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Strategy Guide by GammaBetaAlpha

Updated: 07/16/2013

                               Battle Dodge Ball
                                   Game Boy
                     Developer: Sun L  Publisher: Banpresto
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        How to Play                 [HELP]
                        Teams                       [TEAM]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]

                                   How to Play

        Battle Dodge Ball is a part of the Japan-only Compati Hero Series. You
can read more about this on Wikipedia:


        Gundam, Kamen Rider V3 and Ultraman Taro are the main representatives of
the 'heroes' side of the six teams in Battle Dodge Ball, with Zeong, Ikadevil
and Zetton rounding out as the villains.

        The general gist of the game is that you can choose one of the six
teams. You then fight each of the other five teams once per round in a short
dodgeball game, two-on-two. Unlike normal dodgeball, you are not knocked out
with a single hit. Rather, in Battle Dodge Ball, each character has a specific
amount of HP. Once he takes enough hits to lose all his HP, he is out of the

        Along with HP, this trends into a general statistics system with several
other stats. If you win a match, you gain a variable amount of experience
points, and 15 experience points if you lose a match. You can level up your
stats and make each match significantly easier over time.

        Your team has two players each. The Leader has the ability to make
special attacks, and is generally more powerful. The follower, however, has two
'forms' or copies or whatever - an infielder who plays on the main arena, and an
outfielder who stands on the lines behind the enemy side of the arena and can
catch long passes and grab balls that enemies dodge. The outfielder can also
return balls to you, but also throw it at the enemy players, making him
potentially dangerous. Stats for the outfielder are upgraded separately from his
infield counterpart.

        Once you play a full 10 rounds against each of the five opposing teams,
the game ends.

A - Pick up the Ball
  - Pass the Ball (to teammate or outfield)

B - Throw the ball at the other team
  - Catch

A + B - Jump over the centre line
     + B - Toss the ball while in mid-jump

D-Pad - Move around

Select  - Change character control between leader and side (when not in
        - Use Special attack (when bars are flashing)

Start - Pause the game

        The author would like to note that what he believes the stats each do is
based entirely on anecdotal evidence in the case of some when upgrading his
skills (Footwork and Jump are obvious), and what they actually do may be
different. If you are fairly sure of what some of them do and they are described
different than what they actually do, PLEASE email the author at his email at
the bottom of this guide.

        The stats, for those of you who cannot read Japanese, are from top to
bottom on the stats page after HP.

        SHOT - Increases the likelihood of hitting the enemy versus a catch

        FOOTWORK - Increases movement speed

        DEFENSE - Decreases the damage you take from a hit

        FORCE - Increases the 'bounceback' of the ball following a hit

        JUMP - Increases the height of your jump

        POWER - Increases the total damage you do with a hit

        At the beginning of each match, the referee will throw the ball into the
air at the centre line. You can press the A + B buttons to jump and try to grab
the ball.

        When you have the dodgeball in your hands, there are several things you
can use.

        First is Passing - you can pass the ball with the A button to either
your teammate infielder or to the outfielder. Passing is a little bit twitchy
with this - simply pressing right towards the outfielder or whatever direction
to your teammate does not guarantee it will be passed in that direction.

        Similarly with Throwing the dodgeball at either of the enemies, there is
no real way to manipulate which of the two enemy players who you throw it at.
You would expect it to be the closer one to where you are standing, but that is
not always the case. When throwing the ball, your opponents will more often than
not catch it, at least in the beginning. If, however, they get hit, they will be
knocked away, and the ball will bounce off the opponent.

        Your leaders can also use a Special, which charges up slowly over
playtime. When your leader is in posession of the ball, several bars will show
up on the menu. When the bars have filled up, they will start flashing, which
means you can use the Special Attack. You get one bar per successful hit on an
enemy, and your Special can be used when you have 5 bars.

        If your opponent throws the ball at you, either you dodge it, causing it
to slow down and stop on the field, you dodge it and an outfielder catches it,
you get hit, or you catch the ball.

        To catch the ball, you do not have to be facing the ball-thrower, but it
probably helps. You need to press the B button just before the point of impact
to successfully catch it.

        When the ball is on the ground, pick it up with the A button. If the
ball is on the centre line or just slightly to the right, you can also go and
grab it, but be careful - if it is on the line, then your opponent could beat
you there and grab it first.

        With enough power behind your shots or if the enemy is close to the
centre line (or to the back line in the case of your outfielder), if you hit him
with the dodgeball, the dodgeball will bounce back far enough that you can grab
it from the centre line, or it may even cross the centre line. In this, you can
set up several consecutive attacks without having to worry about return fire.

        By double-tapping the same D-Pad directional button, you can dash.

        By pressing the A + B button at the same time, you can jump. If you dash
towards the centre line and then hit A + B, you will jump OVER the centre line.
Press and HOLD B to fire the ball, or else your character will just give up the
ball to the opposing team.

        Jumping has its drawback: if you go in too far and the opponent catches
the ball, you will be deep in their territory and they can fire at you while you
are running back (similarly, of course, the reverse applies which can be

        You can also jump to dodge enemy shots, particularly their own jump

        Each map has slight special characteristics. For example, fighting on
the Ultra Fighters stage on a moon environment has reduced gravity, giving your
characters a greater jump and more powerful jump throws.

        The three Heroes teams are probably easier to take on for your very
first few matches of the first round, as the three Villains teams are slightly
harder. After the first couple of rounds, if you win often enough and get your
stats high, the difference becomes insignificant.

Levels - EXP
        This is the total amount of EXP you need to allot to a specific skill to
get to that level. EXP is cumulative - if you have a skill at 0 and give it
50EXP, that skill will then go up to Level 2. Giving another 50EXP adds up to
100EXP total, increasing the skill to Level 3.

 LV1 - 20EXP
 LV2 - 50EXP
 LV3 - 100EXP
 LV4 - 160EXP
 LV5 - 250EXP
 LV6 and up - ?

        It is fairly easy to break the game if you know what you are doing. The
best tactic is to focus on upgrading your Shot, then Power, specifically of your
Leader and your Outfielder. As your Leader, throw the ball at the opposing team
if they are close to the centre line. If they are not, pass the ball over to
your Outfielder and have him throw at your foes.

        By doing this, you can hit the enemy players, then have the ball bounce
back over the centre line or back line and repeat several times before they can
finally grab the ball.


        Names given are 'translated' ie. Ultraman instead of Urotoraman. Teams
are top to bottom on the selection screen for those of you who cannot read

        These are the INITIAL stats for each team - you can level them up.
Outfielders have the exact same stats as their infielder counterparts, but they
have no Defense, Jump or Power stats.

|  SD Gundam   |     Gundam      |090|In | 2/50| 1/20| 2/50 | 1/20| 2/50| 0/00 |
|    Heroes    |      Gym        |080|I/O| 1/20| 1/20| 1/20 | 1/20| 1/20| 0/00 |
|   Greatest   | Kamen Rider V3  |080|In | 1/20| 2/50| 1/20 |3/100| 1/20| 0/00 |
|    Riders    |Masked Rider No.1|070|I/O| 1/20| 2/50| 0/00 |3/100| 0/00| 0/00 |
|     Ultra    |  Ultraman Taro  |080|In | 2/50|3/100| 0/00 | 1/20| 1/20| 1/20 |
|   Fighters   |      Ultraman   |080|Out| 1/20|3/100| 0/00 | 0/00| 1/20| 0/00 |
|    Mobile    |      Zeong      |080|In |3/100| 0/00| 2/50 | 1/20| 1/20| 1/20 |
| Suit Killers |      Zaku       |080|I/O| 2/50| 0/00| 1/20 | 1/20| 1/20| 0/00 |
|    Shocker   |     Ikadevil    |080|In | 1/20| 2/50| 0/00 |3/100| 1/20| 1/20 |
|    Eagles    |Shocker Combatmen|070|I/O| 1/20| 1/20| 0/00 |3/100| 0/00| 0/00 |
|    Monster   |      Zetton     |105|In | 0/00| 1/20| 1/20 | 2/50|3/100| 1/20 |
|    Crushers  |   Alien Baltan  |090|I/O| 0/00| 1/20| 0/00 | 2/50| 2/50| 0/00 |

        Gundam - Sends the ball completely straight to the outfielder at a high
                 speed, rendering it uncatchable

        Kamen Rider V3 - Sends the ball out in three loop-de-loops across the
                         field (1.5x a sideways 8)

        Ultraman Taro - Fires the ball completely straight down to the back
                        line, then the ball flies up into the air, drops back
                        down and returns to Ultraman Taro

        Zeong - Questionable use. Sends the ball straight up into the air in an
                upside down V-shape. If you are at your own backline, it sends
                it to the opposing backline. Anywhere else, it sends it to your

        Ikadevil - Sends the ball straight for a little bit, then it oscillates
                   in a very thick wave pattern before stopping.

        Zetton - Sends the ball straight for a while. The ball then stops, moves
                 straight up, then comes back down to earth, then moves straight
                 for a little bit further.


        I don't really care too much about donations, but if you are feeling
generous, feel free to send one via PayPal to gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT

        Alternatively, if you ever order any items from Amazon.com, go to the
link below. You do not have to buy anything right away, but (if you do not clear
browser cookies often) any items you buy within the next 90 days will count as a
'referral order' to me, meaning I get anywhere from 4-6% as a referral/affiliate
payment of what you ordered (ie. order $100 worth of stuff, I get $4-6 from


        Other than that, considering this FAQ is for an obscure old game, if you
have any other obscure old games that you do not play anymore, consider sending
them to me (I will even pay the shipping cost!). I write FAQs for plenty of
obscure old games with no FAQs, and having a physical copy of the game (and even
better, a manual) is superior to not. You can email me if interested at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

                                 Contact Info

        Although I believe I have found everything there is to find in this
game, there is occasionally the possibility of some super secret level in an
obscure game that was never found because it was too obscure, or the like. If
you have anything that you feel needs to be includes, feel free to email me at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you have any other information to contribute or notice any errors,
again, shoot me a notice at gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you wish to host this guide, or use information from it, consider the
FAQ semi-public domain: you can host it without asking and derive information
from it word-for-word if you wish, but keep the document unchanged if hosting it
and give credit where due if using information


        The following references were used for this guide:


©2013 GammaBetaAlpha FAQs

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