Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 04/24/07

This Game is a Menace

Here we go again with another bad game boy game. It's only going to be a matter of time before I give up on them. I keep looking and playing patiently, until one day I will just give up. I have found a few good ones, but the bad seems to out weight the good by far. Anyway this is about Dennis the Menace. We all know him from his comic strips, cartoons and that one cool movie he has made. A lot of children or teenagers can relate to this character. He is truly fun, but not in this video game.

Lets start out by saying continues. Developing Companies need to put continue options in video games, or a password of some short. If I only have time to play for an hour or two, what happens to all my played data? I lose it then you want me to redo all of it all over again? Yeah-right come on people get with the program. The second problem, crazy short time limits. You only going to give me ONE minute to finish the level? I don't even know where to look or go in this game. I got nothing against time limits, but make them reasonable, but one minute for one level? By the time I figure out what to do or how the game is set up, I'm dead, then you going to make me redo the whole level all over again, and make me rush threw it. What else more can I say this alone is the start of some thing bad, very bad that is.

This is just the beginning there are more bad things to come out of this game. The movement is very bad. When you jump, it is delayed, then out of control. For example if your trying to jump up on a ledge you might over jump it, or miss it trying to push back the other way. Sorry guys, but this is very frustrating. What's the deal with this water gun, or popgun he has? All it does is shoot, but nothing dies, why even bother giving it to him. Maybe it kills something 5% of the time. Sorry again this makes no sense to me. I don't want to say any thing else about the game play, cause I think I already said enough.

Primitive, just pure primitive graphics. If this was better, you might make a sacrifice and play it a while, or vise a versa. But when you have the game play, and the graphics both bad, there really is much more for you do do but put the game down, and move on. Even the early 90 's had better character detailed then this. Sorry guys it looks like they tried to make big bucks off a famous cartoon character or comic strip character. The creator of Dennis the Menace should of had stepped in and put his foot down, but he didn't and we the game players paid the price for it.

Since this game had no reviews, I felt obligated to write one. If a video game has lots of reviews, I don't bother with it. Usually all the popular games and good games everyone plays and everyone wants to write one. But a game like this when you see zero stuff about it, It makes you wonder. I have no idea how many levels it has, or how far I can get it to it. I have lost interested in it real fast. It's hard for me to give a game a number over five if I don't care enough to play it anymore. My finally words are, you been warned, play at your own risk.

Rating: 2

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