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by KeyBlade999

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Strategy Guide by KeyBlade999

Version: Final | Updated: 02/11/2013

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  • Game: Popeye
  • Console: GameBoy
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Strategy Guide
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: Final
  • Time of Update: 11:29 PM 2/10/2013
  • File Size: 9.79 KB


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Welcome to another one of my FAQs. This particular FAQ covers the GameBoy game known as Popeye. Popeye is a game, oddly released only in Japan, featuring the famed cartoon character known as the spinach-gobbling Popeye. I say that was oddly only released in Japan because ... well, the cartoons had quite the gathering here in the U.S. (Not to mention the whole game features not a bit of Japanese.)

It has been over twenty years since the release of this game in 1990. And yet, like hundreds of GameBoy games, it has gone uncovered by GameFAQs in that entire time. The FAQ Contributor Boards, including myself, of GameFAQs have taken it upon themselves to complete at least one FAQ for each and every GameBoy game, among other consoles.

And so, that is how I came upon this game. Thanks for listening to my ramblin'; hope you enjoy!

Game Controls

ButtonResultant Effects
D-PadMove around.
Move menu cursors.
A ButtonConfirm decisions.
B ButtonPunch Brutus.
Start ButtonProgress from title screen.
Pause/unpause gameplay.
Select ButtonN/A.

Character Analyses

(Excluding Popeye, of course.)

The Lady

The lady.
  • Use: Collect for 2,000 points and partial completion of the level.
  • Corresponding Item: Hearts.
  • Other Notes: Flees when you get hurt by enemies or Brutus.

The Burger Guy

Burger guy.
  • Use: Hand him a burger for partial completion of the level.
  • Correpsonding Item: Hamburgers.
  • Other Notes: You'll need to eat spinach to get burgers.


  • Use: None for level completion, but he'll fight you.
  • Corresponding Item: None, but he'll throw enemies in the level at times.
  • Other Notes: You'll use the B Button to punch him - just mash away. Also note that fighting him causes the female character to flee.

The Baby

The baby.
  • Use: Grab him to leave the level!
  • Corresponding Item: None.
  • Other Notes: You must get all of the hearts in the level, grab the lady, and give the burger guy a hamburger before he even appears.


A heart.
  • Corresponding Character: The lady.
  • Point Yield: 1,000 points.
  • Other Notes: None.


A hamburger.
  • Corresponding Character: The burger guy.
  • Point Yield: 0 points.
  • Other Notes: You need to have already eaten spinach before grabbing one of these or it'll just block you. Also, you just run into the burger guy, seemingly, to give it to him. And, finally, these tend to appear and disappear at random.


  • Corresponding Character: Popeye, of course!
  • Point Yield: 500 points.
  • Other Notes: This will make you temporarily invulnerable to enemy attacks (barring Brutus), speed up your walking speed, and allow you to pick up hamburgers.

Basics of the Game

Once you arrive at the title screen, you will need to press the Start Button to proceed to the next menu. You get the choice of two initial options: to play in a one- or two-player mode. The latter requires a GameBoy Link Cable, two GameBoys, and two cartridges of this game. For now, we shall just assume you're playing the infinitely-more-likely single-player.

After this choice, you'll choose which course to play on - A, B, or C. Each is a set of five or so levels to play, and that's about it. You won't gain anything for playing them all or even notification that you've done such - they're just three differing sets of levels.

Assumably, in two-player mode, you will then get to choose whether you will play as Popeye or Brutus. After that, as applicable, you'll continue on to the game itself.

The goal of each level is rather simple. You need to navigate the maze and do the following:

  • Run into the lady and have her still alongside Popeye at level's end.
  • Grab all of the hearts.
  • Give the burger man a burger by getting spinach, running into one, and then the burger man.
  • Grab the baby and get out of here!

See the Character Analyses and Pickup Analyses sections for more details on these.

During the level, you may run into Brutus. Brutus is the bearded man who you will fight if you run into him. To fight him, simply mash the crap out of the B Button. If you win, woo hoo - if not, you are stunned momentarily. Brutus is, as mentioned earlier, capable loosing various enemies in the level who will also temporarily stun you if you touch them (unless under the effects of spinach). Additionally, if stunned, the lady will leave and you'll have to find her again.

That's the basic bit of it. After getting the lady, the hearts, and giving out the burger, a baby should appear in the level. Grab him to continue on to the next one.

The game never exactly ends. Popeye doesn't have any lives - when you lose, which only occurs when the timer's 100 seconds run out, you just start that same level over. After completing all of the levels within a course, you'll return to the title screen and get to choose the same course or another.


Each level has some randomization in the movements of characters and the appearance of some items, so I cannot walk you through each level. However, there are a two main tips I can give.

  • Avoid Brutus! During the game, you are on a timer of 100 seconds, which is not a lot of time in most levels. The fights will drain your timer no matter what you do, so it's best to avoid him and the enemies he drops out.
  • Multitask! Usually, once you start a level, the items do remain fixed for the remainder of it, barring the random appearance and disappearance of the burgers. Therefore, you can work on multiple goals at once rather than going in a strict order. Hey, maybe while looking for the hearts, you run into a spinach can. Why not grab that burger nearby, right?

Version History

  • Final:
    • First, and likely only, version of this FAQ completed.
    • Time: 11:29 PM 2/10/2013.


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This is the end of KeyBlade999's Popeye (GB) FAQ/Strategy Guide.

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