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FAQ/Walkthrough by White Ghost

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/11/03

                              *Mickey Mouse*
                       FAQ/Walkthrough Bt White Ghost
                         Copyright 2003 White Ghost
                            Version 0.5 8/11/02
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
This game is an action game kind of like the classic "Donkey Kong". As Mickey
you must collect all the hearts in the level to clear it. Mickey must use items
found in the levels to get rid of enemies.


Press "Left" and "Right" on the directional pad to move Mickey.

Press "Up" and "Down" on the directional pad to make Mickey go up and down
ladders and doors. Also press up and down to go into pipes.z

[Boxing Glove]
When you pick a glove press "A" or "B"to shoot it forward to get rid of enemies.

Walk in to objects like weights to push them.

[Stage 1]
Push the weight at the start point left and into this level's only enemy to
get rid of him. Now walk around freely and collect the hearts. Press up and
down to go up and down the stairs and doors. Also pick up the boxing glove
and shoot it just to get the hang of it.

[Stage 2]
Quickly push the crate at the start point into the one enemy to remove him.
If he's no near the crate then just avoid him and collect the hearts. You can
also try to push the weight in the high left corner onto him.

[Stage 3]
There's 1 enenmy and 2 boxing gloves so go towards which ever glove the enemy
isn't near and get it. Shoot the glove at the enemy whenever he gets close as
you collect the hearts.

[Stage 4]
There's 2 enemies in this level. Go left and get the boxing glove and then
go down the door in the hight left corner to get a heart. Shoot the glove to
get one enemy and grab the hearts.

[Stage 5]
There's one enemy below so go up the stairs and get the hearts and grab the
boxing glove before the enemy gets up to you. Shoot the glove at the enemy and
then go back down to get the other hearts.

[Stage 6]
You must press up and down in this level to go through the pipes. There is one
enemy which you'll have to avoid as you get the hearts. Go don the pipe at the
start point and get the lower hearts. The take the pipes up to the top and go
up the stairs and get the top hearts. Then go into the middle area and get the
hearts but be carfull of the enemy.

[Stage 7]
There are 2 enemies and several items to push into them to get rid of them.
Collect the hearts carfully and when you are near the items wait for a chance
to push it into an enemy. The enemies will move towards Mickey so if they
block the way to a heat lead them away then climb up and go over them.

[Stage 8]
There are 3 enemies but there is also a invincibility potion. Get the potion
and then touch as many of the enemies as you can while Mickey is flashing.
There is a boxing glove you can also use on the enemies. Get rid of the
enemies and get the hearts.

[Stage 9]
There are 4 enemies, some pushing items and a boxing glove. Go the right to
get the glove and then collect the hearts but make sure to get rid of some
enemies so they can't surround you.

[Stage 10]
Go up the left side and get the hearts and the boxing glove. Then go the
middle and go up for the hearts. Try to avoid the enemies and use the glove
if they get too close. Go to the right side to get the last hearts.

[Stage 11]
There's enemies every where in this level and you're going to have to avoid
them. Grab the heart near the start and then go to the right and get another
heart and go down while avoiding the enemies. Try to make you way to the
boxing glove with out running into any enemies and then go around through the
pipes and get the hearts. This will take a few tries and you must watch all
the enemies to see when you can go. Though once you can get the boxing glove
and go to the right side the other hearts are easier to get. There's a second
boxing glove on the left side so if you can destroy two enemies the level will
be a lot easier.

[Stage 12]
Get the heart at the start and then go right and get another. Try to push the
weight off onto an enemy below but watch out for enemies behind you. Again
there are lots of enemies. If you can go through the pipes while an enemy is
going through the same pipe you can pass them so use this to you advantage.
Try to push the bucket on the bottom level into an enemy and then sneek around
to get all the hearts. This level's not too hard if you watch all the enemies.

[Stage 13]
This level's not too hard because you always go up or down the pipes to avoid
enemies. Get the hearts on the left side and try to push the vault onto one of
the enemies on the lower level. Just keeo going up or down the pipes to where
there are no enemies until the enemies move and it is easy to ge the hearts.

[Stage 14]
There is a invincibility potion at the start so grab it and run and get rid
of the first enemy, then push the bucket into the second enemy. With no enemies
left you can easily go through the doors and collect the hearts.

[Stage 15]
The trick to this level is to go through the door at the exact same time the
one enemy goes through the door. That way you can pass him and get the lower
hearts and then go up and pass him again to get the rest.

[Stage 16]
Go up and down the doors and grab the hearts while avoiding the enemies. For
the enemies that go up and down doors go in the doors the same time they do
to pass them. If you get the boxing glove then use on the big enemy because it
gets in the way the most. You can aslo get on the right side of the buckets
and push them back to hit the big enemy.

[Stage 17]
Sneek by the enemies and get the hearts by going up the doors quickly. Get the
boxing glove and shoot it at the bunny at the bottom because it seems to
guard the heart there. Once you sneek above the bird try and push the bucket
down onto it. If you wait in a safe place and watch for you chance to get by
this level's not too hard.

[Stage 18]
This level has 2 boxing gloves and a invincibility potion so this levels not
hard. Pick up the first boxing glove and use it on any enemy that gets in your
way as you make your way to the hearts. Use the potion like before the get rid
of enemies and the use the second boxing glove. This level is easy.

[Stage 19]
Get the heart near the start and then go up the pipe to the right when the
bird above is over to the right. Get the heart and if the bird is on the other
side of the vault, push the vault into the bird. Go down another pipe to get
a heart and then grab the boxing glove and shoot it at the bunnt and get the
heart under the stairs. If you go up the pipe in the left corner you can push
the vault to the right and into the bird. Also going up the pipe can make the
bunny go under the stairs and you can go back down and get the boxing glove
more easily. Now got to the middle and go up another pipe to reach the top but
be ready to go back down if the enemy is to close. When the enemy goes to the
right of the bucket push the bucket into the enemy. Then get the last hearts.

[Stage 20]
Sneak around and collect the hearts. Use the boxing glove to shoot the bird
enemy. Stand in the safe places and wait for chances to sneek by. Also watch
fo chances to push the items into enemies. Remeber you can go through a door
at the same time and enemy dose to pass them.

[Stage 21]
Just sneek around and get the hearts. This level completely depends on going
through the doors at the same time the enemies do to get past them. Get that
down and this level's cake. There are 2 boxing gloves in the lower part so once
you get there you can easily get rid of the enemies as you grab the last

[Stage 22]

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