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Race the built-in timer in FIVE variations of the classic hidden word game - anytime, anywhere.
Play alone, against another human or against one of the eight computer opponents, and select the game you want - then GO! The computer automatically searches its 35,000+ word dictionary as you try to beat the 3-minute timer. There are five different games, including three NEW variations that let you choose your level of difficulty.

Basic BOGGLE game: Form words by linking adjoining letters no the 4x4 grid. Then try a BIG BOGGLE game on the 5x5 letter grid.

Categories: Search the grid to locate "Three sports" - like "tennis," "fencing" and "soccer."

Anagram: Unscramble words of from 3 to 9 letters.

Use All: Try to use all 25 letters by making word after word to wipe the slate clean!

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