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A Challenging Follow-Up to the Original BOXXLE Game
BOXXLE II is a challenging, brain-teasing puzzle game based on moving creates around a warehouse. Time has passed since Willy met Wanda in the original BOXXLE storyline. Willy is hard at work in the warehouse when an alien abducts Wanda! How can he save her? He must build his own spaceship! Each time you help Willy move boxes into their proper spaces and clean up one level, he is able to buy parts for his rocket. But manual labor won't save the day. You'll need brain power, too, to beat BOXXLE II! There are over 120 different maze-like screens to keep you concentrating. BOXXLE II will "boxxle" your mind all over again.

- Enlarge or reduce any screen for a better look
- Three choices of theme music
- Build your own puzzles with three edit screens
- Special instant reply mode lets you retrace your mistakes
- Save wth password memory features
- Over 120 different maze-like screens

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#65 lowest rated GB puzzle game (#571 on GB, #32177 overall)


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#44 hardest GB puzzle game (#358 on GB, #17001 overall)


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#55 shortest GB puzzle game (#502 on GB, #17543 overall)


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