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Reviewed: 09/26/07

Get ready to melt your brain and feel good while doing so

Catrap is a Puzzle game developed and released by Asmik. For those who want a game full of great graphics, excellent plot and extremely complicated riddles and so on, forget it! Catrap is actually a very simple puzzle game where your objective is quite simple, but so is Tetris and that didn’t hold it from being a very good and addictive game.

Story: N/A

This game is a 100% puzzle game so there’s no need for an actual plot. Just for the record though, there are 2 girls who where cursed and now have cat ears and tails. In order to cure themselves they have to wipeout all the monsters in all 100 levels of the game.

Graphics: 7/10

Extremely simple but in this case this is an advantage since your eyes won’t be distracted by useless details or be tired by looking at the screen. All Levels contain the same things, some ladders, some simple designed monsters, rocks, 2-3 different textures and a completely white background. The main characters look good even though they have simple design and animation.

Sound: 5/10

The sound section of the game is like its graphics, good and simple, but here there is a BIG problem… the music! God! I just can’t stand listening to Catrap’s music. It’s not that bad, but it is just a 20 second loop that goes on forever and bearing the fact that some stages can last for more than 10 minutes the music can drive you insane. Each cat girl has its own theme but that doesn’t help at all. Just turn it off and put something soothing like Dimmu Borgir or something :).

Gameplay: 9/10

You control a cat girl who can climb, ladders, push stones, dig through dirt and finally kick little monsters. Your objective in each level is to get rid of your screen from those little things that just stand still and patiently wait for your kick. As though the whole thing sounds simple it isn’t! After the first 10 or so levels you’re introduced the mechanics of the game. After these levels and for the next 90 the difficulty constantly rises.

A typical levels is like this, you push a stone into a gap in order to puss to the other side, then you see a floating creature, in order to reach it you’ll have to go up a ladder and push a rock next to it, re-climb the ladder and fall on the stone and kick the enemy, but then you see that there is another creature than in order to reach it you’ll have to put a stone on top of the floating monster and then go on top of the stone and reach. Do I have to restart the level? Hell no! The game has a great feature that saves you from doing the same think over and over again… an undo button! That’s right if you for example push a stone somewhere you didn’t want to you just press that undo button and the time starts going backwards, (something that is quite amusing to watch too when it happens). Of course you can do that as much as you want since there is no limit to this ability.

The above of course was just a simple example of what you’ll have to endure since most levels are extremely complicated and extremely difficult, (especially the final 20 levels). Another great thing is than in some levels that, in my opinion are the best in the game, you control 2 cat girls, meaning that you’ll have to use a little teamwork in order to win. For example in order to climb somewhere where you’ll normally push a stone in order to help you reach someplace you just send one of the cats there and then walk all over her head! Then after that you’ll realize that you’ll have to use your teammate’s head, (literally), once again, so in order to help her reach you, you just push a stone where she is and so on. While playing there is a timer that counts the seconds, minutes and hours that have passed for each level. That’s right people, hours! The harder levels are so hard that after endless tries and great amounts of time you’ll still be far from completing them. The game is the same from the very start to the end. No special items, buttons, elevators, springs, portals, doors and such, just some, ladders, some creatures and lots of pushable rocks. Simple and entertaining…

-Many stages that, gradually become more and more challenging

-Very repetitive music that doesn’t help you think calmly when trying to solve a puzzle

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Overall: 7/10

Catrap is simple, addictive, challenging and has a very clever level design. It will keep you company lots and lots of hours with its great mind-boggling puzzles and simple structure. It’s not a classic game that will leave you with your mouth open but who needs that when you have good gameplay?

Rating: 7

Product Release: Catrap (US, 09/30/90)

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