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Guide and Walkthrough by GammaBetaAlpha

Updated: 08/08/2011

                                   Game Boy
              Developer: Bonsai Entertainment   Publisher: Natsume
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]


        Casper is a mini-games oriented game, with five distinct mini-games and
a sort of puzzle sequence.

        To start the game off, you must do each of the mini-games once, and then
you will move onto the second level. You must repeat the mini-games, and then do
this for a third level, before you go to mini-game #5, and then #6, before
repeating Ooze Runner again.

Protect the Ooze - Far Left Door

D-Pad - Move the crosshairs around
A - Fire where your crosshair is pointed

        This is a basic overhead crosshairs game. Casper's three jerk uncles,
Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie will come out from the top of the screen, aiming to
attack the three containers at the bottom that hold the Ooze. At times, they
will diagonally veer and go wildly off course, and not hit a container at all,
but at other times they will strike with accuracy. Your goal here is to wipe out
the ghosts and prevent them from causing any damage. The game ends either after
a certain amount of time.

        That said, it can get fairly frustrating, as the crosshair is fairly
small and shots sometimes just do not actually connect. You also have to be
right over top of the ghost for it to to hit, so make sure of it before mashing
the A button (but again, hit detection is poor in this mini-game and many timse
you will find a shot will not actually work).

Ooze Runner - Middle Left Door

D-Pad - Move left and right, or to climb up and down ladders

        In this level, you have four floors that Casper can climb up and down.
You will notice four containers of ooze sitting around the level - you must grab
some of them, while avoiding Casper's three uncles, then return to the top and
touch the flag that will appear after grabbing the Ooze. You must also do so
within the time limit. Note that you do not have to grab ALL of them (as
demonstrated in the third level where one is actually impossible to reach). The
ghost in the second from the bottom floor will not actually harm Casper, but you
will lose Ooze (and your high-points score will go down for those of you who

        To maneuver around the uncles, follow behind them to grab ooze once they
walk past it, then run back and climb down a ladder (and go back up and follow
them the other way if there are two buckets of ooze on a floor). In some cases,
a bucket will be right next to a wall - you will have to stick very close behind
Casper's uncle, grab it once his uncle touches the wall, then retreat quickly.
After collecting all the buckets, head up to the top to finish the mini-game.

Return the Books - Middle Right Door

A - Turn into a trampoline (release A to release transformation)
D-Pad - Move left and right

        Here, Fatso will drop books down from a bookshelf. As Casper, you have
to transform into a trampoline by pressing and holding the A button to bounce
the book back into the air. It does not matter from which angle the book bounces
off the trampoline, the book will have a set direction it will bounce in. There
are two different path-routes a book will follow, a short one and a long-one.
The short one will bounce to the left all the way, while the long one will
bounce left, then right, then back left. Fatso will always drop the book at the
right end of the library, so you have until he makes his way back over to bounce
the current one left.

        At the same time, there will occasionally be Ooze on the floor that
appears in vials. To grab this, you cannot be in trampoline form. You must have
a sufficient amount of Ooze in each level to finish the game successfully.

        Once you save about six books (twelve in Level Two and eighteen in Level
Three), the mini-game will end. You lose if you drop three books.

Varying Puzzles - Far Right Door
A - Select an Item
B - Open the Menu
D-Pad - Scroll between items
Select - Reset the puzzle

        This is the only one of the four mini-games that varies between the
levels. However, the general design of the game remains the same: you must pick
out items that are appropriate for the situation that you are currently in to
design a Rube Goldberg-like mechanism using the three ramps.

        Press the B button to go to a menu that will identify each item (because
the godawful sprites can be rather hard to identify). Place these in the ORDER
that the cursor prompts you to (so the left-most, slightly on the wall, then the
top, then the right, then the bottom). After each selection, press the B button
to open the menu - if you were correct, it will indicate at the bottom 'Number
of Correct Items = x'. If you mess up, press Select to reset the mini-game.

        Level One - Rope, A Chicken with Egg, A Curved Track, Egg Cracker
        Level Two - Ordinary Nail, A Bucket, A Bowling Ball, Electric Light,
                    Magnifying Glass, A Candle Holder, Toy Rocket Ship
        Level Three - A Bucket, Funnel, A Bowling Ball, Weight Pan

The Up and At 'Em Machine

D-Pad - Move Kat left and right

        Here, as Casper, you must push Kat left and right in a mining cart to
avoid getting hit by chains and Casper's uncles. Getting Kat hit by a chain will
result in a lost life (you will not actually restart the level however, just
lose a life off of your life count), while the ghosts will cost you Ooze (it
does not affect Casper if he gets hit by either). You lose if you run out of a
significant amount of Ooze as well. After four or five chains, head down to the
right end of the screen to finish the mini-game.

Casper Says

D-Pad - Copy the order of the Ghosts

        This last mini-game is basically a copy of Simon Says. One of the faces
will flash, and you will have to copy it by pressing the D-Pad in that
direction. If a face repeats twice in a row, you must hit the D-Pad twice in
that direction. After you successfully follow the order up to five times, the
game is almost over.

        Afterwards, you must participate in one last Ooze Runner to finish the
game off. You shall then be able to watch the ending sequence for Casper.


        I don't really care too much about donations, but if you are feeling
generous, feel free to send one via PayPal to gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT

        Alternatively, if you ever order any items from Amazon.com, go to the
link below. You do not have to buy anything right away, but (if you do not clear
browser cookies often) any items you buy within the next 90 days will count as a
'referral order' to me, meaning I get anywhere from 4-6% as a referral/affiliate
payment of what you ordered (ie. order $100 worth of stuff, I get $4-6 from


        Other than that, considering this FAQ is for an obscure old game, if you
have any other obscure old games that you do not play anymore, consider sending
them to me (I will even pay the shipping cost!). I write FAQs for plenty of
obscure old games with no FAQs, and having a physical copy of the game (and even
better, a manual) is superior to not. You can email me if interested at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

                                 Contact Info

        Although I believe I have found everything there is to find in this
game, there is occasionally the possibility of some super secret level in an
obscure game that was never found because it was too obscure, or the like. If
you have anything that you feel needs to be includes, feel free to email me at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you have any other information to contribute or notice any errors,
again, shoot me a notice at gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you wish to host this guide, or use information from it, consider the
FAQ semi-public domain: you can host it without asking and derive information
from it word-for-word if you wish, but keep the document unchanged if hosting it
and give credit where due if using information


        Credits go to the Wikipedia page for this game, and whomever edited it,
for helping with understanding what to do in a few spots.


©2011 GammaBetaAlpha FAQs

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