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Reviewed: 06/27/02 | Updated: 06/27/02

This was my Gameboy experience. Frankly, I'm not disappointed.

Level 1 was cool because I got to hit things with sticks.
Level 2 was cool because I was going down a tube.
Level 3 was cool because I could run into walls.
Level 4 was cool because I threw a lot of snowballs.
Level 5 was cool because I stood on a snake.

There you go. That's my review. Haha, I'm just kidding. In short, however, that is a pretty good summary about why I liked the game. I was never a person to notice anything about graphics or sounds the first time I played. So here's my first impression.

You get to fall into big piles of guts! What else do you want?
Gameplay: 10

Sure, there are only five levels, but five levels of completely different ways of playing are better than most other action games that have twenty levels with little difference between each of them. Each of the levels has a unique approach to it so you it's much more fun.

Must... save... people... again!
Storyline: 7

Usually, when a storyline involves A) someone needed to be saved or B) the world being taken over, I don't give a high mark in storyline. However, this is the first (I think) game in the series, so it's just a lead in to many other games. I didn't give it a really high mark because even though this game was first in its series, it still had other examples from other games to follow (or not follow) to be original.

AH!! Mega Punches
Controls: 9.5

I'm a sucker for combos in any type of games... except RPGs of course, because you can't have combos in RPGs (except Final Fantasy 7). Obviously, Battletoads in Ragnarok's World isn't an RPG, so it would be great if it had combos. Well, it sorta has combos, and it finishes it with, you guessed it, mega punches. Mega Kicks too. If you keep kicking or punching, you'll end up with a big kick that usually kills the monster. But the bad thing about the combos is that each of the different attacks don't change :(. Unlike many combos which may be like punch, kick, knee, elbow, throw (or something), these combos involve only punch punch punch punch PUNCH or kick kick kick kick KICK. Other than that, the controls are great, they respond very well, and I really have no complains.

After my first impression, I had a second impression because, well, I wanted to review this game. So here's my second impression.

Gameboys... that's 8-Bit Graphics isn't it?
Graphics: 10

It's an 8-bit game, and it's a regular Gameboy, so I didn't have a high-expectation of graphics. My low expectations were met and exceeded. Each of the monsters are very well drawn and defined. All parts of the level are also drawn very well. I like the parts in between each of the levels when that girl starts talking (I don't know her name but still). Those are drawn very well also.

Ack! My sound is broken!!
Sound: No Mark

Sorry guys, I let you down. My sound doesn't work so when I turn up the sound it starts cackling. Though I don't give it a mark, I'll still comment on it because I actually played it once before my sound got broken. So in my vague memory, I remember some good sound effects such as the ''whacking'' sound and the background music was pretty good I think so I think the sound was pretty good.

Over... and over... and over...
Replayability: 9

Because of the great levels and other stuff like that, I think a lot of people will play this game many times before putting it away.

So, in conclusion, should buy or rent it? Definitely BUY it! You'll love this game for hours on end.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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