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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 07/30/2006

BurgerTime Deluxe FAQ (GameBoy) version 1.0.0
by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of a great game and the odd solutions any way 
I could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.

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My website: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 






    2-2. POWER UPS

    2-3. POWER UPS


(search for level by x-y)






BurgerTime Deluxe is a simple and cute little port of the classic arcade game 
BurgerTime to a home system. Compared to other ports it's much easier and 
more fun. The theme is still the same: walk over burgers so they fall into 
the trays below. Avoid monsters or spray them with pepper or get them to fall 
with their burgers. Pick up power-ups.

Yet while BurgerTime was popular due to its novel idea and cute graphics, 
someone got the bright idea that you could spruce up gameplay and make it, 
well, fun! One of the advantages of home systems was that developers didn't 
have to make impossible games to get your money. In fact, that tended to cost 
them your money in the long run if they made too many of them. And so 
BurgerTime Deluxe goes soft on the user.

And it's got more fun gadgets. More stages(24) than the arcade(6, looping 
endlessly,) a weird giant donut on the sixth level, and even a story that 
ties it all together with cut-scenes after each level(4 stages). Despite the 
apparent monochrome you have many cute background details, and besides, many 
of the monsters that port over(hot dog, egg, pickle) and the buns, well, you 
know what is supposed to be what as they're put together. The power-ups are 
more interesting, too. You don't just get the pepper shaker. Chocolate makes 
you invincible, french fries kill the enemies, and something that may or may 
not be a chicken nugget turns all enemies into hot dogs. The new Burgertime 
tune also works well.

So BurgerTime Deluxe is a complex and enjoyable game, separate enough from 
the arcade to be worthwhile for BurgerTime or retro-gaming fans, even if it's 
over a bit too quickly. The monsters are a bit predictable, but it's still 
fun to go to the edge of a platform and hope you can make it back before the 
monsters swarm, or to be able to run at monsters and fake them out just 



The directions work pretty much as you'd expect although moving diagonally 
often freezes you if you're on a platform.

You can pause(start button) and scroll, too.

You get 100 points for each bun part that gets dropped.

You get 500 points for dropping one enemy while he's on a bun, 1000 for 2, 
2000 for 3, and 4000 for 4. Also, the bun part is 

You get 500 points for grabbing a power-up in addition to what the power-up 

You get 200 points for each enemy you squash on a bun.

You can only get extra guys when the extra guy power up appears and you get 

Generally, all your enemies try to run at you, but there are subtle 

    2-2. POWER UPS

PICKLES change direction whenever they can, unless moving would take them 
demonstrably further away from you. This means they change directions if 
running at you horizontally but not vertically. When they can go up or down, 
they choose up.

HOT DOGS will run at you when they see you. But otherwise they will change 
directions to get nearer to you when they are on a diagonal to you. They are, 
however, just as predictable as pickles.

EGGS may behave like Pickles or like hot dogs. You don't know which. So they 
are tougher to plan for, albeit no smarter than either. Eggs also look like 
distant cousins of Weebl and Bob.

DONUTS behave like hot dogs but they are much bigger. This makes it harder to 
get any trailing enemies with them to fall on a bun, but on the other hand 
you can squash a donut climbing to the side of the burger part you're walking 
over. OK, the differences with donuts aren't so subtle. But they should be 

Enemies can't kill you just after(2 seconds) they leave the opening doors or 
leave a burger part that was dropped off the play field. But you cannot 
squash them either. When they come from off the field, they follow their 
usual AI, but if they are shaken up(peppered or dropped from a bun) they 
continue the way they were before they stopped.

    2-3. POWER UPS

Power-ups get you 500 points but more importantly each one does something 
different to your enemies.

--The Coffee Cup and Pepper Shaker give you an additional pepper charge. 
Pepper is not recharged with each life lost.
--The fries cause all your enemies to die and reappear in the order they did 
when the level started. You don't get any points for the kills.
--The chocolate makes you invincible for a few seconds and acts as pepper to 
any enemies you run across. There's no warning when it's over but it's really 
cool to freeze many enemies over one bun part and drop it for big points. Of 
course if they're linked together it may have a chain reaction effect. You 
may be able to do it again.
--The chicken nugget(?) turns every enemy to hot dogs. While this may seem to 
make them "smarter" it also gives the advantage of giving them all the same 
AI making them totally predictable. The hot dog's AI is actually the most 
intuitive of all them, so you can probably fake it out the easiest. You don't 
need to consider this hot dog and that pickle. Even if you squash a hot dog 
or die, everything reappears as hot dogs.
--The picture of Peter gives you an extra life.

Some power-ups are in awkward positions and of course it's silly to waste 2 
peppers to get 1, but the power-ups tend to stay up for a while(10+ seconds) 
before disappearing.


Study these! And don't just memorize, internalize! There'll be a quiz, of the 
applied sort(and not the cheesy applied math sort,) especially in the later 
levels of the game. I'm telling you this for your own good you know.

--You can stand on the side of a bun before it falls off, and if there's a 
ladder up the middle, you can time things right so a monster coming up/down 
it will fall on the bun. You have to be slightly touching the ladder, but the 
computer gives the benefit of the doubt--unless it's a donut running after 
--Which monsters appear when from which doors is hard coded. You can use this 
to your advantage to get a good pattern at the start of the level.
--Dead Ends are to be avoided unless monsters are nowhere near, or you can 
wait to drop monsters.
--You should also visit a Dead End if you know you can complete the level 
that way. If an enemy catches you and then all the burgers bounce off the 
field, you pop back to life.
--The general exchange rate is 1 pepper < 1 life < 2 peppers unless you are 
very close to completing the last stage of a level and want to get the next 
new password. You should not use more than one pepper to get out of a 
situation where you lose a life. Although pepper may be useful in a situation 
where everyone turns to a hot dog.
--In levels that don't have all their ladders linked yet, it's fun to drop a 
monster on a bun into that area. They'll stay there a while, making your job 
--When learning to play through the game, just knock the top buns down at 
first. Later when going for points you can bump the bottom ones for points 
and more treasures. Goodies appear after a fixed amount of points. So if you 
pile them up on the bottom bun parts, you can get a lot more. The 
disadvantage of this is that it leaves the board bare, and monsters go faster 
the longer the level lasts.
--Let's say there's a ladder above you. You want enemies to follow the wrong 
way. Then you can fake to the left until they move left, and then you can go 
right. This works well whether you're on a burger or just need to make a lot 
of space.
--Similarly if a hot dog is moving at you from the left or right, move up or 
down a ladder briefly and back when it moves up/down a ladder. Then you can 
walk by.
--If a hot dog and a pickle are following you and together, it pays to keep 
them together by getting on a diagonal from them or making sure the hot dog 
always turns with the pickle.
--If you stick two of the same enemies together, it's worthwhile not to 
squash them. First, until you do, they act as one, making it that much less 
likely they'll trap you. Also, you will find it easier to put them both on a 
bun for more points.
--Pepper is good in an emergency and if you can pepper some enemies and drop 
others on the same bun, you can lump them together later and get big points 
--For some levels you can have a plan only to use X peppers or lose a life 
but advance anyway. Given that you can advance your saved position by 
completing four levels in a row, this is very good strategy. If you're on the 
fourth one, use peppers as need be if trapped in a dead end. Before you get 
very good, you can make practical sacrifices to get along in the game.
--Counting how far burgers will fall, to ensure they do not fall into dead 
ends, can be useful. Also in some parts it's most useful to go up a stack of 
burgers and squash everyone below and then push down from above. You might 
not get as many points but you'll have a free ride down.
--Long stretches of left-right with lots of open territory are trouble if you 
get stuck there, wonderful if you stick enemies there. Similar for long 
ladders with no platforms nearby. Look for ways to get enemies there and 
avoid going there yourself unless the coast is clear--in which case enemies 
will probably follow you and get lost themselves.


For starters a fellow at Nuten Donut yells "GO!" at a hot dog, which chases 
Peter Pepper off the screen and away from his burger factory. I thought the 
hot dog would be on Peter's side, being just fatty and not sugary. Oh well.


H   H H H   H
H H H   H H H
H   H   H   H

Enemies: 1 pickle, 2 hot dogs.

This is a good introductory level where you can learn the difference between 
pickles and hot dogs. While you can bring everything down rather quickly and 
safely, the real challenge is to be able to pick up as many power-ups as you 
can. For that you can start with the burger parts below the top buns and get 
enemies on them. You can also try to line three of them up in a row. Then 
they are easy to goad over a burger part. You can watch them fall and then 
they'll come chasing after you again. Keep doing this and you will pile up 
the points. I generally try for two peppers a level on the first round.

But if you want to go quickly, go left and all the way up and left. Wait for 
the enemy to get on the bun and drop it. Proceed down two flights and try 
again. Keep repeating, Wait for enemies to come and squash them or drop them. 
There are only three of them, and they are much slower than you.


    ?   ?
H     H     H
H   H H H   H
    H   H

This is a bit trickier as you may need to get out of a jam at the bottom some 
time. Of course, you can just calculate things so that the top bun in the 
center goes flying down right away. The first thing to note is that you can 
go right and up immediately, because the monsters aren't dangerous just after 
they come out of the doors, so if they meet you, no big deal. You actually 
have fewer opportunities for points here than in the previous level, but the 
part at the bottom is dangerous. Just remember a bit of counting and you 
won't have to worry about that.

You also may need to watch getting trapped in the UL or UR as there aren't 
many ladders around. The best bet there if you're unsure is to let some 
enemies follow you closely and wait until the last possible moment to go that 

 ___ ___ ___!
H___ ___ ___
        H H H
 ___ ___H___H
H___ ___!

Enemies: 3 pickles, 1 hot dog

Your best bet here is to proceed left-down-right-down and work your way to 
the bottom. You can wait to catch enemies or sneak around them. You may need 
to stand halfway on the far right ladder to get enemies to chase you the 
wrong way, but don't worry about enemies that regenerate at the top or 
bottom--in fact at the start you can walk right with impunity and not even 
worry about using pepper, because the enemies will be flashing to start!

This level gets annoying and awkward if you lose a guy, so try to wait for 
enemies to be under you when you drop the buns. You can't get a lot of extra 
points because of how it's structured, but it does give a straightforward 
winning pattern.

 ___ ___ ___
H   H   H   H
H   H   H   H
  H   H   H
!___ ___ ___!

Enemies: 2 hot dogs, 2 pickles

The main difference between this level and #1 is the small nuisance at the 
bottom. Again, you can just pile an enemy on 1 level above that (or two of 
them 2 above) and see what happens. You can also work to kill as many enemies 
as you want or just get through quickly. Note that if you squash an enemy and 
have a bun left at the bottom, you can run over it without worrying where the 
enemy will regenerate. In facy you may walk through the enemy and wind up 
dropping it with the bun!


!_____   H   _____!
H--H--H  H  H--H--H
H  H  H_____H  H  H
H  H  H--H--H  H  H
H_____H     H_____H
H--H--H     H--H--H
H  H  H_____H  H  H
H  H  H--H--H  H  H
H_____H     H_____H
H-----H     H-----H

Enemies: 2 hot dogs, 2 pickles

Here we are introduced to 2-wide burgers and a level larger than the screen. 
If you want to see everything going on, hit pause(start) and scroll 
left/right. No levels scroll up and down, although some later ones will 
circle around.

There aren't many ways to get maximum points but if you use the scroll to see 
which enemy appears first, you can go to the bottom, then towards him and 
away from him. Wait to drop the bottom bun, and then work upwards, crushing 
enemies and dropping one with the burger as you go up. Repeat with the other 
three burgers if you can, but if things get to be too much of a scramble, the 
sheer size of the top burger should make it easy to drop two enemies while 
they are on it, thus giving you a quick out.

Note it's also dangerous to pick up anything that appears in the very top, as 
enemies have plenty of chances to run at you. You can fake out the hot dogs 
on your side by standing on the edge, but the pickles may find you by dumb 
luck if hot dogs on the other side don't.

     H_____H ___!
!___?H_____H  H H
H---H-------H H H
H___H       H___H
H-H-H       H---H
H___H       H   H
H---H       H   H
    H       H___H
     H? H  H

Enemies: 3 hot dogs, 1 pickle

The first asymmetrical level. But it's not so hard if you go to the UR and 
wait for a guy to get on the bun and push it down. Then you can go to the 
top, push that bun down, and possibly go to the bottom if pepper is there. 
You are still faster than the monsters.

Again, use the pause feature to see where the first guy is coming from, and 
you can probably quickly go to the top of the small bun and drop him down. 
The small ladder in the center means you can probably pull down the big 
burger pretty quickly, or you can try going along the bottom bun first for 
extra points. Here you may need to go up the ladder a bit to fake out 
monsters from the other side.


!_____ _____ _____!
H_____H  H  H_____H
---H---  H  H--H---

Sinking the center burger is especially tricky here as if it lands on or near 
the bottom you may struggle to get it out. You can start by going to the 
bottom bun near where the first enemy comes down and dropping him on there, 
then you can work at the top to drop more enemies. But the key thing to do is 
probably to get two guys following you pretty closely after you drop the bun 
at the top without any enemies on. Then you can drop everyone to the bottom 
pretty painlessly. The UR should not cause a problem either. Just wait for 
everyone to lump together and at worst you'll drop someone with the bun and 
go down to complete the job a bit later.

It's tricky to get anything resembling a bonus here, since pepper and such 
pop up at the bottom, but if you sink enough enemies at the right times you 
can get enough points for this.


H_____H  H  H ___
---H--H  H  ---H-H
 _____H_____   H H
------H--H---  H H
      H_____  ___H
      H_____H  H H
      -------  H H

Enemies: 1 Egg, 1 hot dog, 2 pickles

Eggs seem to be a bit smarter than hot dogs but you can still sucker them 
onto the big burger for big points. IF you squash enough enemies it should be 
no problem to get the pepper in the corner, but start on the left and work 
your way right. Again you can pick off the bottom bun first but the top bun 
is safer. You can also go bottom-up with the center burger for extra points. 
Just be able to handle the ladders if you need to fake any hot dogs or 
pickles out.


 ___?___ ___!
  H h___? H
  H ----- H
!___ ___h___

Enemies: 2 eggs, 2 pickles

Here we have ladders that only appear once you've knocked down enough 
burgers. It looks like you're trapped at the start but a ladder will appear 
to the left after you've knocked the lettuce down.

The rest is much like the early level 1's except you have a tough transition 
from the top to the bottom. Your best bet is actually the middle way through 
once both ladders are up. Just make sure any enemies that 


!___ ___ ___

Enemies: 2 eggs, 2 pickles

More appearing ladders. The time-honored trick of going to the UL and waiting 
for a guy to drop on the top bun works well enough. You have a problem in the 
DL with a bun you may get stuck on. Either get this one last or make sure you 
sink the right number of guys on it so that you never have to walk down 
there. Other than that this level is pretty open and if you're not ambitious 
you can just stand on top and squash enemies as they congregate below your 
bun in the center and right.


!___     ___!
H---H   H---H
H___h    ___
--H-H   H----
H___H    ___h
--H--   H----
!___ ___H___

Enemies: 3 eggs, 2 pickles

With 5 enemies and limited ladders things can be tricky to start off! 
Convenient ones will pop up, though. Just start dropping buns when you can--
the left is good to work on--then the tricky parts on the right that appear 
to be dead ends will become more hospitable, and you can pick them off later. 
If you are really at a loss for ideas, you can go to the upper right next. 
And if you are able to sink two guys on the center bun, that is a handy trick 
too. One less thing to do. But it's not critical as you will probably wind up 
going down the right side to finish things, and then you can walk along the 
left. The one thing about not having a lot of ladders is that it's even 
easier to prredict where the enemies will go, and if you and they are on the 
top on opposite sides, and you run down, they will go on a useless diagonal 

The safe way for this is just to clear the left burger quickly but as you get 
more experienced you'll find more power-ups.


!___ ___!
h___  H H___H
H---- H H-H-H
H___  H H___H
----- H H----

Enemies: 1 pickle, 3 hot dogs

Note you can't get to part of the DL at first. You could drop 3 guys on a bun 
but it's more effective just to clear the upper bit and then the right. 
Eventually the ladders will appear. But one cute thing you can do until then 
is to knock bad guys down while on the left burger and they'll be trapped 
until a ladder appears! Maybe then you can get any pepper in the DL. When you 
start a guy will probably come down from the DL and you can walk past him 
when he is flashing and drop him on a bun to start. Then you can drop the bun 
part above with another guy on it.

Though you may want to drop the top bun without anyone on it first as 
otherwise the last bit of the level may be tricky as it forces you to 
probably drop a bun walking on a dead end(left side.) You can probably outrun 
your enemies(go down to the bottom so that they're squashed when following 
you) but a little planning eliminates the need for this.

The rest of the level is not too bad. The long ladder allows you to squash a 
bunch of enemies, or you can just drop a bun with nobody on it and then 
someone on it in the center and right.


    !  ___  !
 ___H       H___
H-H--  ___  H---H
H___  ----- H___H
H-H--       H---H
H H    ___  H___H
H H   ----- H-H-H
H___        H___H
H-H--  ___  H---H
H___  ----- H___H
----H       H----
    H  ___  H

Here the entire center doesn't have any ladders on it! It takes a while for 
them to appear, actually, and until then, if you can make it to the top you 
can drop a few guys in never-never land. I find that it works very well to go 
up the left side and drop the cheese with a hot-dog on it(you may touch it 
but it'll still be flashing,) and you can make it to the top prettty easily. 
It's up to you if you want to go to the bottom and fake everyone else into 
trying to chase you at the bottom.

The right side is good for stockpiling points one fallen enemy at a time. 
They take so long to get over that you can just pick them off as they arrive, 
though this might get a bit tedious after a while.

Your best bet to get enemies to follow you as you work the center is to go to 
the top. They'll climb down, but if you're a bit to the left they'll go off 
to a dead end. This allows you to fix the burger pretty easily, and if anyone 
is coming from the bottom you can time things to squash them. If you're 
really lucky you can get the guys chasing you on the burger for some points, 
but don't try to time things.


 ___    !   !
----H   --H--
 ___H___  H  ___
H-----H-- H --H-H
H___ ___  H  ___H
H---H---H H H---H
H___H___H H H___H
----H---H H H---H
 ___H___H H H___H
------H-- H --H--
     ___  H  ___
    ----H H H----
        H H H

The monsters move very fast here. But it's the only level where they're as 
fast as you. You could do worse than to sacrifice a guy cleaning one side out 
before moving to the other. But if you want to clean it all out in one go, 
you can either sacrifice a pepper to get from one side to another or try to 
make it on the left before moving to the right. At first as you go to the top 
of the left just try to squash everyone--you'll need the time to get to the 
top where you have dead ends where you need to drop burgers.

You may need to use a pepper to get back but one should appear in the UR of 
this area as you are walking around. You may also need to navigate the left 
burger stack so you don't walk into a dead end trying to get it off the 
board, and you may want to do something similar for the right burger stack in 
this area--if the burger top is on the bottom you may have to go back left 
and right, and with enemies in hot pursuit you might not have the time. The 
further down the burgers are, the less you should try to squash enemies, 
since you are closer to making the trip left to right. If you're close, then 
you'll probably want to use pepper to get out of a jam.

The right is a breeze. You can just plow through the right side if you 
like(should be easy--enemies will go up the center ladder and you can bounce 
burgers down--one well timed drop when the enemies are near can clear them 
out,) or you can just wait around for them to come back and drop them on buns 
for big points. You may get an extra guy appearing on the right and in this 
case the bashing-it-out strategy works better. You won't have to hook around 
so often. But you can also get the pickles lumped together and get a few 2000 
bonuses out of that. I'd go with the extra guy first time through at least.


!___ ___ ___ ___!
 ___ ___ ___ ___
!___ ___ ___ ___!
    h      h
    h      h
    h      h

You can get through this level easily enough, but if you start at the bottom 
and work your way up you can get a lot of power-ups. Look for an enemy 
entering from the bottom corner and run past him and drop him to start. You 
can make a lot of hay with him.

The only problem with all this is that enemies move faster as you go along 
and so your next moves need to be exact. Fortunately there's a way out of 
this, too. If you manage to kick a bunch of monsters to the bottom rung you 
can't access yet, then you will have a free hand up top, where you can just 
drop the burger parts you feel like, making a relatively quick pass through 
the level--until the ladders appear and they are free again! Once that 
happens, always have a bun to walk on so that enemies will fall two down, and 
remember that they're as fast as you, so diagonal movement can lose time. 
Don't use it unless the enemies are moderately far away. And don't be scared 
to use a pepper or two as you've probably picked up at least that much. You 
should get a lot of chocolate on this level, too, so use that to lump a bunch 
of guys on a burger part and drop them all down for a nice bonus. But when 
everyine's as fast as you, just take emergency measures.

cant smush flashing??

     ___     ___!
    --H--   H----
!___  H  ___H
----H H --H--
 ___H H  ___ ___
----H H H---H----
    H___H   H___
    H---H   -----
     ___  H H___!
    H---- H H----
!___H    ___H
-----   -----

This is a tough level with a lot of dead ends--maybe the worst one in the 

Here the first thing to do is go to the UL and drop the egg that appears 
there down one level. You may finish the job at the very end, dropping 
someone else two levels, but with that and heading R-D-R to drop the cheese 
with someone off it you have a good start. The next thing to do is drop the 
bun above, preferably with another enemy on it. Everyone probably tracked you 
there by now, so you have a free hand. You can maybe clear off the rest of 
the burger, or you can squash guys on the right so that you can move to the 
UR and take out a burger there. This is a tricky part as you'll probably need 
to have a guy on one of the burgers as it comes crashing down. You may need 
to use a couple of peppers just to get the burger out of the three-dead-end 
area in the UR. The best time to make a break for the UR is when a lot of 
guys are either crushed or close together--if several are close together then 
you can send them falling and take care of the upper bit. If they are crushed 
then you have the time to take care of things as they regenerate. If you're 
lucky you may be able to catch one on the bun top in the UR.

For other guys you may have to just use pepper to go back, but never use two 
peppers to save a life.


The first level to loop horizontally. It looks trickier than it is.

     !___!     !___!
     H-H-H     H-H-H
     H___H     H___H
     H-H-H     H-H-H
 ___ H___H ___ H___H
H___H     H___H     H
H-H-H     H-H-H     H
H___H     H___H     H
H---H [ ] H---H [ ] H
H   H     H   H     H
-   -H---H-   -H---H-
     H   H     H   H
     -----     -----

Enemies: 2 hot dogs, 2 eggs, 1 pickle.

Just keep heading up-and-left and down-and-left. It's only really necessary 
to knock everything down two flights the first time through, since you can 
just make straight left or right runs at the bottom. If you can catch two 
enemies in one blow, great! But there is nothing wrong with a little point-
mongering as well. Going to the bottom for power ups can be tricky if enemies 
are approaching from each side, but often they'll be chasing you in a lump, 
so the worst case is that you can spray them with some pepper and break even.

Given the number of ladders here you have lots of ways to dodge your enemies 
and it's really worth it to try to pile up points or get two enemies 
connected and to keep droppping them on a bun.


      !_____      !
H     ---H--H     ---H--H
H_____   H  H_____   H  H
---H--H  H  ---H--H  H
   H  H_____   H  H_____
H  H  ---H--H  H  ---H--H
H_____   H  H_____   H  H
---H--H  H  ---H--H  H
   H  H_____   H  H_____
H  H  ---H--H  H  ---H--H
H_____   H  H_____   H  H
------H  H  ------H  H
      H_____!     H_____!
      -------     -------

Enemies: 2 eggs, 2 hot dogs, 1 pickles

This one isn't too mindbending either. When in doubt, go up and left and wait 
for as many enemies as possible to come under the big bun at the top. You 
should be able to go down when you need to, with UL always a possibility to 
wiggle out. But there are possibilities for big bonuses--the enemies are so 
predictable and in fact even if one is coming from the left/right you can get 
on a big ladder and force him up/down in the opposite direction you're going 
in. You may have to search around a bit but it will pay dividends.


         ___H___ ___H
     ___H___ ___H   h
    H-------H----   h
 ___H___ ___H       h
H-------H----       H
H___ ___H           H

Enemies: 2 hot dogs, 2 pickles, 1 egg

You can pretty much just clear out the bottom and work your way UR at the 
bottom--you don't have to clear out everything then, just enough to pester 
enemies off--and by the time you get to the UR, the ladder down should have 
formed. This will allow you to fake the monsters out. A lot will follow you, 
and you can just drop them behind you on burgers at your will. If you don't 
clear things the second time through the third should work. Don't worry about 
running across the tops of burgers at the start--rather note that there are a 
lot of places at the top of a bottom ladder you can fake to the left and the 
enemies will go that way and be a long time in catching up to you.


     ___ ___ ___
!___ ___H   H___ ___!
H---H----   ----H---H
H___H___     ___H___H
--H---H--   --H---H--
 ___ ___     ___ ___
--------H   H--------

Enemies: 2 hot dogs, 2 pickles, 1 egg

Why not beat up the guys around you first? That's a nice morale boost and you 
have plenty of time. One thing to note from this level formation is that you 
have a lot of dead ends with the middle 5-burgers. You need to be able to 
drop the top of the burger and then have an enemy on it as it goes 
down(exactly one to avoid a dead end) and one after that. The side burgers 
are easy. It may be to your advantage just to run enemies to the left a 

Another trick is just to crush a bunch of guys below and push the 5-burgers 
down that way. Leave the final bun 2 above perdition before cycling around--
you can drop an enemy with it later. You can use the 3-burgers to turn 
enemies around. It's probably best to drop the center 4-burger on an enemy to 
clear things out--whether someone's on the bun doesn't make a difference. 
They will be next time, and while you may have to walk over this last, you 
should be able to without too much trouble. So work on a 5-burger, the center 
4-burger, the other 5-burger(crushing enemies beneath you) and then take care 
of the 3's before going back to the center.

Note: many of the powerups appear at inaccessible dead ends, but if an extra 
guy appears at the top after you've dropped a burger, just get it and sac him 
if you must. It's a good tradeoff, to have the additional time back.


 ___ ___H___?___
 ___H___H___ ___
 ___ ___H___H___

Enemies: 4 hot dogs, 1 donut

Head all the way up and left. You'll run through a flashing enemy and then 
you'll drop him down. Then go right, down and right on top of another bun. 
Wait for someone to "board" and you'll squash that huge donut below. Now you 
can go off to the right and wait for another person in the UR. You can either 
drop the bun on him(then drop someone else with the bun below) or wait, drop 
him with the bun, and quickly duck down for an enemy coming the other way. 
Then you can run across for the pepper shaker.

Now you want to make sure you get someone on the middle-right burger so you 
don't have to run down the stairs and poke it out. You will also want to have 
two enemies following you before you go to the UL, which you should also do 
last. Here you can use pepper of course. Everyone may be following you in 
which case you can use pepper on the ones just behind you and wait for the 
others to come and potentially get a 6000 bonus. The keys here are pulling 
the left burger down in one go and making sure the center burger doesn't get 
stuck on the very bottom. You can also use a bit of thought to pull the right 
burger down. Pepper appears a lot in the UR and you should be able to use the 
ladders to cross up the hot dogs.


    H   H___ ___
--H--   --H---H--
 ___     ___ ___
H---H   H---H---H
     ___        h
    -----   -----

Enemies: 5 hot dogs, 1 donut

Here a little judicious pepper use--or making sure a bun is sent to the 
bottom at the right time--makes the level very easy.

Head URURUR and bring down an enemy coming out of the UR door with the bun. 
You may overlap him but he'll still be flashing. Your main task now will be 
to get enemies into the DR. Then you can go across to the top. It's worth 
using pepper to get two enemies on the bun between the two doors, because 
then you don't have to go around in that area and risk stuff. You can gamble 
a bit and hope the pepper doesn't disappear, but you shouldn't have to.

You also may want to send the bun on the far right all the way to the bottom-
-otherwise you'll have another dead-end to navigate once a ladder appears in 
the DR. For this it's worthwhile maybe to drop the bun without anyone on it, 
then with two hot dogs. The enemies do get to the right in a hurry when 
you're in the DR.

As in an earlier level, it's worth the sacrifice to try to get a newly-
appeared extra man if it appears--especially if that man is under a bun you 
need to drop. Resetting everyone to their home position should work well as 
long as you've already cleared the left. Sometimes a pepper will be under 
there too and you can give up a life and net a pepper!

 ___    !    ___
-----   H   -----
     ___ ___
!___ ___ ___ ___!

Enemies: 5 hot dogs, 1 donut

The tricky parts here are the top UL and UR buns. Be sure when you go up 
there that you have two enemies in close contact chasing you. Actually, if 
you have a lot of pepper left, it may be better spent here getting out of a 
jam than other places or, if you must, in the upper corner spraying pepper on 
one enemy waiting for a second. Note also that when in the UL/UR you can 
discourage guys on the upper level, other side, by not walking down too soon, 
so they go up the ladder to the door instead of running right at you.

Also note it's a good idea to finish the level with an upper corner bun-drop 
with two enemies on it. This implies that you should finish the center ones 
completely before tackling the sides. Very often when two enemies are 
together they stay that way until you squash them, so it's quite possible you 
can finish the UR and UL in succession--the enemies will drop to the DR and 
U-L-U-L back up to where you can sink them and win the level. Even if you're 
caught well before the burger lands, you're still ultimately safe.

But first of course you have to get two guys linked together. And here is a 
good way to start.

Head U-R and drop the bun with the enemy that just came from the door on the 
top. Then go left and drop that bun immediately. D-L-R and drop that bun top 
with someone on it.  You may want to wait just above the ground to fake out 
oncoming enemies. Later on you can sweep across the bottom, dropping enemies 
as you go. To link enemies together, try to fake them out from where you want 
to go and lead them in circles. If all else fails, use pepper at the very 
top. You probably only need a couple for the very last level.


!___ _____ ___ ___!   !
----------H---H----   -
     _____H___H___ ___h
-   --------H---H------
 ___h      ___ ___ ___
--H--     ----------H--
 ___ _____h    ___ ___
H---H------   --------H
H___H_____ ___!   !___H
---------------   -----

Enemies: 4 hot dogs, 1 donut

If you have a few peppers left, those will fit in just fine with the dead 
ends you'll need to visit. Although you can also again plan to drop a burger 
all the way down. Note that ladders pop up as you do more, and they allow you 
back DL after you go UL.
Head UL to the very top and then go right across the flashing enemy to drop 
him with a burger. Then head back left and go down--if you timed it right the 
donut will go down and you can run over the bun to squash it. Do all this 
immediately and then go left to the ledge. A hot dog will follow you. You can 
drop it on the big bun right when it's on, then you can go right and downa 
bit--but wait for the hot dog on the right to go up before walking across the 
bun. Now you can go right to squash a bunch of bad guys with a bun, or you 
can loop around the top to misdirect them. You can then go back right and 
start dropping buns as convenient--the ladders should appear shrtly, and once 
they do, no more dead ends!

Note you don't really need to save peppers to get out of a jam any more 
because this is the last level, so if you get stuck a bit, use a pepper to 
blast through and then start dropping buns. You can always get enemies to 
follow you as you head left, and you'll have an escape route, so do so for 
the last bit.

My best score is 316000 with 8 men and 13 peppers but I paused along the way. 
Maybe you can do better. But I think 8-9k per level is pretty good.


If you do lose out, you can start from the first stage of the last level you 
completed. Or you can just peek at these cheat codes to jump there.

Level 2: Egg Egg Hotdog Peter
Peter Pepper runs up stairs, sees a hot dog, runs up more stairs and waits. 
He runs over the bun to his right, but he falls down instead of the hot dog.

Level 3: Hotdog Peter Peter Pickle
Peter Pepper starts a fire with some pepper. The hot dogs on the platform 
above get fried by the fire as they move back and forth.

Level 4: Pickle Egg Egg Pickle
Peter Pepper runs over one bun to the right, where a bigger bun drops on him.

Level 5: Naked Naked Pickle Peter
Peter Pepper runs right and left to avoid a converging hot dog and pickle. 
Then he sees a rope he climbs down, but it leads to an open cooking flame.

Drop an enemy off an initial bun-top and then follow him as he goes to the 
edge and back.

Level 6: Pickle Pickle Naked Hotdog
Hot dog enters shop and Peter Pepper follows it. Hot Dog runs out wearing the 
chef's cap and Peter runs out naked and embarrassed.

Finish level 6:
A big giant burger lands on the Nuten donut shop and crushes it. Woohoo! 
Credits, then two hot dogs attack Nuten and maul him. Peter Pepper jumps up 
and down! He has a monopoly on all diet-related heart diseases in his 
immediate vicinity! Who-hah!

Monsters may mask each other

End of FAQ Proper



0.5.0 sent to GameFAQs 7/28/2006 with most maps drawn. Will write in strategy 
once I've gotten it down myself.
1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 7/30/2006 early AM complete.


Thanks to the people on the NES and GameBoy/GameBoy Color projects. Without 
them I'd never considered even looking at such a cool game.
Thanks to the VisualBoyAdvance folks for programming such a great emulator.
Thanks to CJayC as usual for such a great site and, though I hate to admit 
it, the people who write for more popular games so that these old school FAQs 
can be hosted for free.
Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and 
others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
board incarnation. 

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