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Reviewed: 07/25/03 | Updated: 07/25/03

There Was Nothing Excellent About This Game.

This game, released back in 1990, is ''based'' upon a short ''series'' of ''popular'' movies. I use based, series and popular loosely, mind you.

For those of you who don't know the plots of these movies, I'll give you a brief recap since, sadly, I've seen them both. Many times.

It all started with these 2 fellows, Bill and Ted. They were a mix of ''Valley Boys'' and ''Slackers'' who were in a band {and the only members of} called ''Wyld Stalyns.'' {Note the ''clever'' use of a y in the words.}

Through an odd twist of fate, one day, their music would bring about peace in the universe and cause all races and species {on Earth and beyond} to become friends. However, first they had to pass a history exam. To do so, they got a time machine from this fellow named Rufus, got some historical figures and passed the test.

In the second movie, this ex-gym coach turned villain {figure that one out} wants to kill them so he can rule the future. But, they beat Death, get him to go with them, go to Heaven, build robots, beat the villain and achieve world wide fame. All while playing crappy late 80s music and, at the end, looking like ZZ Top.

Now then, with those movie facts in mind, let's get to the review.

Score: 1
Reason: As stated before, this thing is ''loosely'' based on the 2 movies. How loosely, you ask? Well, take the basic plot of becoming famous, the time machine and the villain guys name and throw out the rest of it. That's right, except for these few things, this game follows NOTHING from the movies. The game has created its own plot, which is completely given away after about 30 seconds into it.

Score: 3
Reason: At first, the 1 track that they use for the bulk of the game is decent. However, after maybe 10 minutes, you get sick of it. To add onto the mere 1 track of music, pretty much every sound effect is a beep, a boop or a very short 2 or 3 note guitar rift thing.

Score: 3
Reason: Normally, I'm understanding of Game Boy games. I know that they aren't meant to be great graphics, but these are, overall, bad. The opening graphics {them talking about what they have to do} is pretty decent, but after that, the sprites are just tiny. The backgrounds {well, what isn't just white} isn't very detailed, and takes up all of maybe 2% of the screen. Platforms and what not take up the rest and just really look basic.

Score: 5
Reason: They aren't exactly lose, but they aren't tight and responsive, either. There have been many a time where I've run into an enemy or fell off a platform because of the controls.

Score: 3
Reason: I didn't enjoy this game very much. Not only do you have to go through collecting flashing icon things, but you also have to do it while jumping enemies, climbing ladders and, at times, collecting them in a specific order. Because, if you don't, then you can't finish the level in the limited time you have.

Score: 5
Reason: Difficulty can range from 0 to 10, depending on the number of enemies, what gets in your way, items you can collect and whether or not you cannot fall off a platform. Unlike other games, you don't get ANY weapons to defend yourself, so you're normally running away from enemies, because 1 touch kills you. Also, at times, like I said in the fun section, if you mess up an icon collecting order, you can and will be SCREWED for that life, and you'll either have to kill yourself or let the counter run down.

Score: 3 {Rounded down}

Bottom Line: The only reasons to really get this game are if you like collecting old Game Boy games, or if you liked the Bill & Ted movies. Otherwise, just stay away from it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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