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FAQ/Move List by GalFord

Updated: 06/27/00

Garou Densetsu 2 / Fatal Fury 2
Nintendo GameBoy
FAQ By: GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)


This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
And after going to the effort of typing this out...
Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!

Garou Densetsu 2 is (c) SNK Corp. 1992
Nettou Garou Densetsu 2 is (c) TAKARA. 1994


Characters and Moves


This little FAQ's all about a quaint little GameBoy conversion of a NeoGeo
Classic.  All the Characters and all of the Moves made it into the GB
Version, as well as a couple of things that didn't...  For instance when
you taunt or perform a special move a little speech bubble appears above
your character calling out the Taunt or name of the Special Move (Neat!)
There's also a boss code... Something that the NeoGeo original didn't have.
So, without further ado...


A year after the Death of Geese the reigning champion of the last "King of
Fighters" tournament, Terry Bogard is invited to participate in the
"Sultan of Slugs Battle Royale".  It seems that Andy and Joe were too, as
well as a few new faces.. "Hmm.." thought Terry, "This could be fun".
Little did our hero know, someone was waiting for him... 


F = Forward
B = Backward
U = Up
D = Down

TA = Tap A Button / Weak Kick
TB = Tap B Button / Weak Punch
A = A Button / Heavy Kick
B = B Button / Heavy Punch
Taunt = Press the A+B buttons together at the other side of the screen
to your opponent.

QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards / D, DF, F / Fireball Motion
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards / D, DB, B / Reverse Fireball Motion
HCF = Half Circle Forwards / B, DB, D, DF, F / Yoga Flame Motion
HCB = Half Circle Backwards / F, DF, D, DB, B / Reverse Yoga Flame Motion
CBF = Charge B then F / Hold B for 2 secs, then F / Sonic Boom Motion
CDU = Charge D then U / Hold D for 2 secs, then U / Flash Kick Motion
CD, CDB = Charge D / Charge DB etc...

Every character has a Move dubbed a "Fatal Fury".  This move is somewhat
of a desperation attack that can only be used when your life bar drops
below 25%.  Once this happens your life bar should flash and connecting
with the Fatal Fury could decide the match!  Fatal Fury Moves take around
45% off of the opponents' life bar.  But be warned, if it doesn't
connect.. You could be in for a beating!



"The moment we meet, it's game over for you, pal."
Stage:  AMERICA (The Wild West)
Taunt: "Hey, Come on!"
Win Pose Quote: "OK!"

Power Wave = QCF+B
Burn Knuckle = QCB+B
Crack Shoot = QCB, UB+A
Rising Tackle = CDU+B
#Fatal Fury - Power Geyser = QCB, DB, F+AB


"I love Terry, but this time I'm gonna make him eat his cap."
Stage: ITALY (Venezia)
Taunt: "Fuun.."
Win Pose Quote: "Yosh..!"

Hi Sho Ken = QCB+B
Sho Ryuu Dan = QCF+B
Zan Ei Ken = DB, F+B
Ku Ha Dan = DB, UF+A
#Fatal Fury - Chou Reppa Dan = CD then QCF+AB


"What, you don't know me?  Well, after I bop your bean maybe I'll apply
for one of those green credit cards."
Stage: THAILAND (Chiang Mai)
Taunt: "Ora-aa!"
Win Pose Quote: "O-Shaaa-a!"

Hurricane Upper = HCF+B
Tiger Kick = QCF, UF+A
Slash Kick = DB, UF+A
Baku Retsu Ken = B repeatedly
#Fatal Fury - Screw Upper = F, HCF+AB


"If you want to touch my body, you'll need to work first."
Stage: JAPAN (Aokigahara)
Taunt: "Hohoho!"
Win Pose Quote: "Nippon Ichi!"

Ka Cho Sen = QCF+B
Ryuu En Bu = QCB+B
Shinobi Batchi = HCF+A
Musasabi no Mai = CDU+B
#Fatal Fury - Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Batchi = F, DB, F+AB


"You are not worthy to be my enemy."
Stage: KOREA (Seoul)
Taunt: "Fuun.."
Win Pose Quote: "FUUN!"

Hien Zan = CDU+A
Hangetsu Zan = QCB+A 
Hishou Kyaku = At peak of jump D+A
#Fatal Fury - Hou'ou Kyaku = QCB, DB, F+AB


"I'm not a dirty old man.  I bathe every day.  Oooh, take a look
at...bye, sonny."
Stage: JAPAN (Kumamoto)
Taunt: "Bari, Bari" (That's the sound you make when eating Sembei?)
Win Pose Quote: "Kaa Ka Ka!"

Sembei Shuriken = CBF+B
Nihon Seoi Dash = CBF+A
Oh Izuna Otoshi = CDU+B (Close to Opponent)
#Fatal Fury - Tenbu Izuna Otoshi = CDB, D, DF+AB (Close to Opponent)


"Fighting humans is new to me.  If I don't take it easy, I'll end up
ripping off their jaws."
Stage: AUSTRALIA (Alice Springs)
Taunt: "Come ON!"
Win Pose Quote: "Oo-Wohhh"

Giant Bomb = CDB, F+B
Super Drop Kick = Hold A button for 
#Fatal Fury - Bear Inferno = HCB, F+AB


"Money, I would say, is the third most important thing in life.
Trouble is, I keep forgetting the first two."
Stage: HONG KONG (Abardeen)
Taunt: "Peshi Peshi" (The sound of Cheng slapping his behind)
Win Pose Quote: "Fuuuuu..."

Kirai Hou = QCF+B
Dai Taiko Bara = CDU+B
Ha Gan Geki = CBU+A
#Fatal Fury - Baku Rai Hou = CDB, QCF+AB


"How do you like my powered-up art of stick?"
Stage: ENGLAND (London)
Taunt: "Hey, Hey, Hey!"
Win Pose Taunt: Nothing.  Just stamps his cane on on the floor.

San Setsu Kon = CBF+B
Suzume Otoshi = CDB, UF+B
Sempu Kon = B repeatedly
Hisho Kon = HCF+A
#Fatal Fury - Chou Ka En Sempu Kon = QCF, HCB,UB+AB


"If you don't have a big guard, then you'd better have a big belly!"
Stage: AMERICA (New York)
Taunt: "I-eeeeh!"
Win Pose Taunt: "I-eeeeh!"

Tornado Boom = QCF+B
Smash Bomber = CDB, F+A
Axel Dance = B repeatedly
#Fatal Fury - Bust You Up! = B, F, DF, D, DB, UF+AB


"The more blood I draw, the more fun I'll have"
Stage: SPAIN (Pamplona)
Taunt: "Ole!"
Win Pose Taunt: "OLE!"

Bloody Saber = HCF+B
Bloody Cutter = CDU+B
Bloody Spin = CBF+A
#Fatal Fury - Bloody Flash = DF, HCB, DB, F+AB


"Who comes next to be my goat?"
Stage: GERMANY (Mittelgebirge)
Taunt: "Fu, fu, fu.."
Win Pose Taunt: "Fu, fu, fuuu."

Blitz Ball -High- = QCB+B
Blitz Ball -Low- = QCB+A
Leg Tomahawk = QCF+A
Knockdown Blow = HCF, UF+B
#Fatal Fury - Kaiser Wave = CB, UF+AB


At the TAKARA screen, press SELECT three times to release the 4 Boss
Characters (Billy, Axel, L.Blood and Krauser).  When the code is entered
there should be a chime to signify the code is active.


SNK = For making a great Series that goes from strength to strength!

TAKARA = For coming up with the "Deadheat Fighters" Range for GameBoy!

www.GameFAQS.com = Where all my FAQs can be found.

www.GameAdvice.com = Ditto.

This FAQ is (c) Bob (GalFord) Ritchings 2000.

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