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Now is the time for you TSUKIKAGE, the spirit of the great white wolf, to take the form of the Ninja and slay the Evil One. The beasts in the bowels of the earth await you, with their cunning moves and lethal weapons. Dodge the devil spearsman who will stab you from underneath and leap the spine-chilling Chinese plank to avoid those nasty ninjas! Choose carefully and wisely your arms, will the Samurai sword suffice, or maybe the Ninja Deathstar or even dynamite and the sharpest and deadliest of lassoon blades! Collect the crystals which will give you ninja spirits that follow your every move and attack, extra energy or the chance to use the destructive rope of fire! Traverse the most treacherous of territories, over perilous boardwalks, across marshes and ropebridges then climb your way up the sheer rock face - dodging the poisonous gas as you go! Then with all the strength that you can muster, face the final battle with the dreaded Last Warlock!

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