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    Alleyway for Gameboy FAQ Ver. 1.0
    by Strider VM
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    Alleyway (tm) 1989 Nintendo
    The left and right arrows make the platform move left and right.
    Holding the B button while moving makes the platform move slower.
    Holding the A button while moving makes the platform move faster.
    Game Explanation
    Alleyway is a game which is similar to Arkanoid but 
    a little simpler, but even if it is simpler it is not
    very easy......
    But if don't know Arkanoid, I'll explain it to you.
    The main objective of the game is to hit all of the
    blocks using the ball, you also need to make sure
    that the ball never falls below the platform, if it happens,
    you will lose a life.
    You will start with 3 lives.
    Then, pressing the A button will make the ball appear.
    (*Note : The ball will always appear on the right side!)
    Then make the ball bounce by blocking your platform on
    its path.
    On the stage you will see three colors of blocks.
    The level will finish after all the blocks has been hit.
    (Which has no difference on points if you hit them, maybe 
     just to show the rows and columns.) 
    You will get an extra life if your get 100 points
    and another if you reach 200 points, etc.
    However, the next two stages have slightly different rules.
    In the next stage (2), all of the blocks are moving, making
    them harder to hit. (Sometimes easier...)
    In stage 3, the roof of the level will be lowered after time,
    so be quick or you might lose your ball. 
    After stage 3, there will be a bonus stage, the objective is the
    same, but your ball will go through the blocks, and there will be a
    time limit. Hitting all of the blocks befire the time limit expires
    will give you a bonus for your score.
    Then on stage four, the rules will be the same as stage 1 but with
    a different pattern of blocks.
    And so on.... (Anyway, you get the idea.....)
    Extra notes
    I wrote this FAQ since there are a LOT of old games that Game FAQ's
    has listed but there was not a single FAQ about it..... So I wrote
    I am sorry for the bad layout since I don't have a single idea
    on how to interpret the game in sections nicely.....
    - FAQ, 1999 Strider VM
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