Review by Zylo the wolf

Reviewed: 04/09/07

Guess what, this game has Mario in it and it's still bad!

Alleyway was one of launch games for the Game boy both in the US and Japan. It was also with Super Mario Land Mario's first appearance on the Game boy. With a new handhold system where it was possible to change thegame cartridges. Thanks to this, new games could be developed for the handhold gaming market. Since Super Mario Land was a platform game, you would think that it would be smart to also have a classic "high-score" game as a launch title would still attract many who already had a few LCD games. To bad that Tetris also was a launch title in the US.

Anyway Alleyway is a handhold version of the arcade "classics" games like Break out! and Arkanoid. The player controls a small paddle on the screen, it can either move left or right, and you can either make the paddle move faster or slower. There's also an ball that bounces once it touch anything and there are also a lot of small squares. Once the ball touches a square, the square disappears and the player gets points. If the player misses the ball with the paddle, the player losses one life, and if the player manages to make all the squares disappears then he or she advances to the next stage.

The stages aren't that different from each other, it's usually just the squares that are in different places and tbe paddle gets smaller after a few stages, which actually doesn't makes it that much more difficult. Every 4th stage is a bonus stage, where the squares are shaped together as either Super Mario himself or an character from the Super Mario games. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that Mario is sitting inside the paddle for some reason, I don't know what purpose he does so I guess Nintendo only included him in this game since they wanted him to be in another of the launch titles.

As I said before, this game is kinda like Pong, except that you play it alone. The ball is moving so slow that you don't lose a life because the game is hard, you lose a life since you got bored and aren't as alerted as when you started. I guess there are a lot of great puzzle games on Game Boy that didn't get any attention thanks to Tetris being on the same system, but Alleyway isn't one of them.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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