chests on the bottom so this 
won't take forever, and it's low risk as well.

  The ladders that pop up at the end of the level shouldn't matter much 
either way, since you'll be by a side ladder with the given method, 
ready to climb easily to the top.

    LEVEL 15

*         1       h*
*u~~~~~~~~~~~     h*
*H      * $   2  Xh*
*H   X$X          h*
*H  X$X$X         h*
*H   X$X$X $ $  HXh*
*H     XXX        H*
*         hX$HX   H*
*$      XHhX  X   H*
*      H          X*
*$     H  $ HVH $ X*

  You need to do this level piece by piece. First wait for #1 to be over 
the first gold in the pit. Now dig the bricks as follows. Be sure to run 
the opposite way while digging them. The best way is shown below for 
just one trip.


  Take a second before dropping back outside the diamond but remember he 
has a gold chest so dig and get the one he had.

  Note: if you mess up then you can get the bad guy to follow you up the 
ladder. Drop on '1' when he's just left of you. Then try to repeat the 
pattern shown.

  Before the gold chests in the diamond are gone you should NOT dig 
holes that will kill him. Just dig one hole at a time to shake him off 
for a bit or switch places with him. Once you're past him just drop into 
the UR area next to #2. Get the gold and dig a hole. Let him drop in if 
he's close, then dig another hole to drop and get a couple more chests. 
How note that when you go over the ladder you're in one-way territory. 
In fact there's another chute in the center, so you'll need to get the 
suspended gold first.

X$H3   H
X  4   H

  You can dig 1, 2 and 3 in quick succession. When they start to fill 
up, dig brick 4.  Now drop down, circle counterclockwise, and dig 5. 
There should be plenty of time for this maneuver.

  Now let's take a look at the bottom part. The correct solution is 
listed below: dig 1 right, go up, dig 2 left. You'll need to be quick 
here. Push UR after digging 2. Then once you get the gold, push UL. On 
the ladder push UR. You'll just make it.

 2H X
H          X*
H  $ HVH $ X*

    LEVEL 16

  **** AREA 1 ****

*       1 D        *
*      HX*X*H      *
*      H$ + H      *
*     H*X*X*XH     *
*     H$ $ $ H     *
*    HX*X*X*X*H    *
*    H $ $ $2 H    *
*   H*X*X*X*X*XH   *
*   H   $  $   H   *
*  HX*X*X*X*X*X*H  *
*  H  3$ $ $ $  H  *
* HX*X*X*X*X*X*X*H *
* H  $ $ $ $ $ $ H *
*H    $ $ $u $    H*

  The main thing to note is that you need to run right immediately. The 
gold on the left will be tough to pick up, but you can deal with it 
later. For instance, when you sucker the bad guys up to the top or dig 
nice comfy holes for them, then you can break for the bottom. You may 
want to watch here before you begin your trek that they are not going 
off to each side. You can also go to the next-bottom and then dig a 
bunch of holes and run to the left. Usually there's one bad guy on the 
right and two on the left so you can dig holes that way and just wait 
for them to catch up(well, almost) before running down. The first guy 
may get killed and again check to make sure he's on the left.

  For all this you may need to use the full screen view. Also watch for 
guys appearing near the door as they regenerate--maybe enter from the 
left as they can pop up on the right, and if they appear as you come 
back then dig left immediately.

  It should be easy to make a break to one side(3 guys and 2 sides means 
one side has less than two guys at one time, and that's the one you 
should break to in a pinch) so just concentrate on the platforms one at 
a time to get the gold. Eventually you'll get the key and then get to 
the door.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*  $  $   $ D*******
*H   $    $  *******
*           H*******
*H   $   $ 1 *******
*    $  $   H*******
*H   $ $2 $  *******

  The first extra area fits on one screen but isn't entirely smooth.

  It's pretty easy to run down and get all the gold chests. You just may 
have to dig to dispatch and run across an enemy. The way back up is 
tougher. If the enemies are somewhat close together then you may want to 
dig one hole to separate the two and then back off. It's a bit 
unscientific and you may have a bit of bad luck.

  The best I've found to a hard and fast solution is to go left, dig 
left, drop down, dig, and drop down, go right and dig left. Wait for the 
guy to fall in and dig once more down taking the stairs the last way. Go 
into the corner. Wait for the guy to come to you(the other guy is way 
behind,) dig, and then run for the stairs. If you can make it to the 
next stairs, great, but if not, wait and dig a hole at the foot of the 
stairs to be safe before digging at the top. Then you have a free shot 
to the top unless one guy regenerates--in which case leave holes in your 
trail(wait if possible) and try to move as far forward as possible to 
dig the next guy in. Failing that, just wait to drop the hole in front 
as that lessens the risk of a guy appearing in front of/above you.


  Note that you may get a different password for a level; I think it's 
based on how many you lives you have when you complete the previous one.

  BTW, if you use a password for, say, level 41 to get to level 32, that 
will work OK.

    LEVEL 17


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*H  $  $ 1 $  $ $ H*
*H  ************  H*
*H  $ $  $  $ $ $ H*
*H  ************  H*
*H  +  $ $  $     H*
*H  ************  H*
*H  D  $   $ $    H*
*H  ************  H*
*Hu           2   H*

  This part is really not too bad. You just need to be able to drop get 
to the top and drop down when some guy is coming at you from the right 
and is above the hole in the top platform. Then get on top of him and 
dig right and go left. Then you can double back to get the chests on the 
platform below. Dig the bad guy out of the other hole and fall down.

  Note the bad guys tend to congregate in the UL so to get onto one of 
the platforms, coax them right along the bottom and then dig LEFT-A a 
bit. Climb up the stairs and they should start running left on the top 
platform when they regenerate, just waiting to be jumped on. You'll want 
to do this at least twice: once to get the key and chests and next to 
enter the door.

  **** AREA 2 ****

* 1$ $ $ $ $ *******
*H H$H H$H HH*******
*H H H H H HH*******
*H$H H$H2H$HD*******

  First of all, beware about entering and re-entering. If you relax a 
bit then the game doesn't generally pause and the bad guys may close in 
on you. Also if you hold down up/left you'll reenter the door instead of 
going left and then up, so be careful on the first trap.

  As there's no penalty for exiting and leaving I advise you to do so 
frequently. However I also advise you to give bad guys the run around so 
that you can come back safely as well; nothing is reset when you return. 
This should take a couple of times through but the big things you need 
to notice are that if bad guys go to the top they can't 'see' you until 
you hit the bottom, and you will have to drop down to get some chests. 
The trickiest one to pick up is the cross in the T. The best way to do 
so is to sucker the bad guys to the bottom while standing under a ladder 
and then climb up. To make sure you win the race and can go across the 
top, try to stand between the two bad guys. If they are close together, 
just go all the way to the left and wait for them to get very close 
before going up/right.

  There's a very good possibility(well, it doesn't FEEL good if it 
happens) that one of these guys will have a chest. I mean a gold chest, 
silly. Anyway. The best way to get either one to cough it up is again to 
go to the top right; they don't lose it unless walking across open 
ground, and most of this level is ladders.

    LEVEL 18


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*       $ $  1     *
*H    $  $ $ 2     *
*H    $H$H $     H *
*H     H H  $  *D  *
*  ~~HXH H         *
*    HXH H$  $3 $  *
*XXX HXH   $  $ $  *
*  +HH  u  $   $  H*

  The bottom left part is very daunting indeed and will require several 
tries. Fortunately they're relatively low-risk, and the rest of the 
board should pose few problems, especially if the bad guy you need in 
order to pick up the key gets stuck in the lower left as you leave him 
in your dust.

  Wait for #3 to drop down to the bottom level; might as well get the 
chests to the right as you're waiting. Now climb up the stairs to the 
left and hang on the left edge of the rope. You can inch by so that only 
one hand is on the rope; futz with this until you feel comfortable. Then 
drop left and dig right quickly.

  If all goes well the bad guy will have fallen in and you can wait a 
second or two and then RIGHT-B. Jump off and the bad guy will follow 
you. Then dig the two right squares on the modified platform and dig 
again to get the key.


  But if not, wait for the hole to re-form, push right and then DR. Dig 
left and circle back around to try again. The other two guys will stay 
on the second-lowest platform if you work quickly enough, so no risk 

  It's extra simple to get the gold chests if you just go to the top and 
dig a couple of holes then dig yourself down. To get to the door 
surrounded by cement go back up again to the top and RIGHT-B before 
running right and waiting for the bad guys to appear; they appear second 
from top and if you think you've got both trapped, wait for the second. 
If you wait too long to hit left and make it to the door you'll still 
want to run LEFT as the bad guy hits the ground, and you can often 
escape that way.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*$ $~  $~$ $ *******
**HX XHX *H*D*******
* H$ $H $ HHH*******
* HXHXH***HHH*******
*$ $H H$ H HH*******
**XX * XXH$$H*******
* H $H $ HXXH*******
*    H $ X*XH*******
*1 $ HXXXXH$H*******
*  $ H  H2 H *******

The key part here is not to get trapped on the bottom. Fortunately you 
can get through most of this level by just making the bad guys sit 
around. You can clear off the top parts pretty easily; bad guy number 1 
bashes his head on the cement block, and you can get everything above 
that and the three gold pieces in the corner and the one beneath them. 
To get the rest, simply circle around to the ladder above where the 
pieces were, go down, and dig. Then go left, wait, and dig right. Now 
you can kill the bad guy with RIGHT-B and then a quick swoop to go 
left/down and get the gold chest--then back  up/right--should avoid the 
bad guy. Dig right to exit to the stairs if they're not guarded. 
Otherwise just climb up the central squares to snooker any potential bad 
guy above out.

    LEVEL 19


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*H  1$ $    $2 $  H*
*H  $ $           H*
*H ******    $    H*
*H        ******* H*
*H XXXXXX      $  H*
*H X +  X X  D  X H*
*H   1    X       H*
* $  $ $   HXXXX$ $*

  When you're on the rope the bad guys go left. When you drop down they 
go right. So you'll want to drop when one guy is right below, or you can 
also hang out on the left after potting one enemy on the top. Either 
way, stay on one edge of the left top platform and drop when a bad guy 
is one square away. Then run on top of him. Tap the direction you want 
to go once you're below the cement and dig in to get the key or the 
door. Since there are only two guys you don't have to worry about 
getting trapped after you enter a cave.

 Remember to pick up the gold chest above before entering the door to 
avoid the nuisance of wasted time.

  Once you've cleared area 2 and the rest of the gold pieces here it's 
time to take a look at the DR. You'll need the end-of-level ladder to 
escape here.

H5X76$ $*

  Dig 1 from the right. Wait four seconds and dig 2, 3 and 4. Drop down 
and go left, dig 5, and jump back into the pit formed when 1 
regenerates. Dig 6 and 7, get the gold, then dig 8 and 9. Get out 
quickly with the help of the regenerated ladder.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*    1      D*******
* $~ H  $ ~~H*******
*~   H$   $  *******
*$~  H~~ ~~  *******
*  ~2  H $ $ *******
*$~~H  H   ~~*******
*   H $H~H~ $*******
*$  H~~$ H ~~*******
*  $H    H $ *******
*H           *******

  First thing to do is to drop straight down then go left and up the 
ladder a bit. The other guys have a set pattern that sends them into the 
lower left. Now you can pick all but the leftmost gold chests off one at 
a time and at your leisure. Just locate the one you want to get, go to 
the top, and drop on it. There's some contentious stuff with climbing up 
the bottom right ladder to fool the enemies into going left, but you 
should be quick enough. You may want to exit and reenter just to make 
sure you don't get cut off, but eventually you'll need to take out the 
gold chests on the left. Go on the top above them and drop down. When 
one falling guy is bisected by the rope, drop, then run right.

  If either bad guy gets stuck with a gold chest, you may have to sucker 
them right(DR ladder) and get them to climb up and circle around over 
there. It's a bit tedious but some time, one will leave a chest at the 
top of a ladder and you can reach in to get it later. Just stand at a 
place where you can move quickly so that they'll change direction; trial 
and error works OK here.

    LEVEL 20


  **** AREA 1 ****


  The key parts to note here are where the gold chests are and where the 
bricks are. You will need to dig the bricks to get past bad guys in one 
case, and more if your play is inaccurate. However, a good way to start 
is just to wait around a bunch. Bad guy # 2 will go DR and eventually 
you should see him wiggling on the ladder. If you make any move too 
quickly you'll need to use the brick in the first gold piece UL of you. 
In general though you can pick up the gold pieces from left to right 
with a detour for the very DL one before challenging for the key; #3 is 
pretty stupid and won't follow you much.

  The trick to get to the top consists of getting to UR of the key, 
letting the bad guy come near you, then ducking down and left into the 
place below. Dig a hole for him as if you ran in quickly enough he won't 
go back to the key but will chase you instead. Run over him, 
up/left/down and try to wait for him to the left of where he is. Wait 
until the hole heals and you'll now have all three bad guys stuck.

  Note that if you made a bad guy regenerate he will appear in the UR. 
It's possible to wedge him out of there by going down to L of the door 
and then going up and doing LEFT-A. If there are two then you'll need to 
get very tricky indeed--you can sucker one back to the area right of the 
key where you should have trapped him before and try again, or you can 
also bring him to the far left, wait and dig a hole, leave a dug hole in 
his wake, and then sucker the second guy back to the first place where 
you can dig a hole and run around.

  If you've had to dig a hole to trap someone be sure that, when 
reentering the second room, you don't waste a lot of time here. Also 
note that a ladder to the top appears on the right in case a bad guy(or 
guys) comes from the left. Still you're best off trying to sucker all 
three guys into their respective dead endds.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*H         H *******
*H~~~1X2~~~H *******
*H   X X   H *******
*H  X$ $X  H$*******
*H X$   $X H *******
*H    X    H *******
*H   X X   H$*******
*H  X$ $X  H *******
*H X$ D $X H$*******
*H         H *******

  The main puzzler here is getting up the ladder to the top to clear the 
top parts. I'll describe how to do so for the left, but the right is 
much the same way. In fact if you try the left first you may be able to 
sucker BOTH bad guys over to the left later, making mop-up on the right 
not too tough. Remember that bad guys will go off to the left by default 
so if you trap a bad guy in a hole on the left you'll have free sailing 
and can then drag them over--provided they have no chests on them. Even 
if they do you can just dig holes for both of them until one coughs it 
up--eventually one will be recycled to the other side as well.

  This level is done in a two-part set: go down to the second-bottom 
rung and wait for the bad guy to go to the ladder top. Go up, dig, and 
then go up on the lower rope and dig right at the end, dropping off when 
you see the bad guy over the pit you dug. He'll fall in, and you'll want 
to circle back around quickly so that he doesn't get up and block your 
way back to the ladder. You can then dig right in the top part and go 
up/right and wait again. For the left side you can also use this device 
to jump off to the right and get those four gold chests. Once you're at 
the top stay there until the bad guy has caught up.

  To trap the bad guy for sure, just go down and wait a bit after 
digging the hole before going off to the left.

  Even if you've got the pattern down, go back through the door after 
completing one side of this area--perhaps even after getting a suspended 
gold, your first time. Then come back and complete the other. I find 
it's best to cross over by going to the top of the right side, digging, 
and in the triangular cave you can dig the left side and repeat the 
encirclement strategy of the first part.

    LEVEL 21


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*         ~~~~~~H H*
*          uD H  H *
* $ $   X  XHXHX  H*
*   $      XHXHX  H*
*XXXX    ~ X$XHX H *
*          XHXHX  H*
*HXX  $ X  *****  H*
*XXXXXXXX         H*
*XXXX $ X         H*
*XXXXXXXX         H*
*  $              H*
*$ $ $ $$ XH  1 2 H*

  Here your main task is to wait a bit and dig the bad guys into holes 
and hope they regenerate in the UL. Then each time one does he'll take a 
gold chest down with him, which you can extract. You'll want to check 
the level-on-one-screen view occasionally to make sure it's all done. 
But first you'll need to take care of the side room.

  The puzzle here is not too bad. Just be sure to dig 3/4 when 1 starts 
to regenerate then dig 5/6 when 3 starts to regenerate and wait a half-
second after you can dig to start. So the order is:

  Dig 1, 2. Dig 3, 4, 1, 2.(from the left.) Dig 5, 6 from the right then 
3, 4 and run to the left for 1, 2. Drop down the center, go right and 
left, climb up the stairs and wait for parts to get filled in again. Go 
to the spare room.


  Once the second area is completed, and the gold in the UL is gone, you 
can now get the remaining gold chests. Take the rope at the top and go 
left. There's some digging here and if a guy follows you, dispatch him 
first before getting down to business. These holes can/should be dug in 
quick succession.

H43  $ X
XX98 $ X

  **** AREA 2 ****

*H 1      2 H*******
*H X$X$$X$X H*******
*H  X$XX$X  H*******
*H X$XXXX$X H*******
*H *XXXXXX* H*******
*H  ******  H*******
*H    HH    H*******
*H H H  H H H*******
*H HHHD HHH H*******
*H          H*******

  You'll fall from the door right away and #2 will fall into a pit. If 
you like, sucker #1 into the mirror-image pit first to make sure they're 
both under wraps.

  Jump on #2(right side) and dig left and go right, then dig right and 
go left twice. Be sure to wait a bit on the last one before following 
him as he has a way to walk before and timing your fall to get on top of 
him and back to the stairs in the bottom center is risky. Now you can 
probably sucker someone onto following you up a ladder and you should 
then drop on the edge of the center structure when he's started on the 
rope. Then you can drop onto him and go towards the ladders in the 
center. This will get you to the door, and to enter it, fall off the 
ladders and then hold up. You can probably only take care of one side of 
the area at a time before the door closes, but you're not rushed in the 
first area.

  If you're misfortunate enough to have a bad guy regenerate in the 
center after getting killed then you can probably dig while standing on 
top of him and get away with it, but if there's one in the pits to the 
side dig him out of the structure(i.e. free him towards the edge of the 
board) first, detouring yourself to jump on him and regenerate your 
available time in the side room.

    LEVEL 22


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*XXXXXXXXH$$$$H$  $*
**************HX XX*
* 123   u     HX XX*

  RIGHT-B a whole ton and wait at the ladder. All three guys will drop 
in the three-high hole to the right. Walk over them and back for one 
chest. Pick up all the other gold chests available and try your luck in 
the second area if you feel up to it. Getting there is fairly easy. Just 
keep digging four across, dropping down, and repeating. And remember to 
reenter quickly if you're not finished yet. Also just go left and retry 
if the bricks directly above start filling in.


  The chests in the enclosed area are not easy to get but the basic 
strategy is this: dig on top of the three-high hole(from the left, on 
the stairs) and lead the bad guy on a chase--let him get close as you go 
left, up, and right. Dig a hole, then dig left three times at the 
ladder. Go in the restricted area a few squares, wait for the bad guy to 
arrive, dig and leave. You may have to go in three or four--if you're 
worried about getting trapped go in one more each time. Eventually the 
bad guy will get trapped and the next time you can dig, run in, and run 
out. There's still the matter of the final chest the bad guy has. For 
this wait until area is back to where it started, dig the three side 
squares, then go left and RIGHT-B all the way. Back up and right and 
then dig.

  Note: you can also get the chest in the pit by standard digging with a 
RIGHT-B from just next to it, then dropping left and going right. You 
have the time.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*          D *******
* $   $ $HXXX*******
* $ H      $ *******
*  $1~   H $ *******
*H $  H$ $ $ *******
*  $H $ $ H$ *******
* H  $  2 $ H*******

  The key here is to get the bad guys to stick together and act as one. 
For some of the gold pieces you'll have to loop around under and back 
over; note two are over a false brick. The best way to get the ones in 
the lower right is to let the two guys follow you from the right on the 
bottom, then circle around through the false brick. You'll have to fake 
them out again by letting them get close similarly. To do so you can 
stand under the brick and move out or just wait in the DR corner.

  Note that bad guys regenerate in the UL so if you're in the lower 
right you may want to dig until the bad guy disappears. Also note that 
if you might get trapped in the bottom, just stand under the false 
brick. It can cause a bad guy to try to follow you there instead of more 
logically cutting you off down the ladder.

  Eventually you'll want to have both enemies on the left side so you 
can dig down to get the chest over the false brick on the right.

  This is a catacomby little level, so you'll probably want to clean up 
the obvious gold chests the first time, then once they're gone leave and 
return(quickly!) to risk the timing to go to the right. Don't try to go 
for too much there at once.

    LEVEL 23


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                 h*
*D$        $  $ u h*
*   $H    $        *
*      $   $      H*
*$                H*
*XXXH             H*
*X1XH    $ $HXXXXXX*
*X$XH  H    HX 2 $ *
*X$XH   XX+XH      *
*XXXH    XXXH      *

  All you really have to do in this level is get all the chests you can 
before you dig the bad guy out and into holes where he'll have to 
regenerate and then take care of the various areas. It may take some 
time to get through the left side due to the distraction, but as the bad 
guy reappears at the top, you have more than enough time for one-at-a-
time. I suppose it's minimally challenging to get the key, but you've 
seen these simple puzzles before I suspect. Like on level 1.

  But wait! You say. There are two bad guys! True, but only one is 
relevant. To deal with the second one, make sure you've suckered him 
left(stand on the platform to the left,) dig over the gold chest he's 
next to, drop, and immediately dig right and get out.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*D           *******
*H~~~~   ~~~H*******
*H ~~~  ~~ $H*******
*H$  ~~ $   H*******
*H $   ~~H $H*******
*H$      H~~H*******
*H ~H 1 $H   *******
*H~ H~~~~H  $*******
*2  H$  $H~~H*******
*H~~H    $  H*******
*H  $       H*******
*H          H*******

  Well, this should remind you of level 17. But fortunately there are 
more places for bad guys to cough up gold. They'll stick in the DL as 
before unless you can entice them over. I find it's easy to manipulate 
which way they go when on the ground. One square above the central rope: 
left. Otherwise, right. You should be able to get all the visible gold 
chests pretty easily even if it takes a few trips, as if you wait long 
enough the bad guys tend to freeze in one area. To get them to cough up 
any remaining gold chests, stand on the bottom corner opposite them. 
Eventually one will give up a chest. Make sure you keep them running the 
right way(watch for changes in direction as you climb the ladder) and 
fake them out to get the final gold piece.

    LEVEL 24


  **** AREA 1 ****

*          h       *
*          h       *
*~~~~   ~~~h       *
*H   XXX   H       *
*H   XXX   H       *
* H  XHX   H$      *
* H  XHX   H    1  *
*H   XHX   H       *
*H   XHX*XXXXH   2 *
* H  XH~~****XH    *
* H  XXX~~~~~XXH   *
*H   XXX    $XXH   *
*H   XXX+   XXXH   *
* H  XXX     XXH   *

  Surprisingly easy with the right start--both rooms in fact. Just stand 
in the UL and drop down once both enemies are on the UL rope. Then go 
past them and just go straight right into the corner. This brings them 
down; back UL and dig the brick platform at the top and the one below it 
to reach the ladder embedded there. On the first trip, get the key, and 
on the second get the gold chest. It's not hard to dig out to the right-
-rightmost two, then right one below. Now for the side room.

  **** AREA 2 ****

* $         D*******
*HH        HH*******
*$ HH    HH  *******
*XX  H  H    *******
*1 $  HH  $ H*******
*XXXX  HXXXXH*******
*      H    H*******
*$ $  2HH  HX*******
*XHXXXXH HH X*******
*XH    H    X*******
*X H  H     X*******
*X  HH  $ $  *******

  Head down and left and dig. Cross the stairs(#1 probably fell by now) 
and go up/left all the way. Drop down for the other gold on the left. 
The tough part here is getting the gold chests at the bottom, and the 
best way to do that may be to go over to the right platform and lead the 
bad guys around before climbing DL. They'll be on the right, so they'll 
use the center ladder down and fall--or one will, in which time you can 
circle around the DL and up with only one person in your way. Dig a bit 
at some time to make sure noone has any contraband, then leave.

    LEVEL 25


  **** AREA 1 ****

*D                 *
*H $ H$ $H H$ Hu$ $*
*H   H   H H   H   *
*H  HH   H H$  H   *
*H  H H H  H   H~~ *
*H H  H H  H   H$  *
*H$H$  H   H   H   *
*HH1   HH  H$  H   *
*H H   HH  H   H ~~*
*H H   H H H   H  $*
*H$ H  H H H$  H   *
*H  H  H  HH   HXXX*
*H$  H$H$ HH$ H XX+*
*H   H H 2 HHH3  XX*

  This part is not too bad. I'd go left and up quickly, then right and 
down onto the platform with the key. It's easy to dig for the key but 
just for posterity...


  There will be quite a bit of up- and downing, and you'll generally 
want to have all three enemies on the bottom. Dig a bit to keep some of 
them there then head to the top. Note that they climb UL and keep this 
in mind when dropping to get the suspended gold. The hardest stuff will 
be UL especially if the three enemies are spread well apart but if you 
feint right, dig a bit, and then come back you improve your chances 

  **** AREA 2 ****

*$XXXXH   HHD*******

  The nasty thing here is that, after the first time through here, you 
can only go down to start. So be careful! Often the bad guy is trapped 
in the culdesac DLD of the start and the only way for you to get out is 
if you've cleared the left first--so a word of warning there. The best 
bet is to go left once you enter. Then wait for the bad guy and go down 
once he's over the stairs. Now he's trapped somewhere much more 
convenient. I recommend just picking up all the gold chests EXCEPT the 
UL one. Save it for last. It's the only one that can break the enemy out 
of his rut.

  If you can go up and quickly tap down after getting the chest there is 
no risk. Otherwise you may have to be quick running down and right or 
you'll get trapped.

    LEVEL 26


  **** AREA 1 ****

*  1             u *
* HX            XH *
*  HX  H     H XH  *
* ~~HXH ~~~~ HXH~~ *
* H$ HX   $  XH $H *
* H H HX~~~~XH H H *
*2H H  HX+ XH $H H *
* H H  XH$ HX  H H *
* H H XH    HX3H H *
* H HXH ~~~~ HXH H *
* H  H  $     HX H *
*$HXH H~~~~~~H HXH$*
*HXH   H  D H   HXH*

  Surprisingly easy even though it looks confusing. The key is to take a 
sharp left, drop when over the gold piece, drop again, get the key, dig 
right and go down. There should only be one bad guy on each side--dig a 
hole for him while you run and get the gold chests in the center. It's 
easy to reach the bottom but if you want to leave the level the best bet 
is to go to the left, dropping down to sucker him to drop in the center. 
The guy on the right takes longer to sucker to the center but you can 
get him next with the guy on the left in a hole. The ladders don't allow 
you to win a sprint so you may need to go up, fall, and then try again.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*            *******
*   123H    D*******
*      H     *******
*      H     *******
*        H   *******
*        H   *******
*  XXXXXXHXXX*******
*     $  H   *******
*        H   *******
*   HXXXXX   *******

  Dig all the way down to get the gold chest. Go one square up the 
ladder and when you have all three bad guys together go up/left then 
LEFT-A. This should get you five holes and when the fourth is filled, 
duck under and go back up. The better you can time it so the bad guy 
just misses getting you, the better. There's some randomness here but if 
you move quickly up you should make it there before anyone regenerates, 
and one guy should be stuck in the lower area. You can deal with two 

    LEVEL 27


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*1    $      $   u *
* + $ $  HH  $ $ $ *
* H  $  H  H  $  H *
*  H   H $  H   H  *
*   H H      H H   *
*    H   $    H    *
*   H H      H H   *
*2 H $ H    H $ H 3*
*        HH        *
*        HH        *
*                  *
*        D         *

  Go to the left side of the top platform, dig a hole, LEFT-A, and when 
the holes start filling in, drop down. You can now drop down through the 
center to get two gold chests as the bad guys tend to stay on top of a 
ladder until they 'see' you below.

  Now it's pretty easy to clear the right side since if you drop below 
and go up the stairs, the bad guys will guess to the left. Then go to 
the furthest right chain of two stairs and climb UL. The bad guys will 
go to the top. You can pick them off digging holes(wait to LEFT-A until 
the leader is close, then wait for one to fall in next to where you drop 
before before falling.) You can now clear the right with impunity. If 
anyone had a gold chest, in fact, the forward-most will have coughed it 
up, so you just need to repeat the process, getting at least one gold 
chest each time. Make sure you have them all since the door is in a pit 
until you have all the gold. If you want to give yourself the most time 
to complete area 2, go to the right, wait, then go UL and R to the top 
right. Dig the UR square when they come and you'll have plenty of time 
to outrun the bad guys, going L until you're almost below the two 
ladders, D, and at the bottom, UL.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*      D     *******
*HXXXXXXHX   *******
*HX  XH XH   *******
*HX$ X $XH  1*******
*HX$HX $XXXXH*******
*H*******  XH*******
*HXXXXXXX  XH*******
*H         XH*******
*H        $XH*******
*H     2  XXH*******

HX  4H X
HX$ 5 $X
H 6987XX
H3$Ha $X

  Picking off the gold chests in the upper left is tricky. The UR inside 
is not too bad. Dig 1 and 2, go around to dig 3, then dig 4, 5 and 6 
with no delay except to detour for the chest.

  The LR is tougher. Again dig 1 and 2, come around for 3, and get 4 and 
5. Jump left off the ladder and LEFT-A. Drop right and dig and then 
escape. Dig 3 again and circle around to dig b, holding the controller 
DR. Get the chest and exit left. You should just make it but if you are 
having trouble in the final bit then pause a half-second before starting 

    LEVEL 28


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*   1           u  *
*H                 *
*H  XXXXXX  $  $   *
*H XXXXXXXX $$   2 *
*H $               *
*XXXXH     HXh  $  *
*    XXXXXXHXh     *
*$ 3   $   HXXXXXXh*
*D  $   $  HXH $ $h*

  The key thing here is not to let all three bad guys come and chase 
after you. You'll want to keep #2 trapped until the end, and the other 
two can be warded off with digging a few squares to the left when you go 
to enter the door in the DL or when you dig the six-high wall to get the 
gold chests in the corner(this is not really necessary, actually, as 
these can be among the gold pieces you get last, but it's something to 

  But the first order of business is to get the key. That's easy enough 
after you dig to get past #1.


  After this, head down to the room, which should really only take one 

  Now for the final bit. Go back to the UR. Watch for guys regenerating. 
In fact it may be in your best interest just to kill one guy, i.e. if 
they are synchronized dig two holes and just leave one hole in your 
wake. That means only one guy can come down and block you from where you 
want to go--or regenerate randomly as you run across the top. In the UR, 
dig and go down, get the two chests, and dig again. You'll want to get 
two more chests, back up left, and dig right. Then walk over and when 
the bad guy starts to get out, dig the rightmost brick and drop through 
it. So he's still stuck. The remaining gold is in the DR, and once you 
get it, ladders appear.

  There may be a nasty twist here with two bad guys on the other side of 
the huge wall. Actually this is not so bad. Just UP-B and then fall to 
the right, staying at the second-right square. When the bad guys come 
in, RIGHT-B and they'll both fall. Run past them for a free ride to the 
top--with a brief glance to see where one of them may regenerate.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*D           *******
*XXXXH$    1 *******
*    HXXXXXXX*******
*    H      $*******
*HX  XXXXX$  *******
*HX X $  $  H*******
*            *******

  Immediately head right, get the chest, go back UL, and dig left. If 
this doesn't quite work then dig two squares to the right while on the 
top platform and then walk over the bad guys to get the chest they cough 
up. Drop below to the area with the rope and quickly circle down the 
ladder and into the DR area to get the three gold chests there. Then go 
back along the bottom rope and up. Wait for the bad guys to come left 
and climb down when both are above the hole. You can now climb up to the 
top but you'll want to go right and then dig right. Drop down and get 
the gold chests. The bad guys shouldn't have followed you to the right 
but if they did you can always dig right and climb down the stairs and 
around. If(god forbid) they split up then just goad one over to the 
right by climbing down, get him in the cave where the pieces were, and 
dig him and dig out of it before going up and dropping the other bad 
guy(wait for both if they regenerate) and going back up.

    LEVEL 29


  **** AREA 1 ****

* u                *
*XXXXX    ~~~~~~~~ *
*$XXXX    XH       *
*      $ 1XH      X*
*H         H  XX + *
*       H  H       *
*  $    H    H     *
*H         X   2$XH*
*  $ H  H    X$ $XH*
*D   H  $         H*

  Dig left and drop. You can now dig to nail the bad guy and dig all the 
way down. Next thing to do is to get the key. To be extra sure you can 
let the bad guy follow you up to the UL and then dig the right part of 
the top platform. Then you can climb up the stairs until you're level 
with where you fell from. Be sure to joggle up and down until the pit 
you dug is filled back in. That will give the bad guy too much ground to 
make up.

  To get the key go to the top of the ladder, right two squares, and dig 
right to remove the brick left of the key. Then go L/U and at the top of 
the ladder turn right. Drop when one square left of the key, dig right, 
drop for the key, and go left. The next thing to do is to enter the door 
in the DL. Be sure there that you've dispatched the bad guy so it'll 
take a while to get down. Sucker him to the left side digging a bunch of 
holes then drop through and he will take time to regenerate at the top.

  Climb back up and now, at the top ladder, dig left and drop down. Wait 
for #2 to come left. Go around to the right of this structure and dig 
the first two squares in the right wall, then get the gold chest and 
RIGHT-B and get out, digging the next square in the wall to get the 
chest below. You should have a clear path up since the guy that 
regenerates will take time dropping down. The ladder is in the UR.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*           D*******
*XX   XX$ HXX*******
HX$1   HXXH $*******
*HXXH  H$ HXX*******
*H  H HXX H$ *******
*H$HXXH$  XXH*******
*XXH$ HXX  $H*******
* $HXXH$3 HXX*******
*XXH $HXX H $*******
* $H XX  $HXX*******
* XXH3 HXX   *******

  The bad guys play very passive defense here, and each one seems to 
wind up with a gold chest. So take care of the easy part first. Get the 
gold to the left and then go all the way down the S-shaped structure on 
the right. At the bottom, drop to the left and the three bad guys will 
conglomerate. Now you can go back up and enter the door, come back and 
go to the left.

  You'll have to do some fancy footwork to get the rightmost chests, but 
fortunately the bad guys are a bit stupid. Drop just to the left of the 
top center platform, RIGHT-B and get the gold chests in the center 
platforms by digging down. Then come back around and drop in the same 
place. RIGHT-B, go down and then left, and RIGHT-B across there.

  A bad guy may regenerate on the right. That's actually good for you. 
Work your way down to the very bottom and then go right if the other 
guys are pressing you. The bad guy on the right will drop to the bottom, 
which is very good for you--two guys are MUCH easier to fake out than 

  There's one platform of width two, between two ladders, where you can 
dig both squares. You can often sneak in to the left there after you 
drop and do so. That buys a bit of time, and you can pick up other gold 
pieces on the left. In fact drop, RIGHT-B, down, left, RIGHT-B is a good 
way to start any excursion. Moving up and down between these can cause 
bad guys to get confused and fall in pits as well--if you catch a 
couple, the path to the left may be clear, or clear enough to nip in for 
a split second to the chest just above the DL one, go left, and dig to 
get the DL one. If you don't hear the end of level noise, reentering and 
digging once more shouldn't be a problem.

  All this may take a few tries since the bad guys will leave gold 
behind, which you can't dig over. But if you remember not to let them 
fall in right away, you can entomb them and give yourself more than a 
split second to get left.

    LEVEL 30


  **** AREA 1 ****

*        u  $      *
*XHXXX H       XXH+*
* XH$  H$ X XXXXH X*
* XXXXXXXXX     H  *
*   $HX  1  HXXXXXH*
*X   H     XHX XHXH*
*$    HXH      XXXH*

  This level really is not too bad. You will first want to go all the 
way right to get the key, then UL. There are three chests near the top 
you can get without any digging, so get them, then right of where you 
started, dig to get the embedded gold. From there, dig right, drop, and 
LEFT-A. Go left, dig left, drop, dig left to get the next bad guy.  Bad 
guys tend to regenerate at the  top, so you should have free rein to 
take out the DL chests and get to the side room.

  There may be some defenders over by the right side, though. You can 
probably approach them and dig and feint to trap some of them. 
Eventually one may reappear in the UL where he can't really move away, 
and this makes your task much easier. With two guys, you can run right 
to near below where you got the key and LEFT-A two squares. Run across 
the bad guys when they're in the pits, then RIGHT-B. This should allow 
enough time to get the three gold chests below, and even if the bad guys 
get on the ladder above you, you can get on the second rung and 
synchronize them before moving to the side and digging a couple of 
holes. The path to the top is free, and so the level is solved.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*D  $  $   $ *******
*H  $  1 H$  *******
*    H       *******
*XHXXXH  $ $ *******
* H2$ XXXXXXX*******
*HXXXX   $   *******
*H$  $XHXXXXX*******
*XXHXXXHX HX$*******
*  H  XHX HX *******

  Enter here two times: first to crash around and pick up all the gold 
chests, and second to get the one in the corner. I advise clearing the 
top row, digging, and methodically working your way down the next two 
rows. Note that although the DR area is tough to get to, it's easy to 
dig out of and in fact is a nice shortcut 

  The major difficulty in play, besides the DR chest, is how to get out 
of the DL part. The two bad guys will probably hang around the ladder in 
the center of the active board area. If one comes down, dig a hole for 
him and run past and dig a hole for the other guy. Otherwise you may 
need to run UR from the laddder on the left edge and then quickly left-
A. You have more time than you think here.

  If you must exit, don't take the ladder up to the door unless you 
LEFT-A before you go up. That's because you can't start off to the right 
on re-entry if you exit from the bottom, which could get you stuck 

  Now for the final bit--the DR chest.

XH4 H6$*
XH5 H7 *

  Dig 1 from the right. Go right, wait 4 seconds, dig 2 from the left 
and then 3. Drop left, dig 4, wait for 1 to start to fill, dig 5, come 
around and dig 6, go down the stairs, and when 2 fills in dig 7. Go left 
and dig 4 and, quickly, 5. Move up/right to dig 8, and you should have 
plenty of time to escape. Dig 9 to get out.

    LEVEL 31


  **** AREA 1 ****

*            $ $ $ *
* 123$ $  HXXXXXXXX*
* XXXXXXXXHu       *
*  $  $   XXXXH$ $ *
*    $   XXXXH $ H *
* ****XXH $  XXXXXH*
*       XXXXH     H*
* D         XXXXXHX*
* XXXX           H *
* X $X      H $ $H *
*  $ $ HXXXXX      *
*H      HX   HXX$+X*

  The big tough part is getting started here. I recommend going UL then 
UR to start. Get the chests and then when the bad guys approach dig left 
and right. Drop down when the first of them falls in. Then head down the 
stairs and after getting the second of the two gold chests together, dig 
left. Now dig the square below and go right.


  Dig 1/2, wait a second, and dig 3/4. Go back to left of the first spot 
you dug, re-dig, go right to get the key and gold, and back again. Now 
there should be people coming to greet you. Be in a position where you 
can RIGHT-B twice and then climb over those guys and dig left when 
you're beyond them. Go left when the next guy drops and congrats, you're 
out of jail!

  This strategy seems to require some very precise timing so be prepared 
to retry.

  The rest is much easier. You just need to be able to get a guy to drop 
off the left side, which isn't too bad. Just get people to climb up the 
right side and follow you. Dig a bunch of holes and after they drop in 
the second one, run left so you can wait to jump on the newly 
regenerated guys dropping down. Go right to fall on the door and 
complete the other scene. If there are people on ladders on the left and 
right be prepared to dig both sides once you drop through the 
bottom(right square of the cave.)

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                 D*
*                 H*
*       $1      HXH*
*H  $        $     *
*      H   $      H*
*$XXXX H*        XH*
*$XXXX H*  $     XH*
*XXXX$ H*        XH*
*XXXX  H**********H*
*      H          H*

  Look ma! The side areas are as big as the regular playing fields now!

  Yet for all that not a whole lot is tough here except for the 
suspended gold in the center. The left platform is easily disposed with 
alternating LEFT-A and RIGHT-B. After clearing all the 'obvious' chests 
go back up and re-enter. Remember that because the door is so far away 
it will take some time to do so.

  Now for the tough part. If you fail the first couple of times you may 
want to recharge the time you have left; it's easy to get where you want 
to be with a few digs but hard to get back. What you will want to do is 
to go to the right ladder and, at the top of the square construct with 
the bad guy running towards you and very close, dig as below.


  Dig 1, move down, dig 2 and go back up so the bad guy runs toward you. 
Let him get caught in 1 and then dig 3-6. Go inside there 3 or 4 squares 
and when he enters, dig right, and run over him and go up a bit when you 
get out. With some luck he'll exit to the left and fall in the hole. Go 
out the door and back in. Now the second part requires a bit of mental 
juggling. Dig 1 and 2. Wait for 1 to fill in to dig 3-5. Go back up, dig 
1-2, then go down and dig 6, Come around and dig the hole above the gold 
piece and then scram to the right. Now exit. Again if you fail the first 
two times you may want to recharge the timer.

    LEVEL 32


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
*         X     +XH*
*         XXXXXXXXH*
*  $ $        123XH*
********XXXXX XXXXH*
*  H~~~~~~*       H*
*         *       H*
*       XX   u    H*

  With a bit of quickness you can pull this level off relatively 
painlessly. The first thing to do is to get the key quickly: R/U and 
left at the top. Drop down to get the key, dig left, drop, dig right and 
circle around. Go to just right of the one-square pit and drop when the 
first bad guy is past the long pit where the key was. Dig a hole and 
drop straight down to the right. The bad guy will go left and create a 
convenient bridge for you.

  Now for the mop-up. Go across the rope and drop left. Then staring at 
the right side, LEFT-A four squares and then RIGHT-B down in each 
successive level as much as you can. This will drop you down the hatch 
and if you go UL then UR at the edge you'll get the gold chests and get 
to the other area.

  Complete the other area and if you're worried about falling down the 
ladders just LEFT-A from the door and drop down and repeat. Eventually 
you'll fall onto the rope and at the right edge of the rope, drop and 
LEFT-A and exit right.

  It's a long way to level 33, but fortunately there are no obstacles in 
your way.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*      1  $ 2 $    *
*     H         $XX*
* $ $ HXXXXXXX  XX$*
*HXXXXHX   $ $     *
*H       H     H $ *

  This may take a few tries, and the key is to knock bad guys into 
critical places where they are helpless. There are also some fast moves 
associated with my walkthrough. But you really can't have all three 
running around as you go for some of the tougher chests.

  First bad guy: sucker him along the platform with the gold chests 
beneath, separated by chambers. Then go up the stairs to the right and 
let him follow you closely as you go to the left...BAM, dig a hole and 
run past him. When he leaves the hole check to see which way--if it's to 
the right wait 'til it's filled, otherwise go down the stairs that don't 
quite touch the bottom--they're also useful for changing which direction 
the bad guy goes. He should fall in the hole with the chest above it, 
making that chest easy pickings. Also get the chests remaining to the 
right; dig to get the very DR one. Now's a good time to leave and 

  Now you can't perfectly consolidate the two other guys so they're both 
running after you together. But hopefully they'll be reasonably 
synchronized. Again lead them to the lower right. In this case you may 
want to dig them first so they regenerate and cough up gold, but after 
that you will want to entice them without digging and hope one circles 
around as he follows you closely. Having two circle around is risky but 
can be done. But if you have one, then just dig while on the right edge 
and run back over the man in the pit. Wait for the pit you dug to heal 
up just to make sure the guy is trapped. Exit and return.

  Now for the final guy. Get on the center ladder. Move so that he'll 
come towards you, go out a few squares, dig, and go left then down. 
He'll go right and down into the gap where he can't make it out. You can 
now clean up the rest of the board and get to the bottom later. Stop by 
to exit/reenter before and after doing so just in case.


  In the center, the game fools you a bit with a false brick, but on the 
right you need only dig straight down the center of the weird platform. 
You can move and dig left to shake the semi-trapped guy. Now on to the 
bottom part.

H$H6$H8$ X

  Dig 1 and 2 from the right, wait 3 seconds, and dig 3 and 4. Drop down 
to the left and dig 5, and wait for 1 to regenerate before digging 6. 
Come back around and dig 7 and 8 quickly, jumping left to avoid the bad 
guy who will come sprinting out. Dig to get his gold and now exit for 
good. You're done, yay. Of course you can get the gold chest this way 
without his 'help' but sticking the three in separate places is the most 
expedient solution that doesn't rely on too much split-second timing.

    LEVEL 33


  **** AREA 1 ****

* h                *
*h    *HX   $  $   *
*h   $*HX  $  $    *
*h   $*HX          *
* hX***HX          *
*h   $*HXH~~~~~~~~H*
* h**X*HXH   ~   ~H*
*h   $*HXH    X X H*
* hX***HXH***XX+X H*
*h    *HXH*$$XXXX H*
*Dh* $*HXH **X$XX H*
*   1  H u  23    H*

  Floor it UL. Go up. Dig R. Fall right but wait for the bad guys to 
catch up before you jump. They'll either follow or get stuck on the top. 
The rest of the right side is quite easy. See below for how to get the 

H  ~   ~
H   1 X
H **5$XX

  In fact the left is easy too; just dig and get the gold and be sure 
not to fall off the edges. You'll have to go through twice; instead of 
going to the door, go right, dig, and then up the central ladder and 
drop all the way left. You look trapped but don't worry. Ladders will 

  **** AREA 2 ****

*     H     H1    H*
*X   XHX   XHXX  XH*
*X  $XHX  $XHX X XH*
*X   XHX   XHX  XXH*
*X  $XHX   XHX  XXH*
*X  X HX   XH  X  H*
*X   XHX$  XH  X  H*
*X  $XHX   XH  X  H*
*XD X HX   XH $X$ H*

  All you have to do is sink each bad guy into the structure on the 
right. This is easy. Dig right to get out and then go up the stairs and 
to the top. Drop when the enemy is near you. He'll drop, then you go 
back up and right. When the enemy is above the rightmost structure, drop 
so that he enters the deep hole. You may want to re-enter the door(dig 
thetop of the bottom outcropping on the triple-B) and come back before 
dispatching #2.

  For #2, dig his structure's left side from the left. Once he's 
released, go UR and again drop when he's a couple squares away. Both 
guys are in the hoosegow now and they're not going anywhere.

Now's a good time to re-enter the door j-u-s-t in case. Dig the top of 
the triple-B and dig again to get the second gold chest. Dig the right 
brick and then fall right. Dig left and then enter the door and exit.

  The middle structure isn't too bad either. Just start at the top and 
dig down. When at a platform in the structure, reach in to get the gold 
and exit. Then after going back and returning, go to the ladder left of 
the right structure.


  It's not tough to see what to do here but you'll need to do it twice. 
First time through, dig the left end in the cave. Second time through, 
dig the right end. Then exit for good.

    LEVEL 34


  **** AREA 1 ****

*H                H*
*H                H*
*H                H*
*H                H*
*H   1XXX  XXX2   H*
*H   XX      XX   H*
*XH   XX$$$$XX   HX*
*XH    XXXXVX    HX*
* XH            HX *
* XH    $$$+    HX *
*D $  HXXXXXXH  $ $*

  **** AREA 2 ****

*H                H*
*H    HX$ $X   X$ $*
*H *$ $XXXXX$ $X HX*
*H *  ~XXXXX     HX*
*H *$ $X$ $X     HX*
*H ****XXXXX      X*
*H *****H  X$ $XHXH*
*H      H  XXXXXHXH*
*H      H123    X$H*

  The tricky part here is that the bad guys tend to pile up in the 
cavity in the center, so how to get the chests below before falling in 
there? The answer is to go down/left, wait for them to come to you, and 
circle clockwise. When over the cavity, wait for a bad guy to come next 
to you. Drop and dig the hole he'll fall into. Quickly get the two 
chests below and the two below them. At the bottom you should have only 
the other two to face right away. Then dig with abandon until everyone's 
trapped in the big pit, and the rest can be taken care of at a 
relatively leisurely pace. Retreat and return through the door.

    LEVEL 35


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
*H1               H*
*HXX            XXH*
*HXXX2         XXXH*
*HX XX  H  H  XX XH*
*HX  XX  HH  XX  XH*
*HX$  XX $$ XX  $XH*
*H X$  XXVVXX  $X H*
*H  X$   VV   $X  H*
*H   X$ $VV$ $X   H*
*H XX  $X  X$  XX H*
*H X  $X    X$  X H*
*H  X X      X X  H*
*H   V        V   H*
*HD       u      +H*

  Pretty easy to keep the bad guys on the left side here. Note the false 
bricks in the middle. LEFT-B down the slope from the UR all the way. You 
can take out a lot of chests as well by digging left after going left 
from the ladder, dropping and digging right. In fact these two tries 
will leave the right side cleared. Note the false bricks at the bottom 
of the butterfly help.

  To clear out the left side you just need a little care. Climb up to 
the UR and go left. When the bad guys are close, jump, then go left and 
up and start mirror-image operations of the right side. Repeat as 
necessary. Then enter the side area.

  The resulting pattern as the butterfly spreads its wings is rather 
cute but this level does seem a bit easy for this late in the game.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                 D*
*XXXXH         HXXX*
*    XXH    HXXH   *
*      H    H  H   *
*$$ 1  HXXXXH  H$  *
*XXXH  $       HXXX*
*   XXH      HXH   *
*     HXXXXXXH H   *
*$ $           H  $*
*XXXH          HXXX*
*   XXH  $ HXXXH   *
*     HXXXXH   H  $*
*        $     HXXX*
*   $ HXXXXXXH H   *
*$HXXXH   $  H H   *
*XX$$2   HXXXX3H  $*

  This one doesn't look too exciting, and it isn't. You should be able 
to take it in one go. Drop down for the chest near the first guy, dig a 
hole to catch him, and dig another one to drop down after walking to the 
left and getting the chests he was guarding. He'll drop down, but you 
can dig again.

  You may have to dig down again after getting the gold pieces on this 
quasi-curved platform. Here you'll have two guys to deal with but you 
can probably get the gold in the corner while both are dug in holes.

  Regenerated bad guys don't appear on the far right but rather drop 
down to the bottom center of the left, which buys you some time if they 
get killed. Also note #3, the guy on the right, doesn't play good 
prevent defense. He goes all the way to the top. So don't worry about 
him until the end. Then, tests what makes him go up/down. Duck into thhe 
first platform to the right and wait. Dig and climb past him and up.

    LEVEL 36


  **** AREA 1 ****

*         h        *
*         h        *
*        +h$       *
*H        h       H*
*H       $h   $   H*
*H        hH       *
*H       $hH  $    *
*H        h       H*
*H       Dh   $   H*
*H        h        *
*H  $  u  h123  $  *

  Start the hostilities early by going LEFT-A. Go to the top and get the 
key. In the meantime, cross your fingers a bit that a bad guy will drop 
down the center. Generally if you're at the top, bad guys on the right 
will fall down the center. If bad guys come from the left just wait 'til 
they're close and drop right.

  Taking care of everything else is a bit tedious. You'll need to jump 
off to start and go up the ladder a bit to kick everyone to the top. 
Then you'll want to sneak in to the middle of the diggable platforms, 
dig three times, and again tempt fate with guys running after you. Check 
to see who's going to drop where and dig holes according to that(i.e. 2 
on the left, RIGHT-B twice) and use that to run back up. You can also 
back yourself into the DR corner if three guys are in the left side but 
if one is on the right structure then you won't need to do much fakery-
outery to get by two.

  When it's convenient, complete the side room, which is really rather 
easy. You might want to do it before hitting the right structure since 
it will give you an easy way out.

  Eventually when you keep digging, someone will be kicked to the right 
side. Then you'll want to sucker the other two guys to the middle 
platform, dig a couple of holes, cross over them and run to the top. The 
one on the right should try to fall down the center. As long as no-one 
reappears too soon on the left you're in business. Again you may have to 
try another time or two.

  On the right structure you'll hope to jump on any platform but the 
bottom one. Collect everything above the second-lowest then dig the 
brick on the second-highest to get the gold above the brick. Dig the 
brick from the left to get the gold from any bad guy on the right and 
then drop left, run left and start RIGHT-A. Before getting the final 
brick, which sends a ladder down the middle, make sure that no one is to 
the left of you and in walking distance--if they are above you then just 
walk across to the left side, wait for them to come down, bait them 
left, and walk around them.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*     H1     H     *
*    H H    H H    *
*   H  X$$$$X  H   *
*   H   XXXX   H   *
*  H    X X     H  *
*  H    X X     H  *
*  H    X X     H  *
* H  $$$    $$$  H *
* H  HHH$  $HHH  H *
* H     H  H     H *
* H              H *
*  H     H      H  *
*   HH    2  3HH$XH*

  Blaaah. This one is rather easy and the first order of business is to 
climb up the ladders on the right(UL then UR) and then run across the 
guy in the pit with the gold. RIGHT-B and he'll fall in the hole you 
dig. Take his gold and dig right to get out--and get the gold to the 
right. On the floor, dig to nail the two bad guys and climb up and drop 
down to get the gold suspended on the ladders on the other side. Now 
there's the pesky task of digging until the bad guys fall in to the top. 
Be sure to recharge your time at the door if you stick them on the 
right. After this you'll want to go to the bottom right with the ladders 
zigzagging aroudn the central post, dig the top, then dig the middle 
and(pause 1 second) top, then the bottom and middle with pauses again. 
You can drop down, get the chest, and go RULUL to get out.

    LEVEL 37


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
* D123$ $     $    *
*H*******V******** *
*H                 *
*HHH ~~~~~~~~~ $   *
*H$H     $   XXXXH *
*HH$     $       H *
*HHHHHXXX$X     $H *
*HHH$ XXX   H      *
*HHHH  $    H      *
*HHHH     ~~H   $  *
*H $ HX +X  HX     *
*H u HX  X  HX  $  *

  The toughest gold piece for you to get is the one under the suspended 
structure. So go UR then UL then, after you get the gold piece, UR.


  The key is a pretty standard puzzle as well.

H2 +X
H3  X

  Dig 1 and 2. Wait for 1 to fill then dig 3. Dig 4 and drop down.

  The rest of the gold pieces shouldn't be hard to pick up since the bad 
guys aren't actively following you--except the top three in the right 
and the one in the pit. The tough part is getting to the top. Now what I 
recommend is going to the bottom if one guy is on the ladder, waiting 
for him to descend, then digging and going UL.

  You can also go on top of the suspended structure and drop down and 
goad a bad guy right. Dig, go back left, and drop down, and he is more 
or less out of commission. Stop in to the side room which is not too 
bad, then go right through the false brick all the way to the end of the 
rope where the last two gold pieces there are easy to pick up.

  The final gold pieces require a bit of patience and luck. The first 
one, you may have to dig bad guys out from the pit square that had the 
gold a few times. Don't worry. They fall back usually, so you never have 
to deal with three bad guys at once.

  Also eventually a bad guy will regenerate in the UR and take the gold 
chest you couldn't get to due to the false brick. He may fall in the pit 
but if you dig the three squares left of that and wait on the platform 
below(that encased the key) you can dig to make him cough the gold up.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*   ~DHXXXXXXH ~   *
*  H XX      VX H  *
* H X          X H *
*H X            X H*
*HXH~~~ XXX$    X H*
*HXH   X   XX$   XH*
*X H  X      X   XH*
*X H  X  X   X   XH*
*X H X   X$ X   $XH*
*X$H X    XX    X H*
* XH X          X H*
* XH  X        X  H*
*HXH   XX $$ XX   H*
*H X  XX XXXV     H*
* X XX    12 HXXXXX*

  I found the trick here is to notice the false bricks. After that it is 
really pretty easy, but they can be a surprise. First thing to do is to 
clim UR and dig left at the stairs going down. This nets you a couple of 
gold pieces above the shell center, and you can then drop right and dig 
to get back to the lower right.

  The big issue in this level is if you can make it to the lower right 
safely, and this depends on if you're able to make a quick drop from 
near the right hand side. Once you're there, dig two holes and pass by 
the bad guys and climb up. It's important to do this quickly as bad guys 
can regenerate in nasty positions that block your ascent if you take too 

  The second thing to do is to get the gold chest on the far right; as 
you ascend the right ladder, hold down B. Then when you dig drop left. 
Do so until you can dig right. Dig the bad guys then run back around. 
You might want to exit and re-enter now.

  From the door take the rope, go left and down, and dig over the long 
ladder down. Get the gold chest and go UR. Dig when on the right of the 
rope. Go UR like crazy. You can make it to dig the two guys in and try 
again. The last one to get is the very center gold. Go to the top and 
dig left of the right stair, then dig again. Now get out.

    LEVEL 38


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  *
*H                 *
*H   X   $ $ $ $ $ *
*H                 *
*H    X  $  $ $  $ *
*H                 *
*H     X $  $    $ *
*H                 *
*H     X+ $ $ $ $  *
*H                 *
*Hu            123D*

  Find the right places to drop, and this one is almost too easy. The 
plan is to cycle up to the top and just wait for the bad guys to drop 
by. Once you're at the right end of the rope and the three bad guys will 
drop into the restricted part of the first isle, drop down. If you do it 
right they'll run to the bottom through the fake bricks, and if not, one 
will be waiting for you on the cement below, which is lethal--so you'll 
need to restart the level if this is the case.

  Once they're taken care of you'll want to fall through the first two 
fake bricks, go one right then dig the leftmost part, drop onto the key, 
and dig right and escape. Now the next trick you'll need to know is that 
you can drop onto the left side of the platform and dig all the way down 
the left sides to the bottom. At the bottom platform, wait for all the 
guys to go left. You should now be able to take out the chests on the 
right-hand side of the false bricks. When you get to the second-bottom, 
dig through the third square from the right. Drop and RIGHT-B. Once the 
third enemy drops in, climb over him, dig right, and escape. This should 
trap all the bad guys in the pits. You can clean up the gold they left 
behind fairly easily. In fact with the area right of the false bricks 
cleared you can drop in closer to them and RIGHT-B six holes in a row so 
that you have a shot of getting all the gold on the bottom. If not you 
can always just try again, remembering to use the trick to bring them 
over to the left first, which makes them easier to manipulate.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*                  *
*D     1           *
*                 H*
*          XXXXXXXH*
*          X $  $ H*
*          XXXXXXXH*
*      XH  $  $ 2 H*
*HX $ $ H         H*
*HXXXXXXH  3      H*
*H      H*$HX H$$ H*

  Not a bad side room--just don't try to bite off more than you can 
chew. The first thing to do is probably to try to trap bad guys off in 
the lower left. To do so, drop down on top of the ladder in the center 
and dig left. Then lead them into the side area, dig a hole to slow one 
of them down, and then dig holes from the left ladder so you can re-
enter the main play field. You should be able to trap one, but you can 
always try again. Once one is trapped you should be able to outfox the 
other two to get back to the top. Once you've gotten all the chests, 
again go back to the top to prepare for the final chest right of the 
solid blocks, which actually is not too bad even though it looks really 
encased. Even if enemies are around they probably will not be able to 
see where you are. But leave a nice line of pits for them just in case!

*$H4 H
* H65H

    LEVEL 39


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*D                 *
*XXXX  12 $   3 ~~ *
*XV   H   X  HXX   *
*X+XXX $ HX  HXXX  *
*X      +HX  HXX$  *
*XH**X**X*X  HXXH  *
*HH    X~~~~ HHXH  *
*H  XXHX$     HXH  *
*** $XH  XXX  HXH  *
***XX D$$$  HXXXH$ *

  Dig right, drop down. Fall down the ladder and go left. Just as the 
first guy falls down on the ground, go up and the second one will fall 
too. Congratulations, you got around them. The next four gold chests in 
the upper part are easy to get.  Then dig the rightmost block on the 
mixed platform, drop down, dig right, drop, dig left. If you do this 
quickly, leading your controller, no-one will fall down where the gold 
chest is. This makes your task easier. However if they do fall down 
there, dig the three squares just left of the ladder and the one below 
it, then quickly dig right and pray that the guy in the hole gets 
trapped as you time your drop so the other guy's on top of him.

  If you were quick enough, get the chest to the left by digging the 
five squares left of the ladder, waiting after digging the last one to 
jump left and dig.

  Now to dig a hole to the bottom. Go quickly right to get the chest 
over the brick, then left, and dig it to get around the bad guy, then 
dig and wait for the hole you created above to heal(this traps one guy 
on the left for sure) and then climb the stairs.

  The next part of this will probably be dedicated to sticking enemies 
in holes until they regenerate on the left side. That will leave you 
free to take care of the other area. The big detail is to check when 
they regenerate and stay halway up the ladder to send those on the fence 
to the left--if this doesn't work then you may want to restart the 

  Also note that there's a false brick where it'd be nice to trap them. 
Instead you'll need to go to the top if there are two of them to shake 
and dig down two per level until you get to the ladder. Then dig from 
the right. Of course shaking one by going to the top works as well but 
just dig once or not twice, or you're in trouble.

  Staying at the very top may also encourage the first bad guy to drop 
into the hole below the rope, but to get the second one you'll want to 
go to the very bottom. He'll drop into the chamber that held the gold 
piece. Now for the final gold pieces. Just dig everything in sight on 
the huge right pillar until you're at the bottom of the middle ladder. 
Then floor it right, get the chest, and see about the side room.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*                  *
*D ~~~~ $          *
*XH    XXXXXXH     *
*H  XXX      XXH$  *
*H  X    1    XXH  *
*H     XXXXX$ XXH  *
*HH $XX~~~~HXXXXH  *
* H XX     HHXXXH  *
*HH XX      HHXXH  *
*HH XX$      HXXH  *
*H  XXXV   $HXXXH  *

  This one isn't too bad. My immediate advice is to go right and down, 
picking up the suspended gold, and then sucker the bad guy over to the 
right by climbing up one stair at a time. Once he's inside that 
structure you can pick off other gold chests at your leisure. I do 
recommend though that you just pick up the top ones and exit and then 
return to give yourself time.

  The ones inside the a can be tricky. It's easy enough to dig down to 
the part above the rope and once you do, dig the rightmost brick on the 
platform, get the gold, and dig below to get to the inner sanctum so to 
speak. The false brick means you can't pick up the DL one but if you go 
back up to the platform where the enemy started, dig the leftmost, drop, 
dig left, drop, dig left for gold, dig right, and go right, you'll have 
all the gold pieces from this part.

    LEVEL 40


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*  D $ ~~~~~~      *
* XXXXX     H     u*
*      $    H+XXXXX*
*      XX   H XXXXX*
*  $ XH     H XXXXX*
* XXXXH $2  H  XXXX*
* XXXXH$ $ X H     *
* XXXXH$ $ X  H XXX*
*   $XHXXXXX  H X$X*
* XXXXH$ $ X XH$   *
* XXXXH     $3 $ $ *

  Here there's a trick to make sure of the order you do things in. Get 
the two gold pieces below the structures first. An example is below.



  Then get the two other gold chests in the area, falling from a ladder 
to the right for the one above. Fall from the top ladder to get the key, 
and then climb back up and go left to the door. Complete the other area. 
Drop to the right and then off to the right again to avoid the bad guys 
immediately. The gold pieces to the left are tricky, but it's easy 
enough to get the ones on the right by generally just digging around 
whenever a bad guy gets close.

  The best way to get the ones on the left is to sucker the bad guys 
into coming all the way into the bottom right, digging two holes to 
catch them. Then run back up and dig the big barrier on the left two 
bricks at a time, getting the gold inside. When one bad guy comes after 
you, wait for him and go to the left edge. Dig, go right and dig left so 
that if he tries to come back right he gets stuck. Then move up/down and 
he should fall off to the left. Dealing with one bad guy is much easier, 
and you can continue your heavy digging on the left. It may take a few 
tries but each time you should get further down. At the final bottom 
gold piece be prepared to dig both ways right away for safety, as a huge 
ladder will sprout up on the left.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*D                 *
* $ 1 $  XXXXXXXXXH*

  There's moderate urgency for this one, but fortunately the plan is 
relatively straightforward. You can't let any of your three enemies 
regenerate, so basically the strategy is to dig to where the bad guys 
aren't in their caves, dig a hole, and wait a half second after they 
leave the hole to dig down again.

  First cave: dig two holes above on the right, then one, then drop. Dig 
a hole to catch #1, run to the left, dig a hole, and begin digging 3 
holes from the right immediately. Drop down once #1 leaves his hole. Dig 
2 holes to the right, then 1.

  Second cave: go to the right, dig. Go to the left, wait, and dig. 
There are a few nervous seconds before you dig the right two squares and 
drop down. Dig right immediately(if you only dig one square the gold 
blocks you from digging) and go right all the way. Dig left, then dig 
the two left squares. Again wait, then dig left. The final cave has no 
enemies so just dig the three right squares, drop, dig two, drop, and 
one. Run back up to the top.

    LEVEL 41


  **** AREA 1 ****

* H  ~~~~          *
*H XX  u H         *
*H XXX$XXXXXX      *
*H  XXX*****XX     *
*H~~~+*     *XX    *
*   X*H     HXVX   *
*   X*HH1   HXVX   *
*   X HH    HXVX   *
*   XXH H   HXVX   *
*   XXH H   HXVX   *
*   XXH  H  HXVX   *
*   XXH  H  HXVX   *
*   XXH   H HXVX   *
*   XXH   H HXVX   *
*   XXH    HH V    *
*   DX**XX***XXX   *

  A short level with a bit of a sting. Getting the key is not too bad.


  Circle around after this and go RIGHT-A then left when you hit the 
ground. Go back right to the big ladder and climb just as you're almost 
caught. Then drop to the left again when you're almost caught.

  Now if you want to take your chances, what you can do is to sucker the 
guy on the left down and dig a hole and wait for the guy on the right. 
Go all the way up and drop right to where you can dig both bricks with 
RIGHT-B. But go up the short ladder and wait a bit before going down--
that way the holes close in on the bad guys.

  It's possible a bad guy will land in the narrow left side but most of 
the time they're in the center or right, which makes the rest of this 
quite easy. If it doesn't work, you can reset.

  Yes, I know this is slightly cheating. There is a standard solution, 
and it is an interesting one.

  Once you've jumped left, you can climb up above the gold chest. Go to 
the top of the ladder, wait for the enemy to run at you, and climb down. 
He'll fall down. Repeat as before except this time lean right on the 
ladder and when approached go right and down. Go left and when left of 
the bricks, dig right. Then go UL and dig left then start going down. 
You should be able to dig six bricks. Then go back up the ladder and 
repeat the lean/drop/dig process. You'll make it to the door if you do 
it right.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*X             H~~~*
*XHXD        **H   *
*HHXXXXX     * H*$ *
*HXXXXX*$ $  * H*XH*
*HX    *$ $  * H*XH*
*HX    *****X* H*XH*
*HX       1    H*XH*
*H   $H$ XHX   H*XH*
*HX$ XH   HXH~~~~~H*
*HXXXXXH$ H     X  *
*H                $*
*H2$XH  $3$$   XXXX*

  There's not much to this even though it may look confusing. Dig the 
two squares to the right, drop, and dig to get the first gold piece. Dig 
the two bricks below that to get the one in the ditch and then get the 
two to the right that are easy. The bad guy will drop down to the bottom 
when you get the lower one. Take the stair he was on and drop to the 
right. Go up and drop left. Get the four gold pieces and then back up 
the ladder, but drop right this time. Go down the ladder and fall. Dig 
and get the chest below and then go right. There should be two bad guys 
running at you, so dig two bricks and run across. You can leave holes in 
your wake but the key is to climb up the ladder, dig, move down and 
quickly dig. That puts you past the final bad guy--but he has a gold 
chest. So you need to LEFT-A once. The regenerated bad guys won't be up 
to much(those that appear near the door should run right, but check to 
make sure and be prepared to sink the guy at the bottom and if needed to 
dig/down/dig at the top to release a straggler by the door) so run up 
the ladder and jump right onto the door and return.

    LEVEL 42


  **** AREA 1 ****

*hXX u             *
*hXXXXXH $         *
*hXXXXXXXXXX $ $   *
*XXh$  X      1  H *
*XXhXHXXX  $  $2   *
*hXXXXX XH~~~~~~~~X*
*hXX   D H   H    X*
*h  3    X$XXH XXXX*
*X$XH  XH    H XXXX*
*X X  HXXXX$X H  $X*

  This level certainly requires you to do certain things in order. It's 
easy enough, for instance, to get the key and try the area behind the 
door, which is a good deal easier than the main part. But there's a lot 
of stuff you may forget once you concentrate on the puzzles further on 
down the line and try to come back for the whole thing.

  First of all don't miss the gold to the right. Then go back up and dig 
three across which allows you to  dig to get the gold chest below. Then 
go right, dig right, wait a second or two and drop right, get some gold, 
dig where it was, go left and wait. The bad guy will drop by and be 
consumed. Dig again to get back into the upper part. Get the two gold 
chests on the very top, digging the bad guy if you have to. Then dig 
above bad guy # 2 and leave a hole for him. Let him run at you before 
you dig out. Now you can try to clear out the area behind the door, but 
I prefer to try to clean up the tricky DL chest.

X$5H  4H
X 6  HXX

  Dig 1 from the left. Move on top of 3, wait 3 1/2 seconds, and dig 2 
and 3. Go left to the ladder and dig 4 when 1 starts to reappear. Then 
go up and around, digging 1 from the left before you fall. Dig 5 and 6 
and when 2 reappears halfway dig 7 and run back outside. Then go back 
and dig 8. You should just make it.

  To deal with the loot on the right, take the big ladder and dig left. 
Hang on the rope above the center of the platform with the gold encased 
and below. Wait for the bad guy to come around. Drop when he's above the 
platform and dig left. Pause a second after he's locked in and then 
LEFT-A. He'll drop down and now you can dig the two left squares on the 
truncated platform. Dig the right of the squares below that and then dig 
right again to fall to get the last chest. The bad guy won't disturb you 
because he'll be at the top of the ladder. Just wait for him to drop 
down before circling around.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*         1        *
*    H*****H       *
*    H*$ H*HX $  $ *
*    H***H*HXXXXXXX*
*    H*X H*H       *
*H*******HXXXXHX   *
*H    *$ H  $ HXXXX*
*H 2  ***H    H   D*
*H*****$ H*$ H*$$H$*
*H    ***H***H***H**
*XXXHX*$ H*$ H*$$H$*
*X$  H*$3H*$ H*$$H$*

  Chop this one up into manageable pieces, and it is almost a gimme 
unless you goof up the controls. The UR chests really are a gimme so get 
them first.

  The first piece with challenge is the lower right. Clear off the 
shelves of three gold pieces one at a time, digging LEFT-A from the 
door. The bottom one can be gotten by moving(from the newly revealed 
ladder top) DR, L, UR. With the top and middle ones you need to change 
to straight R and in fact for the middle one I recommend 2 trips if you 
don't trust your abilities as it all really relies on if you get stuck 
trying to enter the shelf. Exit and re-enter.

  Now what you want to try to do is to snooker #1 and #2 into the UR 
part. You can probably get one in with no problem and don't press it if 
you can't get two right away; eventually you'll be able to trap all 
three. Make sure 1&2 are together then go to the top and when they get 
close, go down and dig. Jump right and go one square and hopefully both 
guys will come along and you can dig right and drop down. If not, dig a 
hole a few squares to the left and dig the rightmost square. Once the 
bad guy leaves and is very near you, drop down.

  The next guy should be suckered the same way but this time go below 
where the first one is trapped and RIGHT-B. He should wind up in the pit 
then. If not keep trying until he appears in the UR.

  Through all this pay attention to the tunes--there's no hurry, and you 
totally control when bad guys approach.

  The next thing to do is to send bad guy #3, who is in the center 
structure, into the penalty box above the door. This may take a few 
tries, but the basic premise is this: go left of the door and then the 
ladder. Dig left. Go down to get the bad guy's attention. Go up and now 
triangulate a bit by going right towards the door. Dig left just before 
you get killed and then UL, digging right when you're at the top of the 
ladder. Go all the way right and dig left when the bad guy comes. Run to 
the left and don't move anywhere on the ladder. The bad guy will get up 
but not before a wall rises up between you and him. The best part is 
that he moves away from his hole. So he's trapped.

  Exit/reenter to take care of the items in the far left. There are some 
puzzles here, but actually they're easier(I found) than the exactitude 
the center requires for some of the gold piece shelves.

  The one in the center left is trivial; just dig the two holes to the 
right of it and wait a bit to get out. In the lower left it's a bit 

*X$  H*
*X  4HX

  You'll want to go efficiently here so be sure that you do DR after 
digging 3 and be sure to hit B once above the stairs down. Then hook 
back to dig #5 and get the gold chest. You should be able to get both of 
the left chests in one trip inside this room even with a slip up or two.

  The next trip is a short one; go left, dig left at the ladder and dig 
left below that. Go to any one shelf and get a gold chest and come back 
out. Repeat three times, leave the area, and return.

  The last part is surprisingly tricky. What you need to do is to go 
left of the door, dig left, get a gold chest and come back. Repeat six 
times. The only problem is the controls. It's obvious what to do but too 
easy to get stuck doing it.

 This is not such a problem for the top, where you can go UL and then L 
and go preemptively R(i.e. fall off the ladder) to return. More exact 
timing is required for the bottom, especially the very bottom(easy to 
get there with L and DL, not so easy to hit R in time) and 2nd-bottom, a 
nasty combo of timing and pushing left at the right time.

    LEVEL 43


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
* u    12     3    *
*HX$~~~~~$  $~~$~H *
*H X $   X HX  X H *
*H  HXX $  HH D  HX*
*H  H   XH XH X$XH *
*H  H    H$ HH X$  *
*H $H~~~ HX  H  X  *
*H XX   $ $$ H $~~ *
*H    $ X  X H X   *
*H $ HX   XXX $   $*
*HHX~H        X    *
* H    XH+~~$  ~~$ *
* H~~$   X  XH   X *
*   HXHX     HHHH  *
*   HX          h  *

  Go left and down to start. This puts your three enemies out of 
commission for the moment, although you'll have to deal with them later 
because at least one has picked up gold. By now you should have no 
trouble picking up all the gold; just be sure that when you go above the 
door on the rope, go right, dig left, climb down the ladder, dig left, 
and climb back up and left on the rope to get the gold piece in the pit-
-unless a bad guy gets stuck in it, which actually makes your overall 
task easier. Also note you want to save the far right gold for after 
you've gone in the door.

  Weaseling your way around the final three guys requires moderate 
trickery. Fortunately they all have the same AI and all follow you the 
same way. For starters go down to the bottom and wait around. If you're 
quick you may catch flickers of gold appearing around bad guys which 
signals who has the gold.

  Dig the bad guys out of their hole, climb up, drop right and climb 
down the stairs, and then wait for the two to climb up to the top. Once 
one is near, drop left and climb up the stairs. The two bad guys will 
now be at the top of the ladder. You can now drop down to the right and 
fall right off the ladder over there, digging immediately to the left to 
get a bad guy that should be there. He may have a gold chest. Repeat 
this sort of process; if you can dig a bad guy in a hole and leave him 
there, maybe he will regenerate in the pit by the door. When doing all 
this keep tabs on the overall situation to make sure the bad guys are 
continually lumped together in the DL. You'll need some sort of faith or 
tracking method to consider if you've gotten every gold chest if you 
continue this way. But if there are three you can generally bring two up 
the left ladder, fake them out, stay on the one next to it, and have the 
time to watch them drop, go up/right and dig left after you fall--you 
can even let one follow you which increases the chance the guy left 
below will get stuck(he'll get run over.)

  Once one bad guy is dispatched(even to the DR area) you can check the 
other two for gold. Drop right from the left ladder as before, dig, go 
down one, and now wait for the guy to the left to get out of his hole. 
He will go left. Dig left then and the guy he's blocking to the left 
will fall in. Then go back up and the other guy will fall in. Both will 
get killed off.

  Before getting the final gold chest be sure to sucker the enemies 
waiting in the DR all the way to the left so you have no problems 
getting to the ladder that will lead you out of the mess, and make sure 
all three aren't in the DL. You can fake out two but not three.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*     ~~~~~~~~~~~~H*
*  D  1           H*
******            H*
*       XXXXXXXX  H*
*HXXXH            H*
*HX$XH  ********  H*
* X X   *~~~~~H*  H*
*XXXXX        H   H*
*XXXXX  *  $ $H*  H*
*XXXXX  *     H*  H*
*X $ X  *  $ $H*  H*
*XXXXX  *     H*  H*
*  $    *****X**  H*
*   $             H*

  This part is not so bad. You'll have to go right immediately then left 
onto the small area on the left.

* 4 6
*X $ X

  There's a lot of digging to do here but the timing isn't as painful as 
it seems. Stand above 7, dig 1, wait 3 seconds, dig 2. Jump to the left 
and dig 3 and 4 when 1 starts to fill in, then come around to knock off 
5 and 6. Dig 7, drop down and take out the rest as shown below. Remember 
to dig in the center of the cave as you'll need to get every gold piece 
on the left the first time through. Now walk over the three bad guys 
leave and re-enter just to give yourself all the time you need. It's 
possible to do everything in one trip, but no need to rush.

  Go back to their right and LEFT-A as follows.


  Take out 1-4. Wait until 1 fills in then dig 5. The result here is 
that two bad guys are caught and SHOULD be regenerated on the left. If 
one is regenerated in your area then leave the trapped bad guy to die, 
but otherwise dig 6 and leadhim on a chase up and left. Drop down at the 
right of the isle in midair, right when the bad guy is about to catch 
you. Jump on him and run left once past the cement platform, so you can 
get into the square part. The last four gold pieces are easy, and you 
should have no trouble getting back up and out alive.

    LEVEL 44


  **** AREA 1 ****

*              u   *
*          XXXXXXXX*
*   $ $  $ X $   XX*
* H********XHXXXXX$*
* H  $  1   H      *
*  H $       2   $ *
*   H~~~           *
* $ H $  $3*****   *
*XHX*** ****  $ XXX
* H     $  $ **HXXX*
*HX XD        $H   *
*H  XX       XXHXXX*

  I really recommend skipping the key/door puzzle for now and focusing 
on dodging bad guys on the left. Nevertheless I provide the 
chronological walkthrough below.

  The right way to start if you want to solve the level is relatively 
clear. You just need to dig the right two squares, drop, dig right, 
climb back up the ladder and then dig right and drop down twice to get 
the next gold chest. Do so again and then dig right twice, drop, and dig 
right to get the key. Get the two gold chests you can without falling, 
and now for the door. Dig the two squares left of the stairs, then go UL 
for all you're worth. Dig left when it will drop you over the door and 
hold the controller up as you fall to minimize the time wasted.

  Now the rest of the gold is easy to clear except the very top, which 
seems to require a certain degree of luck and patience. There are 
however good places to trap bad guys as they regenerate. The space below 
the rope, sort of above the door, is a good one, LEFT-A from there to 
the edge. When too many bad guys come by, drop left. Once bad guys drop 
there, LEFT-A some more. When you can, hustle UR and dig if there's one 
remaining guy left and then you can decide whether to go all the way 
up(with a possible break UR to dispatch anyone else) or just circle 
back. You should never get trapped because if you time things right at 
least two guys should always drop through by the rope, and you can make 
sure the holes won't close on them immediately, leaving you time to get 
back up before they regenerate.

  Be aware that the rightmost gold may take forever for bad guys to get 
just because you need to get lucky with where the computer regenerates 
them. But you'll get used to cycling around although you may want to try 
it before attacking the side room.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*$D X12            *
*HXXX    $ $       *
*H  X  *************
*H     *H   *  $ $ *
*HXXX  *H*  *HXXXX *
*HX$   *H*$ *HX $  *
*HXXX  *HH* *HX***$*
*HX$    *H*  H   *$*
*HXXX  X~H****** * *
*HXXX  H       * * *
*H*H   *******H*   *
*H*H           *XXX*
*H***  *********$$X*
*H              XXX*

  This is a tricky start again, but after that it's not exactly 
daunting. Move DL then drop right once you can. Hold right and then push 
A once you're on top of the bad guys. This should make you dig the brick 
to the right. Continue to hold right and you should make it onto the 
ladders. Go UL and on top of the ladder go UR. The rest of the items in 
this structure(but not above) aren't hard. Here's how to get out in the 


  Dig the bad guys, leaving holes behind, and then it's not too bad to 
get the other three gold chests.


  You should have the time to do all this while bad guys are 
regenerating. If not just exit/reenter, drag them way left, and try 
again. If you reenter you want to be sure to do so quickly, but all 
that's left here is to dig a bunch and get the gold the bad guys leave 
behind when they drop from the UR. Then you'll be done.

    LEVEL 45


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*     1    $ $   $ *
*         H        *
*XXXXXXH  H      $ *
*+ X  XHXXXXVX H~~~*
*XXXXXXHX     XH   *
*     1H$  $    X X*
*    $   $   H  XXX*
*H             XXXX*
*H   $  $    $2   3*

It's not too hard to trap all three guys, get the chests, etc., drag 
them out and hope one gets stuck to get the door. However it's even 
simpler to get the key right off the bat! Here's how.

*  4H$XH
*+ 5  XH

  Dig 1-5 in the order shown(start with LEFT-A) then climb the ladder 
and drop right before LEFT-A'ing to get 6-7. Then drop down. You'll have 
plenty of time to do this, and then you can UR to pick up the other gold 
chests. At the UR corner dig down twice. There's a ladder inside the 
room where you are. Stand on it and dig left. Go all the way to the left 
and drop down once the guy's about to get you. Stand on him and dig left 
and go right. Then walk over him, dig right, go left and dig right, and 
when he starts to drop go right. Digging left and then right gets you to 
the other area.

  The three bad guys will eventually line up and stay together so it 
shouldn't be a problem to 

  **** AREA 2 ****

*                  *
*      $     $   1 *
* $ $ X    $$ X$ XH*
* *H     *H $ $***H*
* *H   H2  $     XH*
* *H***~~H $ $  HXH*
* *     $HX     HXH*
* *     *HX $$***XH*
* ****************H*
*D               3H*
*XX $  $   HXXXXXXX*

  Go hard right like George W. Bush to start out. Unlike him, though, 
you'll need to be clever here and when you get to the top of the stairs 
dig right. Ah, that's sort of second amendment, which Dubya likes. 
There's some serious looting ahead...which, err, back on subject 
now...cross over the fallen enemy and dig on each side before circling 
around to the top. Just dig on the left and you'll get back to where you 
were. It'll be easier the second time around just as long as you 
remember to go right immediately when you're in and dig a couple of 
holes, then dig behind you. Also you'll want to wait at the top of the 
stairs until you find where the bad guys regenerated.

  Do watch out at the top for regenerations; the game has no shame when 
it comes to causing a bad guy to regenerate right next to you. Staying 
at the ladder helps. You should have enough time.

  The second trip through the square structure works as follows: drop 
down to the two gold pieces that are adjacent. Dig right to get two 
more, Dig left to get a third and then drop right for two more. Here's 
what to do at the stairs.

H3 $$

  Dig 1. Wait a bit, dig 2, and dig 3 when 1 reappears. Go dig 4 to get 
the gold. Digging 4 is optional as you can circle around--you have that 
much time. Take the ropes left and then go UL and drop left.

  Next trip around we'll get the suspended gold. The two bad guys are 
real distractions for the standard method, but WAIT! You can actually 
use one to take care of everything else. Dig two squares after you enter 
to cross over, then leave a couple in your wake as you RIGHT-B. Climb up 
and wait to see where the bad guys reappear. Drop one in a hole and the 
second by the staircase, being sure to do it enough in advance to dig 
the two squares below as well. Now circle back around and dig the square 
above the suspended gold--bingo! Now go to the bottom of the stairs 
minus one. That'll synchronize the bad guys. Then let them down, dig to 
get past them, and dig in the UL after taking the stairs and watching 
out for regenerations. If the music isn't too fast you can get the final 
bad guy who's holding the gold chest, but otherwise go through the drill 
again to get to the top.

  Here you just need to go down from the UL chamber and dig to release 
the bad guy, go UR, and dig left. Pick up what he coughs up, go left, 
dig left and leave.

    LEVEL 46


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*$ XXXXXXH        H*
*XXX $ XXHXX $ $ XH*
*  $ $   H   2XXXH *
*XXXXXXXH     **HH *
*       HXXXX $*H  *
*D      HXHX+ **H  *
*X    XXHX X  HHH  *
*                  *
*                  *

  I found this to be the most exhausting and maddening level in the 

  As you might have guessed, you'll need to do something right away 
before the bad guys fall to the bottom. Actually, it's not getting the 
key. You'll want to floor the controller right and then jump back left 
onto the top bad guy after you got the first gold chest. Then go right 
to climb on the ladder. It sounds complex but actually this is the 
easiest part of the level(both areas) and I've only messed it up once 
after I knew what to do.

  I find though that after solving the right hand side you may want to 
concentrate on the tough part--getting the key in the center and then 
checking out the door--without worrying about solving the level the 
first few times. This strategy works well in the other area as well.

  Four of the other five chests on the right will need to be taken out 
before you go to the left.


$ $ 5H
 X 9H

  Dig 1, 2 and 3 to get the first chest. Then dig 4 and 5 and sneak in 
for the next two. Wait until 4 starts to get covered up and then dig 6 
and 7. Drop down, dig 3, 4 and 5 again, go down to dig 8 and 9, and wait 
for 6 and 7 to come back. You have a good window of time here to do all 
this. Once 6 and 7 are back just drop down for 0. Then you can dig 1 and 
dig the left side of the chamber to leave for the left side. While 
there, go up the ladder in the center and dig the top square to the 
right to get another gold chest.


  (solution 1, what I found first, convoluted, for experts to try)

H5 7

  Dig 1. Pause 4 seconds. Dig 2 and 3. Drop left and dig 4 and wait 
until 1 starts to fill in and pause another second or two before digging 
5. Come back around the top and dig 1, fall right and dig 6 and 7 
quickly. Run around and wait for 2 and 3 to fill in before digging 8 and 
dropping to get the key.

  (solution 2, MUCH easier)

H7 6

  Dig 1, 2 and 3. Drop down to where 2 was and dig 4 and 5. Wait until 
1-3 are covered up and thendig 6 and 7. Come around and dig 8 to get the 


XX2 $ X

  The upper right is pretty straightforward but included just in case. 
Get the two gold chests below and dig the far left square there to get 
to the door to the next area.

  So this part wasn't too bad. It's the other area that is a problem. Oh 
yes--when you return to climb back to the top, be sure to inch down and 
not fall into the bottom part. That'd be a silly way to undo your hard 
work. It's worth five seconds of anal retentiveness.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*         1  2    D*
*H      X$XXXXXXX*H*
*HXXXX*H* ********H*
*HX   *H          H*
*HXHXX*H          H*

  The first part here is figuring how to dispose of the two bad guys. 
It's tempting to clear out the gold in the upper right first, but I find 
that that helps the bad guys regenerate there. The right way to start as 
I see it is to dig left, wait for the man to fall in, stand on him and 
dig left again. LEFT-A a bit and then when above the L-shaped area with 
three gold chests, dig a hole so you can drop down to get to them. Dig 
your way out and the bad guys that were trapped should fall into this 
area. If one falls in the UL area then you can just get on the ladder 
above it and dig left three times. He'll get consumed but run over to 
the right which seems to regenerate him in the L. Keep trying until both 
bad guys are in there.

  The two chests below the five are easy to get by digging the two 
squares right of them--and above. The one to the left of the L is easy 
enough digging 3 on top and going down.  After all this you'll probably 
want to go back through the door and return just to be sure of timing.

  The rest require moderate skill. Let's start with the DR one.

X$ 2H

  The usual wait until 1 fills up to dig 2, then sneak down to dig 3 and 
you've got more than enough time to come back for 4.

  The DL one is also not too bad and it and the DR can fall in one trip.

H2   *
H7H8 *
H9H0 *

  Dig 1, 2 right away and then dig up to 8. Wait for 5-6 to fill in and 
then dig 9 and 0. Circle up to dig a.

  You can probably get the above two in one trip

  You've probably seen the DC one in a different guise before, but here 
we go anyway. You'll want to focus one trip on just this one.

H4 H6$X
H5 H7 X

  Dig 1, go right, wait 5 seconds, dig 2 then 3, drop left, dig 4 and 
when 1 starts regenerating dig 5. Circle around and dig 1 from the 
right. Drop in and dig 6. When 2/3 start to cover up dig 7. Jump left 
and dig 4, then 5 when 1 covers up. Dig 8, drop through, get the gold 
and run back left.

  The last and least obliging is UL and you will probably need to 
practice it several times before you get the hang of it.

*H3  X
*XH7 X

  To start things off you'll need to dig 1, wait 5 seconds and dig 2, 
then wait a second and dig 1, then wait 5 seconds, dig 3, wait 1 second 
and dig 2, and another to dig 1. This whole timing process is very 
delicate as if you go too fast you won't be able to run back up without 
getting engulfed, while if you too slow then you'll get stuck.

  Once you've managed to get the three blocks out of the way you'll want 
to fall to the left, dig 4, wait a second, and dig 5. It's necessary to 
do so in order to allow fractional time to dig 7 next time around. On 
the way back up, once you're on the ladder above 4, do the same 1-second 
separated digs of 3, 2, and 1. Then go down the stairs, dig 6, left and 
down and dig 7. Climb back up right of 2. Dig 3, wait a second, and dig 
2. Do NOT dig 1 here. You don't need to, and every split second counts. 
Go down, then right to get the gold chest, then circle back up. Whew!

    LEVEL 47


  **** AREA 1 ****

*                  *
*u   1    H*$$$$$$ *
*  $ $ $  H*HHXXX  *
*********XH**H$$X  *
* $$$    H ** HXXXX*
*XXXXXHXXX ***H    *
*  $$ H*     *H $  *
* X*X*X*HX$XX*****H*
*    2$*H*H  $  3*H*
*       H* $ $ $  H*
*$ ~XH $$*D     HX+*

  This is a pretty linear level, but it has a few finesses to make it 
easier and a timing puzzle to unlock the door to the other area. First, 
dig right immediately. Then dig right to go below, get the three gold 
chests, dig the only square available and drop down. Five more chests. 
Fall off to the left and dig right. Wait for the bad guy to drop in. Go 
left and dig right. When he gets out and moves toward you, drop left. 
This freezes him in an area that is no longer relevant. Now you can pick 
up four more gold chests. The first real puzzle is the DL area, but it's 
not too taxing.

*$ ~2H
* 4 3H

  Dig 1 and then 2 and get on the rope. When 1 closes, dig 3 and 4. Drop 
down and go counterclockwise to dig 5 and get the chest.

  Now you'll have bad guys to release. If there are two then you just 
need to dig the top right brick in this area, ducking back with 
DOWN/LEFT-A. Stay in the far left just for safety if the guy gets out of 
the first two holes you dig. Dig right, walk over the fallen bad guy and 
RIGHT-B in this case. Repeat until this character appears in the UR pit.

  Repeat for the other character but now you'll have to wait a split 
second at the top of the stairs or he won't follow you. Then enter the 
area where they were and dig left somewhere, anywhere. Go to the right 
edge of the ledge below.

  The next part requires no delays but fortunately isn't too tricky. 
LEFT-A until you can't any more, go right and dig right at the ladder. 
Down and dig right, get the key, and UL. Dig at the leftmost square and 
drop quickly. You can now get in the door. The rest of this level is 
trivial although when you're next to the lowest bad guy you'll want to 
make sure he hits the wall chasing you as the ladder up is on the far 
right. You'll also want to make sure the top gold pieces are the last 
ones you get.

  **** AREA 2 ****

*     1 X          *
*       D  XXXXXXXH*
* ********$$$$$$$ H*
*  $$XXXXX********H*
* XXXXXXX $ $  $  H*

  You have to complete a huge chunk of this level on the first go round. 
Most of what you need to do is obvious; however, the trick is to do it 
as quickly as possible. This area isn't terribly kind to you if you 
slip. Fortunately the second time around is just mop up work.

  The first thing to do is clear; the gold in the top left isn't 
accessible unless you run left, wait for the enemy to fall, and then run 
right into the first hole below where you start. Dig the rightmost hole, 
drop, and repeat. Go up the stairs and get the next gold chest. RIGHT-B 
immediately, then LEFT-B until you get to the stairs. Pause a second and 
then go right, digging right twice to open a passage. When the top 
squares reappear go across them and dig down. Go left and dig the 
leftmost square. Get the three gold pieces, and at the far left dig 
right. Drop down and go right to the first ladder.

  This is the critical part of the level. You need to get the gold on 
the bottom at the first try. You've done this sort of thing before. 
Remember to try to anticipate when the squares between the zagged 
ladders will reappear, and don't ever dig two bricks one on top of the 
other too quickly.


  Dig 1, wait 5 seconds, dig 2 from the left, up, dig 1 when it reforms, 
drop down, wait 4 seconds, dig 3 from the right, up/left, dig 2, up, 
wait a second, dig 1, go right to drop and get the final chest before 
moving back up. After this the music should start to speed up--but don't 
get too excited. The next part is Digging 101, along with a check to 
make sure you're not too greedy.

  From there go right/up. Dig the two squares right of the ladder and a 
third to get in another restricted area, digging right after you get the 
gold chest. Now go right, dig left and after you fall go right and up. 
You'll get everything else the second time through. Go to the top, dig 
left, drop left and dig two holes. Run past the enemies and up the 
stairs, digging the left of the two holes above. Enter the door and come 
back right away.

  The second trip through, drop to the right and then go down. There's a 
couple of ledges with gold pieces before the stretch at the bottom that 
you couldn't get earlier due to time constraints.

    LEVEL 48


  **** AREA 1 ****

*XX1               *
*         HXXXXXXXX*
* u   ****H 2  $ $ *
***   *  HXXXXHXXXX*
*H    *XXH   XH    *
*H*   *+XH   XH  D *
*H*   * XH  HXXXXXH*
*H***********     H*
*H          XHX$$ H*
*HXXXXXX    XH******
*     XX HXX3HXX$  *

  Wait until the guy to the right just passes by and walk right, then 
walk back left to get on the stairs. Digging to get the four chests is a 
simple enough affair.


  The next two chests are a simple trick you've seen before as well.

H4 X
  Just start digging 2-3-4 when 1 closes up. After digging 5 and 
dropping you can dig 6/7, 8 traps the bad guy to the right, and after 
you run over him digging 9/0 makes sure he regenerate above.

  The next part is to get the two bad guys to regenerate in the pit 
where the first one is. The second one you faced may be there or with 
the third. Climb up the stairs and when the two bad guys are together 
dig right at the top, then quickly go down and RIGHT-B when the runners 
are a few squares away. Repeat this strategy until all three guys are in 
the clink. Now you can get the chests in the lower right.

XH9 $

  It's possible to get them in one try but to be safe you can use two, 
with the first one digging 1-9 and picking up the bottom one. On the 
second one you'll need to dig 1-4, wait for 1-2 to regenerate, dig 5-6, 
wait a couple of seconds, dig 1-4 as they regenerate, then dig 7-9 and 
loop back to get 0 so you can drop down. Hold controller UL while 
leaving. Then get the two UR gold chests before the final obstacle, 
getting the key.

64H   2H
+5H   3H
 7H  HX

  Dig 1, 2, 3. Wait a second. Go left, climb the stairs, dig 4 and 5. 
Come back, dig 1, 2 and 3 again quickly, and now dig 6 and then 7. Drop 
through for the key and go right and then once past the stairs UR.

  Leaving once area 2 is completed should be no problem.

  **** AREA 2 ****
*                  *
* D $$ $    $$$    *
*H*  $ $           *
*H******** HXXXXXX$*
*H* $ $    H    $$ *
*          H       *
*          H  23   *

  Don't try to bite off more than you can chew here. There's some 
randomization in getting back to the top so you probably don't want to 
push things too much. Note that you should have all bad guys cleared in 
area 1 so it should be risk-free to go back and forth. The basic idea is 
to get some gold, dig enemies into holes, and then hope they regenerate 
in the UR where they fall through a false brick and down. Get on the 
center ladder and walk left over them. As they fall head to the opening 
at the left where you can get back on the stairs to the door.

  You may have to go through this scene three times, but not making it 
back in time is a bigger risk than actually getting caught by an enemy.

  To start off, get the three chests to the right and then go down to 
get the two at the bottom. Exit and re-enter. Then dig from the top to 
get the two gold chests on the cement. It's best to drop on the top one 
as this may allow you to drop onto one of the enemies at the top of the 
ladder who falls left. This affords a few possibilities.

  First is that you can go left into the area with one of the bad guys. 
It's pretty easy to clear out. Just be sure to dig a hole now and then--
but not too many. If a bad guy gets trapped you want to be able to jump 
to the center.

  The right side is next. It's not easy to get everything so maybe you 
should just work your way to the top and jump right. When you do so 
remember to sucker the enemies near you so that when you fall you can go 
left and RIGHT-B when near the stair base. This should trap the enemies 
as you can dig six holes. Hopefully one will fall into the UR where you 
can jump on him(use start/select for the whole area map) but if not 
repeat until successful.

  The next time you can get the batches of two gold pieces right next to 
each other. You may have/want to RIGHT-B on each ledge and when one is 
about to get to you, jump right off the ledge. This seems to confuse him 
into trying to go both ways and he often falls in his old hole or traps 
another trying to get out.

    LEVEL 49


  **** AREA 1 ****

*              $  u*
*    123$ $ $ XXXXX*
*      X $ $       *
*XXXXH             *
*    HX $$$  XXXXXX*
*H    *****      H *
*H ~XH    *D     H+*
*H  XH    **    X***
*H  XH XXH *****X***
*H~ XH~  H   ~   ~ *
*XXHXX $ *HX   HX  *

  A very difficult level with lots of puzzles and a pleasing finesse 
required at the end. The order in which to do things may be obvious, but 
the timing is often critical, and given that the door area doesn't 
sprout any ladders once you solve it, there's a question of how to get 
through it without getting stuck. Then the three bad guys guard the only 
possible exit.

  Fortunately you can take care of some easy stuff first. Wait a few 
seconds, go left, get the three gold pieces, dig right, and dig the 
right edge of the cave you're in. Ahead is a tough spot.

  RIGHT-B from the left edge. Drop left and go down the ladder. Dig 
left, get the key, and go UL. When one right of the door, dig left and 
drop in.

  The other room isn't trivial so you may wish to try your luck with the 
rest of this board first just to make sure you can do it. But what you 
MUST note is that, whenever you leave area 2, always hold the controller 
up to get back there quickly. This minimizes time elapsed in area 1, 
i.e. the time you lose trying to reach the pit right of the door before 
the important brick refills.

  Once done with that area go right and dig the only square available. 
Drop down and now the next part is much easier than it looks with that 
ladder and no suspended gold.

H4   H6
H5 $$H7$

  Dig 1 from the right. Go right, wait four seconds, dig 2 and 3. Go 
left and at the ladder dig 4 and, when 1 regenerates, 5. Go to the hole 
where 3 was, dig 6 and 7, come back around, dig 8, and get the gold 
piece. Exeunt left.

  After the next gold piece that's easy to get you have a big wall to 
dig through. Here's how to.

H6X $

  Dig 1-5. Wait a bit and when 4 fills in, dig 6. Climb to the top, wait 
one second, and dig down to 5. Jump left and dig 7. Go up and with 6 
filled in drop to the right for the gold chest there. Dig 8 and circle 
around again.

  There are three more gold pieces to get, and they should be easy, but 
be careful climbing up the ladder; don't get on a level with the bottom 
enemy. The tough part is getting out. Run up the ladder near where you 
got the last gold pieces and immediately DOWN-B. Then dig to the right, 
go right, and dig left at the first opportunity--but only once. There's 
a quirk here that sticks the two bad guys together, and you'll want to 
take advantage of it. Now run to the left and wait for the remaining guy 
to run towards you. Dig right. Go right and one up. wait some more and 
when he starts to wiggle, dig to the right, go right five squares, dig 
left, wait, and go left. One guy will be trapped in. Then repeat the 
dig-left bit, circling down and left if you have to. Eventually you 
should have the time to dig the square left of the ladder, sneak in, and 
climb straight up(very unlikely) or dig two squares. If bad guys 
regenerate you can even stay at the top of the ladder until the bad guys 
are together, then LEFT-B and RIGHT-B to make two holes.

  **** AREA 2 ****

* $   $ 1$  $ $   D*
* H$H$H H H H H H H*
*H H H H H H H H H *
*$H H$H H$H H$H H H*
*H H H2H H$H$H H$H *
* H H H H H H H H H*
*H H$H H$H H$H H$H *
* H$H H H3H H$H$H H*

  This is not too bad if you remember that you're much faster than the 
bad guys and that there are a few false bricks. To get to the bottom you 
simply start at the top and hold DR or DL. Often you can run by them, 
wait for them to sink to your level, and then resurface where you need 
to. Use the area-in-one-screen view to determine what's left. Enemies 
will probably pick up gold, so once you have all the gold, sucker them 
to the bottom and then run to the top.

  Watch for some of the ladders. They have fake bricks which enemies 
just above *love* to use on you. Also beware that the second-highest 
platform respawns bad guys. So if you've trapped some on top, maybe view 
the whole picture before running right.

  It's possible to do this at once but you may want to leave and quickly 
reenter a time or two or even three--perhaps concentrating on digging 
holes the second time. Just don't relax and gloat once you've solved it 
or you'll run out of time in area 1.

    LEVEL 50


  **** AREA 1 ****

*  *               *
*  **********HX*HX+*
*u           HX  X *
*   H 1  $  $ $2   *
*H*             H*H*
*H*H $           *H*
*H*XXXH$    $XXXX*H*
*H$ $XXXH  HXXX$ $H*
*H*              *H*

  The first thing to do is to dispose of the two bad guys. This isn't 
too hard. Dig right and move left digging a couple of holes--one enemy 
should have a gold piece he drops. Drop below to the next level to get 
the other two. Once you've gotten the three gold pieces(usual serial 
digging to check the bad guys don't have any) dig down then take the 
left ladder down. Get those two gold pieces and go to the top of the 
structure, where you'll be on the right. Move to the edge and wait for 
the bad guys to run at you. When one has crossed the ladder, move down. 
You'll have a while to wait so be sure to get the two gold pieces in the 
nook while you do. Then position yourself on a line with the lowest part 
of the structure's pit. Wait for the bad guys to run at you a bit so the 
trailing one is under the gold piece. You'll worry about that last.

  Without the distraction of the bad guys you can concentrate on the 
above right part where you get the key. Standard stuff really but just 
to go through the drill...

H5  7 *

Dig 1. Wait 5 sec. Dig 3 then 2. Dig 4 then when 1 comes back dig 5. Go 
across 1, dig left once you do, go right, dig 6, go down, wait for 2/3 
to fill, then dig 7. Go down, left, dig 4 and then when 1 comes back dig 
5. Now run up/right to dig 8. Run left.

  Getting to the door is not too hard. Just push B to take out the brick 
next to it, then push right on your controller while holding B down. 
Then run left after you get the last brick. You'll have plenty of time. 
Just be sure that when you return you go right immediately then do the 
digging again. By my walkthrough you'll need to a few times although 
there may be a more precise way to do it out there.

  **see area 2[4 times]**

  Once this is done get the other gold; the two left ones first, 
although if you want to be tricky, # 1 is UR of the suspended one. Dig 
and drop to the ledge above it and dig the left two squares of it. Drop 
down and dig the right two of this ledge's three squares. 

  Or you can just jump off to the left to get the suspended gold--
PROVIDED there's one bad guy right under it. If not then go to the place 
on the ladder lined up with where the two fellows have dropped and line 
one of them up under.

  Once you've dropped on the gold a ladder will appear going up. It's 
easy to get out because the ladders that appear don't allow the bad guys 
to get out.

  However, I believe the designers missed a couple of tricks here. Maybe 
they just did not want to be cruel, but they could have.

1) if they had put a ladder 1 square DL of the gold chest then if you 
lined up the bad guys so that they are D and DL of the gold(instead of D 
and DR) there might be a need to move quickly, catching any poor fool 
who relaxes a bit too much! Perhaps you might even need to push a bad 
guy to the right side of the square below.

2) if they had put ladders just L and U of the gold then you would have 
had to do the digging I described for the UR gold first, jump down, and 
come back up. I also would have had to go through this ONE MORE TIME so 
I wasn't totally sad they missed this!

I don't think they used either trick throughout the game, and it seems 
to have been one last opportunity missed to drive the player up the 

  **** AREA 2 ****

* $ $$    $ $ $    *
**X*X*X*H*******  D*
* $$    H*      HXX*
*****H****    $$H  *
*    H$$ *  $$XXHX3*
*H****$$ XXX $ $  H*
*H1XXXXXH ~~~~~    *
*      H  XXXX HX$$*
*H        X  $ HX $*
*H  2  $$ XXXX HX  *

  The way I played this I had to go through this area three or four 
times. The first appeared to be the hardest as I just barely made it 

-- first time --

  First note what the bad guys do on starting the level. If you wait 
around, #1 falls into a gap you don't want him to. #2 climbs up and 
falls into a gap--you can't help it anyway, and he is easy enough to 
fake out. #3 needs to be dealt with carefully but can help you in one 

  An important thing to remember in this level is that bad guys 
regenerate by the door. So you don't want to trap them until the end.

  Having said this, let's look at what to do the first time around. 
You'll need exact play with little wasted time--for this time around--
but fortunately large chunks of this level are fairly easy and linear. 
It will seem to be very panicky at the end, but the last part is a 
straight run. Just don't get greedy or the door will close.

  IMMEDIATELY go left, down the ladder, and left, falling off the 
platforms. Dig right at the bottom and drop down. Why isn't the bad guy 
chasing you? There's a false brick down. Drop through it and go two 
squares left to above the center of the platform. Drop when the bad guy 
is next to you(if you mistime this and he misses the platform, you're 
toast, so restart) and dig right. Wait a second(critical for timing as 
he takes a while to get out.) Dig left, stand on him, dig left, and drop 
right. Come around again quickly--he'll drop to the right. Drop in the 
center, dig right, left, dig right. Drop, dig right, and get the gold 
chest. Dig the right edge of the platform, drop, dig right. Go up the 
stairs but wait until the bad guy below is halfway up before going left. 
You want to keep him trapped there for the moment. Eventually you'll 
want to regenerate bad guys but only the final trip through...and even 
then there are tricks.

  Climb up the stairs to the left and dig the two squares on the right. 
Wait a second and climb down to the bottom, digging when the bad guy 
falls. Now you should be able to walk over the reformed bricks and to 
the next section. Climb to the top and get the gold chests and now dig 
everything in sight: the top two, then the next five, and then go to the 
center of the platform at the bottom of the ladders. Dig right when the 
enemy is close, then climb back up and dig left to jump down to the next 
area. The music will probably be pretty fast now, so go to the left 
wall, climb, and hold down up/right the rest of the way to get out.

-- second time --

  You should be able to fake bad guys out pretty easily now, or you can 
just dig one hole, have them fall, and then run past them. At any rate 
do this for all three in their respective containments--you may have to 
wait a bit if both guys get stuck  in the 4-platform in the middle as 
you'll have to dig two squares, wait, then go down a bit for them to 
come out after you. When the bricks refill go past.

  At any rate you should be able to clear the rest of the bricks out 
pretty easily. If you were able to dump both bad guys to the side, then 
you can wait on the ladder next to the rope line. The bad guy to the 
right will come over and drop down. The die is now cast for the final 

--2 1/2 -th time--

  If the final bad guy is not in the lower left, put him there as 
described above. Get past the other guys as before.

-- third time --

  Now you'll want to clear the lower right out. This is not exactly 
trivial. However there are several solutions possible. Bascially you'll 
want to have the following holes dug out at once.

H5 $*
Ha  *

  The others don't matter as long as you have a way to drop down to b. 
Obviously the top two chests are easy to get, but after you dig 1 and 2 
it seems b is tough to get to. Here is what I advise after getting the 
first two chests. Dig 3 and 4. Wait for them to fill up. Dig 5 just 
before they do, i.e. when 3 is done. Go to the top, dig 1 and 2, then 
dig 6 and 7. Dig a and go back to where 6 and 7 were. Now just dig b and 
then run off to the left. Drop from the rope and be sure to dig a ton to 
get the two guys on the bottom. LEFT-A in your wake to make sure of 
things because you need to wipe them both out and will definitely take 
out one. The thing to remember here is that one guy regenerating is 
lethal, but two or three will be OK. Neat twist, eh? Well, if you can't 
nail 'em both you can either climb up the ladder and nail the other guy, 
digging right and left above him once he's in the hole, or dig the 
square 2 right of the ladder, drop, dig, and RIGHT-B once past the bad 
guy. The two digs should trap him. Now just run the rest of the way, 
digging one hole to get to the top part, then holding up/right once at 
the left wall. This will get you through the door right away. Hooray, 
you're done! -- with this scene.


 You'll note a weird quasi-pattern. For a while the left side(base 26 
with letters not numbers) seems to increase by 65(base 26, that'd be CN 
assuming A=0.) The right side increases by 65 base 10 as well. But it 
lurches around a lot especially later.

 17     | MG-6442
 18     | OT-6507
 19     | RG-6572
 20     | TT-6637
 21     | XV-2607
 22     | AI-2672
 23     | CV-2737
 24     | FH-2801
 25     | HU-2866
 26     | IS-7026
 27     | MS-2994
 28     | NR-7155
 29     | RS-3124
 30     | UE-3188
 30     | WR-3253
 31     | ZE-3318
 32     | BR-3383
 33     | CP-7543
 34     | GP-3511
 35     | HN-7671
 36     | JZ-7735
 37     | LO-3640
 38     | OB-3705
 39     | OZ-7865
 40     | TA-3834
 41     | TY-7994
 42     | XZ-3963
 43     | YY-8124
 44     | BL-8189
 45     | DY-0062
 46     | GL-0127
 47     | GM-0128
 48     | IZ-0193
 49     | LM-0258
 50     | ML-4419


  I liked this ending spoiler because it told me what the game was 
about, given that I'd bought just the cartridge used with no 

End of FAQ proper



1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 1/10/2003 with all rooms written up, general 
stuff and ending spoiler to follow but the walkthrough is complete.
0.5.0 sent to GameFAQs 1/9/2003 as a placemark with half the 
levels(43/85 rooms) written up(I feel accomplished enough with this) and 
text maps written. Full walkthrough in a few days.


 Thanks to the usual gang that writes and gives serious meaningful 
content to GameFAQs and encourages me to do the same. Alphabetically: 
bloomer, daremo, falsehead, MaxH, RetroFreak, and others I've probably 

half.com for offering this cheap through a vendor.
bgb emulator which allowed me to try many different things and also not 
to worry about the controls.
Broderbund, Doug Smith, and whoever thought up some of these puzzles. 
There were some good ones!

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