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Central City is Under Siege!

The Scarlet Speedster has his hands full! Gamgs of cutthroats, rogues and maniacs have launched an all out assault on Central City. Shooting wildly in high speed chases with the authorities, these bandits threaten to take control. Only the super speed to The Flash can halt the mayhem and bring these criminals to justice.

Which mysterious super villain has united all of Central City's underworld into an unstoppable army? Race through dark alleyways, gloomy dockyards and a chemical warehouse to find out! Will The Flash discover which arch nemesis is up to his old tricks before it's too late?

-Super speed gives The Flash rapid fire attacks.
-Dodge bombs, bullets and poisonous gas with in credible speed.
-All the action and intensity of the TV Series!

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#128 lowest rated GB action game (#221 on GB, #11677 overall)


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#50 hardest GB action game (#115 on GB, #3944 overall)


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#32 shortest GB action game (#59 on GB, #3446 overall)


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