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Reviewed: 05/12/02 | Updated: 05/12/02

Why? Why licence this?

Well this is quite the mess of a game. In what i must assume was an amateur programmers demo accidently released upon the public, players are encouraged to collect icons representing the current ''level'' (such as guitars for the concert level). As this is done, Bill and Ted travel through different eras of time avoiding historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln (if memory serves me right, these historical figures were not hostile in the movie). Levels consist of mysteriously floating platforms with different special features such as ''crumbling'' ''slippery'' ''conveyor belt'' and my personal favourite, ''normal''. Now this weak example of a game may have been able to muster a score of 4 on just its features and play, the addition of a license such as the Bill & Ted franchise makes all features of the game illogical. If i remember correctly, Bill did not spend a considerable portion of the movie jumping over tumbleweeds just as fatal as the fast moving gunmen on the upper platforms. In fact, I don't recall there being a particularly large amount of floating platforms in the movie.
If i were to divide the game into categories, Bill & Ted fairs poorly again

Graphics: 2/10 --Utterly horrible. In fact, so horrible that i am only assuming that the top hat (is it a top hat?) wearing object is Abraham Lincoln.

Sound: 4/10 --No, the sound is horrible too it just scores a 4 because the Gameboy isn't exactly a sound powerhouse.

Control: 2/10 --Very weak, with ''Bill'' sometimes failing to respond to input for over a second, which is unacceptable in a game with lightning fast enemies

Fun Factor: 0/10 --The length of time you will enjoy this game is coincidentally the same amount of time it takes for the word ''Nintendo'' to scroll down when the system is first turned on.

Replay Value: 1/10 --Yes, you will play it more than once, whether your reason be the fact that it cost you money, the need for info for a poorly written online review or your own sick wish for punishment.

Multiplayer: ?/10 --Never tried it, nor do I know if it exists. If it does, i recommend you avoid it, and if you've already tried it, shame on you for being able to locate TWO copies of it.

Balance of Difficulty: 1/10 --I'm not sure whether it's a high challenge level or just the overall low quality of this game, but you will die often and find yourself with very little motivation to continue.

Ingenuity: 0/10 --Hrm... a game with floating platforms and collectable icons... and it's a game with a licence. If you're looking for original content, look elsewhere.

Just stay away. There is no reason to recommend playing this game. If the Gameboy is your only system, or if you find yourself somehow without the option to use your other games, may i suggest trading the game with someone or playing ''How high of a drop can Bill & Ted's Excellent Gameboy Adventure survive?''

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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