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FAQ by WSiglerJr

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/06/99

For the Nintendo Game Boy
Written by William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net)
Please do not reproduce this without my permission. Also, please do not change 
ANYTHING! And if you do have my permission to copy this to your website, etc., 
GIVE ME CREDIT! Thank you.

Revision 1.00: Everything! (1/6/99)
1. Controls
2. Walkthrough
3. Credits

1.                                 CONTROLS
Control Pad: Move/Duck/Grappling Hook, A-Button: Jump/Wall Jump, B-Button: 
Punch/Use Batarang, Select: Nothing, Start Button: Pause

2.                               WALKTHROUGH

Stage 1: The Sewers

Make your way to the right to enter the next area. Wall Jump up, then break 
the crates. Use the grappling hook to go forward until you get a heart-up 
power-up. Then get rid of all batarangs you have, and go right to the next 
area, and boss.

BOSS: Dark Claw: This boss is immune to batarangs. Avoid his claw attacks, and 
when he does a super-high backflip. Keep punching him until he is dead.

Stage 2: Machine Shop

Make your way forward to the next area. The tank is easier if you have 
batarangs. Just keep throwing them at his head and dodging the fire. If you do 
not have batarangs, you must punch him to death. Waste your batarangs, then 
make your way to the next area to meet the boss.

BOSS: Shogun Warrior: This boss is immune to batarangs. This boss will drain 
your energy fast, so stick in close and keep punching him until he dies. Also, 
watch out for his sword and flying disk attack.

Stage 3: The Train

Go forward to make your way to the next area of the train. Then, go past the 
first car, and then wall-jump unto the roof of the train. Then make your way 
to the next area, and boss.

BOSS: Foul Ball: Don't fall off the front of the train! Watch out for his 
spinning attack and his slide. You can hurt this boss with batarangs, so use 
the most of them. Keep ducking and punching him until he is dead.

Stage 4: Limestone Caverns

Make your way forward to the next area. Watch out for the three falling 
spikes, and the pits as you make your way to the final boss.

BOSS: The Joker: The Joker is vulnerable to batarangs. Avoid his hat attacks. 
Keep shooting/punching him until he falls down. Then he gets back up, and 
starts to really fight. Watch for his hat and sword attacks. Kill him the same 
way as the first phase.


3.                                CREDITS
William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net) I made the FAQ!

If you have any questions, etc., you can e-mail me!

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