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FAQ/Walkthrough by GammaBetaAlpha

Updated: 12/22/11

                                  Chuck Rock
                                   Game Boy
            Developer: Core Design Ltd.   Publisher: Sony Imagesoft
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        Basics                      [HELP]
                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]


Down - Crouch
A - Jump
B - Kick, Throw
Down + B - Lets Chuck Pick up an Item
Start - Pauses and Unpauses the game

Basic Gameplay Summary
        Chuck Rock is a basic platforming game in the vein of Super Mario, split
up into four worlds with two to four levels each.

        Chuck Rock lacks the same platforming depth that the Mario 2D series
has, however - each level merely consists of crossing through the usually
straightforward levels, killing off enemies with your basic kicking attack or
throwing a rock at them. In the last area of each world, Chuck will face a
boss battle, where action will switch up from the regular platforming.

        Although ostensibly, there is a points system where points are gathered
by grabbing fruit and killing enemies, there is little usage of it except for
bragging rights.

        The only thing to really note about this game is that Chuck can pick up
rocks and what vaguely appear to be bushes by using the Down + B button
combination. Chuck can throw these at enemies to kill them or drop them down as
a small stepladder, and can reuse these for the most part (you will
occassionally have to throw a rock in a swamp or pool of lava to cross it


Heart - Gives Chuck a small fraction of his life back

Pig's Head - Gives 1000 points, the most valuable points item in the game


World One, Level One
        Take a look at the tree in the background at the start. You should see a
vague outline of a fang-shaped branch. Do not jump under these types of trees.
Instead, walk past the tree. Wait for a bird to come, then jump up and hit it
with the B button.

        Jump onto the nearby cliff, to grab a points item. Slay the enemy here,
then jump onto the next platform for a heart, which will recover your life if
you got hit earlier.

        Walk to your left, and press down plus the B button, next to the very
first tree on the lower ground. Your avatar will pick up a grass bush. Walk
right, and avoid the nuts being thrown out of the trees. At the end, drop the
bush down on the ground next to the cliff wall, then pick up the rock using the
down plus B button combination again. Jump onto the bush, then over the cliff
wall. Drop the boulder, then jump onto the high platform to your left for a
heart and a pigs head, which will give you a lot of points.

        Walk right on the higher ground now, and jumped onto a small island
platform. Make sure to avoid touching the swamp, as this will damage your
character. take out several enemies on the next stretch of land, and make sure
to grab the heart from underneath the tree. Hop onto the flower petal, and wait
for it to take you across the swamp.

        Leap off the flower, then continue right across progressively higher
ground until you get onto a long stretch of land. Continue right to finish the

World One, Level Two
        Take out the enemy nearby right away. Walk forward, pick up the boulder,
then throw it at the bird enemy. Eliminate another foe, then fall down the side
of your platform. head up right killing off several enemies on the way. When you
see a bird flying out from the right side of the screen,turn around and start
jumping left and up the various island platforms. At the left top-most platform,
examine the bird for it to activate. Jump into its embrace, and wait for it to
carry you across part of the level. Drop down, head right and kill another
enemy, and grab yourself a heart piece.

        Fall down to the ground, then look around for a bush to grab. Head right
and you should see another object with an arrow cursor pointing at it. This is a
catapult for all intents and purposes. Stand on the left side, then throw the
Bush at the right side to launch yourself to the high ground. Proceed right to
an enemy and grab a pigs head for some points. Continue right from here to
finish up the level.

World One, Level Three
        Exterminate a couple of foes to start up the level, then continue right
and avoid the enemy rolling in from the right. Jump onto the nearby platform to
your left for some points items, then proceed right again, eliminating some
enemies as you go along. Once you come to the swamp, grab a rock and throw it in
the middle. Jump across the rock before it sinks into the swamp to the opposite

        Grab an item, kill an enemy, then jump onto the flower petal to get
across the swamp. Finish off another enemy, then take the lower ground passage
to grab yourself a pig's head. Move back around to get onto higher ground, and
head out the top to finish the level.

World One, Level Four
        Proceed right and grab a bush off the ground. Stand on the right
catapult, and throw the bush on the right side to launch yourself up to a pig's
head item. Fall back down, then take the bush to the left catapult and launch
yourself up the left side. Jump up a couple times, then take a running leap of
faith to the right. Move up and around to the top of the left side for a heart
piece, then head right onto a longer stretch of ground.

        Move right and take out an enemy, then obtain a pig's head. Drop down
carefully to avoid landing on the bird, then proceed left. Pick up a rock at the
end, then turn around and continue right. Throw the rock into the bushy area,
and jump across it to safety. Continue on, grabbing a heart piece, and slaying a
couple more enemies, until you come to a catapult. pick up the nearby bush, and
use it to propel yourself up. Loop around the island platforms clockwise and
then proceed right at the top until you come to a rhino boss.

Boss: Rhino
        Wait for the rhinoceros to charge left for the first time, then go and
pick up the bush lying on the ground after he has gone back to the right. When
it starts to move left again, throw the bush once he begins to approach you to
stun him. Quickly jump left onto the higher ground again, as he will continue to
go left until he gets to the end before returning right. Pick up the bush again
and throw it at him when he charges to the left side again. Repeat as necessary
until he is finally finished.

World Two, Level One
        Start off by going right and killing the duck foe, they continue on past
the rope ladder thing and slay another enemy. Proceed right again and pick up a
boulder to throw at the enemy moving up and down. Jump up another couple of
platforms to reach the right side while watching go for some more enemies. Once
you get past another rope ladder, jump up the ladder by utilizing a nearby rock
to your right. Jump left up and around the island platforms to grab yourself a
heart piece, then continue up and left to kill another floating enemy. Walk left
again to grab a heart piece, then unfurl a piece of rope and jump into a niche
in the wall to your left for a pig's head.

        Backtrack all the way back to where the roof ladder was, then use the
boulder to jump up onto the right platform. Jump to the right for a pig's head,
then continue on up the top side for a heart and another pig's head. Fall down
to the right to slay a couple of enemies along the ground, then walk out the
right side to finish the level.

World Two, Level Two
        Quickly kill the two enemies at the start, then walk past two mirror-
like objects in the background. Grab a heart piece, then slay another duck and
walk right. Fall down and obtain a pig's head, then head left to obtain a
boulder. Continue right on the top ledge, then jump onto the smaller platform.
Throw the border into the lava, and jump across the rock to get to the other
side safely.

        Eliminate the enemy, then continue across the lava for another pig's
head. Proceed right again and finish off a couple more foes, then continue again
for a heart piece. Jump up a couple of ledges, then grab yourself a bush. Use it
on the nearby catapult to launch yourself up. From the rope ladder, head right
through a swarm of enemies to come a boss fight.

Boss: Walrus
        Quickly jump onto the top platform at the beginning of the battle. Wait
for the walrus to jump onto the left side, then drop to the ground. Once the
walrus comes back down, go forth and kick it to damage and stun it. Quickly
retreat a few steps. If it follows you by crawling, then move towards it and
kick it again before once more retreating. If it leaps at you, however, quickly
use the down button to crouch. When it is on the other side of your avatar
character, turn around to kick it again, and once more retreat, this time to the
opposite end. Repeat kicking and crouching up until the walrus finally dies.

World Three, Level One
        Proceed from the right to kick a couple of enemies, then grab yourself a
boulder off the ground. Continue on right, using the rock to break several foes
into submission. After clearing out the corridor, you should eventually come to
a cliff. Drop the rock here and jump up onto the higher ground, then use the
tusks to launch yourself up into the sky.

        Once you get onto the top ledges, head left to grab yourself a pig's
head and a heart, then return to the right. Pick up some points as you head down
and right along several thin stretches of land, eliminating a few more enemies
along the way, until you finally hit the end of the level.

World Three, Level Two
        Quickly grab a heart from right underneath Chuck's starting position,
then use the boulder nearby to leap up a high ledge. Walk right until you come o
some animal tusks again, and use them to propel yourself up high. Journey around
the platforms clockwise, slaying a couple of monsters at the top end. Continue
right along the top for a pig's head, then drop down to the ground level from

        Make your way eastward along several floating islands, then reverse
direction as you continue to climb, grabbing a heart along your way. Make sure
you time your jump well at the end, then head right for a second pig's head for
some more points. Drop down from here, and proceed right for a heart's piece.
Take the top platform and drop down at the end for another boss battle.

Boss: Sabretooth
        Ugh, this boss is sickeningly easy to fight (apparently in most
versions, you are supposed to have a rock to throw at it, but this fight seems
to be scaled down). Hop down to where it is, and kick it repeatedly. It will
very slowly move forward as it is stunned. As soon as it begins to leap, quickly
crouch. It will jump back into its original position after about a half second,
leaving you enough time to stand up again and kick it some more.

World Four, Level One
        Start off the last world by going right, kicking enemies off-screen,
until you spot a pig's head. Take it, then head up across the top level of
walkways, using the hand-like object as solid ground. Continue right,
eliminating more monsters as you go along, obtaining another pig's head and a
heart piece on the way. At the end of the passageway, use the large trampoline
bag to jump up onto the right cliff.

        From there, head right, slaying more enemies. Take the pig's head and
then head right to finish off the penultimate level.

World Four, Level Two
        Walk along and defeat a couple of enemies through some handy kicking,
then pick up a heart piece from the hole in the ground. Continue right again,
and grab yourself a pig's head, followed by another heart in a second hole in
the ground. Proceed right again along a linear path until you come to a pair of
pig's heads, after which you will face off against the final boss.

Boss: T-Rex
        Quickly hop onto the first platform to your left so that you are about
at mid-level with the T-Rex boss. Once it approaches, jump and kick out at it to
stun it and push it back very slightly. Move back on the ledge until it
approaches again, then repeat Chuck's kicking motion. Continue to redo these
same few steps a couple more times to eliminate the T-Rex.


        I don't really care too much about donations, but if you are feeling
generous, feel free to send one via PayPal to gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT

        Alternatively, if you ever order any items from Amazon.com, go to the
link below. You do not have to buy anything right away, but (if you do not clear
browser cookies often) any items you buy within the next 90 days will count as a
'referral order' to me, meaning I get anywhere from 4-6% as a referral/affiliate
payment of what you ordered (ie. order $100 worth of stuff, I get $4-6 from


        Other than that, considering this FAQ is for an obscure old game, if you
have any other obscure old games that you do not play anymore, consider sending
them to me (I will even pay the shipping cost!). I write FAQs for plenty of
obscure old games with no FAQs, and having a physical copy of the game (and even
better, a manual) is superior to not. You can email me if interested at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

                                 Contact Info

        Although I believe I have found everything there is to find in this
game, there is occasionally the possibility of some super secret level in an
obscure game that was never found because it was too obscure, or the like. If
you have anything that you feel needs to be includes, feel free to email me at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you have any other information to contribute or notice any errors,
again, shoot me a notice at gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you wish to host this guide, or use information from it, consider the
FAQ semi-public domain: you can host it without asking and derive information
from it word-for-word if you wish, but keep the document unchanged if hosting it
and give credit where due if using information


        Credits go to Youtube user Lemmy556, whose Chuck Rock playthrough I
used a couple of times as a reference:


©2011 GammaBetaAlpha FAQs

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