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Reviewed: 11/11/01 | Updated: 11/11/01


Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden, was the second and last, Dragon Ball Z game released for Gameboy. The story takes place after the defeat of Vegita, with Gohan and Kuririn landing on Namek..

Graphics - The graphics in this game are amazing for a Gameboy game, when you are in fights, you see the fighter and your opponent doing the actions of the moves they are using, and if they get hit, they show him getting hit, all scenes in the battle are taken straight out of the manga, so that makes it look even better. 8/10

Story - The story takes place where Dragonball Z: Goku Hishouden took off, with Gohan and Kuririn landing on Namek to search for the Dragonballs to revive their dead friends. The plot follows the manga very closely, so there arent any problems with the story. 8/10

Music/Sound - The music in the game is somewhat catchy, and pretty good. The only sounds I have heard in this game are a couple of bleeps and blops... so, eh... 7/10

Gameplay - The gameplay in this game is perfect for this title, when you are on planet Namek searching for the Dragonballs, you move around in a side-scrolling area, and choose where you wish to go to. When you are in fights, you choose the commands for your attacks you wish to use, and then you go into battle, which is a complete arena, you have the ability to move around anywhere you want, and you perform your attacks with the A buttons. After each battle, you gain experince points, you also have the ability to build up your defense, attack, and energy points in this game, by using certain attacks and defending hits correctly. There is also a Tenkachi Budokai, where you can particapate in a 8 player tournament, depending on where you are in your save file, there will be different people to fight aganist. 10/10

Replay Value - The replay of this game is excellent, when you beat the game. You have the choice to play in tournament's with every single character you have unlocked, and go up aganist every single opponent in the game. Which means, you can fight the Ginyu force as Kuririn or Gohan, or do other neat stuff. You can also go through the story mode again, and try to build up your stats, or try to see if you can warp the story around. (I didnt have to run away from Dodoria, cause I never ran into him. :)

Overall - This is an excellent title for any Gameboy owner, the game is extremely fun once you figured out how to play it, and it has a good amount of replay value alongside it. Get it if you can find it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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