Review by zeromk5

Reviewed: 12/26/05

Probably the best DBZ game I played

I played this game after playing DBZ Legendary Super Warriors. I have to say, this is way better. Sure it's quite old, 1995, Gameboy, but the genre is unlike any DBZ game I've seen (probably except for DBZ Hishouden, which I heard is worse than this one) Oh and this is also much much MUCH better than the recent letdown, DBZ Legacy of Goku

Story: 9
The story is the same old Namek/Frieza Saga, but it's my favourite, so I can forgive Bandai for that. It shows almost EVERY single event that happened in the game. That's another reason why story isn't a minor problem to me.

Music/SFX: 10
Music isn't so bad either. In fact, I kind of enjoyed couple of them. Such as title screen, tournament, etc. And on top of that, it's much longer than ones from DBZ Legendary Super Warriors (I'll call it LSW from now) so it means it's not so repetitive. Everytime I play LSW, I can't bear it and I really want to turn the volume off. But this game, the music fits the situations, and is enjoyable to listen while you play.

Graphics: 10
Yeah another 10 out of 10. For a gameboy game, I was quite impressed from the graphics. Remember graphics isn't all about 3D stuff, this game has images straight from the manga. Pictures of Krillin doing his kamehameha, gohan doing his punch n kicks and much more. The SD form of each characters are detailed and easy to tell who is who. And in battle, the background shows where the characters are fighting. Isn't that great? No?

Controls: 10
Oh man, so easy. I mean it's a gameboy game after all, how can it be hard? up down left right, A, B, select and the good ol' start button. On the field, d-pad is obviously the directional keys, A is for jump or fly, B is run, select and start are both Menu keys. It's that simple. Even in battle, A is attack, B is block or Zanzoken, and d-pad is once again, the directional keys.

Gameplay: 10
This game, man, it's just so fun to play. I love getting my Krillin run into one of Frieza's henchmen and kill it in like 2 punches. I love seeing my enemy run away from me when they have no more attacks to use and smoking them with my ki blast. Training is basically funtime for me, rather than just boring ol' training like in Final Fantasy games and other RPG's. Fighting can be a bit hard for first timers but once you know how to block and attack, you're good. Even if you finish this game, you'd probably wanna play it again, especially the Budokai mode. And what else, the minigames. You get to decide how Goku trains in the gravity spaceship, blast frogs and more. And super gameboy (i think it's the only one that does this) even includes 2 player battle mode! Man, this game cannot get better.

Replay Value: 10
Like I said, you'd probably wanna play this game again. The battles are just so fun to play, and the never ending Budokai mode. I played it again to get the real ending which does exist, the fight between SSJ Goku (yep, SSJ!) and Frieza.

Overall: 10
I really enjoyed this game. And I can play it almost anytime, anywhere as it's a handheld game, for the gameboy, I mean, with all the PS2 and XBOX stuff, a game this great, for the GAMEBOY. Ha! Bye, I'm off.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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