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    Translation Differences FAQ by Gouki of Borg

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/08/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. General Differences
    IV. Name Changes
         a. Characters
         b. Character Classes
         c. Items
         d. MAGI/Hihou
         e. Weapons
         f. Spells
         g. Armor
         h. Monsters
         i. Monster/Esper skills
         j. Jukebox Tracks
    V. Closing Remarks
    I. Introduction
    In December 1990, Squaresoft released an RPG for the Gameboy titled
    "SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu", which roughly translates to "SaGa 2: Legend of
    the Relics". This was the sequel to Makaitoushi SaGa ("Demon World Tower
    SaGa), released on Gameboy a year earlier in 1989. Later releases in the
    series include the Japan-only Romancing SaGas (Super Nintendo),
    SaGa Frontier and SaGa Frontier 2 for Playstation, and Unlimited SaGa
    for Playstation 2. SaGa 2 came to US shores in October 1991, but under a
    different title. Like its predecessor, it was renamed, becoming "Final
    Fantasy Legend II" to cash in on the more well-known Final Fantasy title.
    This explains why the FFL games are so different in gameplay from the
    mainstream FF series-they weren't FF games to begin with. And as is usually
    the case with the translation of games from Japanese to English, the US
    version ended up with some subtle but interesting differences from the
    original Japanese. This FAQ is here to document those differences.
    A remake of SaGa 2 for the Nintendo DS is slated for release in September
    For translations of some key scenes from the game, check out Niahak's
    excellent walkthrough FAQ.
    But first, a word of warning: I strongly recommend you complete the
    game before reading on, as there are blatant spoilers ahead. Then again, the
    game is
    over 13 years old, and I'm pretty sure most of the people interested in this
    kind of information have already beaten the game multiple times. I thought
    I'd mention it just in case.
    II. Version History
    Version 1.0 (4/10/04)
    First release. Other than a few names I couldn't translate and the
    Monster/Esper skill list, the FAQ is complete. One or two updates will
    probably be forthcoming after that if I get any new information, or if
    anyone can help me out with the few translations I was stuck on.
    Version 1.5 (7/27/09)
    Bit of a time gap there, eh? Added everything missing from the
    initial release, most notably Esper/Monster skills. Made some important
    additions and corrections. Changed the format a bit so notes get their own
    column for easy reference. Now this thing is actually finished.
    Version 2.0 (8/4/09)
    The "extra column for notes" format ends up making the file too wide,
    so I've gone back to footnotes. The good news is, tags are provided so
    you can jump right to the corrosponding note with CTRL+F. A number of
    romanization errors were brought to my attention, and those have also
    been fixed. A few additions/corrections, including the enemy Moaner
    originally being "Mourn Blade" and background information for the enemy
    Storm Bringer.
    III. General Differences
    	Gameplay-wise, SaGa 2 and FFL2 are identical. If there are any
    differences in that area, I have yet to find them. The only differences
    are a few graphic changes and a ton of character/item/enemy name changes.
    Some general differences:
    -MAGI is called Hihou, or Relics.
    -GP is called Kero
    -The Cafes are called Pubs, and the Cafe's coffee cup sign is instead a
    simple sign that reads 'PUB'. Note that this is the same sign found on the
    Pubs in FFL.
    -Because the Japanese writing system allows you to write more in less space
    (for example, Katana takes only three characters to write in Japanese but six
    in English), the full names for items are written out and there are no icons
    telling you what type of item it is.
    -What little swearing existed in the Japanese version was removed in
    -The whole plot with Dad and Lynn was oddly translated in FFL2. The reason
    your hero is upset upon finding Dad at Lynn's house after defeating Dunatis
    is because (s)he overhears Lynn's mother referring to Lynn as "your daughter"
    when talking to Dad. Your character concludes that Dad had simply walked
    out on your mother all those years ago, and the real reason he couldn't come
    home was
    because he was having an affair with Lynn's mother. Of course, we later find
    out that Dad was just acting as Lynn's father while her real dad was away
    on a mission. This explains the main character's awkward silence when you
    find Dad in the Guardian's base, and why Dad says, "...we'll talk about it
    later" when you hit the B button with him in your party. The main character's
    guilt following Dad's apparent death ("I was so harsh to him...") is over
    the fact that (s)he doubted his/her father's integrity. It seems like they
    tried to convey all this in the US version, but due to the awkward
    translation job and Nintendo's desire to avoid the whole 'affair' aspect,
    that subplot comes off as unclear in the version we got.
    -Taro/Ronin is portrayed as a man of few words in the Japanese version,
    particularly before he reveals that he is a Guardian. (He talks in brief
    sentences...with many ellipses...)
    -Remember the student in Taro/Ronin's classroom in Edo who says something
    like "HELLO, I AM LEARNING TO SPEAK ENGLISH"? In the Japanese version,
    he says "Purisu donto purei disu geimu" in katakana, which means, if you
    say it aloud, "Please don't play this game" in English. Reverse psychology,
    -I'm sure everyone saw this one coming. The bananas being smuggled into Edo
    were originally opium. Further proof that Nintendo's censorship can produce
    some strange results. The translators apparently intended for this to be
    ridiculous, since one townsperson in Edo actually wonders why Bananas would
    be illegal.
    -In the ending of the NA version, the hero and family set out to find the
    Lost Ark. In the original, they went searching for the Three Imperial
    Treasures (the sword, the mirror, and the jewel). An appropriate bit of
    localization, given Dad's has-to-be-intentional resemblance to Indiana Jones.
    Their cameo therefore makes more sense in the Japanese SaGa 3, where the
    three items needed to forge the Kusanagi Sword (translated as Emperor Sword
    in FFL3) are the Three Imperial Treasures (they give you the "sword").
    IV. Name Changes
    a. Characters
    FFL2            SaGa 2             Trans
    -----           -------            ------
    Mr. S           Sensei             Teacher
    Ki              KAI                Kai
    Mask            Fukumen            Mask
    Lynn            RIN                Lynn/Lin
    Dad             Chichioya          Dad
    Hana            Otama              Otama
    Taro            ROONIN             Ronin
    Isis            Megami             Goddess
    Flora   	ORIBIA             Olivia
    Nills   	YURIUSU            Julius
    Leon    	ANTONII            Antony
    Kame    	Denpachi           Denpachi
    b. Character Classes
    FFL2            SaGa 2             Trans
    ------          ------             ------
    Human M         Ningen Otoko       Human Man
    Human F         Ningen Onna        Human Woman
    Mutant M        ESUPAABOI          Esper Boy
    Mutant F        ESUPAAGYAARU       Esper Girl
    Robot           MEKA               Mech
    Slime           SURAIMU            Slime
    Baby-D          MINIDORAGON        Minidragon
    Imp             Tsukaima           Servant Demon/Familiar
    c. Items
    FFL2            SaGa 2             Trans
    -----           ------             ------
    Cure            POOSHON            Potion
    X-Cure          HAIPOOSHON         Hi Potion
    Elixier         ERIKUSAA           Elixer
    Eyedrop         Megusuri           Eyedrop
    Curse           Juujika            Cross
    Soft            Kin no Hari        Gold Needle
    Body            Karada no Moto     Body Source
    Power           Chikara no Moto    Power Source
    Speed           Subayasa no Moto   Agility Source
    Magic           Maryoku no Moto    Magic Source
    Door            DOA                Door
    Selfix          Jikoshuufuku       Self Repair
    Speedup         Kasokussouchi      Accelerator
    Tent            KOTEJI             Cottage
    Micron          Chiisakunaare      "Let's Become Small" [Credit: Niahak]
    Key             Gesui no Kagi      Sewer Key
    d. MAGI/Hihou
    FFL2            SaGa 2             Trans
    -----           -------            ------
    Power          Chikara no MAGI    Power Magi
    Speed          Tsubayasa no MAGI  Agility Magi
    Mana           Maryoku no MAGI    Magic Magi
    Defense        Bougyo no MAGI     Defense Magi
    Fire           Honoo no MAGI      Flame Magi
    Thunder        Inadzuma no MAGI   Thunder Magi
    Ice            Kaori no MAGI      Ice Magi
    Poison         Doku no MAGI       Poison Magi
    Prism          Seirei no Kagami   Spirit Mirror
    TrueEye        Shinjitsu no Me    Eye of Truth
    Aegis          IIJISU no Tate     Aegis Shield
    Pegasus        Tenshi no Tsubasa  Angel's Wings
    Masamune       MASAMUNE           Masamune
    Heart          Megami no Shinzou  Goddess' Heart
    e. Weapons
    FFL2           SaGa 2              Trans
    -----          -------             -------
    Long Sword     RONGUSOODO          Long Sword
    Rapier         REIPIA              Rapier
    Battle Sword   Seiryu Tou          Seiryu Sword
    Katana         Katana              Katana
    Sabre          SAABERU             Saber
    Gold Sword     MISURIRUSOODO       Mithril Sword
    Laser Sword    RAITOSEEBA          Lightsaber
    Flame Sword    FUREIMUSOODO        Flame Sword
    Ice Sword      AISUBURANDO         Ice Brand
    Coral Sword    Sango no Tsurugi    Coral Sword
    Dragon Sword   DORAGONSOODO        Dragon Sword
    Defend Sword   DEIFENDAA           Defender
    Sun Sword      SANBUREIDO          Sun Blade
    Xcaliber       EKUSUKARIBAA        Excaliber
    Glass Sword    GURASUSOODO         Glass Sword
    Muramas        Muramasa            Muramasa [weap1]
    Revenge Sword  Urami no Tsurugi    Grudge Sword
    Vampic Sword   BURADOSOODO         Blood Sword
    Seven Sword    Shichishi Tou       Seven-Branched Sword [weap2]
    Axe            BATORUAKUSU         Battle Axe
    Ogre Axe       OOGAKIRAA           Ogre Killer
    Thunder Axe    SANDAAAKUSU         Thunder Axe
    Rune Axe       RUUNAKUSU           Rune Axe
    Psi Sword      SAIKOSOODO          Psycho Sword
    Whip           MUCHI               Whip
    Blitz Whip     Dengiki MUCHI       Electric Shock Whip
    Psi Dagger     SAIKODAGAA          Psycho Dagger
    Catclaw        NEKO no TSUME       Cat Claw
    Bow            Yumi                Bow
    Gold Bow       MISURIRU no Yumi    Mithril Bow
    Samurai Bow    Yoichi no Yumi      Yoichi's Bow
    Colt           DERINJA             Derringer
    Stungun        SUTANGAN            Stungun
    Musket         Hinawaju            Matchlock
    SMG            SABUMACHINGAN       Submachine Gun
    Magnum         44MAGUNAMU          .44 Magnum
    Fire Gun       Kaenhoushaki        Flamethrower
    Psi Gun        SAIKOGAN            Psycho GUn
    Laser Gun      BIIMURAIFURU        Beam Rifle
    Bazooka        BAZUUKA             Bazooka
    Tank           REPARUTO2           Leopard 2 [weap3]
    Vulcan Cannon  BARUKAN Hou         Vulcan Cannon
    Missile        MISAIRU             Missile
    Hyper Cannon   Hadou Hou           Wave Cannon
    Gungnir Spear  GANGUNIRU no YARI   Gungnir Spear
    Hammer         BATORUHAMAA         Battle Hammer
    Sypha          Jitte               Jitte [weap4]
    Abacus         Aku no Soroban      Abacus of Evil
    Chainsaw       CHEENSOO            Chainsaw
    Rocket         ROKKETOPANCHI       Rocket Punch
    Coin           Nagesen             Coin Throw [weap5]
    Grenade        Shuryuudan          Hand Grenade
    NukeBomb       Kakubakudan         Nuclear Bomb
    Punch          PANCHI              Punch
    Kick           KIKKU               Kick
    Headbut        Sandanduki          Triple Strike
    Counter        KUROSUKAUNTAA       Cross Counter
    Temptat        Nagashime           Flirtatious Glance
    X-Kick         Tobihizageri        Jumping Knee Kick
    Jyudo          YAMAARASHI          Yama Arashi [weap6]
    Karate         Jigoku Guruma       Jigoku Guruma [weap7]
    Mage Staff     Majutsu no Tsue     Sorcery Staff
    Wizard Staff   Madoushi no Tsue    Wizard's Staff
    Heal Staff     Iyashi no Tsue      Healing Staff
    [weap1]: The Muramasa is a sword forged by a skilled but insane
    blacksmith. His bloodlust is said to have been imparted to the sword.
    [weap2]: The Seven-Branched sword is a Japanese national treasure. It is
    a sword with six branch-like protrusions from the main blade, most likely
    used for ceremonial purposes. It is currently housed in the Isonokami Shrine
    in the Nara Prefucture.
    [weap3]: Leopard 2 is a type of German tank.
    [weap4]: A jitte is a truncheon-like weapon used by police in the Edo
    period. In this case it is a reference to fictional Edo detective Zenigata
    Heiji, who used such a weapon. The coins that appear in its attack animation
    are also a Zenigata reference - see below.
    [weap5]: The coin throw is a reference to fictional Edo detective Zenigata
    Heiji, who caught criminals by throwing coins at them.
    [weap6]: Lit. "Mountain Storm", a shoulder throw in Judo.
    [weap7]: Lit. "Hell Wheel", a Judo throw in which one grabs the opponent,
    rolls onto their back, and throws. Ryu and Ken use this in Street Fighter.
    f. Spells
    FFL2           SaGa 2              Trans
    -----          -------             ------
    Fire Book      FAIA no Sho         Fire Book
    Thunder Book   SANDAA no Sho       Thunder Book
    Ice Book       BURIZADO no Sho     Blizzard Book
    Fog Book       KURAUDA no Sho      Clouder Book
    Sleep Book     SURIPU no Sho       Sleepel Book
    Prayer Book    Nenbutsu no Hon     Prayer Book
    Stone Book     BUREIKU no Sho      Break Book
    Death Book     DESU no Sho         Death Book
    Cure Book      KEARU no Sho        Cure Book
    Flare Book     FUREA no Sho        Flare Book
    g. Armor
    FFL2           SaGa 2             Trans
    ----           ------             -----
    Bronze Helm    BURONZU Kabuto     Bronze Helmet
    Silver Helm    GOORUDO Kabuto     Gold Helmet
    Gold Helm      MISURIRU Kabuto    Mithril Helmet
    Army Helm      ARAI no METTO      Arai Helm [arm1]
    Giant Helm     Kyojin no Kabuto   Giant's Helmet
    Dragon Helm    SAAKURETTO         Circlet
    Bronze Armor   BURONZUAAMAA       Bronze Armor
    Silver Armor   GOORUDOAAMAA       Gold Armor
    Gold Armor     MISURIRUAAMAA      Mithril Armor
    Kimono         Kimono             Kimono
    Army Armor     AAMAABESUTO        Armor Vest
    Giant Armor    Kyojin AAMAA       Giant Armor
    Battle Armor   BATORUSUUTSU       Battle Suit
    Arthur Armor   Kanu no Yoroi      Guan Yu's Armor [arm2]
    Parasuit       PAWAADOSUUTSU      Powered Suit
    Bronze Glove   BURONZU no Kote    Bronze Gauntlet
    Silver Glove   GOORUDO no Kote    Gold Gauntlet
    Gold Glove     MISURIRU no Kote   Mithril Gauntlet
    Giant Glove    Kyojin no Kote     Giant's Gauntlet
    Ninja Glove    Genji no Kote      Genji's Gauntlet
    Bronze Shield  BURONZU no Tate    Bronze Shield
    Silver Shield  GOORUDO no Tate    Gold Shield
    Gold Shield    MISURIRU no Tate   Mithril Shield
    Flame Shield   Honoo no Tate      Flame Shield
    Ice Shield     AISUSHIIRUDO       Ice Shield
    Samurai Shld   Shirahadori        Shirahadori [arm3]
    Dragon Shield  DORAGON no Tate    Dragon Shield
    Geta Shoes     Tetsu Geta         Iron Geta [arm4]
    Hermes Shoes   ERUMESU no Kutsu   Hermes' Shoes
    Hecate Shoes   Koumei no Kutsu    Kong Ming's Shoes [arm5]
    [arm1]: Arai is a brand of Japanese motorcycle helmet.
    [arm2]: Guan Yu was a general in China's Three Kingdoms period, and a
    paragon of strength and virtue. The comparison to King Arthur is therefore
    appropriate. [Credit: Alex Jackson & Niahak]
    [arm3]: Shiradori is a technique in which one catches the opponent's blade
    between their hands.
    [arm4]: Geta are large wooden Japanese sandals.
    [arm5]: AKA Zhuge Liang, Kong Ming was another figure from the Three
    Kingdoms period. Folklore associates him with Taoism-based magic powers,
    such as summoning the wind. He is roughly analagous to Merlin.
    [Credit: Alex Jackson & Niahak] Hecate, on the other hand, was a Greek
    "mother goddess" who is considered in modern times to be a goddess of
    h. Monsters
    FFL2            SaGa 2            Trans
    ----            -------           ------
    Fungus          Enokimodoki       Enokimodoki [mons1]
    Mushroom        Shiitakemodoki    Shiitake
    Champgno        Shimejimodoki     Shimejimodoki
    Shiitake        Maitakemodoki     Maitakemodoki
    Toadstol        Matsutakemodoki   Matsutakemodoki
    Flower          Jinmenka          Jinmenka [mons2]
    P-Flower        Doku no Hana      Poison Flower
    F-Flower        FAIAFURAWA        Fire Flower
    Sunplant        SANFURAWA         Sunflower
    DarkRose        BURAKKUROOZU      Black Rose
    MapleMan        RAIBUOOKU         Live Oak
    LiveOrk         SEKOIA            Sequoia
    EvilPine        TORENTO           Treant
    MadCedar        Joumonsugi        Joumon Cedar [mons3]
    Treant          YUGUDORASHIRU     Yggdrasil
    Pebble          PEBURU            Pebble
    Cobble          SUTOON            Stone
    Boulder         ROKKU             Rock
    Rock            BOORUDAA          Boulder
    Earth           AASU              Earth
    Woodman         Bokujin           Woodman
    Clayman         Nendojin          Clayman
    Stoneman        SUTOONGOOREMU     Stone Golem
    Ironman         Tetsujin          Iron Man
    Mazin           Daimajin          Daimajin [mons4]
    Hofud           DURANDAARU        Durandal [mons5]
    Gae Bolg        KARADOBORUGU      Caladbolg [mons5]
    Answerer        ANSARAA           Answerer [mons5]
    Moaner          MOONBUREEDO       Mourn Blade [mons5]
    Kusanagi        SUTOOMBURINGU     Storm Bring [mons5]
    Slime           GURIINSURAIMU     Green Slime
    Jelly           IEROOJERII        Yellow Jelly
    Tororo          Ao Tororo         Blue Tororo [mons6]
    Pudding         BURAKKUPURIN      Black Pudding
    SlimeGod        SUUPAASURAIMU     Super Slime
    Worm            MIMIZU            Earthworm
    P-Worm          Doku MIMIZU       Poison Earthworm
    LavaWorm        RAABAUOOMU        Lava Worm
    Sandworm        SANDOUOOMU        Sand Worm
    Giga Worm       ABISUUOUMU        Abyss Worm
    Big Eye         Oo Medama         Big Eye
    Gazer           GEIZAA            Gazer
    Watcher         UOCHYA            Watcher
    Evil Eye        IIBURUAI          Evil Eye
    Beholder        BIHOORUDAA        Beholder
    Spider          Ashinagagumo      Orb Weaver
    P-Spider        Doku Gumo         Poison SPider
    Tarantla        TARANCHURA        Tarantula
    F-Spider        Gyuuki            Gyuuki [mons7]
    Arachne         ARAKUNI           Arachne
    Beetle          Oo Kabutomushi    Big Beetle
    Chafer          Koganemushi       Scarab Beetle
    Antlion         ARI Jigoku        Antlion
    C-Fisher        Makai KUWAGATA    Demonworld Stag Beetle
    Scarab          SUKARABE          Scarab
    Moth            Dokuga            Poison Moth
    Swallow         Kyuuketsu Ogheha  Bloodsucking Swallowtail
    FireMoth        FAIAMOSU          Fire Moth
    Gloom           Meikai no Chou    Hades Butterfly
    Madame          MADAMUBATAFURAI   Madame Butterfly [mons8]
    Octupus         Odori TAKO        Dancing Octopus
    Amoeba          Amefurashi        Sea Hare
    Ammonite        ANMONAITSU        Ammonite
    Squid           Daiou IKA         Great King Squid
    Kraken          KURAAKEN          Kraken
    Barracud        BARAKUUDA         Barracuda
    Piranha         PIRANIA           Piranha
    Shark           HANMAAHEDDO       Hammerhead
    Gunfish         GANFISSHU         Gunfish
    Leviathn        RIBAIASAN         Leviathan
    Crab            Yashi GANI        Coconut Crab
    Hermit          Yadokarin         Hermit Crab
    Ice Crab        AISUROBUSUTAA     Ice Lobster
    KingCrab        KINGUKURABU       King Crab
    Dagon           DAGON             Dagon [mons9]
    Toad            Gama              Toad
    P-Toad          Doku Gaeru        Poison Frog
    Hugetoad        Shiroku no Gama   Black & White Toad [mons10]
    GianToad        CHINWASEN         Qing Wa Shen [mons11]
    KingToad        HEKATO            Hequet [mons12]
    Snake           Aodaishou         Japanese Rat Snake
    Serpent         SAIDOWAINDA       Sidewinder
    Anaconda        Orochi            Orochi [mons13]
    Hydra           HIDORA            Hydra
    Jorgandr        YORUMUNGANDARU    Jormungander [mons14]
    Tortoise        Kame              Turtle
    Turtle          RANDOTAATORU      Land Turtle
    Adamant         ADAMANTAIMAI      Adamant Shell
    D-Turtle        DORAGONTAATORU    Dragon Turtle
    Gen-Bu          Genbu             Genbu [mons15]
    Lizard          Sanshouuo         Salamander
    Cameleon        KAMEREON          Chameleon
    Komodo          KOMODODORAGON     Komodo Dragon
    Salamand        SARAMANDAA        Salamander
    Basilisk        BASHIRISUKU       Basilisk
    Rhino           RAINOSAURUSU      Rhinoceros
    Triceras        TORAIKERATOPUSU   Triceratops
    Dinosaur        SUTEGOSAURUSU     Stegosaurus
    T Rex           TIRANOSAURUSU     Tyrannosaurus
    Behemoth        BEHIIMOSU         Behemoth
    Baby-D          BEBIIDORAGON      Baby Dragon
    Young-D         DORAGONKIDDO      Dragon Kid
    Dragon          YANGUDORAGON      Young Dragon
    Great-D         GUREETODORAGON    Great Dragon
    Sei-Ryu         Seiryuu           Seiryuu [mons15]
    Babywyrm        RAMUFORINKUSU     Ramphoryncus [mons16]
    WyrmKid         PUTERANODON       Pteranodon
    Wyvern          WAIBAAN           Wyvern
    Wyrm            UIRUMU            Wyrm
    FengLung        FENRUN            Feng Lung [mons17]
    Eagle           DAIBUIIGURU       Dive Eagle
    Thunder         SANDAABAADO       Thunder Bird
    Cocatris        KOKATORISU        Cockatrice
    Roc             ROKKU Chou        Roc
    Su-Zaku         Suzaku            Suzaku [mons15]
    Raven           REIBUN            Raven
    Harpy           HAAPII            Harpy
    Ten-Gu          Karasu Tengu      Karasu Tengu [mons18]
    Garuda          GARUUDA           Garuda
    Nike            NIKE              Nike
    Jaguar          JAGAA             Jaguar
    SaberCat        SAABERUTAIGAA     Saber Tiger
    SnowCat         SUNOOKATTO        Snow Cat
    BlackCat        Kuro Neko         Black Cat
    Byak-Ko         Byakko            Byakko [mons15]
    Silver          SHIRUBAA          Silver
    Kelpie          AHA ISHUKE        Each Uisge [mons19]
    Nitemare        NAITOMEA          Nightmare
    Sleipnir        SUREIPUNIRU       Sleipnir
    Unicorn         YUNIKOON          Unicorn
    Griffon         GURIFON           Griffin
    Mantcore        MANTIKOA          Manticore
    Chimera         KIMERA            Chimera
    Sphinx          SUFINKUSU         Sphinx
    Kirin           Kirin             Kirin
    Fly             HAE Otoko         Fly Man
    Hornet          HACHI Onna        Bee Woman
    Mosquito        MOSUKIITO         Mosquito
    Cicada          SEMI Ningen       Human Cicada
    Mantis          MANTISKINGU       Mantis King
    Wererat         Nezumi Otoko      Rat Man
    Werewolf        WEAUORUFU         Werewolf
    Catwoman        NEKO Musume       Cat Girl
    Rakshasa        RAKUSHAASA        Rakshasa
    Anubis          ANUBISU           Anubis
    Medusa          MEDUUSA           Medusa
    Lamia           RAMIA             Lamia
    Naga            NAAGA             Naga
    Scylla          SUKIRAA           Scylla
    Lilith          MARIRISU          Marilith
    Goblin          GOBURIN           Goblin
    Oni             Oni               Oni
    Ogre            OOGA              Ogre
    Giant           Kyojin            Giant
    Susano-O        Susanoo           Susanoo [mons20]
    Fiend           Koakuma           Little Devil
    Mephisto        Akuma             Devil
    Demon           Daiakuma          Great Devil
    Demoload        DEMONROODO        Demon Lord
    Athtalot        ASUTAROOTO        Astaroth
    Sprite          SUPURAITO         Sprite
    Fairy           FEARII            Faery
    Nymph           NINFU             Nymph
    Sylph           SHIRUFU           Sylph
    Titania         TAITANIA          Titania
    Skeleton        Gaikotsu          Skeleton
    Red Bone        REDDOBOON         Red Bone
    Warrior         Gaikotsu Senshi   Skeleton Soldier
    BoneKing        DESUNAITO         Death Knight
    Lich            RICCHI            Lich
    Zombie          ZONBI             Zombie
    Ghoul           GUURU             Ghoul
    Ghast           GASUTO            Ghast
    Wight           WAITO             Wight
    Revnant         REBUNANTO         Revenant
    O-Bake          Obake             Spirit/Ghost
    Phantom         FANTOMU           Phantom
    Wraith          REISU             Wraith
    Spector         SUPEKUTAA         Specter
    Ghost           GOOSUTO           Ghost
    Asigaru         Ashigaru          Ashigaru [mons21]
    Samurai         Samurai           Samurai
    Ninja           Ninja             Ninja
    Musashi         Musashi           Musashi [mons22]
    Hatamoto        Tenchuu Gumi      Heaven's Wrath Gang
    Gang            Goutou            Robber
    Wh. Belt        Karateka          Karateka
    Killer          Satsujinki        Killer
    Bl. Belt        Tsukumo           Tsukumo [mons23]
    TianLung        TIENRUN           Tien Lung [mons24]
    Trooper         GAADO             Guard
    Guard           NAITO             Knight
    Knight          PARADIN           Paladin
    Paladin         ZIIKUFURIITO      Siegfried
    Fenrir          FENRISUUORUFU     Fenris Wolf
    Terorist        TERORISUTO        Terrorist
    Mercenar        Youhei            Mercenary
    Commando        KOMANDOO          Commando
    SS              Shinetai          Bodyguard
    Echigoya        Echigoya          Echigoya
    Conjurer        Majutsu Minarai   Magic Apprentice
    Magician        Majutsushi        Magician
    Sorcerer        Madoushi          Wizard
    Wizard          GANDARUFU         Gandalf
    ROBO-28         28 Gou            Number 28
    ROBO-Z          ZETTO             Zed
    Ridean          RAIDEN            Raiden
    G-7             JIISEBUN          G-7
    Dunatis         Yama no Kami      Mountain God
    MechBug         BIITORU           Beetle
    Hawk            SHUPIIGERU        Spiegel
    Falcon          HOOKU             Hawk
    Intercept       INTAASEPUTAA      Interceptor
    Plasma          Hakkekkyuu        White Blood Cell
    Phagocygt       MAKUROFAAJI       Macrophage
    Corpuscl        KYANSAASERU       Cancer Cell
    Cancer          Hitokui AMEEBA    Flesh-Eating Ameba
    Grippe          HONKON Biigata    Hong Kong Type B [mons25]
    Virus           Naze no Byouki    Mystery Disease
    Pathogen        Kyodai UIRUSU     Huge Virus
    Plague          SAIBAAUIRUSU      Cyber Virus
    Haniwa          Haniwa            Haniwa [mons26]
    Dolphin         Shachihoko        Shachihoko [mons27]
    OdinCrow        OODIN Karasu      Odin Crow [mons28]
    Warmach         DESUMASHIIN       Death Machine
    Ashura          ASHURA            Ashura
    Venus           BIINASU           Venus
    Sho-Gun         Shogun            Shogun
    Magnate         Oogosho           Magnate
    Odin            OODIN             Odin
    Minion        APORON no Shimobe   Servant of Apollo
    Apollo          APORON            Apollo [mons28]
    Arsenal         Bouei SHISTEMU    Defense System
    [mons1]: Each of the mushroom-type enemies are named after various varieties
    of Japanese mushroom in the Japanese version. I won't bore you with the
    specifics, you can look up images if you're curious.
    [mons2]: Jinmenka is a fruit with a human face.
    [mons3]: Joumonsugi is a giant, millenias-old tree on the Japanese island
    of Yakushima.
    [mons4]: Daimajin is a golem-like living statue from Kimiyoshi Yasuda's
    "Daimajin" movie trilogy.
    [mons5]: The sword-type enemies are all named after legendary swords from
            -Hofud: Sword of Heimdal (Norse)
            -Durandal: Sword of Roland (Song of Roland)
            -Gae Bolg: Spear of Cuchulainn (Celtic)
            -Caladbolg: Sword of Fergus Mac Roich (Celtic)
            -Answerer: Aka Fragarach, sword of Manannan Mac Lir (Irish)
            -Mourn Blade: Yrkoon's demonic sword, counterpart of Storm Bringer
            (Michael Moorcock's books)
            -Kusanagi: One of Japan's Imperial Treasures, a sword found in the
            fourth tail of Yamata no Orochi when it was slain by Susanoo.
            -Storm Bring: Aka Storm Bringer, a demon in the form of a huge
            black sword. Wielded by Elric of Melnibone.
            (Michael Moorcock's books)
    [mons6]: Tororo is a dish of pureed yams.
    [mons7]: Gyuuki is a Japanese demon sometimes depicted as having the body
    of a spider.
    [mons8]: A reference to the opera by Giacamo Puccini.
    [mons9]: One interpretation of the Semitic god Dagon portrays him as a
    fish god, partly because of the Hebrew word "dag", which means "fish".
    [mons10]: A particular type of Japanese toad with four toes on its front
    feet and six on its back feet. [Credit: Pokeeiyu]
    [mons11]: Qing Wa Shen is "Frog God" in Chinese.
    [mons12]: Hequet is a frog-headed goddess of fertility in Egyptian
    [mons13]: Or Yamato no Orochi, an eight-headed serpent of Japanese myth,
    slain by Susanoo.
    [mons14]: Jormundander, aka Midgardsormr, is a gigantic serpent that coils
    the world. He is a son of Loki.
    [mons15]: These four monsters are a reference to the Ssu-Ling of Chinese
              -Genbu: The Black Tortise, represents North/Water/Winter
              -Seiryuu: The Azure Dragon, represents East/Wood/Spring
              -Byakko: The White Tiger, represents West/Metal/Autumn
              -Suzaku: The Vermillion Bird, represents South/Fire/Summer
    [mons16]: A ramphoryncus is a prehistoric creature similar to a pterodactyl
    with a spade-shaped tail.
    [mons17]: Feng Lung means "Wind Dragon" in Chinese.
    [mons18]: Karasu (Crow) Tengu specifically refers to the bird-like variety of
    Tengu, as they are portrayed in a variety of different forms.
    [mons19]: Both Kelpie and Each Uisge are "water horses" from Celtic myth.
    Basically, they trick people into climbing onto them; the victim sticks to
    the horse's back and drowns when it runs into a river or lake.
    [mons20]: Susanoo is the hot-blooded brother of Amaterasu, and the slayer of
    the eight-headed serpent, Yamata no Orochi.
    [mons21]: Ashigaru were the Shogun's personal army in Japan's Muromachi
    [mons22]: Miyamoto Musashi was a famed Japanese swordsman.
    [mons23]: Tsukumo is the only references I'm not sure about. Pokeeiyuu
    suggests it might mean "many wins".
    [mons24]: Tien Lung means "Heavenly Dragon" in Chinese.
    [mons25]: Grippe means flu in Spanish/German. Hong Kong Type B is a
    particular strain of influenza.
    [mons26]: Haniwa are clay figures often placed on tombs in Japan's Kofun
    period. Cactuars from the Final Fantasy series are also modeled after
    [mons27]: Shachihoko are mythical Japanese creatures with the head of a
    tiger and the body of a carp, featured on the tops of many temples and
    castles in the hope that they will bring rain.
    [mons28]: For the record, Odin's two crows are named Huugin (Thought) and
    Muugin (Memory).
    [mons29]: Although APORON is the Japanese spelling of the Greco-Roman god
    Apollo, it's been suggested that it may refer to the fallen angel Apollyon.
    i. Monster/Esper Skills
    FFL2            SaGa2             Trans
    ----            -----             ------
    Tusk            Kiba              Fang/Tusk
    Nail            Tsume             claw/Nail
    Bash            Taiatari          Body Blow/Ramming
    Tongue          Shita             Tongue
    Punch           PANCHI            Punch
    Kick            KIKKU             Kick
    Horn            Tsuno             Horn
    Thorn           Ibara             Thorn
    Sword           Tsurugi           Sword
    Head            Zutsuki           Heabutt
    Tail            Shippo            Tail
    Pincer          HASAMI            Pincer
    Fin             Hire              Fin
    Tentacl         Shokusu           Tentacle
    W-Pincer        2tsu no Hasami    Double Pincer
    W-Attack        2kai Kougeki      Double Attack
    4-Heads         4tsu no Kubi      4 Heads
    8-Legs          Shokushu8         8 Tentacles
    Touch           DOREINTACCHI      Drain Touch
    Saw             Nokogiri          Saw
    Dissolve        Tokasu            Dissolve/Melt
    Absorb          Chiwosuu          Bloodsuck
    Cure            KEARU             Cure
    Defense         Bougyo            Defense
    Shell           Kamegoura         Shell
    Shell           Kara ni Hairu     Retract into Shell
    Mirror          SAIKOMIRAA        Psycho Mirror
    Counter         KAUNTAA           Counter
    Burning         Sawaru to Yakedo  Touch and Burn
    2-Swords        2touryuu          2 Sword Style
    2-Tusks         2hon no Kiba      2 Fangs
    3-Heads         3tsu no Atama     3 Heads
    3-Horns         3bon no Tsuno     3 Horns
    6-Arms          6pon no Ude       6 Punch Arms
    Critical        KURITIKARU        Critical
    Axe             ONO               Axe
    Honey           Mitsu             Honey
    Heal            Kaifukurinpun     Recovery Scales
    Life Potion    Seimei no Shizuku  Life Drop (of water)
    W-Kick          DABURUKIKKU       Double Kick
    ParaNail        MAHI Tsume        Paralysis Claw
    WindUp          Katamitsuku       Coil Around
    Tie Up          Makitsuku         Entwine
    Breath          Hanaiki           Nose Breath
    Poison          Dokubari          Stinger
    Poison          Doku no Kiba      Poison Fang
    P-Skin          Sawaru to Doku    Touch and Poison
    ParaSkin        Sawaru to Sekika  Touch and Stone
    Thunder         SANDAA            Thunder
    Fire            FAIA              Fire
    Flame           Honoo             Flame
    Gas             Dokugiri          Poison Mist
    Blizzard        Reiki             Cold air
    Lightning       Inadzuma          Lightning
    Beam            Hakai Kousen      Destruction Beam
    P-Blast         SAIKOBURASUTO     Psycho Blast
    Dispel          Joubutsu          Rest in Peace
    D-Beam          Sastujin BIIMU    Killer Beam
    Heat            Netsu             Fever
    ComVirus        SHISUTEMU Hakai   System Destruction
    Squirt          Mizudeppou        Squirt Gun
    SunBurst        SANBAASUTO        Sunburst
    SleepGas        Nemuri no Kona    Sleep Powder
    Sleep           SURIPURU          Sleepel
    StonGaze        Sekika Nirami     Stone Gaze
    Stone           BUREIKU           Break
    StoneGas        Sekika GASU       Stone Gas
    FatalGas        DESU no Kona      Death Powder
    X-Gaze          DESU Nirami       Death Gaze
    Erase           DESU              Death
    Blind           Metsubushi        Blinder [skil1]
    Flash           FURASSHUAI        Flash Eye
    Ink             Sumi              Ink
    Poison          Doku no Kona      Poison Powder
    Gaze            Noroi no Me       Curse Eye
    Charm           Yuuwaku           Temptation/Seduction
    Hypnosis        HYUPUNOSHISU      Hypnosis
    Sand            Sunajigoku        Sand Hell
    Cobweb          Kumo Ito          Spider Thread
    Blitz           Dengeki           Electric Shock
    Drain           Chikawa wo Ubau   Power Snatch
    Stench          Akushuu           Stench
    Mirror          Kagebunshin       Kagebunshin [skil2]
    Tornado         Tatsumaki         Tornado
    Quake           Jishin            Quake
    Whirl           Uzushio           Whirling Tides
    Flare           FUREA             Flare
    Steal           Nusumu            Steal
    Explode         Jibaku            Explode/Self-Destruct
    Acid            Sanseiu           Acid Rain
    Riddle          Nazonazo          Riddle
    CursSong        Noroi no Uta      Curse Song
    MadSong         Yuuwaku no Uta    Seduction Song
    Surprise        Fuiuchi           Surprise Attack
    Warning         Keikai            Vigilance
    Multiply        Zoushoku          Multiply
    Teleport        TEREPOOTO         Teleport
    Heal            Chiryou           Medical Treatment
    Poison          Dokuso            Toxin
    Smasher!        MEGASUMASSHU      Mega Smash
    Smasher!        SUTAASUMASHHIA    Star Smasher
    [skil1]: I.e., something like sand thrown in the opponent's eyes to blind
    [skil2]: Lit. "Shadow Double", a ninja technique of creating copies of
    j. Jukebox Tracks
    Note: The Japanese version's song names are the same as the ones used on the
    "All Sounds of SaGa" soundtrack.
    FFL2                  SaGa 2            Trans
    ----		      ------		------
    Burning Blood         Moeru Chishio            Burning Blood
    Eat the Meat!         IITO ZA MIITO            Eat the Meat
    Watch Out!            Aa!!                     Ah!!
    Let it Begin          Densetsu ha Hajimaru    The Legend Begins
    Another World         Ten no Hashira          Pillar of Sky
    Wandering Shadow      Samayoeru Tamashii      Wandering Spirit
    Aspiration            Atarashikikami no TEMA  Theme of the New God
    Heroic Tune           Yuusha no TEMA          Hero Theme
    Mother Earth          Yasuragi no Daichi      Peaceful Earth
    Don't Give up!        NEBAA GIBUAPPU          Never Give Up
    The Legacy            Hihou wa Motomete       Searching for the Secret Treasure
    Mysterious Thing      Hihou no Naze           Mystery of the Secret Treasure
    Deep in the Dark      Yami no Hazamade        Valley of Darkness
    Heartful Tears        Namida wa Fuite         Dry Those Tears
    Critical Hit!!        Hissatsu no Ichigeki    Lethal Strike
    Dreadful Fight        Shitou no Hateni        To the End of the Battle to the
    Save the World        SEIBU ZA WOORUDO        Save the World
    V. Closing Remarks
    I hope you've enjoyed this FAQ. The SaGa series unfortunately does not get the
    attention it deserves, but it has a small cult following that might find this
    information interesting. As I said before, any help on the translations  marked
    with an asterik (*) would be greatly appreciated. I encourage you to spread
    this data around; you can reproduce it anywhere you want as long as I am
    Some links I found incredibly useful:
    Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server: This is the best Japanese
    translation site I've come across on the web so far. I could not have done
    these translations without it.
    Pledge of Bahamut: A Japanese site providing a side-by-side comparison of SaGa
    2 and FFL2, for Japanese players who are curious about the English version. Its
    listings of the Japanese names made my job infinitely easier. There are also
    comparisons for the other two Gameboy SaGas and Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy
    Adventure. I may do similar translation FAQs for those games in good time.
    Thanks go to the FFL2 board on Gamefaqs, who provided much-appreciated input
    and support.
    Questions? Comments? Contributions? E-mail me: unlimited_justice@yahoo.com
    SaGa 2, Final Fantasy Legend II, and all related names are copyright 1990/1991
    Squaresoft. This document is copyright 2004 Frank Force, aka Gouki of Borg.

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