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Guide and Walkthrough by GammaBetaAlpha

Updated: 01/22/2011

                                   Game Boy
                 Developer: Power and Magic   Publisher: Ocean
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        Basics                      [HELP]
                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]


        Waterworld is divided into three basic segments: water stages, which
take place in the first level (with water sections occasionally showing up
later), dry land which is a regular run-and-gun platformer, and an isometric
view segment where you sail around and must avoid Smokers. In all three
segments, your main goal is to reach the end of the level and continue on to the
next one.

        Sail levels take place in even levels, while platforming levels are in
the odd-number levels. Each level is divided into one to six Stages, with the
platforming Stages ending with a mini-boss or the final boss.

        When running around on the stages, the Mariner has a couple of things
that he can do that spices up the platforming sequence. The first is that he
can grab onto the side of ledges, platforms and pillars, and pull himself up.
On occasion, you will also see ropes that you can climb up, and wrench-shaped
hooks that can be grabbed onto and swung from.

        As a side note, there are no passwords in this game, so if you wish to
beat the game, it must be done in one sitting.

A - Jump
B - Shoot
    (Do not pound the B button to rapid-fire shoot. Instead, you will have to
     have a short lag period between firing to be able to rapidfire, or else
     your gun will repeatedly jam)
Start - Pause and Unpause
D-Pad - Move/Swim Around
Up - Climb up the side of ledges
Down - Crouch

Controls (Sailing)
B - Shoot
Start - Pause and Unpause
Up/Down - Move Forward/Backwards
Right - Turn clockwise
Left - Turn counterclockwise

        Occasionally, you will find items on the screen for you to use.

Ammunition Pack - Gives you 5 Bullets

Clock - Refills the time meter completely

Star - Collecting 100 of these gives you an extra life

Heart - Lets you take one extra hit


        To get to a specific level, search [LEVx], where x is the number of the
level you want to go to in numerical format.

                                   Level One

Stage One
        Swim straight right, avoiding contact with the fishes (which will deal
one heart of damage if you touch them), and grab a five-pack of ammo off the
high wall. Swim down for some more ammo, then turn left and head down chasm
between the two slabs of rock. Once you hit the bottom again, go left and grab
more ammo and two stars. Start heading right, grabbing some more ammo, before
rising up into a narrow corridor with several fish. Use your gun to take a few
of them out and clear some space for you to maneuveur through without taking

        At the end of that area, wait for the tentacle-like water snake to pop
up before falling down, then grab the Heart it guards. Come back out, then start
rising upwards. Grab another magazine of ammunition, before heading up and left
through another hallway full of fish and a shark. Once you get out into open
area again, grab four Stars sitting next to the side wall. Go down for more
ammo, then head up.

        The narrow passageway at the top here will have rocks falling down from
the ceiling. Now, the rocks do not fall in random places - they will fall in the
exact same five spots, and are separated by the same exact interval between each
falling rock. Wait for one rock to fall, then rush past it, repeating until you
safely make it out the other side. From there, continue on until you get past a
pair of watersnakes. Ignore the first path going on, and instead head on to the
end. Grab the ammunition, then lower yourself into the pit to grab nine Stars
while avoiding a shark. Head back up to the top of the screen, go left and go
down into the previous area.

        Tilt yourself towards the left side, and when you sink a significant
enough distance, go left into a small tunnel (avoid some more falling rocks) to
get three Hearts. Head back out into the main chamber and proceed right and up
to the upper right corner for two stars, then head down and out the path to
finish the Stage.

Stage Two
        Swim right until you hit the wall at the end, then grab some ammunition
out of the small nook in the wall. Go left slightly and right down from here to
get both a Star and a Heart, then head left to the opposite wall for a second
Star, and then down to the right side for three more Stars. Head left from this
last assortment of items, and go down to the lower left corner for ammunition,
four Stars, and another five-pack of ammo before proceeding rightwards. Once you
make it past some fish and the vaguely plant-like enemies, grab a pair of Stars
and 5 Ammo from the right wall.

        Turn around and start moving left for Ammo, then go up, grabbing four
Stars and another pack of ammunition off the right and left walls before you hit
the top of the screen. Swim right from here. Ignore the first path going down,
and instead swim quickly past a corridor of falling rocks for a room with two
hearts and another pack of ammunition.

        Go back past the room with the falling boulders, and sink deep into
another big chamber. Grab 12 Stars, 2 packs of ammunition and a Heart from the
area before taking the left path down, taking another of ammunition and four
Stars. Swim back up into the main chamber, then take the right path going down,
grabbing two Stars on the way. Proceed right into another large area, then go
up, getting yet another star as you navigate your way around several fish, and
out of the Stage.

Stage Three
        Start off going right until you hit the wall at the end, and go through
the narrow passageway, eliminating or bypassing the watersnakes. In the large
chamber that comes afterwards, head up to the top and go right to pick up some
ammunition and a Clock for a time extension at the far right wall. From there,
lower yourself down and into the next room, which has 16 Stars and 2 Hearts.
Eliminate the Shark if you need to, then leave the small chamber, and backtrack
to where the two watersnakes were.

        Retrieve some Ammunition and four Stars on the way down, and obtain two
more Stars on the opposite wall, and another four still before you finally hit
the bottom. From there, continue on swimming right through another narrow
hallway with two falling rocks. Once you hit the other side, swim up and you
will jump out onto dry land. This next little chunk of the game basically
involves running around to gather all 40 Stars (along with one Heart and one
piece of Ammunition). You can climb up off the side of cliff faces and use the
lamp posts to swing off of onto higher heights. Once you are finished with your
dry land excursion, continue on right and jump back into the water.

        Go right, and then up, taking another couple of Stars. Proceed left for
some more Stars at the first opportunity, as well as some ammunition. Once you
grab the ammunition, rise up while pressing against the left wall to find a
hidden passageway. Make your way past a bunch of watersnakes through a lengthy
passageway to get to a small chamber with fourteen Stars and a Heart. Go back
out the secret passage, and head up the top side to get five Stars and some more
ammo. Take another two Stars before finally finishing up with the Stage.

Stage Four
        Start going right, and sink down at your first opportunity for a Star
and some ammunition. Continue to swim right here along the bottom floor of the
big chamber until you get past some fish. Navigate your way through a tricky
passageway with a watersnake in between two falling rocks, then grab some
ammunition after you clear the area. Continue on left and down to get a Clock,
then head back into the big chamber from the start of the Stage.

        Rise up to the top, taking a couple of Stars on the way, then swim
across a long trench of water, with a Star in a small nook at the end. Swim
right up at the top of the screen for six Stars, then backtrack and go down the
left wall for three more Stars and two packs of ammunition. Head along the
bottom side now, and grab more Stars and ammo. Head up a bit to get yet more
Stars up top. From there, sink directly down to grab a Clock for a time
extension, and then further into another narrow area for eleven more Stars.

        Go back up and then continue on right along the top side for some stars.
Drop down to the bottom to get some more Stars, then continue on right out the
Stage exit.

Stage Five
        Grab the obvious 5-pack of ammunition at the start, and get three Stars
off the side wall before swimming down. Take the left side, and you should find
20 pieces of ammo lying in a small cubby hole. From here, glide right. At the
right side wall, get two ammunition magazines and a Clock for a time extension
before jumping up onto dry land, and grabbing onto the size of the cliff.

        Run around and grab the first two Stars you see. After the car, continue
on right by crouching to get through the tunnel, and down into a small area with
24 Stars. Head back up to where the car was, and jump up onto the high wall to
climb up. From the lamp post, build up some momentum on your swing, then swing
onto the left cliff for a Clock. Continue on to the right side, and take a
running dash onto a ledge with eight Stars. Drop down from here into the area
below to get a Heart, another Clock, and eight more Stars. Make your way back up
to the top left again, get onto the high ledge with the car, and run across and
jump over to the next little section.

        Once you get back into water and swim into the large room again, go to
the upper left corner for 10 Stars. Head down to the lower left corner for three
Stars and three Recovery Hearts (be sure to grab them as they will be vital in
the next area), then swim to the lower right cornert to amass another 14 Stars.
From there, head up to the upper right corner and swim out the Stage exit.

Stage Six
        Stage Six is different from the previous stages, so be prepared. To
start, you will have to shoot at the single shark here until it dies. Once it is
dead, the stage morphs into a Battletoads-esque sequence, in which a bunch of
fish and sharks start swimming from the right side of the screen to the left,
and you have to maneuver and navigate yourself around them to avoid taking
damage. After awhile, the stage will finish, and you will finally get out of the
water levels and onto dry land.

                                   Level Two

Stage One
        The gameplay changes significantly in between Levels One and Two, as you
go from underwater platforming to sailing in a raft. Pressing right on the D-Pad
turns you around clockwise, and left counterclockwise. Also, there will be
barrels lying around that you can pick up - barrels with an E have a Heart in
them, and barrels with an M will have ammo. There are also toxic barrels lying
about that can damage you - you can use three shots to destroy them, though most
of the time it is time-consuming.

        Start the stage off going up-right, while dodging the fire from the one
Smoker that will show up in his Jetski. Once you turn to go down-right, grab the
two barrels for a Heart and some ammo before continuing up-right. Avoid another
Smoker before navigating through two toxic barrels, then grab another pair of
barrels with ammunition in them. From there head southeast, avoiding the toxic
barrels, then head northeast, grabbing another barrel of ammunition while
avoiding both the fire and yet another Smoker foe. Head off the map at the end
to get into Stage Two.

Stage Two
        Go down to the bottom left as opposed to the top-right wall, and start
heading southeast. After a while, make your way through a narrow space in
between two toxic barrels, and then again through two more into a small area
that has a Heart barrel and an Ammo barrel, with a Smoker coming out from the
north and east corner. Try do dodge their shots and let them zoom off-screen,
before going north, missing another pair of Smokers. From there, start sailing
northeast, avoiding several toxic barrels floating in the water. While going
southeast and then southwest, take another bottle of ammunition and a Recovery
Heart. Slowly head west, avoiding a trio of Smokers that will show up, while
grabbing another barrel of ammo and another Heart. Loop around and head

        You will come to a very tricky part with three toxic barrels close to
each other. If you do not believe you can make it through successfully without
taking damage, then destroy one by shooting at it three times so that you can
successfully make it through without taking damage. After you make it past,
continue on northeast and northwest until you hit the end and finish off Stage

Stage Three
        Go up to the northwest for a Recovery Heart barrel, then go slightly
northeast and then north through a narrow area. Spam your ammo against the
Smoker that shows up, until you get out into wide open space again. Grab another
Recovery Heart barrel along with some ammo, then continue on southeast, grabbing
another barrel of ammo, avoiding Smokers and a fire beacon until you head out
the stage exit at the end. That shall also finish up the level.

                                  Level Three

Stage One
        Given that you are now playing a dry land platformer, expect controls to
be easier to work with. Start by jumping into the air for 15 rounds of
ammunition, and dodge the falling barrels. Shoot the Smoker wielding a javelin
while standing on the ground floor to avoid getting hit by the height
difference. Continue on right after, and ignore the ledge going up. Instead,
head right along the bottom floor. When you get to the next enemy, shoot at him,
and press the down button to crouch when he fires back at you. Slay another
Smoker, then continue along, crouching to get through some narrow spaces, until
you get to some barrels.

        Use the barrels as height leverage and jump to some ammunition, and then
jump again up to a Star, then more Ammo and a Heart. Head back down, then crawl
left along the ship until you get to a barrel. Jump onto it then up to the right
to get some ammunition. Jump to your left to grab hold of a wrench-shaped hook,
then swing up to the left again and then to the right to grab a Heart. Go back
down, then go left to another barrel. Jump off it up to the left to grab some
more Hearts.

        Continue backtracking left along the ship until you get to the two-set
of barrels. Take the Smoker patrolling on top out first, then jump onto the
ledge to the right of here. Kill another Smoke before continuing on upwards,
then head to the right, eliminating a third enemy. Do NOT drop into the cage
here, as it is pretty much an instant-kill. Instead, jump across it, then take
out another foe. Avoid a dropping barrel while running across, and refill your
ammunition stores. Jump up to the right, and use the barrels for height to get
up even higher.

        Slay another foe, then go right, jump over a cage pit, and kill another
Smoker. Grab the desperately-needed Clock while going down the staircase, and
grab another magazine of ammunition. Drop to the bottom, then run right and out
the Stage Exit.

Stage Two
        Take the Smoker out both on the ground floor and on the ledge at the
start. Take the ledge up and then drop off on the right side for fifteen rounds
of ammunition. Climb back up onto the platform and shoot dead the Smoker to your
right, then use the spot he was on as a stepping point while continuing to go
right and up, killing another Smoke and grabbing 10 more bullets. Continue on
right and then down, grabbing two packs of ammunition, three Stars and a Heart,
before going left. Kill the Smokers you come across and grab some more Stars,
then head down and continue to make your way east.

        Retrieve some more ammunition from next to the barrels, before jumping
up to the right. Grab a couple of more Stars while heading up. At the top, jump
left onto the wrench-hook and left onto a high pillar to a Recovery Heart. Go
back right, and jump onto the first rope. Climb to the top of the rope before
leaping to the next rope, climb up again, then swing across two more wrench-
hooks onto a high ledge with two Hearts. Grab the Hearts while avoiding the
barrels, then head down and go right. Kill the Smoker walking around the two
Stars, and jump onto a ledge for a Clock to recover lost time, as well as some

        From there, head right and down a sequence of staircases, killing a
couple of Smokers along the way, until you get to the end of the roadway. Hop
onto the rope and climb up to the top. If you need a Heart at this time, you can
jump left onto a high pillar with a Heart on top, otherwise, leap right to
another rope, and then onto a high area. Avoid the falling barrels as you kill
the Smoker, and grab the ammo before jumping up. Proceed right again, and grab
some ammunition and Stars from the top of the area, before dropping down. Run
left down a few flights of stairs, head left for six Stars, and then go right to
finish the stage up.

Stage Three
        Dodge and run past the barrels falling down at the start, and climb up
the stack of wooden barrels, killing the Smoker standing on the top. Jump onto
the next section of barrels, slaying another Smoker, before heading up and
grabbing some ammunition. Leap to your left, and start trudging all the way to
the end of the pathway, killing or avoiding two Smokers and grabbing two more
packs of ammunition, until you have the chance to jump up and start heading
right again. Eliminate the foe standing up high to the left again, and follow
along until you get to two more ammunition 5-packs.

        Climb up the rope afterwards. When you are level with the Smoker up top,
press right on the D-Pad and fire your gun to hit the Smoker from the rope, and
do not stop until he is dead. With his death, continue climbing up, not quite
all the way but close, and jump off to get the higher-up ammunition pack, and
then the one on the floor. Walk to the edge of the platform and kill the Smoker
over yonder, then jump up and grab onto the wrench-hook before swinging over
right onto three more hooks. Drop down onto the Recovery Heart and drop straight
down for some ammunition.

        Leap over the Smoker here and head down in the gap between the floor,
then run down the stairs. Eliminate a Smoker, grab more ammunition, and take a
running jump to a high floor with nine Stars in it. Drop down from there,
slaying another Smoker, before securing another pack of ammunition and a Clock.

        Run back up to the main floor area. Jump up to the right side, securing
some packs of ammunition, then continue on going up and left, taking out more
enemies and grabbing more ammunition, until you hit the end. Use the rope to
jump over to some ammunition, then climb up higher aboard the ship, shooting
down a Smoker from the rope before jumping off to the right. Grab four Stars,
kill another minion, then head right down the Staircase. Grab two Stars through
a narrow crawlspace to your left, then head right, eliminating another henchman
before grabbing some ammunition.

        Continue climbing up and then left, getting another Star and some more
ammo before coming to yet another rope. Head up and jump off to the right, and
kill some more Smokers and grab a few more Stars before exiting the level at the
upper right corner.

Stage Four
        Start off the stage with a whammy, taking out three Smokers who are
patrolling around while going right as you grab eight packs of ammunition and a
Clock for a time extension. Head right again.

        You shall have to face off against another mini-boss here. Be warned
that the time runs out a lot faster when fighting this guy (much like the shark
in Level 1), so move quickly. The barrel guy will throw barrels out at three
different speeds. At all three speeds, you should move in close and crouch to
duck underneath the barrel when he throws it, then uncrouch and jump and pound
away at him. Do not be afraid to be aggressive if you have a good amount of
health, left - it is far better than dying because of lack of time and having
only three Hearts afterwards.

        After you win, the Stage and Level will be completed.

                                  Level Four

Stage One
        Level Four is exactly like Level Two was in terms of gameplay mechanics,
so you know the drill for how to play it.

        Start by navigating between the two toxic barrels, and grab an ammo
barrel and a Heart barrel. Sail northeast, avoiding a Smoker, and then
northwest, grabbing another barrel of ammunition and taking out/dodging another
foe. When you get into an open space again, go southwest, grabbing more ammo,
before taking the northern canal. Slowly weave around the toxic barrels at the
beginning, and stick either side when going up to avoid a Smoker. Grab another
barrel of ammunition before heading northwest, and yet another one going

        When you get to go southeast, stick to the northern wall, grabbing more
ammo as you go southeast. Slowly maneuver around the minefield going northeast
(there will not be any Smokers to zoom in on you while in this tricky area).
Ignore the ammo going southeast as you avoid or take out a trio of Smokers, then
head east to end the Stage.

Stage Two
        Shoot at least one of the three toxic barrels floating in the water at
the beginning of the stage to grab yourself a Heart from the barrel, then start
heading southeast along the southern wall. After navigating yourself through a
lengthy canal with some toxic barrels, head northeast to find three barrels, two
with ammo and one with a Haert.

        Head back northwest to the large open area, and this time go northeast.
Dodge another smoker, then head southeast along another lengthy passageway,
avoiding toxic barrels. Once you start to go northeast against, grab another
barrel with a Heart in it. When you finally get back out into open area, head
east across the water, avoiding more toxic barrels and a lone Smoker who will
dart across the water, until you can finally get to the Stage Exit at the end.

Stage Three
        Sail east a little bit at the beginning, then make a sharp turn going
down southeast, grabbing a barrel with ammunition and a Heart each. Continue on
going east once you get down through a long canal. At the end, head northeast
for a lengthy period of time again, and finally exit out the stage eastwards (if
you were wondering what the alternate path at the beginning of the Stage leads
to, it will also go to the stage exit, but it does not have any barrels on it).

                                  Level Five

Stage One
        Kill the first Smoker at the beginning, then jump onto the first wrench
-hook. Use it to swing onto the hook to your left, then swing onto the second
one in the center before swinging right onto the high box. Take out the Smoker
as soon as you climb up, then you will have to engage in a lengthy marathon of
swinging around. Be careful, and do NOT TRY TO GO FAST - even missing one will
basically result in an instant-death sequence, so if you have to take your time,
do so. Also, be careful, as around the fifteenth or so hook, when you get to the
very top, there will be one hook where you should not do a full swing at, but
only about a half swing at.

        Once you make it to the end of the obstacle course, swing onto the box
and kill another Smoker. Jump onto the rope at the end, and climb up (ignore
going down, as all that you will find are 40 Stars and a Clock extension). Jump
off to the left at the end to grab some ammunition if you wanted to go down for
the Stars, and then swerve right to get back onto the rope. Climb up again, then
leap off to the right onto another hook. Engage in another shorter trial of
swinging from hook to hook until you get to the ledge at the end. Climb up the
ledge and head out onto the Stage Exit.

Stage Two
        Eliminate the first two Smokers going up and right as you grab three
packs of ammunition, then kill another minion up top before jumping over the
pit. Head up and right, grabbing a pack of ammo and sliding down a ramp, before
taking two wrench-hooks to go up and right further. Go up a ramp, defeat another
Smoker, and grab all the ammunition down here. Jump down below to your left side
onto a bunch of boxes. Leap-frog over a Smoker and jump into the water. Grab
four Recovery Hearts from the right corner, then jump back out of the water and
up the boxes again.

        Make your way around going up back to the left side. Clear the first
pit, and stop right before you get to the second. Drop down from here, and go
right and jump into the water. Immediately head left all the way until you get
some ammo. Sink to the bottom of the water to grab 29 Stars, then head right to
get a Clock for a time extension. Swim right, avoiding some more gillyweed and
fish, and claim another 13 Stars. Rise up once you get into open area for some
more Stars and ammunition, then drop down and continue right through another
tunnel. Head back up when you get the chance, where you shall find two piers
that you can leap onto. Leap up out of the water but not onto a pier: instead,
shoot the heavy-set pirate patrolling around multiple times until he finally
dies, then leap up onto the right pier. Jump over the box and head out the Stage

Stage Three
        Kill the Smoker at the beginning of the stage, then head right and take
out another one standing on the crates. Jump up and run right, and leap into the
water. Swim down and left to grab yourself 20 pieces of ammo, then head back
right and jump out of the water onto the right pier. Eliminate another Smoker,
then jump back into the water, and go down underneath the dock for three more
packs of ammunition. Head back out of the water and jump onto the top ledge. Run
up the ramp, take out a smoker over yonder, and grab about 16 Stars before
continuing right again, and grab a Clock at the end.

        Head back a ways to where the ramp was, and drop down into the water
below for 20 more pieces of ammo. Embark onto dry land, and crawl through the
narrow space. Take out some more Smokers on the opposite end, and jump into the
water when you have the chance again. Grab ammo from both end, from the left
side first, then the right side, and continue swimming until you can jump out
onto dry land again.

        From where you get out onto dry land, jump to the left side after
slaying the guard there for another Clock, then jump up to the right. Walk up
the ramp, and eliminate several Smoker minions while continuing to go right.
After you have cleared the boxes, continue to eliminate more enemies while going
right, and be sure to go fast enough so that you do not run out of time. Drop
into the water shortly after the crates, and swim left for another Clock for
more time. Head back out of the water, and head right again. Ignore the crawl
space and instead kill the two Smokers on top of the crates. Jump over to the
right to get a Heart and three Stars, then go down and crawl through the next
narrow space. Grab the three Stars to the left if you want, then walk through
the Stage Exit.

Stage Four
        Start off by killing the Smoker on the crates while going right. Drop
down into the water and pick up a lot of ammo, then get back onto land and slay
another Smoker. After, you shall have to eliminate a few strongmen, who take
nine hits to eliminate, before swinging across several wrench-hooks with Stars
on the way. After you land, kill another minion while going down the ramp, and
jump  into the water for some Stars. Swim down and right to get some ammunition
as well as a Clock, and continue on in the water. Go to the left once you go up
and climb up the rope. Jump off for some ammo, then get back into the water. Go
right, and leap out of the water and shoot the strongmen until both are dead.
Continue right and slay the Strongman on top of the box, and claim a Clock for
your prize. Head down, and go through the long crawlspace.

        Once you come out the other side, kill the Smoker on the left end for
some ammo, then eliminate the Strongman. Head up to the right after eliminating
another Strongman,  and jump to get a clock. Following that, swing across
several more wrench-hooks. Leap over the two strongmen here instead of killing
them (make sure to grab your ammo), then jump back into the water> Get some
ammunition and Stars, and continue along right in the water, ignoring the path
up. Graba Clock, then kill the Strongman at the end. Go up the right rope and
kill two more strongmen before jumping off the right, and head out the Stage

Stage Five
        Eliminate the first Smoker that comes up, then start jumping onto the
pile of crates. Go on a rampage as you should exterminate all the Smoker
henchmen that come up, while grabbing oodles of ammunition. Once you get up to
where the Strongman is, grab some more ammunition and Stars before you get to
the edge of the current pile. Kill the minion standing on the boxes across the
gap, and take a big leap across the gap to get some ammo. Drop down into the
water afterwards, and start swimming right past the gillyweed while picking up
some ammunition.

        At the end, jump up to the left, and take out a pair of Strongmen. Kill
another Strongman up top to grab some ammunition, then jump onto the high ledge
to your right. Slay another Strongman and grab more ammo, and head down a long
ramp. Continue to kill some more foes while going right. Climb up the rope and
kill the Strongman to your left to get 35 ammo and two Stars, then jump to the
right. Jump from pillar to pillar until you get to the pillar before the one
with the star, and fall down into the water below. Slowly navigate your way
around the gillyweed until you get to the end. Shoot the Strongman on the dock
dead and climb up the rop and jump to the left to claim some Stars and a
Recovery Heart, then head back to the rope. Climb down and slay another
Strongman on the crate for some ammo, then run up the ramp for a Clock. Ignore
the Strongmen and instead jump over them ont the rope. Climb up to the top and
jump to the right. This will initate a very tricky and long task of jumping from
rope to rope. Once you get to the last rope, kill the Strongman before leaping
off, and jump down into the water.

        Down below, swim to your right while killing the various fish, and grab
yourself some more ammo. At the end, take out another Strongman and climb up the
rope to the top, then jump off to the right for three Hearts before heading out
the stage exit.

Stage Six
        This stage is the mini-boss stage for this level, so be on your guard.
At the beginning, jump off to the right to the far side to grab yourself 15
ammo, then jump back. Climb up the rope all the way to the top. Now, you have to
face a cannoneer who will shoot bullets out from his cannon. Shoot at an angle
slightly above the cannon at the gunman, and he will temporarily drop down from
injury. After a couple of hits, get your timing down so you can fire at him so
that shoe will hit him almost as soon as he gets back up. It takes 8 hits to
kill a gunman, so keep pounding away at the top gunman, and go down the rope
whenever you need to to doge a hit.

        After the top gunman is dead, leap over to where he was to get some
ammunition and a Clock for time extension. Go back onto the rope, and finish the
other two gunmen off in the ample time you should have.

                                   Level Six

Stage One
        As occurs in even-numbered levels, you shall be back to sailing, so
start making your way through the toxic barrels. Once you get into open waters,
head up the northeast passageway, and grab a barrel with ammunition in it.  Head
back and go up the northwest end for some more ammunition, then loop around, and
go east. When your passageway finally expands, head south to get a barrel with a
Heart in it before continuing to go east, avoiding some more Smokers.

        Once you get to a narrow chokepoint, slow down, as two Smokers will come
by. Once you get past there, head southwest into a large dead-end area with some
ammunition and energy barrels. Once done here, head back northeast and then east
to finish up the Stage.

Stage Two
        Sail east at the start, then go northeast, and navigate your way around
several toxic barrels before going east. Watch out for Smokers as you go by,
then grab an ammunition barrel while going southeast. Stick to the northern wall
to get an Energy barrel as well, then continue on southeast, down and then east
into the Stage exit.

Stage Three
        Sail northeast at the start. Shoot open a couple of the toxic barrels to
break them and pass by safely, and grab a barrel full of ammo at the end. Sail
northwest past the fire and grab the Energy barrel, and dodge another Smoker
while continuing northwest. At the end, grab another barrel of ammunition and
start heading up northeast once more, then make your way southeast, grabbing
more ammo. Head up northwest after a bit, then west along another lengthy canal,
making sure to grab the pair of Energy barrels.

        Head north again, then east, weaving through another trio of Smokers
before you finally hit the Stage and Level exit.

                                  Level Seven

Stage One
        In this level, you will have to contend with automatic cannons that will
fire javelins straight forward. At the start of the stage, run right while
dodging the javelins, and continue up and right, grabbing ammunition as you run
along, until you get to the pit. Jump onto a wrench-hook, and wait for the
javelin to be fired from the right before jumping over. Kill a Smoker up on the
right ledge before jumping up to get more ammunition, then jump down to the
right and take out two more foes. Leap over to the next ledge, then hop down to
your right and start scaling the area again, avoiding more cannons.

        Before going over the pit, watch out for a falling box. Once you get
onto the wrench-hook, wait for the thug to your right to come all the way to the
left side before swinging off to clear him entirely. Dodge an attack from the
next cannon, then quickly jump across the large gap to the other end. Take out a
few more henchmen while going up and right, and then you will get onto a few
narrow platforms with boxes dropping from above. Be careful and wait before
jumping to avoid taking damage.

        At the end, jump onto the edge of the ledge (so you are hanging), and
wait for a shot to come out from the nearby cannon before jumping over. Clear
the cannon, and climb down the rope. Kill a few lackies to the right to grab a
Clock for a time extension, then go left for some Stars and ammo. Jump back onto
the rope from the left platform, then disembark from the top onto the right
side. Avoid the falling boxes and get some Stars, then kill the soldier on the
rope before continuing on. Watch for more thugs on the ropes as well as boxes as
you make your way across. At the end, jump off onto a narrow pillar and slay the
Smoker before dropping down and heading out the Stage exit.

Stage Two
        Eliminate the foe standing at the start, and climb up the rope. Kill
another soldier standing on top of the ledge before jumping over, and grab some
ammo. Take the wrench-hooks up to first grab two more ammunition magazines, then
leap over to the left. Take out a Strongman up top here and continue up to get a
Heart. Jump off to the right to some more wrench-hooks until you work your way
around to a rope. Climb up and grab some Stars, then hop to the right rope and
onto the pillar. Fall down the left side of the pillar and slowly make your way
to the right to get thirty-odd Stars in all before hitting the water.

        Underwater again, head left, and grab five Stars from the end as well as
some ammunition. Sink to the bottom-left for some more Stars, then continue
rightwards from there, and then down again at the first opportunity for five
more Stars. Head left and then go down all the way until you hit the bottom. Go
back up slightly until you can go right at the first chance, then go up quickly
to grab a Clock.

        From there, head back down and right for some Stars, and then up for
some more ammo. Continue up further, grabbing Stars on the way, as well as some
ammunition, and go right when you have the chance and then up again. After a
while of swimming up even further go grab some ammunition, and kill a Strongman
on a pier before making your way up the ledge tower with several spoke-platforms
on the side, killing a couple of enemies. Slay the Strongman at the top and jump
left off the rope, and then continue to journey higher and higher along the

        Take another rope and kill another Strongman to get yourself some
Hearts, then drop back down to the next-highest up platform on the right side
and head out the exit here.

Stage Three
        Run right at the start of the level, avoiding falling boxes coming down
from above, and the javelins the cannons will spit out at you. You will have to
repeatedly avoid everything as you continue on, though you will get a Heart
about halfway through the level. Ater a while, you should hopefully be able to
make it to the end of the Stage.

Stage Four
        Take out the first soldier on the deck, then grab some ammunition. Head
right while avoiding javelin fire, then go up to your left, assassinating a few
Smokers on the way. Jump to the left for ammo, then continue on right, avoiding
numerous falling boxes. Jump onto the wrench-hook and make your way over to the
right side. Slay another Smoker, and use the rope to jump over to some ammo.
Drop off the side instead of taking the rope down, and run right to take out
another couple of Smokers and take some ammunition. Take out a foe hanging from
the rope before climbing on, then leap off to the left for a Clock. Get back
onto the rope, then leap to the right this time around to another rope, and then
onto some more wrench-hooks.

        When you get back onto solid ground, collect a few more Stars, kill
another henchman, and jump to a very small pillar with ammunition on. Avoid
getting hit by the boxes by quickly hopping from island to island. Once you get
back to stable ground again, continue right and jump onto the canon. Kill
another smoker, than jump right onto the platform at the end, and run into the
stage exit.

Stage Five
        I would recommend using up a life or two if not at full health to get
used to this final boss's attacking pattern before making a serious effort.

        In any case, when you are ready, jump onto the ledge to your immediate
right to get some ammunition. Hop onto a wrench-hook and go up to the right to
get 70 bullets, then take a wrench-hook to the upper left corner for a Heart
before dropping back down to the ground.

        Get onto the two barrels on the right, and turn to face the Deacon. The
Deacon will only fire in three directions - he will fire straight left, which
you should dodge, he will fire diagonally at random or when you are jumping,
which is easy to avoid, and he will crouch and fire, which will just hit the
barrel. Stay on the barrels and crouch while firing your handgun to be at
shooting level with the Deacon, and when he shoots at you while standing up, you
should jump up to avoid the attack. Otherwise, he is ridiculously easy, although
it will take somewhere in the order of sixty (60) shots to kill him.


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