• Mode A Passwords

    Enter the following codes to enter the level with all previous levels beaten.

    Level 02A20F
    Level 03A307
    Level 04A3GB
    Level 05A309
    Level 06A40C
    Level 07A60C
    Level 08A704
    Level 09A7G8
    Level 10A7OE
    Level 11A80D
    Level 12AA0D
    Level 13AB05
    Level 14ABG9
    Level 15ABOF
    Level 16AC02
    Level 17AE02
    Level 18AF0A
    Level 19AFGE
    Level 20AFOC
    Level 21AG03
    Level 22AI03
    Level 23AJ0B
    Level 24AJGF
    Level 25AJOD
    Level 26AK00
    Level 27AM00
    Level 28AN08
    Level 29ANGC
    Level 31AO01
    Level 32AQ01
    Level 33AR09
    Level 34ARGD
    Level 35ARO3
    Level 36AS06
    Level 37AU06
    Level 38AV0E
    Level 39AVG2
    Level 40AVO0
    Level 41B007
    Level 42B207
    Level 43B30F
    Level 44B3G3
    Level 45B3O1
    Level 46B404
    Level 47B604
    Level 48B70C
    Level 49B7G0
    Level 50B7O6
    Level 51B805
    Level 52BA05
    Level 53BB0D
    Level 54BBGI
    Level 55BBO7
    Level 56BC0A
    Level 57BE0A
    Level 58BF02
    Level 59BFG6
    Level 60BFO4
    Level 61BG0B
    Level 62BI0B
    Level 63BJ03
    Level 64BJG7
    Level 65BJO5
    Level 66BK08
    Level 67BM08
    Level 68BN00
    Level 69BNG4
    Level 70BNOA
    Level 71BO09
    Level 72BQ09
    Level 73BR01
    Level 74BRG5
    Level 75BROB
    Level 76BS0E
    Level 77BU0E
    Level 78BV06
    Level 79BVGA
    Level 80BVO8
    Unlocks Level 30ANO2
    Unlocks Level 80BVS9

    Contributed By: th3l3fty and tiamold.

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  • Mode B Passwords

    Enter the following codes to enter the level with all previous levels beaten.

    Level 02A20S
    Level 03A30K
    Level 04A3GO
    Level 05A3OU
    Level 06A40T
    Level 07A60T
    Level 08A70L
    Level 09A7GP
    Level 10A7OV
    Level 11A80I
    Level 12AA0I
    Level 13AB0Q
    Level 14ABGU
    Level 15ABOS
    Level 16AC0J
    Level 17AE0J
    Level 18AF0R
    Level 19AFGV
    Level 20AFOT
    Level 21AG0G
    Level 22AI0G
    Level 23AJ0O
    Level 24AJGS
    Level 25AJOI
    Level 26AK0H
    Level 27AM0H
    Level 28AN0P
    Level 29ANGT
    Level 30ANOJ
    Level 31AO0M
    Level 32AQ0M
    Level 33AR0U
    Level 34ARGI
    Level 35AROG
    Level 36AS0N
    Level 37AU0N
    Level 38AV0V
    Level 39AVGJ
    Level 40AVOH
    Level 41B00K
    Level 42B20K
    Level 43B30S
    Level 44B3GG
    Level 45B3OM
    Level 46B40L
    Level 47B60L
    Level 48B70T
    Level 49B7GH
    Level 50B7ON
    Level 51B80Q
    Level 52BA0Q
    Level 53BB0I
    Level 54BBGM
    Level 55BBOK
    Level 56BC0R
    Level 57BE0E
    Level 58BF0J
    Level 59BFGN
    Level 60BFOL
    Level 61BG0O
    Level 62BI0O
    Level 63BJOG
    Level 64BJGK
    Level 65BJOQ
    Level 66BK0P
    Level 67BM0P
    Level 68BN0H
    Level 69BNGL
    Level 70BNOR
    Level 71BO0U
    Level 72BQ0U
    Level 73BR0M
    Level 74BRGQ
    Level 75BROO
    Level 76BS0V
    Level 77BU0V
    Level 78BV0N
    Level 79BVGR
    Level 80BVOP
    Level 80 (all levels beaten)BVSU

    Contributed By: th3l3fty.

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