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Reviewed: 01/27/03 | Updated: 07/26/03

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...

I had to put something I find direly annoying as a tagline for this game, so I figured why not put it along the lines of the game itself. Now as I was about to say…I did enjoy some games based on movies, which were few and far between though. After recently watching the movie, “A Hunt for Red October,” I found an old game for the movie in a bargain bin at my local video game retailer. I paid for the game and thought, if the movie was decent, the game version of it should be all right. My guess was wrong and as usual and the game is utter crap. It is a tad bit better than some other games based on T.V. shows or movies like the multiple Rugrats video games that I have had to endure from my little brother. The game does provide a good adaptation of the movie. The story and sound are the main highlights of the game. The graphics and gameplay are major pieces of utter crap. You can probably tell this game isn’t going to have a load of replay value either. I’d recommend this only for people who enjoy naval warfare games (there aren’t many of those though.) Also note that the game is brief and you can’t say much about it though. I didn’t really have great expectations for it anyway.

Story-7/10- The story is taken from the first few seconds of the game and goes as follows: “On November 12, 1984, approximately four months, before Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev took office after the death of the previous dictator, a Russian Typhoon class submarine surfaced in the Atlantic just North of the island of Bermuda. Strangely enough, the submarine sank in some extremely deep water after an immense radiation leakage. There were unconfirmed reports that the people on the sub were rescued. According to Soviet and American governments, nothing you are about to see ever happened….” The story goes excellently with the movie, but the game doesn’t really go with it though. The story is one of the few decent prospects of this game. I grant it a seven. The game could be based on the story

Graphics- 5/10- Everyone knows you can’t put amazing graphics on to a Gameboy. The game is really lacking in the graphics department even though the game was published in 1991. Even for an early Gameboy game, the graphics still lack compared to a game like Mario: Land of the Six Golden Coins. The colors are your basic green, black, and white old-school Gameboyish sort. You can pick out the submarine you controlling from the sub you are trying to defeat. The terrain could have been done a lot better, considering it merely looks like a bunch of rocks jumbled together. And you’ll know you can’t go a damn bit higher because the water is darker than the sky. There isn’t much to the graphics and could have been done better. It deserves a five at best.

Sound-6.5/10- Decent music, but the sound effects are lacking.

Music-7/10- The music in this game is rather good, but by today’s standards it’s utter crap. I’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt. The opening theme is rather catchy, and suits the abysmal mood you’ll be in while playing it rather nicely. While playing the game, you’ll notice that the music is the same theme the entire way and it can get very annoying and repetitive. I personally think it suits
the game. I’ll give the music a seven. Excellent music, but it is annoying and repetitive bringing it down to a seven. Rather deserving of a game in that age.

Sound FX-6/10- The sound effects come close in this game and had all of the greatest potential. The typing sounds of the opening are pretty basic and decently presented. That would be extremely annoying if it repeated over and over again. The sounds during this game are, again, basic and don’t change much throughout the entire game. This results in the game being the ultimate piece of crap in repetition. The game deserves a six in sound effects. Lacking, but what is presented is decent.

Gameplay- 3/10- The gameplay in this game is complete and utter crap, and enjoyable for about 5 minutes at a time. This is the type of game that had the potential to have an arcade mode or free game mode, but it only turns out a story mode. The story mode is rather repetitive and all you really do in it is shoot down rival submarines and boats that are at the surface. You can’t say much about this game. It’s really just a side scrolling naval warfare game. Control is hard at first and takes a lot of time to get used to. You have to figure which buttons shoots torpedoes as so on and so forth. The game itself it pretty damn hard. There are no customizable options or anything like that and the difficulty cannot be altered. The game deserves about a 3. It would be all right if the control was easier, difficulty settings were present, and if the game was a lot easier even if there were difficulty settings.

Rent, Buy, or Screw All Together- Screw All Together- This game isn’t worth playing. If you’re interested in it though, you may be able to find it cheap or be able to borrow it. It isn’t worth tracking down all together.

Replay Value-1/10- It’s like roller skating while pulling a cart full of bricks. Why would you play it again?

-The story follows the movie.
Everything else.

GameFAQS Score-4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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