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Reviewed: 08/24/01 | Updated: 03/01/03

Now for a review of an Atari style Game Boy game.

OK, I've played a lot of games that didn't really have what one would call a complex storyline. Just try any Atari game if you want an example of such a game. The Game Boy also released one of those types of games that I know of, Heiankyou Alien, (must be something Japanese). From the title though, you can guess that it does have something to do with aliens. It's a fun game.
Control 10-10. Very easy to learn. Move with the D-pad. pause with Start, and attack with A and B. The only difference between this game's control and that of most atari games is that it's got more buttons than an Atari joystick.
Audio 6-10. There were few sound effects and few tunes. The intro theme, the level complete theme and the game over are my favorites. The three level themes however, can get a little annoying..well.the first two can. The third one's cool, the best one in my opinion. The SFX are rudementary, with sounds for when you dig a hole and cover it up, sounds for when you die, when an alien falls into a hole, and when you successfully bury an alien. The game has two modes of play, New and Old. Old mode has no music and different SFX, which are pretty cool.
Story ???? Well, you're a guy out to get rid of an alien army, whom you see preparing to invade in the intro. You see the ship land and the aliens come out. Each level sets you up with three or four aliens, whom you defeat by burying. You have to dig a hole for the alien to fall into, then bury him. You also have to avoid the aliens while trying to get them to fall into your trap. You may also have to move quickly once you do corner an alien. Sometimes they'll escape on their own, but sometimes they'll be rescued by their comrades, especially when you're on a level where there are four aliens and you've just cornered your first one. There's more. In Old mode, if you take too long, the aliens will call reinforcements. This makes it nearly impossible to pass a level. I know, because I've found myself in that situation myself. I've heard there's a two-player mode to this game but I don't know for sure.
Overall 9-10. Fun, even without a complicated story. If the gameplay's good and the audio doesn't make you want to break the game, then who cares if it's not a groundbreaking title. I like pointless kill-'em-quick games as long as they don't hurt your ears with bad music and sound or keep you dying with bad control. And as I said, only the first two level songs really got annoying to me. WHile the intro theme could get a little annoying it still was cool.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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