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FAQ/Walkthrough by Golden Road

Updated: 09/20/18


FAQ by Golden Road (golden_road15@hotmail.com)

Here are the parts of this FAQ:
1--the objective
2--the items
3--the enemies
4--the levels
5--the passwords


The objective is to clear 29 levels in order to save Honey Bunny.  To get 
past the first 28 levels, Bugs must collect 8 keys, and then go in the 
locked door.  To clear the 29th level, Bugs must kill Miss Witch Hazel and 
then go into the door.  However, in each level, there are enemies trying to 
kill Bugs!  Fortunately, there are several weapons too to help you out.


Keys--Bugs must collect all 8 keys in every level

Bow and Arrow--Every level has either bow and arrows or bombs.  In bow and 
arrow levels, if Bugs gets the bow and arrow, he can shoot it at an enemy.  
If it misses, he can retrieve it.  The maximum Bugs can hold at once is 8.  
This is usually found in odd-numbered levels.

Bomb--If a level does not have bow and arrows, it has bombs.  If Bugs 
detonates a bomb, it explodes as soon as an enemy touches it.  Even better, 
bombs don't hurt Bugs!  If no enemy detonates the bomb, it may be picked 
back up.  Bugs can have up to 6 at once (and that is almost impossible, but 
I've done it, in level 22).  This is usually found in even-numbered levels.

Shield--One of the three items that helps Bugs get past enemies, and this 
one lasts the longest of the three.  With the shield, Bugs can completely 
ignore enemies, but when it starts flashing slowly, that means his shield 
power is about to run out.

Potion--Another of the three items that helps you get past enemies, this one 
lasts the next longest.  When Bugs gets a potion, forget about the keys for 
a moment, and bump into as many enemies as you can, for each one Bugs bumps 
into dies!  Be careful though when Bugs starts blinking slowly, for his 
invincibility is about to wear off.

Clock--The last of these three items, and the least helpful.  Not only does 
the clock often freeze enemies in spots that block Bugs' path, but it lasts 
much shorter than either of the other two items!  Who needs this piece of 

Lightning Bolt--THIS thing I LOVE!  When Bugs touches the lightning bolt, 
every enemy on the screen for the next 2 seconds dies!  So Bugs can just get 
the lightning bolt and let the on-screen enemies die, but even better, in 
those 2 precious seconds, search for more enemies!  This was, even more 
enemies can die!  In level 17, it is possible to kill up to TWELVE enemies 
with the lightning bolt!

10 ton weight, treasure chest--these things can be pushed onto or into 
enemies to kill them.  They move 4 spaces, so figure that in before Bugs 

Hammer--found in every level of the game except for 2, 3, and 26, it's 
usually required to get through a level.  It's used to break blocks in Bug's 

Pick Axe--found in several levels of the game, this is used to climb over 
brick walls.  Often, the pick axe is optional, but it always helps!


First off, a rule about the enemies who can climb ladders--with rare 
exception, the enemies CANNOT climb ladders more than 4 rungs high.  There 
are a few exceptions though (Is it bugs?  Or is it intentional?), like the 
Merlins CAN climb those ultra-tall ladders in stage 24.

Foghorn Leghorn/Hector/Merlin the Mouse--these 3 enemies are identical.  
They generally chase Bugs all around the maze.  Also, they can all use the 
tightropes, so be careful around tightropes!  Btw, the instruction booklet 
refers to Hector as Marc Antony (?)--it's Hector, not Marc Antony!

DARK Foghorn Leghorn/DARK Hector/DARK Merlin the Mouse--again, these 3 
enemies are identical.  They too will chase Bugs around the maze--kinda'.  
With rare exception, they can only climb up.  They cannot climb down 
ladders, pipes, or passageways.  There ARE a few exceptions though... the 
most noteable is in stage 23.  When you start this level, there is a dark 
Hector on the opposite side of the ladder Bugs is on.  If you stay still, 
the dark Hector will climb up the ladder.  If you wait about 15 seconds 
though, the dark Hector will actually come back DOWN the ladder to kill you! 
  Normally, these enemies never climb down ladders.  This is probably a bug 
in the game--or do you think Hector climbs back down the level because he's 
getting impatient waiting for you to come up?  Another thing--for some 
reason, dark Foghorn Leghorn will look just like regular Foghorn Leghorn 
(probably a bug).  To this date, I have no idea if the Foghorn in level 13 
is dark or not.  Also, I have no idea if these enemies can use the 
tightropes--there is NOT ONE situation in the game where one of these 3 
enemies could potentially use the tightrope.

Beaky Buzzard/Tasmanian Devil/Wile E. Coyote--once again, 3 identical 
enemies.  These are just like Foghorn, Hector, and Merlin except that they 
CANNOT use the tightropes.

DARK Beaky Buzzard/DARK Tasmanian Devil/DARK Wile E. Coyote--again, all 3 
are identical.  These enemies can actually be controlled--IF you know how.  
Yes, they do chase you--to an extent, that is.  Here's what you need to 
know:  whenever Bugs is an odd number of "squares" from the bottom of the 
screen, they always climb UP.  Whenever Bugs is an even number of "squares", 
they always climb DOWN.  For reference the very top and very bottom of the 
levels are always an odd number of squares from the bottom of the level, so 
they always go up at these two points.  Using this reference, you need to 
try to figure out where to stand to make them go a certain way.

Fireball/Tweety/Little Ghost--The instruction booklet calls Fireball "The 
Moth and His Flame"--there is NO SIGN of any moth anywhere in this game!  
It's the same fireball from the Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout.  Anyway, these 
3 enemies have bizarre patterns.  They never use ladders, pipes, 
passageways, or stairs, but they have the strangest tendencies.  First off, 
they can never leave their platform (i.e. they don't fall).  Now, they act 
one of three ways.  If there is a wall on BOTH sides of its platform, they 
will move in a back and forth pattern generally.  If there is a gap on BOTH 
sides of its platform, it will try to get as close to you as possible.  Now 
the weird part--if there is a gap on ONE side of its platform, the enemy 
will ALMOST ALWAYS stay near the gap!  Weird, and occasionally annoying too.

Daffy Duck/Sylvester/Yosemite Sam--These 3 enemies, like the previous 3, 
don't use pipes, ladders, etc. and they don't fall.  They can be controlled 
much more easily though.  If there is a gap on both sides of its platform, 
it will ALWAYS go in the direction Bugs is facing.  If there is NOT a gap on 
both sides, it gets a little trickier.  When he bumps into a wall, how he 
moves will depend on which way Bugs is facing.  If Bugs is facing the same 
direction as the enemy when he bumps into the wall, he will walk the 
OPPOSITE direction Bugs is facing.  If Bugs is facing the opposite direction 
of the enemy when he bumps into the wall, he will walk the SAME direction 
Bugs is facing.

Also, something most people aren't aware of:  in every other odd numbered 
level starting at 1, the enemies used are always Foghorn Leghorn, Beaky 
Buzzard, Fireball, and Daffy Duck.  In every other odd numbered level 
starting at 3 AND level 28, the enemies used are Hector, Tasmanian Devil, 
Tweety, and Sylvester.  In every even numbered level except for 28, the 
enemies used are Merlin the Mouse, Wile E. Coyote, Little Ghost, and 
Yosemite Sam.


Here are some basic hints for all the levels:

Level 1--No hints necessary.

Level 2--Be sure to save bombs for the Yosemite Sams and the Little Ghost!

Level 3--When you get the lightning bolt, walk to the left and you may kill 
Tweety.  CHALLENGE:  Kill every enemy in this stage.

Level 4--No hints here.

Level 5--If possible, save your bombs for the final part of the level.  
Also, before you break the rock, make sure you have 4 keys.  If you don't, 
go back and look for the ones you're missing.

Level 6--Use your knowledge about how Yosemite moves to push the 10 ton 
weights on them!

Level 7--Don't break the rock in this level--if you do, Hector will be able 
to chase you.

Level 8--Be sure to save some bow and arrows for the ghosts in the 
level--they are in tough spots.

Level 9--No hints really, I'd just like to say this is one of the only two 
levels on the game with the Fireball.

Level 10--Sorry, no hints.

Level 11--Again, no hints.

Level 12--This level looks alot harder than it is.  To get past, go down the 
pipe you start on.  When you exit, go in the door for a bomb.  Then go down 
the next pipe.  When you exit that pipe, go down the pipe that leads to the 
nearest door and go in the door for the hammer.  Then go back up the pipe, 
break the rock, and go down the pipe where the rock was.  When you emerge, 
kill Yosemite with your bomb and go in the two doors for keys.  Then go down 
the pipe and use the warp.  The rest I don't need to explain.

Level 13--Is Foghorn regular or dark in this level?  We will never know I 
guess.  Anyway, start by getting the hammer, then the key.  Then get the 
keys on the left side of the pyramid, then the keys on the right side.  Do 
that and you should be home free.

Level 14--Save your bombs until late in the level.

Level 15--No real advice here.

Level 16--The potion appears in this level for the first time!  Twice!  As 
for advice, sorry, I don't have any.  This is a good level to practice 
controlling the dark Wile E. Coyote though (after you kill all the enemies 
with the potion that is).

Level 17--When you find the door with the lightning bolt in it, DON'T get it 
yet.  Go back down to the right side of the brick wall, and wait.  If you 
wait a while, 3 Beaky Buzzards will come up to the floor right below you 
(don't worry, they can't get to the floor you're on).  Now go back to the 
door with the lightning bolt, and when you see the 3 Beakies in the 
bottom-right corner of the screen, go in the door and nab the lightning 
bolt.  When you come out, all the enemies on the screen for 2 seconds will 
die.  If you can, try to get Daffy in the lower right corner too.  In any 
event, when you get the lightning bolt, be sure to climb up the nearest 
ladder and go left, so the Daffy a couple floors above you will die too.  
CHALLENGE:  Kill 12 enemies with the lightning bolt!

Level 18--Don't worry, the enemies can't climb the ladders in this level.  
Also, try not to break too many rocks with your hammer--you may release 

Level 19--Plan your route before you get the potion.

Level 20--This is the widest level on the game--almost 7 screens wide.  
Anyway, I don't really have any hints for this level... sorry.

Level 21--There are 15 enemies and only one bow and arrow in the level.  If 
you're feeling brave, you can kill the Daffy on the middle platform for a 
1-up, or you might want to save your bow and arrow in case you get trapped 

Level 22--Again, when you get the lightning bolt, move around to try to kill 
more enemies.  CHALLENGE:  Hold 6 bombs at once.

Level 23--This level has 15 enemies, but it has TONS of weapons, including 
FIVE weights, THREE bow and arrows, and TWO, that's right, TWO potions!  You 
may want to get rid of as many enemies as you can as soon as you can.

Level 24--The Merlins WILL climb those ultra tall ladders on the side of the 

Level 25--The first Foghorn Leghorn IS dark (he looks regular though)--don't 
be fooled.  Also, this is one of only two stages with the Fireball in it.

Level 26--No hints really.  CHALLENGE:  Kill every single enemy in this 

Level 27--You will be screwed if you don't know which way to go.  You must 
first go right, get the pick axe, then use the UPs for 2 keys, and THEN go 
up at the left side of the level.

Level 28--Save as many bow and arrows as you can... YOU'LL NEED THEM!

Level 29--Miss Witch Hazel can't hurt you in the pipe--remember that!  You 
may wish to use the pipe alot so she doesn't hurt you.  Also, to kill her, 
you must shoot her with three bow and arrows.  Good luck!

When you beat the game, Bugs and Honey kiss, and they are both put on stars, 
and smoke from the castle spells out "THE END".


These must be the EASIEST passwords to guess for any video game, because 
they're all real words!

13--DISK (not DISC)
20--UNIT (the only password in the entire game that uses the letter U)
22--TYRE (not TIRE)


Bugs can safely go through enemies when he is using a pipe, passageway, or 
warpway.  He is NOT safe when using stairs, a ladder, an UP, or a tightrope, 

If you can beat the ultra-hard challenges I mentioned in stages 3, 17, 22, 
and 26, consider yourself a SUPER player (all 4 challenges ARE possible, I 
have done them all).

If you wish to contact me, my e-mail is golden_road15@hotmail.com

These pages are MINE, Golden Road (i.e. Mallory P. Maggiore), and you may NOT
copy this FAQ without my permission.

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