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by KeyBlade999

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Guide and Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: Final | Updated: 06/02/2014

 _____  _            _        _   __                   _     _      ______ _____
|  __ \| |          | |      | | / /                  | |   (_)    / _____|  __ \
| |__) | | ___   ___| | __   | |/ /_   _ _____   _____| |__  _    | |  ___| |__) |
|  __ <| |/ _ \ / __| |/ /   |   <| | | |_  / | | / __| '_ \| |   | | |_  |  __ <
| |__) | | (_) | (__|   <    | |\ \ |_| |/ /| |_| \__ \ | | | |   | |___| | |__) |
|_____/|_|\___/ \___|_|\_\   |_| \_\__,_/___|\__,_|___/_| |_|_|    \______|_____/

  • Game: Block Kuzushi GB
  • Console: GameBoy
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: Final
  • Time of Update: 2:12 AM 6/2/2014
  • File Size: 20 KB


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It's been a while since my last GameBoy FAQ, eh? My previous one was back in October for a different Japan-only game, Penta Dragon, which turned out to be an immensely lengthy mapping and FAQing project. This game is a bit different though; instead, I will be covering Block Kuzushi GB. Block Kuzushi GB is essentially a rip-off of Arkanoid and Breakout, to be honest, so it's not all that complicated. Even so, it doesn't have an FAQ for it, so I might as well get back on the ball with the FAQ CPs!

It's been nearly twenty years since this game's launch in 1995. And since then, not a single FAQ has been written for it. Well, there's always a first time for everything, no? Ever since the start of the GB FAQ Completion Project on GameFAQs several years ago - a project designed to get a guide out for every single GB game out there - many people have now been helped because older, rarer, less popular games have gotten guides.

And so, that is how I came upon this game. Thanks for listening to my ramblin'; hope you enjoy!

Game Controls

ButtonResultant Effects
D-PadMove cursors, move paddle.
A ButtonNo function.
B ButtonNo function.
Start ButtonConfirm menu choices and pause gameplay.
Select ButtonNo function.

Game Start-Up

From the title screen, press the Start Button to proceed to the title menu. Use Left and Right on the D-Pad to choose from several options there, and the Start Button to begin:

  • Normal Mode: A simple mode with the basics of gameplay in store for you. Bosses come with every five stages (actually, it's six: the game claims five, but there's five regular stages, followed by a boss, looping for a while), and it plays in the vein of most games' story modes.
  • Endless Mode: An endless version of the game. It's made endless by blockings continually coming from the roof. Here, the game simply ends if you run out of lives, or, much less likely, the rows of blocks reach the bottom of the screen.
  • Battle Mode: Using a GameBoy Link Cable, two GameBoys, and two cartridges of this, you can compete with other real-world players. I do not know the details of this, though, as I lack the materials necessary.

Basics of Gameplay

The game field. Note that my emulator failed somewhat in rendering the image, though, for whatever reason.

Playing Block Kuzushi GB is not entirely unlike playing Arkanoid or Breakout or the numerous rip-offs of those games. As you can see, the game takes place with you controlling the paddle at the bottom. Using this, you are intended to deflect the white ball that will fly around. In doing so, you will prevent it from going off-screen - which will induce a loss of life - and also force it to hit the blocks at the top of the screen. By busting blocks, you will complete levels and earn points. Some special blocks have certain functions to them, such as the lettered ones which drop power-ups. Here is a brief overview of the types of blocks.

  • Monochrome, Flat Block: Yields 50 points, and stands up to a single hit. Nothing special about it.

  • Monochrome, Tapered Block: Yields 50 points, and stands up to two hits.

  • Monochrome, Double-Pointed Block: Yields 100 points, and stands up to two hits. They tend to regenerate, and are only in Normal Mode, and thus their destruction is not required.

  • Bolted Block: Must be destroyed with B blocks.

  • Braced Block: Yields 50 points, and stands up to a single hit. Not sure if there's something special about it. My guess is that it is not affected by the B or C blocks.

  • Dimpled Block: Only in Normal Mode from my experience. In lieu of being destroyed, it moves around, but it will be destroyed if hit enough.

  • Enemy Blocks: Also only in Normal Mode, these will shoot lasers at you. Clearly enough, that means you'll lose a life if you're hit.

  • Mirror Blocks: Only in Normal Mode, these blocks will move as you move. However, their movements are generally restricted by other blocks, so you'll quickly get them out of line. Even so, when you move left, they will (try) to move left, and so on. Try to use this as an advantage, like a second paddle!

  • "B" Block: Explodes most of the blocks surrounding it. Yields 200 points and lasts for one hit.

  • "I" Block: Yields 50 points, and stands up to a single hit. Yields power-ups, too.

  • "C" Block: Destroys all blocks in the same row and column.

  • "A" Block: Only in Normal Mode. Completes the level for you, basically!

  • "!" Block: Stands up to a single hit, and yields 200 points. Forces another row to come down in Endless mode.

  • "!!" Block: Stands up to a single hit, and yields 200 points. Forces another two rows to come down in Endless mode.

There are various types of power-ups that the typographically-labled blocks can give you, too. Simply run into them to get 1,000 points and to earn their effects:

  • "1-UP": Grants an extra life.
  • "D": Slows the speed of the ball, I think.
  • "E": Widens the paddle.
  • "L": The ball destroys everything in its path. Other than the paddle, of course! =P
  • "M": Balls split into two when they hit the paddle. A life is not lost, though, until the last one falls below the paddle.
  • "R": Greatly narrows the paddle.
  • "U": Speeds the ball up.

There's not much else to mention. Basically try to keep the ball from falling below you.

Some General Tips

  • "Tunneling:" This refers to whenever you have some kind of empty column or area above the majority of the blocks, with only a small path getting there. An example is in the picture to the right. See, when you move your ball into that space, it doesn't have much room to get out, right? It's mostly going to be bouncing on a lot of the blocks, too, meaning you can take out tons of them quite easily, with little worry as to the survival of your own ball! That, in turn, makes it easier to grab whatever power-ups are dropped by the destroyed "I" blocks.

  • "The Law of Reflection:" Simply put, the law of reflection states that the angle at which the ball (gray circle) touches an object (such as a paddle - black rectangle)) - the angle being referred to being the angle of incidence, which is the dotted line and perpendicular to the touched side of the object - is equal to the angle of reflection. In other words, the angle at which the ball touches the paddle, in reference to a straight-up line, will be equal on the other side. This means that, with proper manipulation, you can, in fact, predict the motion of the ball and set up desired situations.

Basics of Normal Mode

I will just say this, to clear everything up. Normal Mode gameplay is essentially the same as presented previously. The only real distinctions - indeed, the main reason I'm saying this here - is that Normal Mode provides a bit of a storyline (which is translated in the appropriate sections) and bosses with every five levels. Below, you will find details on each.

Boss Details

  • Stage 06 - Jellyfish (Nuloo): In this stage, you will fight a jellyfish. It moves in a very predictable pattern: up, right, down, right, looping that as necessary and going left when it hits the right wall. Its main offense consists of five balls it will periodically shoot. Be sure to not touch them, for doing so will cost you a life. That said, since they move in a straight line, it's not hard to manage. Just try to keep your ball up in the air and be sure to dodge appropriately so you don't have to go through the jellyfish's shots to save the ball: either way means a loss of life.

  • Stage 12 - Octopus (Pierre): This guy is pretty easy. His movements are predictable as well: he'll move like Space Invaders do. That means he'll go all of the way to the left or right, then go down, then continue moving. He'll go up eventually if you let him live long enough. He's easy enough since the hit detection on him is terrible: my balls tend to bounce around in his head a lot. Other than that, avoid the lines of balls he shoots, which become increasingly easy to dodge as he gets closer to you (it becomes mostly "Don't stay under me!" at that point).

  • Stage 18 - Ghost (Hudreau): This guy can be handled much the same as Pierre.

  • Stage 24 - Space Cop (Unmeau): Much the same as Nuloo.

  • Stage 30 - Tyrannosaur (Gunther): Imagine a Pierre that doesn't move downward.

  • Stage 36 - Live Tree (Kokoyashi): Same as Gunther, too... The main difference here, though, is that the boss will occasionally swoop down to the point where he destroys your Reflector simply by touching it. It's pretty easy to see it coming and dodge in time, and there will be ample time between this and the other balls he shoots for you to dodge without worrying about being hit by something else.

  • Stage 42 - Thundercloud (???): A somewhat unique boss, for once. His movement pattern is about the same as Nuloo, just faster. His offense is the first to not utilize any balls. Instead, at the sides and middle of the screen, he will launch down some lightning below him, which will still end up killing you. It's pretty easy to deal with, though: simply don't stay under him too much!

  • Stage 48 - Kuwar: He's essentially a slow version of Kokoyashi initially. After beating him once, he will simply become a head, operating more in the fashion of Pierre, just a fast version of him. After that, the game's over.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

My name is Jon Takahashi. I travel all over the universe collecting prize money with my machine, the Reflector.

One day, the phone range while I was eating a late lunch. A man who called himself "Kuwar" said he wanted to ask me to do something. I couldn't see anything where he indicated this "something" should be. A little while later, for some reason, something fell from the sky. There was a giant robot head inside.

"Thanks! I'm Kuwar."

I-- It talked! I tried to hide the fact that I was upset and tried communicating with Kuwar. As I tried talking to him, Kuwar finally began talking with a sigh.

"Well, as you can see, I'm just a head, and it's a very sad story..."

I interrupted him to try to get him to get to the point.

"Alright. Well, the short version is that my hands, feet, torso, hips, and mainspring were stolen by evildoers. I want you to bring those parts back to me."

That miserable robot head was just enough to warm my heart. I soon decided to undertake this mission.

"Really!? Thank you so much! If you can do it, as a reward I'll pay you 10,000,000 paohs!"

And then I took leave from Kuwar... with the thought of 10,000,000 paohs on my mind...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

After tracking down Nuloo, I was close to returning Kuwar's parts.

"Nulu? You! Are you Kuwar's underling? I'll shatter you and him into pieces!"

There was no point in talking. I turned the Reflector and prepared to attack.

After winning...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"Nulu! Being defeated by a brat like you! But there's no way for us to lose! I won't let you escape!"

With that, Nuloo melted into water...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

I tried stepping into the water, but all of a sudden a huge octupus appeared before me!

"I am Pierre! I've heared the rumors about you! Don't think you can escape! Here I come!"

I dodged his tentacle and without delaying for a moment I launched a counterattack.

After the fight...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Pierre had Kuwar's torso!

"Regret... Such resentment... I won't forget it! Curse you! I'll begrudge you!"

After hearing this, I escaped into the water to continue searching for parts.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Somehow, I found myself lost in a cemetery. As I wandered about looking for the exit, I felt as though something was behind me.

"I'd better realize Pierre's malice--"

I immediately prepared to battle.

After winning...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

After discovering the exit that had been hidden by Hudreau's curse, I took the Reflector and I immediately fled out from the cemetery.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

As I continued looking for parts, I heard a yell from behind. A speed trap... As I clicked my tongue, I prepared the Reflector...

"License please... Ah, you're Kuwar's assistant! Stop right there!"

Without understanding these words, I prepared for battle.

After winning...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

After shooting Unmeau down and getting Kuwar's left foot, Unmeau's last word was "Caldera." I continued to follow this mystery.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"Caldera" was a volcanic island. I sensed something hanging in the air on this island as I started my search. But I was interrupted by a Tyrannosaurus appearing.

"This time, I'll eat you."

It seemed that this would be my enemy.

After winning...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

After defeating Gunther, Kuwar's hip rolled out. Why on this prehistoric island...? I continued me investigation of the island.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

I found Kuwar's right foot in the roots of a large tree growing in the center of the island! I approached the root to retrieve the part...

"Heh heh heh! I am Kokoyashi! I'm gonna eat you!"

Again, he rushed at me with his prehistoric hand.

After beating him...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"How regrettable! This is the island that exiles come to! I won't let you escape!"

"As long as I can get the parts, I don't need this place!"

It seemed like I had better withdraw...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Just as I was about to escape the island, my path was suddenly blocked by thunder falling!

"Once you step foot on this island, you cannot escape!"

I tried to stubbornly push my way through the cloud.

When you win...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Having scattered the cloud, I found the remaining parts, and returned to where Kuwar was.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

I arrived in front of Kuwar and spread his parts all about.

"Wonderful! You gathered all of my parts!? Well, hurry!"

Suddenly, Kuwar and the parts flew into the air! Arms, legs; one by one, the parts joined togather!

"Strongest Robo Kuwar! ... Heh heh heh ... Thanks. Now that I have my body, I don't need you. Eat this!"

Kuwar's missile exploded! My vision was obstructed by smoke.

"Ha ha ha... Later!"

Kuwar flew around, looking down at me. Then I remembered about Kuwar, the most wanted man in the universe... He was worth a bounty of 10,000,000 paoh!

After the boss, the credits simply roll.


In no particular order...

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  • CJayC, SBAllen, and Devin Morgan:
    • General sucking up to the GameFAQs admins. =P

  • Pentarou Zero:
    • The English translation.

  • Me (KeyBlade999):
    • For making this FAQ. =P

  • You, the reader:
    • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

Version History

  • Final:
    • First and probably only version.
    • Time: 2:12 AM 6/2/2014.


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This is the end of KeyBlade999's Block Kuzushi GB (GB) FAQ/Walkthrough.

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