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Reviewed: 06/01/04 | Updated: 06/05/07

A simple WWF game.

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In 1991 the WWF Superstars came out for the Game Boy, which was the first WWF game for the system. The WWF in 1991 was much different than it is now, but it is cool to pick up for nostalgia, and to see how a WWF game was like back then. The game boy had only been out for 2 years at this point, so it's limit weren't pushed to the max yet. This WWF game is good to just pick up and play.

Graphics - The graphics in this game aren't that bad, for an 8 bit b&w game, it's not bad at all. The wrestlers look like themselves, sadly though Mr. Perfect only has eyes on his face (the other wrestlers have facial hair or face paint) There isn't really any audience, just flashing stars, guess those are the cameras. The ring view is nice, it has the old WWF logo in the middle of the ring, and when you go outside it does say Superstars on the apron.

Game play - There is only 5 wrestlers to choose from, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior and Ted Dibiase. Now here is the very simple part, there is only 1 mode, and that is to beat the 4 other wrestlers, you can change the time limit and halls, but that is it.

Controls - All wrestlers perform the same. Not the best controls, but they aren't too bad, one button to punch, bodyslam. Select hurls your opponent to the outside. The 2 best moves you can do is when the opponent is getting up off the ground, when you get them in a headlock, you can either do a suplex or piledriver.

Story - This is the neat part, while beating four wrestlers is your basic mission, this has some dialogue before the matches, were you and your opponent exchange some words, and for 1991 this wasn't seen that much, and after the match Vinnie Mac has his comments to say.

Overall - 6/10, not the best WWF game for the game boy, but its not too bad, as I said it is good for just picking up and beating the 4 opponents.
Buy/Rent - I do not know where you would rent old game boy games from, but if you can find this for around 5 bucks or less, get it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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