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Winston Cup champion and game co-designer Bill Elliot is out to throttle you in the only Game Boy game endorsed by NASCAR. Race Bill himself and the cream of NASCAR's crop from an exhilarating, behind-the-dash, first person perspective. On your choice of four of the circuit's most hair-raising ovals and hairpin road courses. True to scale and authentic in every detail.

Pick your thunder-on-wheels from three stock supercars. Choose your engine and adjust the tire stagger, spoiler angle and gear ratio. Battle for the pole position. Then try to outwit "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville" in scorching single races or the draining Championship Season. You'll suffer dizzying spin-outs and blown engines. Luckily, when the on-board warning lights go off, your crack pit crew is ready to repair or modify at your command. Just remember, it's a game of milliseconds.

So start your engine and make tracks for the checkered flag. But be warned. The simulation is so real you'll feel it in your thumbs. And the action is so gripping you'll have white knuckles for weeks.

Featuring simultaneous play for two players with Game Link, or play against the computer.

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