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Trash Can Bug Guide by PrimalSeptimus

Version: New | Updated: 06/07/07

Sep's Top Tier Trash Can Bug Guide
Final Fantasy Legend II
prime7 at gmail dot com

00. Intro
If you've read any of my other guides, you should know that I'm not into verbose
introductions. If you haven't, you know now.

I'm well aware that there is already another trash can bug FAQ on GameFAQs right
now, but it's terribly outdated, and I've learned information that is not 
currently in any other FAQ on this (or any other) site. Rather than bug the 
author about something he wrote nearly five years ago, I thought I would just
write one myself. So let's get to it.

01. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
Yeah, I don't really care who uses this, but please let me know if you want to
post it somewhere. And if you intend to use this for profit, I want a cut.

In the interest of brevity, I will refer to the player with male pronouns. If
you're a female and are offended by this, get over yourself.

All the data in this document were either found myself or built upon the info
found in some of the other FAQs on GameFAQs.

02. Version History
Barring any major mistakes or updates, this is pretty much the final version.

03. Contents
Search by number.
 -00. Intro
 -01. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
 -02. Version History
 -03. Contents
 -04. The Trash Can Bug
 -05. When Can I Use the Trash Can? / What Does the Trash Can Do?
 -06. How Many Times Can I Use the Trash Can?
 -07. The Nasty Bug
 -08. Fixing the MAGI Counter (Emulators only)
 -09. Frequently Asked Questions
 -10. Closing

04. The Trash Can Bug
If you open the ITEM menu in your pause menu and scroll all the way to the
bottom, you may notice that there's a trash can. Its intended purpose is for
the player to dispose of unwanted items in his inventory. However, for whatever
reason, you are able to use the trash can as an item at certain times, for a
certain amount of uses. You've probably read some faux explanations, or you
probably don't care, but when you can use the trash can depends on how many
total MAGI you have in your possession.

Even stranger is that, with each use of your trashcan, you will lose a Power
MAGI (and always Power MAGI), although sometimes you can use it more times than
the total amount of Power MAGI you have. Your lost Power MAGI will NOT be 
deducted from your MAGI total, so you may need to keep track of how many times
you have used the trash can.

After a certain amount of uses (to be detailed later), your MAGI total will
become 99, which will allow you to pass through any door in Sky (WARNING: If you
go to Final Town, you will lose all of your MAGI. You will know if you're about
to enter Final Town because it's the last--or final--destination in Sky). You
will also no longer be able to use the trash can. At this point, if you collect
another MAGI, your MAGI counter will reset to 0, and you can potentially be
forever trapped in whichever world in which you screwed up. I have found a fix
for this problem if you're playing on certain emulators, but you should still
probably try to avoid this if you can.

05. When Can I Use the Trash Can? / What Does the Trash Can Do?
Like I said earlier, you can only use the trash can at certain times, and it
depends on how many MAGI you have in your possession. Here's a table of when you
can use it and to what effect.

MAGI / Effect
29 / Cure
30 / Cure
31 / ? (maybe Body?)
32 / Eyedrop
36 / X-Cure
47 / Heal Staff
67 / Power
68 / Speed

So, realistically, you would probably only care about 67 and 68 for the STR and
AGI boosts.

06. How Many Times Can I Use the Trash Can?
Here's where it gets complicated. The number of times you can use the trash can
is variable. This is where all the other FAQs disagree with what determines the
number of uses, but they're pretty much all wrong. What determines how many 
times you can use the trash can is not only which MAGI you equip but also the
order with which they are equipped, and the number of usages you get will always
be a multiple of 8 which cannot exceed 72.

You can divide up your uses between characters and effects (meaning that you can
give one character some uses of Power and another some Speed and then another
some more Speed and then your first again some Speed). The division does not
have to be equal, and any use that gives you a "Nothing Happened" dialogue won't
count toward your total usage.

I haven't tested every combination of MAGI (because there are a lot), but I'm
guessing that you only really care about getting the full 72 usages of Power and
Speed, so here's the permutation that worked for me:

 1. Prism
 2. Speed
 3. Aegis
 4. Power
Remember that ORDER ABSOLUTELY DOES MATTER. If you equip the same MAGI but in a
different order, you'll end up with either 24 or 40 uses.

07. The Nasty Bug
Okay, so by this point, you've probably used up your 72 uses of Power and Speed,
and you're going through the Nasty Dungeon. Well, I found a very nasty bug 
(which I think can occur anywhere, but I found it in the Nasty Dungeon). Anyway,
it turns out that, if you have a full item queue and then receive an item from
battle, your MAGI counter gets screwed up. Mine dropped from 99 to 45 and left
me unable to access the next world. Be very wary of this bug; if you're playing
on the actual cartridge, it will screw you, and there is no way to fix it.

08. Fixing the MAGI Counter (Emulators only)
As of this writing, there are currently no known Game Genie or Gameshark codes
that will modify your MAGI counter, and, let's face it, with the game being 16
years old, there probably won't be any. If you screw up your MAGI counter while
playing the actual cartridge, sorry. Hopefully you have a save that isn't too
far behind. If you're playing on one of several Gameboy emulators (the ones that
won't work with this fix are the exception, to my knowledge), you'll have a shot
at fixing your counter through HEX editing.

Here's what you'll need to do:

 1. Download SMYGB and create a save state.
 2. Download Hex Workshop.
 3. Open the .mgb file.
 4. Edit the last two digits of offset 55CBD to read 44 (this is hex for 68).
 5. Save the file.
 6. Load your state in SMYGB.
 7. Save the game.
 8. Continue to play using whatever emulator you were using before.

If you have trouble understanding all this, try reading the Save State Hacking
Guide on GameFAQs. It should tell you pretty much everything you'll need to
know, short of the actual MAGI counter offset, which I have found for you.

09. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I beat this boss/area/whatever?
A: Read a FAQ that covers it.

Q: Why do you write out your email address the way you do?
A: I don't want bots to spam my inbox.

Q: What are the other combinations of MAGI for 72 uses?
A: I don't know. I only found one and wrote it down.

Q: Are you sure you know what causes The Nasty Bug?
A: No. I think that might be it, but I can't say for sure. If you find the real
   cause for the bug, feel free to email me. If it's been 5 years since I've 
   updated this guide at that time, you should probably write your own guide.
Q: Can I use another emulator for HEX editing?
A: Probably. You'll have to find your own offsets, though. While game saves 
   tend to be interchangeable with most GB emulators I've found, save states
   usually aren't. You can probably save yourself some time by just using
Q: Where can I download the ROM for this game?
A: You figure that one out. Be sure you own a copy of the actual game.

Q: Do you own an actual copy of the game, you pirate bastard?
A: Yes, I do. Get off my case about it.

10. Closing
Looks like we're done. Thanks to all the people whose work I used for research.

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