Review by juggernaut1234

Reviewed: 02/18/04

This game is so addictive...must not play...

Battle City. Probably not much history, I just like playing it. Probably just someone thought up a space game but changed the spaceships to tanks.

Pretty simple. You are a tank. You kill other tanks. It is a fairly easy game until you get to the high levels, then it is hard to see enemies. Typical old school point game, kill a tank, receive points. You also get extra lives, and tank power ups! Yes, I have gotten the most powered up tank, it is a good tank. However, once you get into this game, you'll find it fun to take your mind off your problems by making them into enemy tanks and...KABOOM!

Gameplay: 8/10

Considering it's for the Game Boy, not much graphics. The creators go into detail, with good eyesight you can pick out individual bricks and cracks. The sound is crisp, fairly clear, and loud due to the original Game Boy being the loudest sounding handheld ever. There isn't much music, but you hear a motor, you hear explosions, a sound when you pick up a power up/extra life, and your shots. Enemy shots would have made the game easier, maybe too easy in my opinion. The motor sound and bricks shows the immense amount of work the creators put into graphics. Back in that time, those graphics were probably close to next-generation. This was a game made in the days of 2-dimensional graphics and it might sometimes look like the graphics pop out at you, you can sort of see the tank's side when you move left or right. Also there are many different sounds, amazing for a tiny cart game, especially with mine which has 39 games on one cart.

Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10

Play Time/Replayability
Go for the high score! Be a killing machine! This game sucks you in like an RPG. It has near infinite replay value as you keep striving for the next level, and the next, and the next. You will probably only bash this game for getting you detention and your game boy taken away. It is a shooting game, however, and after a while of playing it DOES get boring, that is until the next day!

Replay Value 9.5/10


I don't know, you'll be lucky to have it given as a gift! This game is probably almost a decade old, and if you see it, or the 39 in 1 cart, BUY IT!!! I think my 39 in 1 is Japanese, so it is probably harder to find than the plain Battle City cart. You might see a Battle City for 25¢, 39 in 1 might be $1, but if you see either, get it before the next person. Also get the Game Boy if you don't have one. I mean, what's the point of getting a great game when you don't have the system to play it on?

Overall: 8/10
Great game, it really, REALLY sucks you in. Every time I turn on my 39 in 1 cart, I flip[ the games then I get to #6, Battle City, and I hear this little voice in my head saying ''Play it...'' Nevertheless, I still play others, but eventually I cave and play Battle City. It really helped pass the time on my boring 8 hour trip to Castlegar, even though I only played about 2 games before starting Hyper Lode Runner and having my uncle hog Lode Runner after that...going off track here. Great game, not a full mark because they could have put some extra effort in, maybe the odd building or scenery object, or enemy bases. It is Battle City, after all.

Rating: 8

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