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Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Updated: 12/19/2011

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                                                    Blitz Knight Stunt Present:

     ,-'  ______`-.
   ,'  ,-'      `-.`.
  /  ,'            `.\   ,   ,'/                                  ,'.
 /  /     _             /|  | |                _          .   _   ','    _
/  /    ,' `._   __,'/_/ |_ | |  ,-'\  ,'/  / ,'  ,' `._  |\,' `. /`.  ,' `._
|  |   / |`. ,' / _,' `.  _|| | / |\ \ \ \  \ \  / |`. ,' | ,'| | | | / |`. ,'
|  |   | | | | | (,-.  | |  | | | | \ \ | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
|  |   | | | |  \,-. \ | |  | | | |,',' | |  | | | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
\  \   | | | |      ) || |  | | |  ,'   | |  / / | | | |  | | | | | | | | | |
 \  \  | |,' |_ /\_/ / | |  | |  \ `._, \ './ /  | |,' |_ | | | | | | | |,' |_
  \  `.'._,'\_/'.__,'/ './  './   `.__/  `._,'   '._,'\_/ './ './ './ '._,'\_/
   `.  `-.______,-','
     `-.________,-'                     _                              _    
                                       | |    ___  __ _  ___ _ __   __| |___ 
                                       | |   / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` / __|
                                       | |__|  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | (_| \__ \
                                       |_____\___|\__, |\___|_| |_|\__,_|___/


Authored by: Bkstunt


   Email:    Faqs @ Bkstunt . Com

   Facebook: Facebook.com/Bkstunt

   Website:  Bkstunt.com

                              - TABLE OF CONTENTS -

   Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction.......................................................[CL-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[CL-CON]
 - Game Basics and Tips...............................................[CL-GBT]


 - Stage 1: The Graveyard.......................................[CL01]
 - Stage 2: Castle Halls........................................[CL02]
 - Stage 3: Clock Tower.........................................[CL03]
 - Stage 4: Castle Keep.........................................[CL04]
 - Stage 5: Inner Den Part 1....................................[CL05]
 - Bonus Stage: The Dungeon.....................................[CL06]
 - Stage 5: Inner Den Part 2....................................[CL07]

 - Credits............................................................[CL-CRE]


Hello everyone, Bkstunt here with a FAQ of Castlevania Legends, the LAST
GameBoy Castlevania game ever released. Castlevania Legends also happens to
have been RETCONNED by IGA, as it didn't fit in the timeline that he
envisioned for the series as a whole. It also has the distinction of being
the first (and only) Castlevania game to FEATURE a female protagonist: Sonia

So why a guide? Well, frankly the guides that are out there AREN'T very good.
There's an incomplete guide that looks good but it's, well... incomplete.
Plus, those that know me KNOW I love me some Castlevania, so why not? A guide
on a GameBoy game shouldn't take me THAT long...

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the guide!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk


Here are the controls for the game. Now, normally I put in some ASCII of the
controller or something, but since this is a GameBoy game I think a brief
description will do.

(-NOTE-) Controls are taken from the game's manual.

Directional Button: For moving and crouching, and for moving the cursor.

A Button: For jumping and for entering selections.

B Button: For attacking.

Start Button: For pausing/continuing and for skipping conversations.

Select Button: For displaying a window.

A Button + Down Direction: For sliding down a rope.

A Button + B Button: For using the Burning Mode.

Up Direction + B Button: For using a Soul Weapon.

Down Direction + Left or Right Direction: For moving in a crouch.

A + B + Start + Select Buttons: For resetting.

                             Game Basics and Tips                      

Here are some of the basics to playing the game, as well as tips. This section
is actually necessary as it also explains Sonia's special attacks ahead of
time, as well as what the heck "Burning Mode" is.

 o When you start a New Game you'll have to choose between two different modes
   to play:

   - Standard Mode: Players start in a normal state, with a normal whip.

   - Light Mode: Players start equipped with a whip increased by two levels of

 o Each stage has a TIME LIMIT! Don't dilly-dally!

 o You have lives in this game, as well as a health bar. Lose all your health
   and you lose a life (duh). Run out of time and you lose a life. Jump down a
   pit, lose a life. When you lose a life, you'll have to start from the
   beginning of the current stage. If you lose ALL of your lives, you'll be
   asked if you wan to continue. Select yes to start playing again on the
   current stage (which is really nice of them to do).

 o The game also features a PASSWORD system. If you select NOT to continue the
   game after losing all your lives, you will be given a password you can put
   in at the title screen to continue at any time.

 o About BURNING MODE (Pressing A + B): During this mode, the player is
   invincible, the player's status being raised to twice the normal level.
   However, this mode can only be invoked once per life in every stage.
   Further, this mode lasts for a limited time shown on the burning gauge.

So, you are obviously going to want to use this mode on TOUGHER enemies...
like STAGE BOSSES. I would honestly save it until then!

 o SOUL WEAPONS: As you play, Sonia will gather and collect Soul Weapons
   (she will get them as a reward for defeating bosses), which act like your
   sub-weapons. Each Soul Weapon costs a certain amount of hearts to use.
   Below are all of the Soul Weapons, what they do, and how much they cost.

 - WIND: Stops enemy movement and attacks in all scenes except the area boss
         and stage boss battles.

   Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 - ICE: Restores the player's entire life gauge.

   Cost: 20 hearts per use.

 - FLAME: A flash attack effective against all enemies but area and stage

 Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 - SAINT: Sends a wave in front of the player. Cannot be fired consecutively.

   Cost: 1 heart per use.

 - MAGIC: Destroys an enemy other than the area and stage bosses and nullifies
          the enemy's attack.

   Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 o Normal Items: When whipping a candle (or other areas of the stage) certain
   items may appear. Here is what they are and what they do:

 - HEARTS: Increases the number of hearts you have.

 - MEAT: Restores half of your life gauge.

 - CRYSTALS: Raises the power of your whip one level. The whip can be raised a
             maximum of two levels.

 - 1UP: Increases your remaining lives by one.

 o Since you can die in just about any screen and lose your whips upgrades,
   I WON'T be listing WHERE to find the power-up crystals, as their location
   is random based on WHEN and WHERE you need them. SO, I'll only be listing
   candles with FOOD, or SPECIAL ITEMS.

 o Special Items: These items are collectable items that you need to have to
   get the BEST ending in the game. They are listed below. Follow the
   walkthrough to actually FIND them. You can hit select to see which ones you
   have. This small list is useful to see WHAT they are (in case you want to
   do a quick CTRL + F search).

 - AXE (Stage 1)
 - STOP WATCH (Stage 2)
 - DAGGER (Stage 3)
 - HOLY WATER (Stage 4)
 - CROSS (Bonus Stage)

 o THE VAST MAJORITY of the candles in this game contain hearts, just so you

 o If all you care about is beating the game, choose LIGHT MODE. If you want
   a challenge, choose STANDARD MODE.

 o This game has the MEGAMAN enemy structure. In other words, enemies SPAWN in
   certain spots, and you can kill them, move away, and come back and BAM!,
   they are there again! Be careful!

                                  Game Start!                      

 It was the middle ages in Transylvania. One man came into possession of an
evil power, and the prince of Darkness was born. Before long, this being had
used his new-found supernatural powers and the magic powers of his followers
to spread his plague of darkness and despair throughout the European
continent. He was Count Dracula. Even to mention the name of this Prince of
Darkness was to cast fear into the hearts of the people in the land, who were
powerless to do anything save voice their concern.

 However, at about the same time a baby girl possessing special powers was
born to a family living in a remote area of the country. "Your powers are
meant for a higher purpose and not only for yourself," she was often reminded
as she was growing up. The plot of this girl's fate began to develop one night
in her seventeenth year when she met up with the young enigmatic Alucard, who
was on a journey to search for the father that had deserted him.

 The young girl's name was Sonia Belmont, and she was the first of the vampire
hunters in the Belmont family to become legendary.

                             Stage 1: The Graveyard                     

 Well, here we are with our heroine, Sonia Belmont. Listen to the music here
(a version of bloody tears, one of the best Castlevania songs ever). Go whip
the candless to power up your whip. You will run into ghosts here, so take
them out (they are easy kills). Some bats will be up ahead, and they are
ANNOYING! They come down slowly and it's a pain to line up hits against them.
You can either make them come down one at a time and kill them or run past all
three of them while killing ghosts and deal with them like that. Up ahead is
some worms. Stand off to the left and make them drop, then kill them as they
drop. Continue to the door.

 In this next area continue forward and a spirit will float to you. They are
big, easy targets. There's a pit here too with another spirit, so whip it as
you jump. Continue on to find another pit and worms. There's a rope here, and
the candle up above has some MEAT for you. Go down.

 Down here, kill the spirit to the left and continue. You'll meet zombies here
who DON'T go down with a single fireball. Continue to the left until you reach
a path split where you can either go DOWN or to the LEFT. FYI, the higher
candle has MEAT in it if you need it. The path to the LEFT should be taken
FIRST, as it has a 1-UP icon in  a candle at the end (plus its really short!).
Go down afterwards.

 You'll see a bat on either side down here. Kill them or slide down the rope.
Down further kill the worm on the right and go through the door. This next
area has some bats at the start, but spirits and ghosts further in (which are
easy, making this an easy area). Continue on to the next door.

 In this next area DO NOT hit the "CANDLE". It's not really a candle, more
like dynamite. It springs a TRAP on you, so skip it. Continue to the right and
kill some zombies and spirits until you reach another path split where we can
either go UP or RIGHT. Go to the RIGHT first for a SPECIAL ITEM (we need to
collect FIVE of these Special Items to get the best ending in the game). You
will have to dodge some pits but the path is pretty safe. Just watch out for
those damn bats on the ceiling. The candle at the VERY end of the path houses
the special item: an .: AXE :.!

 Go back now and head UP. Be careful of the armored knight here (I didn't
mention him earlier, did I? Duck to avoid the spear! Having fireballs is
REALLY nice here...). Once you are on the rope and head up a screen jump to
the left asap to avoid the falling knight. Take out the enemies here and grab
the MIDDLE candle for some MEAT. Head up a screen and kill the bat. Ignore the
knights and go through the door.

 In here do NOT HIT THE DYNAMITE. Go to the next screen and start heading up.
Easier typed then done as armored knights, bats, and spirits make it hard, but
power through them as the very top candle has some MEAT in it for you. Head
through the right door. This next screen is short but has some annoying bats
and armored knights at the end before going through another door.

 Head through this screen and go UP once you hit the rope. On the next screen
go to the top of the rope and hit the candle for MEAT if you need it and then
continue right. You'll come to a bridge area. We're getting close now, just
watch your jumps. Head through the door to face this stage's boss!

 - Boss: Creatures Bat

 This THING (Creatures Bat is a good name) is annoying simply because he
likes to FLY everywhere. But, he's not that tough and even has a simple
pattern to exploit. When he's in the air flapping his wings really fast that
means he's ABOUT to dive-bomb you. Walk/Jump away from him, leaving yourself
room to do so. He'll then move across the screen and float down into whipping
range where you can get 2-3 hits in on him and repeat.

 Activate burning mode and use it to lay the smackdown on him. After it is
gone, use your knowledge of his pattern to finish him off.

 After the fight you'll be rewarded with your first magic orb, which contains:

 WIND: Stops enemy movement and attacks in all scenes except the area boss and
       stage boss battles.

   Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 This ability is SUPER useful as it PAUSES enemy movement. This makes dealing
with overhead or awkward-to-hit enemies MUCH easier. Time to go to the next

                             Stage 2: Castle Halls                      

 Ok, remember to use your time-stop ability whenever you need it. Especially
if you have the hearts to do so (I had 99 hearts at this point). Head to the
right and you'll find a NEW enemy: the skull. This thing acts JUST LIKE the
ghosts in MARIO. Look at it and it won't do anything. Turn away and it'll
come at you. Use this knowledge to take him out safely. Head forwards and kill
some more and you'll see another new enemy: the bone pillar. These things fire
off fireballs at you, making it hard to dodge (either duck them or destroy the
fire they spit). Keep going to the end of the screen and through FIVE small
screens (each with an enemy in them). The last screen has a IGOR in it (who
is a small man that moves around fastly). Thankfully he doesn't jump around
unless you get VERY CLOSE to him. Continue on to the door.

 You'll deal with more Igor's and bats here. At the end is another skull. You
can backtrack UNDER the walkway to get some MEAT from the last candle if you
wish. Continue to the end and climb the rope. Head UP here (use a time stop to
pause the bats) and you'll reach a split. Do we go UP or RIGHT? The answer my
friends is UP (to get another SPECIAL item). Head up and you'll deal with a
SKULL. The candle BETWEEN the ropes have some MEAT (the lower one) and a 1-UP
(the higher one). You need to whip them and jump towards them FAST, catching
the other rope on the way down. At the VERY TOP of this room, in the highest
candle, is the .: STOP WATCH :.. Head back down now and go right.

 The bridge in this next room FALLS as you go, but it's really slow. Continue
through the door. Kill the enemeis in this library-looking area until you
reach another split. The right path has some enemies and some MEAT in a candle
but it's hard to reach. Go down when you're ready. After a few screens you'll
see a door to the right but the ceiling and floor are covered in spikes! Go
down again and you'll see a HUGE knight. He walks around down here and will
occasionally dash at you with his sword, so be careful. We NEED to kill him
though, so pause time and take him out. Go back up the rope and you'll see
the spikes are gone, so you can go through the door!

 The candles on the right have hearts guarded by an Igor, so head down. You
will see another spike-traped door, so go down AGAIN go another HUGE knight.
Yep, take him out and head up through the door. This next area is pretty basic
but be careful of the pits. The last candle here before the door has some MEAT
in it! Continue through the next area until you reach a dead-end. Hit the
candle to spawn the next boss!

 - Boss: Death Dragon

 This guy is HUGE! I also like the "intro" to this boss. The Death Dragon will
stick to the right of the screen and spit fireballs at you. He'll also make
chunks of the ceiling come crashing down at you. You're going to want to aim
for his head (duh!) while ducking the HIGH fireballs and jumping the LOW
fireballs. For the ceiling you're just going to have to pay attention, but try
your best NOT to get stuck in the far left corner.

 Burning mode will help you out a TON here, obviously. Use it to make the
fight a TON easier and finish off the Death Dragon if there is anything left.

 After the fight you'll be rewarded with another magic orb, which contains
probably the most BROKEN ability in the game:

 ICE: Restores the player's entire life gauge.

   Cost: 20 hearts per use.

 That's right, we can now FULLY heal our life gauge for 20 hearts! Bwahah!
Time to go to the next stage.

                             Stage 3: Clock Tower                     

(-NOTE-) To CHANGE your SOUL WEAPON, press select. You can PICK which one you
         want to use here.

 Ok, we're in the clock tower now. There will be lots of annoying bats and
clock-like chains, as well as a lot of vertical rooms. Start by heading up
and dealing with bats and spirits (freeze them if you wish) to head up a
screen. You'll see a CHAIN LIZARD here. He likes to use the chains to come
after you, but is pretty easy to avoid. Head up again to a door on the right.

 Head upwards some more and deal with more annoying bats, a lizard, and an
Igor. Before going up, be sure to take the RIGHT chain, as up on the next
screen a lizard comes down at you. Jump to the right and take care of him!
Continue up watching out for lizards, but be sure to get the top right candle
for some MEAT before heading left to face...

 - Mid Boss: Flying Dragon

 This guy isn't that big of a deal, and I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T use burning mode
here (Save it for the real boss). The dragon basically just flies to one side
of the screen or the other, then spits out three small fireballs down at you.
You can EASILY walk underneath the dragon to avoid the attack, and then
attack him when he moves to the other side and comes down. He paces back and
forth, so be careful and you can kill him without a scratch!

 After the fight a chain will fall down so you can continue up. Head up and
you'll see a split IN the room. Take the LEFT side to reach another room (be
careful of the lizard spitting fire on the right). Head up some more and you
will see another path split: UP or LEFT. Head left FIRST. Make your way to the
left killing the enemies until you reach another SPLIT: UP or LEFT. Now if you
go left you'll end up being in a TRAP ROOM, wich is pointless, but the first
candle down that path DOES have some MEAT. Grab that if you wish then head UP.

 Up here are some annoying bats and lizards. Take the right path but be extra
careful of running into the spikes. Not far up is the ceiling (and an annoying
spirit that comes from nowhere). The RIGHT candle up here has some MEAT while
the left candle has the famous .: DAGGER :.. Grab it then head down to the
screen below, then head right to where you made your first path split decision
so we can head UP. Make sure to take the RIGHT chain before going up.

 Jump off the chain to the right and kill the lizard. You'll have to use a
moving gear to the left to continue to the left, just be careful and time
your jump right to avoid the spikes. Before jumping up on the next chain,
jump up and make a lizard come down so you can clear the way to the door.
In the next room wait for the bone pillar to fire, then jump down and kill it
and the bat. Start heading up kiling a lizard. At the next set of chains a
lizard will come down. I like to jump up to see him, then pause time so I can
crawl past him and to the right so I can kill him easier. Continue up to the
next screen.

 Up here the path splits to the LEFT and RIGHT again. You'll have to deal
with spirits and bats. Head up the LEFT path if you want to get a 1-UP from
the highest candle, then go up the RIGHT path to the next door. In here, kill
the lizard and the bone pillar and head up. In the next screen you'll have to
head up again, using the gears to get higher. Just be careful of random spirit
enemies appearing. Head up one more screen to a room with an Igor and some
spirits, but before going UP make sure you heal yourself.

 - Boss: Grim Reaper

 This boss may be the saddest "Death" bosses in Castlevania history. What he
does is appear on one side of the room, then bounces to the other side. With
each swing of his scythe a smaller scythe appears and bounces around the room.

 However, you can literally stand in the middle of the room and whip him
while jumping. PLUS, each scythe he spawns can be destroyed with a single
whip swing. I defeated him without taking any damage and while NOT using
burning mode, so I'm sure you'll have no problem!

 After the fight you'll be rewarded with another magic orb, which contains:

 FLAME: A flash attack effective against all enemies but area and stage

 Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 The flame attack hits EVERYTHING on the screen as if you hit it once...
meaning it will AUTOMATICALLY KILL EVERY BAT or SPIRIT on the screen, which
is CRAZY useful! Time to go to the next stage!

                             Stage 4: Castle Keep                     

 Head to the left here to find a new enemy: the spider. This guy takes a
couple of hits to down. Head forwards to see three bats, a GREAT place to try
out Soul Flame and see what it does. There's now a pit of spikes with chains
moving back and forth. Be careful of taking the first chain though, as a big
knight lurks on a platform to the left. You can soften him up from the right,
then ride over and stop time to take care of him. Continue to the left and
head up at the end.

 Head to the left and kill the spider. A wave will appear along the ground.
This is a NEW enemy, the GIANT WORM. Stop right before the wave and he'll pop
up, giving you a chance to kill him. Continue left to the door. You'll see a
SPLIT in the path where you can either go UP or LEFT. Just FORGET about the
upper path, it SUCKS. All that is up there is a bunch of trap candles that
spawn enemies with some MEAT at the end (not worth it!). Go left, killing the
huge knight. The upper path here has some MEAT in a candle at the end if you
want it. You'll also encounter a NEW enemy: the SPIKE THROWER. It chucks
spikes at you constantly until you get out of range or kill it. Continue to
the left to face...

 - Mid Boss: Medusa

 Yet ANOTHER easy boss. You can literall just duck in the lower right-hand
corner and she will never hit you. She moves back and forth, jumping and
swinging a sword. Get in the safe zone and keep whipping and you'll win with

 After the battle her head will fly off! Is this the beginning of the hated
Medusa Head enemies!? Ha! Continue through the door. The lower path here (the
one you DON'T want to jump under) has a 1-UP at the end, while you want to
take the upper path and kill the two huge knights to continue. You'll face
more spike pits here with more spike throwers, so be careful. Take a spike hit
before stepping on the floor spikes! Continue to the left using the moving
chains. There's another huge knight at the end, who is SUPER dangerous since
there are spikes to the right, so pause time to kill him safely and make your
way to the end and head up.

 Proceed upwards killing bats and spiders to find another door. There's a
SPLIT in this room: either go UP or through a door to the LEFT. We want to go
up for a SPECIAL ITEM. Head up the right path to go up, then on the next
screen you'll see a TON of DYNAMITE CANDLES! DO NOT HIT THEM and continue up!
Up on the next screen you'll have to go up further (use your FLAME attack to
kill all of the annoying bats) and head to the top of this area to find the
.: HOLY WATER :. SPECIAL ITEM in the upper left candle. Grab it and head back
down so you can take the left path now.

 Make your way to the left killing the giant worms. Go up when you can and
take out the huge knights and spike thrower and make your way to the end to
enter a room where you will face:

 - Boss: Alucard

 And now we will take on Alucard, who as you can tell already knows Sonia. In
fact, its basically implied that they are LOVERS... OOOOO! Anyway, this fight
is Alucard's way of testing you, but we are WAY stronger than him! Time to
show him that!

 Alucard has three moves during this fight. His first move is similar to the
big knight's move in that he'll dash towards you with his sword. You're going
to want to be far to the right and ducking to ensure you don't get hit. For
his second move, he'll lift his cape and shoot fireballs at you (a classic
vampire move it seems). You're going to want to jump the fireballs and keep
whipping him, but you CAN just destroy the fireballs as well. His third move
is merely designed to get him to the other side of the room, and he'll turn
into a bat and fly to the other side of the room only to come back down and
renew his attack. Burning Mode turns this fight into a joke, so by all means
use it. You can probably even end the fight with burning mode alone. If not,
have Soul Ice ready to heal yourself and whip your way to victory.

 After the fight you'll be rewarded with another magic orb, which contains:

 SAINT: Sends a wave in front of the player. Cannot be fired consecutively.

   Cost: 1 heart per use.

 The saint move is VERY CHEAP to use... but doesn't do much more than your
fireball attack does. It DOES have its uses in certain upcoming boss battles
though, so it's not entirely worthless. Time to go to the next stage!

                           Stage 5: Inner Den Part 1                     

 You'll be in a cave now. Head forwards and you'll soon meet the MERMAN.
These guys love to jump out of pits, bounce around, and spit fire at you.
Continue to the right killing bats and being careful at pits for Mermen.
You'll reach a door soon.

 In here you'll have a choice to make: go DOWN or to the RIGHT. Well, the
right is a LONG path that leads to MEAT, so screw that and head DOWN to find
another path to the right. Take that one. This next screen is short but has
several Mermen in it and shows you that water MOVES you. Lovely. Head through
the door and be careful of the bats. Go down the rope and be careful of the
bat to the right. God Damned Bats!!! Keep heading right and take the upper
path when you can (the candles on the lower path have nothing for you).

In the next room prepare to face:

 - Mid Boss: Minotaur

 Ok, time to fight a Minotaur! This guy may look intimidating, but all he'll
ever do is jump around this room. He'll start off on the raised platform and
jump towards you, ending up in the pit. He'll then jump towards the ledge that
you are on. The most important thing to note in this fight is how HIGH he
jumps each time, which gives you time to make an escape!

 To defeat him you must know what you are doing movement-wise. When he is in
the pit NEAR you he'll jump up high. THAT is when you want to walk off your
ledge down into the pit. Now he'll jump up high into the pit, so YOU just need
to jump back to the initial ledge. Do this while whipping him and you're

 With the mid-boss dead, head through the door and then through the opening
on the right. THIS area will be... hmm, abandoned? Well, not quite, just keep
following me. Go back and head UP, staying on the right-hand side until you
see an opening to the right. Take it and on this screen, go down to the lower
platform (The upper path has some meat at the end, but it's kinda worthless
if you are FOLLOWING the guide). 

(-NOTE-) Now, if you CARE about getting the best ending, proceed with what
         I'm about to do. If not, skip the next section and proceed with
         beating the game.

 Ok, now that you're on the lower platform, DROP DOWN to the lower screen.
This goes against ALL video game rules, but oh well. Stay in the middle of the
screen to see a DYNAMITE CANDLE. Hit it and drop again, which will lead you
to the BONUS stage...

                             Bonus Stage: The Dungeon                      

 Ok, time for us to tackle the bonus stage and find the last collectible item.
Head forwards and watch out for bats, worms, and mermen. There are also spike
pits here too so be careful. Take the rope downwards. Don't go down to far:
let the zombie drop to the left and take the upper path. There are TWO knights
out here you should watch out for. Continue to the right and go down a rope.
Continue onwards to the right watching out for more knights and ghosts and you
will reach a door.

 Move forwards into the room and you'll be TRAPPED! Ghosts will come in from
the left and right while you can't move. Just be sure to kill them before they
reach you and you'll be ok. Climb up the rope You'll see a knight coming at
you from the left, so kill him fast. Go up to a split where you can either go
UP or RIGHT. Go thorugh the right opening. Continue to the right taking the
lower path to reach the end area (guarded by a knight and a bat). The upper
candle here has a 1-UP in it while the other candle has the .: CROSS :. in
it. And NOW you have all FIVE COLLECTIBLE SUB-WEAPONS! Head back to the
previous room.

 Head up now and you'll see another split: UP or RIGHT. Up has some meat past
quite a few enemies if you NEED it (it's hard to get to) otherwise head right.
Avoid the pits and kill the bats to reach a door. Head forwards in this area
(ignore the short upper path unless you need hearts) and you will reach a
dead end.

 Hit the candle at the end and pick up the crystal to face:

 - Boss: Executioner

 Hey, this guy looks threatening! He carries a HUGE axe too! The most
important thing about this fight is the area you fight it in. You of course
noticed the pit here, but there are multiple platforms spanning it. What the
Executioner does is hop from platform to platform while swinging his axe.
Once he gets to the end of the room, he'll turn around and do it again. You
can actually get past him without getting hit by utilizing the EDGE of the
"ground" platforms on each end since they stick out a ways (thank god) and
let him drop down past you while you jump outwards.

 Of course you could just use good-old Burning Mode to win this fight outright
as the Executioner will just STAND there and take your hits. Otherwise, you're
going to have to run a lot and get in whips when you can, using the ledges to
avoid the Executioner.

 After the fight you'll be rewarded with another magic orb, which contains:

 - MAGIC: Destroys an enemy other than the area and stage bosses and nullifies
          the enemy's attack.

   Cost: 5 hearts per use.

 Soul Magic basically destroys all the enemies on the screen... and for only
FIVE hearts! As you can imagine, it is VERY powerful, and somewhat broken!
Time to go to the next stage!

                             Stage 5: Inner Den Part 2                    

 Ok, if you are coming into this stage from the last one we are placed
DIRECTLY AFTER BEATING THE MID BOSS. Which means that we want to start off
by heading UP. You're going to want to take the SECOND exit to the right here
unless you want to head all the way up for the meat up there (which since you
just started the stage you PROBABLY don't need).

 Head right past the pit where we found the bonus stage in and you'll come
to a section where HUGE knights patrol ledges above you and you can simply
walk underneath while killing Giant Worms until you get to a door. Head
upwards now and watch out for the knights as they can LUNGE towards the ropes
you are using and enter the exit to the right.

 Head to the right where you'll see pits with HUGE knights in them and a bat
up above. You're of course going to want to either hit and run or send
fireballs at their head. There's quite a few pits here too, so battle through
them all (or use your soul magic to skip this section for 20 hearts) until you
see a path going onwards, up, AND down. Well, the right path leads to a dead
end, and going DOWN leads to some MEAT. UP leads to the final boss, so go down
and get that meat, then climb upwards and proceed forward to face:

 - Boss: Dracula Form 1

 Time to tackle the Prince of Darkness, Dracula himself. Dracula has two forms
in this battle, but we're only focusing on the first form here (the second
form is down below). Dracula retains his human form for the first half of the
fight, and will teleport around the room. After he teleports each time, he
will raise his cloak and make fireballs spit out at you. FIVE fireballs will
spit out towards you. One will go straight, two will cluster together and go
down at a 45 degree angle and the other two will cluster together and go up at
a 45 degree angle. This attack is VERY hard to dodge if you're close to him,
given it's shotgun-like spread. You CAN, however, stand directly beneath or
above him safely. Also, the fireballs WON'T let your whip's fireball go

 Honestly, for this first form I would recommend using your BURNING MODE and
using it, which will utterly overwhelm him and leave you in pristine condition
for the second form. Also, let me point out the ORDER in which he teleports
so you have some sort of "heads up" on what he's going to do. This is
especially handy if you're not going to use burning mode for this form. Let
me also point out that the SAINT MAGIC CAN go through Drac's fireballs,
giving you a NICE way to hit him from range.

Dracula Form 1 Teleporting order:

              *6       *4
    *5      *3      *1

(-NOTE-) Once he is done with 6 he will go back to 1 and re-do his teleporting

 - Boss: Dracula Form 2

 It seems Dracula was only toying with you! Since you are a worthy foe, you'll
now get to see his TRUE form. Dracula is HUGE in this form, taking up most of
the background, but it's mostly all just for show. His "body" looks like it
has a bunch of souls trapped in it or something, but what you REALLY need to
be worried about is the HEAD. Like the first form, this head will teleport
around the arena and will shoot out fireballs after teleporting, but instead
of FIVE fireballs he will shoot out EIGHT: one in each direction (up, down,
left, right) and one in each directional direction. Personally, I think THIS
attack is easier to dodge since it has bigger gaps between fireballs... well,
if you are in the WAY of his attack anyways..

 With no burning mode (I already used mine), we're going to have to do some
dodging. Be EXTRA careful of the gaps in the floor (which appeared out of
nowhere) and do your best to dodge his shots. Note that your whip's fireballs
will be blocked by HIS fireballs, but if you have the hearts for it you can
always use SAINT MAGIC. Also, you're going to want to use SOUL ICE whenever
you get low on health: Don't be conservative here, this is the last fight!
In fact, with enough hearts you could throw defense to the wind and just take
the hits. Take notice of his teleporting pattern below and use it to your
advantage to take down Dracula for good! I would personally recommend hanging
out on the right side to avoid MOST of the forms...

Dracula Form 2 Teleporting order:

  *4          *1
       *6          *2

(-NOTE-) Once he is done with 6 he will go back to 1 and re-do his teleporting

 Once you have defeated Dracula some more dialog will occur (naturally) and
then you'll see the ending scenes of the game (no point in me spoiling
these!). The animation of Sonia here is pretty cool. Also, if you've collected
ALL FIVE of the COLLECTIBLE SUB-WEAPONS, you'll see an additional ending scene
telling you a bit about Sonia's future (which I would call "Getting the Best

And so... Congratulations on defeating Castlevania Legends!


Thanks to my friends (Domz, Zylicyde) for the ASCii artwork.

Thanks to Konami for the Castlevania series, even if Castlevania Legends isn't
considered to be "canon". 

Most of all, thanks to my family:

   My wife, for giving me the time. Thanks a ton baby!

   My daughter, for being who you are! My whirlwind of destruction!
   Never stop being you!

~ Fin

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