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Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Updated: 12/21/2010

 _____ _          
|_   _| |__   ___ 
  | | | '_ \ / _ \
  | | | | | |  __/
  |_| |_| |_|\___|
 _____ _ _           _                        
|  ___| (_)_ __  ___| |_ ___  _ __   ___  ___ 
| |_  | | | '_ \/ __| __/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \/ __|
|  _| | | | | | \__ \ || (_) | | | |  __/\__ \
|_|   |_|_|_| |_|___/\__\___/|_| |_|\___||___/

 _  ___               ____            _    
| |/ (_)_ __   __ _  |  _ \ ___   ___| | __
| ' /| | '_ \ / _` | | |_) / _ \ / __| |/ /
| . \| | | | | (_| | |  _ < (_) | (__|   < 
|_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, | |_| \_\___/ \___|_|\_\
|_   _| __ ___  __ _ ___ _   _ _ __ ___ 
  | || '__/ _ \/ _` / __| | | | '__/ _ \
  | || | |  __/ (_| \__ \ |_| | | |  __/
  |_||_|  \___|\__,_|___/\__,_|_|  \___|

 ___     _                 _ 
|_ _|___| | __ _ _ __   __| |
 | |/ __| |/ _` | '_ \ / _` |
 | |\__ \ | (_| | | | | (_| |
|___|___/_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|

 ___       _                 _            _   _             
|_ _|_ __ | |_ _ __ ___   __| |_   _  ___| |_(_) ___  _ __  
 | || '_ \| __| '__/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ __| __| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
 | || | | | |_| | | (_) | (_| | |_| | (__| |_| | (_) | | | |
|___|_| |_|\__|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__,_|\___|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|


Hey guys, Bkstunt here doing a walkthrough on the gameboy game The Flinstones:
King Rock Treasure Island.

Being one of the longest-running cartoon shows, it's only natural that a few
Flinstones games were released, especially during the beginning of the video
game era. 

This is also an effort to help out the GameBoy FAQ Completion Project located
at Gamefaqs.com, which is a project designed to have a FAQ for every gameboy
game released. If you feel like helping, go over to the contributor boards at
gamefaqs and help out!

Also, this guide was written rather quickly and probably won't see any
updates barring any HUGE piece of info I missed, which is doubtful. Since
it's a habit though, here's my email (Y'know, in case you want to send a
lovely "Thank You" email or something). 

Gregorio31 @ gmail . com

- Table of Contents -

Stage 1:   -------[FL-1]
Stage 2:   -------[FL-2]
Stage 3:   -------[FL-3]
Stage 4:   -------[FL-4]
Stage 5:   -------[FL-5]
Stage 6:   -------[FL-6]
Stage 7:   -------[FL-7]

Credits:   -------[FL-CRE]


While working at the rock quarry, Fred happens upon a treasure map. Carved in
stone. Since his wedding anniversery is coming up, Fred decides to skip work
and go find the treasure.

Before heading out, he says goodbye to his wife as well as Barney and his
wife. No one seems concerned that he's blowing off his work responsibilities
or that at that very moment the children aren't being watched...

Ok, yeah, not a very good "story", but I guess it gives us a reason to do a
little platform gaming, right guys?

At the bottom of the screen is your status bar. You'll have hearts to the
left, your score in the middle, and your continues (lifes) to the right.

You can collect a variety of items in the stage to gain points (such as stone
wheels and Gizmo icons). Also, Gizmo sucks, and that's a fact. Collecting
enough of them though will gain you an extra life.

Your axe's DON'T kill thinks. Well, at least not right away. In fact they stun
enemies on the first hit, and kill them on the second. This is on purpose of
course, as you are often required to use stuned enemies as platforms to cross

Some items are found under cans, which an axe can reveal.

Some places in the stage have bones which spawn animals. These are usually
done if you can't jump high enough for something and need a stunned animal
to reach it.

Stage 1: Bedrock

Get used to the simple controls here then head right. Soon you'll see one of
those animal-spawning skulls. Use one of the rabbits here to get up the ledge
to the right. Keep going past the spikes and stand on the skull to descend
downwards where you'll find a sleeping bronto. These bubbles can hold your
weight, up don't use them yet. Let them build up first and form a platform
leading upwards, then you can use them to jump up and right.

Here head right and find a Dino Icon under one of the drums. Getting one of
these things will let you ride Dino! This is actually a godsend, as Dino jumps
MUCH higher than Fred and your axes now go straight ahead instead of arch.

Use Dino to go further right, and watch out for the flying dino's with rocks.
Head down the skull. Watch out for the flying dino, but get up to the higher
ledge to get all the items. You can find some more items further on as well.
Make sure you keep dino though, you want him!

Soon you'll see a rather large gap. There's some flying dino's here that you
can stun and use to get over. Go down the steps further on to meet this
stage's boss.

Boss: Fire Dino

This guy will stay on the right, spitting out a stream of fire like a
flame-thrower. With Dino on your side this fight couldn't be easier, just
stay on the left and pelt him with axes. Jump past him to complete the stage.

Stage 2: Desert Rock

This level, as its name suggests, is desert themed. In the start you can nab
some items by freezing the enemies in place and using them as stepping stools.
The snakes here come up out of the sand, fyi.

Keep going to the right. Don't attempt to go down the quicksand though, as it
will just kill you. Further on you can use an armadillo to reach a bunch of
Gizmo icons. Keep on going and you'll see some crazy spinning dino's bobbing
in and out of the sand. Just jump over them and continue on. You'll cross
some pyramids further on, but be careful of the spikes that go up and down.
You'll see a lot of these further on as you ride the sand, so be careful
about your timing.

Keep going on and you'll see a bone-bridge. You need to jump across this thing
as it tries to fall out on you. THEN you'll come to some sand spots that
require you to jump all the time, as they try to take you to the gap on each
side. Evil. Don't worry about the Gizmo icons, survival is more important, so
kill the snakes and get out of this evil spot.

Further on you'll get a Dino icon, right near the end of the level sign.
However with Dino you can reach the ledges above you and travel leftwards.
That's kind-of a bad idea though, as it just leads to those higher Gizmo
icons. You can collect them easier with Dino for another 1-up.

Stage 3: Car Stage

This stage has you riding your car, which must hurt Fred's feet.
Here you can speed things up by pressing forwards or slow them down by
pressing backwards. There is also a TON of wheels and Gizmo icons in this
level. I got two 1-ups in this level alone.

There are some things to note though. Flaming balls rain down from time to
time, so time your car to miss them. There's also plenty of gaps to jump over.

That's about all there is to this level. Avoid the dropping items, gather
items, and jump over gaps. Slow down if you need more time and drive  your
way to the end.

After the level, Fred will approach the harbor (I laughed at the trademark
in the middle of the game), but an explosion will rock the treasure map out of
Fred's car. A guy named Igorstone (a mad scientist) will nab it. And so to get
his map back, Fred will have to board the ship.

Stage 4: Dark Ship

This level doesn't look much like a ship, but does have some interesting
music. Go to the right and use the robot to get the Dino icon for some early
mobility. The ropes in here have enemies going along them, but you can walk on
them too. There's also some items in the upper left.

Keep heading to the right and you'll find a lot of items. The ufo looking
thing shoots lightning diagonlly, FYI. Grab the items and go past the house.
Use your axes to throw at the right wall past the house and you'll uncover a
secret area that leads to a TON of Gizmo icons, virtually guaranting you a
1-up. Go down to get more items and the exit back to the ship.

Jump upwards and enter the house. Here make your way through the can-filled
house and exit to the right. Here you have to use the fish to make a path to
continue. Does this twice, but after the second set jump as you move forwards
to avoid the dino that shoots out water. Jump over him and take the exit above

Make sure to keep DINO for this part, since you'll want him. Go up the line
and drop down, killing the fish. You can also kill the cannon if you wish.
A bit further on is a cannon that's up a vine. This one is HARD to kill,
especially with Dino, but you can do it if you take a hit-and-run strategy.
Past that go to the end and you'll see a open house. Above the house is a
higher ledge with some items. Now go into the house and work your way up to
end the stage.

After the stage you'll confront Igor-whatever his name is. He'll apologize
and ask you not to destroy his ship. TOO LATE OLD MAN, I AM FRED THE DESTROYER
you will bow before me!

And with that we're on the sea bottom...

Stage 5: Sea Bottom

This area is pretty easy, and introduces a lot of new aquatic animals since,
ya'know, you can breath underwater now. The spikes here hurt too, of course.
You can also find a Dino icon shortly into the stage, but the spikes in the
upcoming tunnels make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get Dino through (seriously I
got him through, but it was like after 10 tries).

Keep going up the ledges and move to the right. Here go down the hole to the
far right and you'll see what looks like a giant turtle come up. This thing
will give you a platform to go down on. There's also a lot of cans with Gizmo
icons here to grab, but don't sacrifice your life for them!

Head to the right and use the monsters to get up higher. Here you'll see
water streams that push you back, so you have to jump as far as you can to
make these upcoming jumps. At the end, break away the upper portion of the
wall (above the spikes) to uncover another secret room.

Get the Gizmo icons directly before you first as the ledges are too high here
to go back up, then get everything else and take the exit door. Head to the
right now, which is a huge gap that you must cross by freezing the crawfish
in place. This one takes a bit of skill to do, but isn't too hard. Past that
is a water stream which is impossible to take Dino across.

Keep going to be taken up by the giant turtle thing again, but this time
you'll have to pay for your ride... in blood!

Boss: Giant Turtle Dino

This guy stays to the right of the screen and moves in and out. He doesn't
attack you directly, but he does summon rocks to try and hurt you. His rocks
do one of two things: they either roll along the ground or bounce up and down.
Pretty easy to dodge. In fact, they alternate patterns, so you even know what
pattern to expect.

With that in mind, hit him with your axes when you can. He'll go down, but
stay on the left as he'll come back. Nothing changes this time, so down him
again, but again stay on the the left as he'll come back again. Down him one
more time to end the fight.

After the fight you'll be at Treasure-Rock Island. 

Stage 6: Car Stage 2

This level is very similar to Stage 3. Once again, speed things up by pressing
forwards or slow them down by pressing backwards. You'll also have to deal
with falling items and gaps again, of course. And be sure to grab all the
items along the way.

The only thing different to note here is that when you see palm trees, there
will often be a huge gap coming up. To jump these you need to speed things up
and do a LONG jump. Seriously, if you don't speed things up you will die.

Also at the very end of the level is a dino that you need to cross. You can
stand on his back and his head to cross him.

Stage 7: King Rock Castle

This place is kind of like a haunted castle, with many new enemies such as
skelton faces and monsters (be careful, the faces can shoot out fire and the
monsters can shoot out rocks). Continue on the path and you'll see some
armadillo's hanging up. Be careful, as these things act like Thomps from the
Mario series (They'll try to crush you). Continue on and avoid the giant scary
face that comes bouncing down (weird...). Keep going up and to the left, using
a monster to get up the ledge and grab the Dino icon. Now go into the door on
the left.

This next area has no enemies, and you can either go down if you don't have
Dino, or break the wall to the right if you do. Either way, follow the path
down and take the left exit. In the next area continue to the right (use the
skulls) and head upwards. Here a small dino will try and break the ground
underneath you, but this is fairly easy to avoid (especially with Dino).

In the next room continue to the left, using the skulls to make platforms over
the gaps. In the room after that you'll have to again use the skulls to
continue upwards to this stage's exit. If you still have Dino here you can
jump up to the upper ledge by the exit for a bunch of Gizmo icons.

This exit leads to a boss fight!

Boss: Flying Skull

This skull, like most of the bosses in this game, is a one-trick pony. All he
does is float around back and forth and will occasionally spawn a gem up above
that homes in on your last location. Meaning that it's EASY to dodge these
gems just by walking in a different direction.

He'll do this a few times and then descend back into the bones below. While
he's doing this is THE time to get him. You can throw a TON of axes at him
while he's at your level and this will stun him and keep him in place, letting
you pelt him over and over.

Do this three times, as he'll come back up (kind of like the turtle from
earlier). Except that he'll come up a fourth time, but a few more axes will
put him away for good.

After you beat him, you'll get a wand that grants any wish and go back home.
Instead of using it to grant himself wealth or anything else that can last for
awhile, he'll use it to make a huge chunk of meat appear.

And with that, congrats on beating The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island.


Gamefaqs Gameboy Completion Project for providing the motivation. No way I
would have done this without that! This time I'll also thank tequila! Yummy!


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Hey everyone, BK here. I hope you enjoyed the guide or review you just read! I always try to make it feel like we're playing together!

Feel free to come hang out with me at Facebook.com/Bkstunt and say hello!