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Following the hit of Super Nintendo's "Mysterious Dungeon 2: Furai no Shiren", the newly produced "Mysterious Dungeon Furai no Shiren GB ~ Tsukikagemura no Kaibutsu ~" was released on Game Boy in November 1996.

Even though they are the same "Shiren" series, the story and setting are completely different. Shiren, who is separated from his partner Itachi's Koppa, stops at a village called "Tsukikagemura" on the way to find Koppa. A terrifying monster lives in a pass called "Kuyo Pass" near the village, and it is said that children are sacrificed in this village! Shiren, a drifter, stands up to defeat the monsters.

Because of the ease with which you can play "anytime" and "anywhere" unique to the Game Boy version, this software became very popular and attracted many fans.

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