Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 06/05/07

Could of been a Contender

Yes my friends we yet have another bad game boy game to write about. The trend seems to be never ending. I read some good things about this game on another board, was I mistaken. This game has a great concept to it, but one thing buried it, the time limit. Make that a ridiculous one. Other wise it could have been really good. I should known from the start since there was no reviews about this game; I was in trouble again. So it is my job again to tell you about this game. One good thing, I got it for only 5 bux, so it wasn't expensive at all. This game is about four mice or rats more like it, traveling around in the sewer with different adventures. They list this game as a puzzler, but to me it was more like an action platform.

I have no idea where they got the name Fidgetts. The game play seems to be solid and fun, it is not bad at all, but you can't really tell, cause of the crazy fast time limit. When will these companies ever learn? The first board they give you 130 seconds, you can not make any mistakes or you run out of time. All you do is rush, rush, threw out the whole game. The second board they give you 90 seconds, and if you mess that up, you got to redo the first again, instead of going back to the second board. Sorry guys this makes no sense to me at all. I don't know how many boards they have in a level. I think you need to clear the whole level first before you could save. Don't think that's going to happen any time soon. They had a unique idea here, but the time limit just murdered it. They need to understand a game should be enjoyable, not a drag race. They should have made the time limit about 5 minutes a board, not 2 minutes. They expect you to dodge enemies, watch out for pits and hard jumps, and beat the time limit too? This game gets annoying and frustrating very fast, beware you been warned. Other wise then that the game controls and movement are very well executed. Not bad for a game made in 1993.

Now we come to some good parts about this game. The appearance is excellent, very well done. For a game made in the early 90 's, they managed to do this part right. The background, the boards, all look real good. Even the little rat characters look nice and crisp. It's a shame the game play had to kill it overall. If they had a more reasonable time limit, this good of been one of those must play games. Instead it became one of those ordinary games.

We finally reached the end. Don't know what else to say or how to describe this game. I'm a pretty good video game player, and if I found this game hard and annoying, most of you out there also will. If you like rushing thew boards, over an over again, then you might like this a little bit, otherwise, listen to me and take a pass on it. If you're curious go right ahead and see for yourself.

Rating: 3

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