Review by Kain Stryder

Reviewed: 02/10/04

A Fun Little Puzzle Game That'll Keep You Busy.

Well, well, what have we here? At first glance, Catrap sounds odd, does it not? Sounds like you're trying to capture Cats or something. Nah, far from the truth. Catrap is a Puzzle game, which you play Cats that are trapped in a house and must try and escape. So you're in a house and solving Puzzles, right? Well, ok, is it fun and easy or boring and tedious? Let's find out...

Story: From what I can make out, you are a boy and girl who have been cursed and turned into Cats and put inside a house and apparently, the only way to remove this curse is to go through the house's 100 puzzles. Doesn't make much sense in the least, but it's a Puzzle game and I've never actually played one that had a RPG like plot, so, it's ok. At least this is a Puzzle with a story, unlike Tetris, which, don't get me wrong, is a great game, but for a Puzzle to have a story or somewhat of one, hey, it's good.

Rate: 7/10.

Controls: Utterly perfect in every way. It's rather easy to get use to them and with the addition of rewinding time or fast forwarding it in order to correct mistakes you made, you never really can get fed up if you make a mistake, as you can simply undo it instead of totally just restarting, which you can do so, but this saves time and also adds to the gameplay. The D-Pad moves your Cat around, the B Button fast forwards time and the A Button rewinds time, with the Start Button bringing up the Menu, allowing you to Scroll the screen and check the area, Restart the Round completely or Exit and play another Round. Over all, just solid controls for a Puzzle game and no complaints on my part and there should be none on yours, hopefully.

Rate: 10/10.

Graphics: Eh, they're ok. For a game made in 1990, they'll do. I've seen better, but I won't complain. I think they could've added something to the backgrounds at least, since I got tired of seeing nothing but white for the whole game and maybe a little variation of the Enemies, graphics for the sand, rocks, etc. That really would make the game better, in my opinion. As for the Cats and such, they're animated rather nicely, as are all the Enemies you face and everything you see and do is clearly performed and you'll never get lost or confused, since the graphics are crisp, clean and clear.

Though I will admit stuff gets rather old to look at fast, the gameplay does make up for this in every way, especially if you are a huge Puzzle fan. They're your basic 1990 game graphics, so don't expect something that's just mind blowing and/or redefines how graphics are made. Over all, the graphics aren't too bad and for a Puzzle game, they'll do and you shouldn't be let down, even if there isn't much to look at.

Rate: 7/10.

Sound/Music: I've heard better. Much better. Unfortunately, the music is kind of killed due to how loud the sound effects are and there's ALOT of them and it'll get annoying rather fast. Though, the music isn't really that great to begin with. It's all cheery and happy like almost, yet there are Frankensteins and Ghosts everywhere. Ok...anyway, the music is your typical 1990 Gameboy music and it's probably best if you just mute it, since it gets killed thanks to the sound effects every second.

As for the sound, again, it's rather annoying, since you hear that over the music anytime you do anything. Even though the sounds fit and all, you just hear it way too much and they last way too long for my tastes. Maybe if they were toned down a bit and also shortened a bit, it'd fit rather well, but in all fairness, it's nothing special and will probably only annoy you, unless you enjoy old school game music.

Over all, the music isn't THAT bad, but it's also not that good and the sound fits, but it gets annoying rather fast. Stick to your own stuff when you play this, as I'm sure you'll be happy to agree there.

Rate: 5/10.

Game Play: Now this is where the game shines, especially for you Puzzle people out there. Catrap is a Puzzle game with exactly 100 Rounds, as they're called, for you to go through and solve. The best part is you can go and start at ANY Puzzle you want and do anyone of them in any order. So if you get stuck on one and want to come back later, just exit and try another one. Though, the only Round you can't play until you beat all the rest is Round ??. Definitely a plus in my book, as I'm sure if you're playing a game and get stuck and can't continue, it's no fun, but with Catrap, hey, just come back to it later and go try another puzzle.

Another great part is since there's no save feature, which is, yes, bad, there is a Password system, which you can get at any time, so if you want to quit, just grab the Password from the Output Password option on the Main Menu, write it down, then next time you play, go to Input Password and enter it and bam, you're back where you were. So, that definitely makes up for the lack of a save feature. Then there's the question of challenge. Is it hard and such? Yes and no. It's sort of tedious, but with a bit of work and thought, you should easily overcome each of this game's Rounds. It will give you a challenge, that I can say.

Over all, the gameplay is definitely there and will keep the average gamer busy for a while, but the game isn't for everyone, I'm sure. I myself had a rather hard time with it, but once I got into it, I started to breeze through it. With 100 Rounds to go through, your brain will be fried when you're done, but it's all for fun.

Rate: 10/10.

Over All: So, there you have it. Catrap adds up to be a true Puzzle game and will keep you busy for a good while. You have a rather ok story for a Puzzle game, some solid controls and a unique system of solving the Puzzles, thanks to the rewinding and fast forwarding features, pretty good graphics that could use a tad more to them, fairly ok music and annoying sound and then finally, awesome gameplay. What more could you ask in a Puzzle game for this time?

Now, if I had to suggest to you either to rent or buy the game, I'd say buy it. It's a great Puzzle game and even though it's rather old, if you can find it, I'm sure you'll get it for cheap and you'll spending every cent wisely. If you can somehow rent it or borrow it from a friend or something, try that if you're skeptical or can't find it and give it a try, especially if you're a Puzzle nut. Well, what are you waiting for? If you're interested, go and try the game out, cause who knows, you may just love it or perhaps hate it...

Final Rate: 8/10.

Rating: 8

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