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Reviewed: 10/04/05

Probably the best portable Dragon ball game, if not THE BEST Dragon Ball game ever.

Goku Gekitouden is a game released in Japan around 1995. It presented an interesting battle system where you fight overhead in a third person omniscient view, just as if you were viewing a map with indicators unlike some other games.

Graphics (9/10)

It seems some of the graphics are straight from the anime, especially the battle ones. The main adventure interface is nothing special, but the Namekian landscape of the background is pretty detailed. Obviously, if you plug it into the GBC, you get some color, but in the original game boy, your eye gets tired after a little bit because the pressure of black and white is too strong on you. The only reason the graphics gets a 9 is because of its adventure interface graphics.

Controls (9/10)

The controls are simple enough, in the adventure screen, one is used for jumping/flying, the other for running. The d-pad is obviously the direction, and that goes for the battle interface as well, but in the battle, one button acts as the offensive action (skills such as ki blast, kick or push away) the other as a defensive action (such as block or speed up). It can’t get to complicated with two buttons, so that’s that. But one thing I regret is that the start button and the select button does the same thing. They should have made another menu for select…

Sound (8/10)

Ahh… yes those familiar bleeps blended to sound like music… the sound is good enough, but in the battle, the block sound isn’t as real as I hoped it would be, it still sounds like a block, but sometimes it sounds like a baseball being thrown at a cardboard box, and obviously, you block often, and it gets quite catchy. Also the music in the later portion game sounds like space invaders music… or something that would fit a shooter and not an RPG. But the other effects are good and well.

Gameplay (10/10)

The gameplay is complex for a GBC game. On the adventure screen… you just walk, but the battle is quite complex. There are 2 meters below your character, one indicating your remaining strength and another indicating the power of your attack. If your stamina gets to 0, you can’t move block or do anything, you just have to get hit, so you have to calculate the attack’s energy usage to master this game. Also, the opponent’s character image tells you what attack he will perform, so you have to keep a constant eye on that as well. If your HP gets low, you will find yourself evading the enemy and countering him as he misses, and to efficiently evade, you must refer to the opponent’s character image. Complex, yet so simple as you master it. I don’t think there can be a better battle system for the GBC.

Replay Value (8/10)

After you beat story mode once, the only thing that will interest you is the Budokai mode or the Minigame collection. So that’s the only replay value, since story mode will bore you on your second run. But even then, the frog shooting game is pretty fun and the budokai mode is always great.

A very decent dame that’s been held upon a curse of not coming to the US. This game is probably the best game for the original Game Boy, and probably the best DB game even 10 years after its release.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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